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Masters Of Disguise - War of the gods (part i) lyrics

am Osiris, royal consort of Isis Judge of Duat, mankind ... hear my call Father of Horus, the Triad of Abydos ... Will soon bring the traitor Seth to fall I'm Seth,

Hazy Hamlet - The beginning of the end - part 1 + 2 lyrics

suits perfectly the drizzle that now falls. Can you hear? ... The edge of the blade to provoke the fields, as ... It whispers us the lyrics of our requiem... Who would

Highland Glory - The land of forgotten dreams (part 2) lyrics

Music : Olsen, Larsen, Grefstad / Lyrics : Grefstad). In ... this land something dark begins to rise The evil ... brings desperation A quest for our freedom, a

Skullview - Power of the gleam of the skull (part 2) lyrics

m losing my mind, now gaining control Caught in a trap, it's taking it's toll ... Nobody cares, nobody hears Searching to find the ... is now strong The gleam of the skull The power of might

Quincy Punx - Part of the problem lyrics

of the problem not part of the solution dont wanna think ... about it i can't see any conclusion part of the ... problem not part of your solution dont wanna ... think about it dont care about your revolution i just wanna drink and f*** i just wanna have some fun i just wanna be

Slavinskaitė,aurelija - Part of me lyrics

what you want. I’ll take it or I’ll leave it. Wasting all the time that we had ... What more can I say? My eyes don’t deceive me. ... I’ll try to do the best I can. You are, you are, you are a part of me. A part of me

Skye Sweetnam - Part of your world lyrics

at this stuff Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my ... I'm the girl The girl who has ev'rything? Look at this ... trove Treasures untold How many wonders can one cavern hold

Bauhaus - Party of the first part lyrics

are you? My card, pretty lady. Devil May-Care Music ... Production, Beelzebub Scratch, President. I like your ... style, too bad you're not a singer. Oh, but I am, I am

The Moody Blues - Eyes of a child (part 1) lyrics

hear the sound The child away Wander all around The ... child away Now in his life he never ... must trust With the eyes of a child You must come out and see That your world's

The Moody Blues - Eyes of a child (part 2) lyrics

m gonna sit and watch the web That you will ... build this day Will it be a thread of love you weave? It ... s yours to show the way Then everything will be As

The Damned - History of the world part i lyrics

just hit the ground boy have I arrived Tell the dinosaurs they just won't survive ... So I fell and you just laughed You think that I can't ... stand To see me trip this way You think I'm second hand

Darkaeon - Ark of the universe (part 1) lyrics

of time, the walls to your universe Concealed beyond the stars far away ... from you Creator of dimensions your blindness is a part of my quest A constellation in space nothing more

Cataract - Source of the collapse, part 1 lyrics

god is a patient man With patients... For his silent lams ... Silence means obedience And though i am still

Jyj - You are so beautiful (scent of a woman part.2.. lyrics

nan neoui nuneul bomyeo unda, ne mameul bomyeo unda aesseo ... Haemal gedo sseun useum jitneun geu ... pyojeonge Neoreul dama dugo shipda geu babogachi ... yeppeun kkumdeulgwa eoseolpeun moseubeul Haru haru ne moseubi chueogeul mandeuro Na gieokhae ne

Aesma Daeva - The eros of frigid beauty (part 1) lyrics

beauty lies blind in ice, no eyes ... to see What's always been and always it shall

Brian Setzer - (the legend of) johnny kool (part 2) lyrics

Johnny Kool Went out for a drive He hopped right in that long black car With his baby by his side Johnny, ... Johnny Kool In a run-down '50 Cadillac Jumped

Kenny Chesney - The boys of fall lyrics

I feel that chill, smell that fresh cut grass I'm back in ... my helmet, cleats, and shoulder pads Standin' in ... the huddle listenin' to the call Fans goin' crazy for the

Hypocrisy - The arrival of the demons (part 2) lyrics

moon rised in the sky, it awakes. Master, bring out the ... dark forces upon me I live ... for dying and to kill Watcher, open the Gates of Death Reach for the silence

Manowar - Army of the dead, part 1 lyrics

Thy Weapons On This Day Ye Shall Not Die Alone ... Fight And Die Let Valkyries Fly For They Shall Take Thee Home I Promise ... Thee That On This Night Ye Shall Be

Manowar - Army of the dead, part 2 lyrics

Thy Weapons On This Day Ye Shall Not Die Alone ... Fight And Die Let Valkyries Fly For They Shall Take Thee Home I Promise ... Thee That On This Night Ye Shall Be

Manowar - Army of the dead part ii - germany 2007 lyrics

Thy Weapons On This Day Ye Shall Not Die Alone ... Fight And Die Let Valkyries Fly For They Shall Take Thee Home I Promise ... Thee That On This Night Ye Shall Be

The Moody Blues - House of four doors (part 2) lyrics

through that door Outside we came ... nowhere at all Perhaps the answers here Not there anymore ... Then in our hearts the light broke through A ... path lost for years is there in view House of four doors You'll be lost

Skullview - Gleam of the skull part i (the power) lyrics


Grave Digger - Legion of the lost (part ii) lyrics

gates of hell are open The night of the ... wolf has broken The moon of madness is shining The son of evil is rising They're marching on and on and There's

Highland Glory - The land of forgotten dreams (part 1) lyrics

Music : Olsen, Grefstad, Larsen / Lyrics : Grefstad). ... Welcome take a hold of my hand I`ll take you to a far away land Inside your fantasies ... Places beyond reality Just leave your life

Dark Tranquillity - With the flaming shades of fall lyrics

in wild explosions; Fiery, flaming shades of fall All in accord with my pounding heart ... Behold the autumnweaver In bronze and yellow ... dying Colours unfold into dreams In hordes of a thousand and one The bleeding Unwearing their masks to the last

Iniquity - Poets of the trench, part ii lyrics

remember sitting in the train. Though it seems ages ago, ... I figure that no more than a couple of weeks have elapsed ... since then. I also remember the thoughts racing in my mind. I'd read that

Junior M.a.f.i.a. - Realms of junior mafia - part ii lyrics

Chorus: Lil Caesar] One two y'all, you know ... I rock ya Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A. [x2] One ... two y'all, uh, uh Easy livin, bitches givin p****

Noumena - The heralds of fall lyrics

by cranes' call When golden mildness of August nights Turn into desperate autumn rust Doth harvest ... rot or crop decay As the deeds of men trouble ... them once again I inhale the dark depths of fall

Distorted - Children of fall lyrics

clouds are getting crowd Leaves keep falling on the ground ... Air is starting to flow And the wind softly blows ... The naked trees are all over The days are getting

August Burns Red - Boys of fall lyrics

do we go to escape the end of the world? Did we, the dogs, ... open fire that you would cast this rainstorm over above ... our heads? This crushing loss that

New Years Day - Part time lover lyrics

what you want, I'll believe it No, you ... don't really have to mean it I never had a chance, always was a sucker for a part ... time lover's romance Say what you want, I'll believe it

Brad Paisley - Part two lyrics

never fails to make a sequel For each and every ... movie that does well Why can't love be more like that ... Where the best ones get a second chance And that way

Red - Part that's holding on lyrics

looks different now But it was right in front of me The ... memories fall around Of everything I used to be Can ... I still feel your echoes? I watched you disappear But I can

Psapp - Part like waves lyrics

me together out of the things that you see I'm a log, I'm a boat, I'm a book, ... I'm a rope, I'm a tree I follow you blindly and bursting with hope and then

Future Islands - Inch of dust lyrics

part of me you have A part of me you hold Apart from me ... you stand And there's parts that you had stole ... Littering in the cupboards Like some pieces of the

Redemption - Fall on you lyrics

ll come a time when love outlasts my insecurities, and I'll ... be unafraid that you're not here with me I ... hold on and I face another day I hold on urgently to you -

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Part time lover lyrics

anytime and anywhere I'll give you all my ... heart, I swear And when your love begins to ... turn I light the fire and it burns Oh, all I want is ... everything But I can't buy you diamond rings But

Raven - Part of the machine lyrics

intractable Completely in command ... Your word is law And no-one here Has dared to make a stand Surround ... yourself with your own kind Cast out the other fools

Rhapsody Of Fire - Symphony of enchanted lands lyrics

I: Tharos last fight "Oh, cruel ... destiny... the tears soon covered the warrior's ... face and Tharos, the beloved dragon, spread his wings for the last time,

Oasis lyricsOasis - Part of the queue lyrics

I found that I'd lost my way in this city The streets and the thousands of colors all ... bleed into one I fall down, heaven won't help me ... I call out, no one would hear All of a sudden I'd lost my

Brandy Norwood - Fall lyrics

fall, fall, fall, fall, fall, fall I wanna lose ... myself in love Let you have me completely If I give ... you all my trust Can I just let me go? Let me

Doro Pesch - Fall for me again lyrics

our friends been acting strange Sunshine smiles - even ... when it rains And they pretend that they don ... t see The trouble with you and me But they know you're about to leave And even you

Abigor - Part i lyrics

The devil, great consumer of mortality, appears as the ... destroyer of cause and effect, and of God's linearity. Hence man can be merged ... monument, o mighty monument of time! we're marching

Abigor - Part ii lyrics

o great father Satan, reveal thy mystery to me I devote ... my existence to praise thee lead me on thy path ... come forth demise! what sweet revelation do you

Earth Wind And Fire - Fall in love with me lyrics

can tell you that love Is too deep to be played on Down the line, you'd ... find Time would reveal who to count on I'm well ... inclined to use the lines That comes from the learning tree

Earth, Wind & Fire - Fall lyrics

can tell you that love Is too deep to be played on Down the line, you'd ... find Time would reveal who to count on I'm well ... inclined to use the lines That comes from the learning tree

Fates Warning - Part of the machine lyrics

another face in the crowd wandering towards obscurity ... Driven by the dull desires of a worn out routine Stagnant in the suffocating silence ... of emotional exile, a fugitive from freedom

B. B. King - Part time love lyrics

People, I got to find me A part time love Oh I need ... I need me a part time love Every time ... Every time my baby leaves me You know I need a part time love The people in

First Signal - Part of me lyrics

It falls from you and covers me And I I love ... you in ways no voice could speak I never dreamed I'd have ... so much But I'd burn it all just to warm you up You are the water that I drink You

He Is We - Fall lyrics

do I begin? I’m ready now. Glad I was fit in. ... Running round my head What did I do wrong? Tell me ... it’s my fault You didn’t lead me on, well that’s good to

Manfred Mann - Part time man lyrics

was in the evening paper under General Vacancy ... "Part time man required in a local factory ... quot; I put my Sunday suit on and I gave my old ... boots a brush I got on my old two

Fates Warning - Part vii lyrics

from the darkness hear the silence call? devise ... divisions, delay decisions, watch the hours crawl and... ... nothing bleed into nothing and do nothing? let nothing

Fates Warning - Part xi lyrics

you think that i, that i remember do you think that i, that i recall when you ... were falling and i just watched it all? do you think ... that i, that i remember do you think that i, that i recall when you

Band Of Horses - Part one lyrics

bottom the earth i have to fall But you really caught me ... You really caught me, dear At the bottom where i'd fallen. ... And slowly dear ask that you dance with me Here with

Cloven Hoof - Return of the passover lyrics

Coming he comes forth spanning starways That sinners may live in fear Retribution, marks this eve day The hour of ... vengance draws near Dark angel of our destruction

Sahara Hotnights - Fall into line lyrics

me a moment, some peace of mind Something to cheer me ... up A brand new start 'cos I don't wanna Hang ... on to what I've got And things are just what they

A Hero For The World - Part ii: a quest for the brave lyrics

came over land and sea Sentenced for heresy treason and murder Yet no one had ... died, yet I was there for the turn of the ... worlds I’ve seen forces of west and east unite To sacrifice a life Never know if

Catatonia - Part of the furniture lyrics

to james peach for this. I'll be your baba papa I'll be your baba papa ... If you'll be a baba papa to me I'd be your table and ... chair Philippe starck or bill amberg If you'd

Darkestrah - Part ii-jashil oy lyrics

Oy ran across the green woods. two ... rivers flow into Jashil Oy. From one of them another one flows towards Jashil Oy's East. There are ... with their sister in Jashil Oy land. There are five

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