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Owl City - The bird and the worm lyrics

you´re the bird, whenever we pretend it´s ... summer then I´m the worm I know the part, it´s ... get seperated I´ll scream and you´ll be there Close your

Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - Diamond dave (the bird and the bee; unser sta.. lyrics

mixed emotions All of the ways you spoke to me All of the things you provoked in me I ... Dave No one can hold a candle Nothing else is quite the ... such a flame When you left the band I couldn't understand

Relient K. - The scene and herd lyrics

me A different drummer but the same old beat It seems like ... I'm staying true to myself Then out isn't something I can ... sell And I can sleep at night without

Cathedral - Painting in the dark lyrics

crime, politician's laugh and dine Pubic stare of murdered ... cancer setting in, another war about to begin In ... places only I can see Painting pictures in the dark of a

Asaf Avidan - Painting on the past lyrics

think I'll go down to the river I think I'll dangle ... all my hooks I think I like the way she's hungry I think I ... like the way she looks Nothing

Edguy - Painting on the wall lyrics

Back to see just ruins there to be found And now you ... falling, crawling Diggin in the broken remains Of what had ... fading away Come into the painting on the wall So the joker

Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - The bird lyrics

a everybody's heard about the bird (?X) Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa

Bobby Darin - The ballad of cat ballou lyrics

Wolf City, Wyomin', 1894 They're gonna drop Cat Ballou ... Through the gallows floor She has the ... smile of an angel The eyes of an angel The face of

George Jones - The bird lyrics

curse the day she bought me that old bird Squalking, talking, telling ... known about Big Betty Brown and me But he fowled up and told ... woman moved out on me today And left that old stool pigeon

The Cinematic Orchestra - The cinematic orchestra - arrival of the bird.. lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not avail...

Breakbot - The mayfly and the light (feat. irfane) lyrics

left out You say good night and walk away And I pray you ... m about I'm still hoping for the omen That will take away the ... doubt I keep on waiting for the day You decide to turn

Florence + The Machine - Bird song lyrics

I didn't tell anyone but a bird flew by saw what I'd done, ... he set up a nest outside and he sang about what I'd become ... so clear I was afraid all the neighbours would hear so I

Mark Knopfler - The fish and the bird lyrics

a fish could love a swallow And I will go with my travelling ... He will mend your pots and pans Your kitchen knives he ... ll take and sharpen Then I'll be gone with my

Omega - The bird lyrics

with winds, has gone around the high sky Battled with ... a glide Getting bored with the clouds he flew to earth and ... became stranded Loved the people, he felt that life was

Mewithoutyou - The fox, the crow and the cookie lyrics

vacant streets a Baker from the outskirts of his town earned ... cart he dragged around. The clever Fox crept close behind ... pie. Looking down was the hungry Crow: When the time

Bird And The Bee, The - I´m a broken heart lyrics

away, away Wish, wish for the summer Want, to pull over ... I try, I try I try to make the best at happiness Im a ... of every day Ache, aching and teething My big love is

Bird And The Bee, The - Spark lyrics

higher I open my eyes when there is light To see if I'm ... make it go slower Still up the night, just for a while To ... with fire To break from the sorrow To break through the

Dark Tranquillity - The mundane and the magic lyrics

through these dreamless eyes Blind ... buildings startle the sky Silhouettes as the dividing world ... Guarding the eternal secret Where is the flame towards you And who

Bird And The Bee, The - Again & again lyrics

and again, and again, and again Do it again, do it ... again Again and again It's a shame, it's a ... shame Creep under my door and we do it again O u oh ..

28 Days - The bird lyrics

up and beat the rush be the first to cut us down that ... would seem to be the cool thing to do you know me ... so step the f*** back kid don't assume ... by you talk your shit and I'll stay true mad love to

Bird And The Bee, The - I hate camera lyrics

put my hands up to my face So hard for ... me to just embrace the lens The moment's gone and now I'm dry ... And how the camera can reply Cool babies ... soft operations Holding my hand, throwing coins in my cup

Bird And The Bee, The - Rich girl lyrics

re a rich girl, and you've gone too far 'Cause ... anyway You can rely on the old man's money You can rely ... on the old man's money It's a bitch ... too far, Get you too far And don't you know, don't you

Relient K. - The lining is silver lyrics

shoes While cleaning out the bones left in my closet They ... were there with the bad excuse Bon Voyage And ... Isn't it nice to know That the lining is silver Isn't it

Relient K. - The stenographer (demo) lyrics

got in a fight with the stenographer Afterwards she ... quickly overlooked. On the weekends we can Sneak into ... this courtroom And you'll offer me some sort of

Queen Adreena - The butcher and the butterfly lyrics

a finger missing on my right hand a butchers hand in a ... butterfly wing span the sky hangs on a thread as I ... paint the white picket fence red said ... in her sunset smile I told the broken bird of my unborn

Relient K. - The last, the lost, the least lyrics

of privilege Pushing back the last, the lost, the least The least of these To dull the ... With conceit Live a life and see the world Feel its ... weight on the shoulders Of the least of these It spins and

Relient K. - The vinyl countdown lyrics

to the best, to the best Of our knowledge we ... college we Weren't even born and neither were CD's So when ... our folks listened to the record They gather 'round and spun them on the turntables

Sadist - The attic and the world of emotions lyrics

on the last floor where dust kills the breath The room is dark and ... wraps me in fear and sadness Without words I look ... those voices calling survived and alive today You fly and

Adam Sandler - The buffoon and the dean of admissions lyrics

now a Bafoon's meeting with The Dean of Admissions at a ... you're up comming graduation and I understand you're ... on campus be at a dog,or cat and even the occasional

Andem (Андем) - The master and margarita lyrics

За окном гроза, и ветер рвется в дом. Мир отгородился от меня дождем. Пляшут на страницах языки огня… Я сжигал роман и убивал себя. Ветер унес листья желтых...

Despite - The cause and solution to all problems lyrics

not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not ...

Hideous Divinity - The last and only son (ripping corpse cover) lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Bleeding Through - The devil and self doubt lyrics

What have yo done for them lately? Whore yourself ... left with nothing Soulless and alone So much more you can ... Reality is turning cold Another breath you will waste for them Another life you will waste

Irish Rovers - The orange and the green lyrics

------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------...

Birdpen - The birds and the antennas lyrics

the birds interfere with the antennas. Keep checking

Noumena - The dream and the escape lyrics

heart devours the emptiness This lonely need ... within To breach through these decadent dreams My heart ... deceive To break through these elegant needs I am

Pj Harvey - The life and death of mr badmouth lyrics

out Cheating, lying since the day you were born Someone ... is poison You'll be the unhappy one Your lips taste ... is poison You'll be the unhappy one Your lips taste

Matt Pond Pa - The sound and the words lyrics

head words cannot be heard the sound is in your head words ... be heard i can't waste another minute i can't wait another

Explosions In The Sky - The birth and death of the day lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (ins...

Faderhead - The moth and the fire lyrics

burning like a moth You're the fire Where is your heart

Faderhead - The moth and the fire (candlelight version) lyrics

burning like a moth You're the fire Where is your heart

Lin -the End Of Corruption World- - The psalms and lamentations lyrics

cry out, think out, fall out say it all out cry out, think out, get out say it all out Hageshiku karami au kono omoi Atsuku karada kake-meguri mezameta ...

My Dying Bride - The whore, the cook and the mother lyrics

lust must be fed Lay your hands on me Lay your perfect hands on me You know exactly ... heat rips through me Your hands rip my skin Deep inside ... to you (But only if you're there) Only you. There's no-one

Dezperadoz - The legend and the truth lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental...

Freygolo - The gain and the profit lyrics

profit win the game So many words I can't ... stand to hear again Be the first competition There's ... something wrong in our education All the things we learn

Go Fish - The cow and the peanut lyrics

got a cow down on the farm Moo, moo, moo, moo She ... stream Moo, moo, moo, moo And ever since then she’s been ... was all aflutter Around the bend came the number 10

Covenant - The beauty and the grace lyrics

thousand times, ten thousand ways To catch the beauty and ... the grace A thousand times, a thousand ways A ... again, again Ten thousand times I grieve for you Ten

Lee Ben - The finger and the moon lyrics

walk the streets with some friends of ... wrong, I was wrong I walk the streets with some friends of ... I was wrong No time like the present this Emptiness kiss and a physical sickness I'm

Letlive. - The priest and used cars lyrics

an atom bomb with the worth of one obituary If they know then they will kiss ... explode Less we forget the death of arrogance ... see it everywhere I see that there's no shelter here When

Melechesh - The palm the eye and lapis lazuli lyrics

of continuum Messages from the Abyss Liquid sky tears they ... are Connectors from them The palm tells the way This is a ... warning Three eyes shatter the dust You say I am I am I am

Nofx - The black and white lyrics

McCarthy killed the light He didn't wake his ... lovely wife He left the key inside the door Woke on the wrong side of the bed She ... he's thinking about him Catherine McKinnon does exist She

Ommega - The hope, the bread and the wine lyrics

Eyes reflect it´s light They we´re waiting all around On ... the plain of the night. Here comes the ... Savyor Holding up the bread He makes a healthy lie

Our Last Night - The capture and the captor lyrics

trapped down here for days. The red marks across your heart ... have faded, but the days events remain fresh in ... your mind. The mistakes you've made in the

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