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Paint A Set Of Wings lyrics

Browse for Paint A Set Of Wings song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Paint A Set Of Wings lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Paint A Set Of Wings.

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A Rocket To The Moon - Another set of wings lyrics

keep staring at your door from down the hallway Tonight I couldn't make ... it to the moon Looking at our pictures on the fireplace Wishing it was me instead of you It gets harder everyday

Of Verona - Paint the picture lyrics

paint the pictures of the oceans I'll never see I'll hold a ... candle through the darkness so I believe there is a future find and narrow find ... me home I paint the pictures of emotions I'll never own send

Chapin Harry - Paint a picture of yourself lyrics

I hear you are a painter now Though you're almost halfway through You ... pulled a pallet knife, you cut away a ... wife And you started something new But it was not the strife of married

Jimmy Buffett - Wings lyrics

ve been up around the stratosphere At 31,000 feet I'm ... gonna fly on out of here On wings that you can't see If you're ... gonna fly high without fear You're gonna have to learn

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Pair of wings lyrics

I had a pair of wings I'd pick you up and fly you ... far away from here And you'd put your worries upon ... my shoulders, my dear Now I know I can't save you

Vader - Wings lyrics

quot;There have never been gods and devils, ... turned into them by others and trapped in divine incarnations." No act of spawning was my birth There is

Hawkwind - Wings lyrics

dying note In the sky that is so old I remember where ... they once flew Where they sang to the morning dew Now ... their wings are soaked in oil Caged wings that can't unfurl No longer do we hear them sing No longer do we

Guardians Of Time - Altered in red lyrics

Delacriox:] Sledge on the anvil. I will hammer through. ... Uphold entanglement of time. [The Gatekeeper:] ... I will sacrifice my soul, to attain and reach our goal. I

Drakkar - Wings of fire lyrics

here, in the dark of my room Once again, I am ... thinking of you I will miss all the jokes and the smiles Are you now in a place that you ... Strugglin' you did spend all your life Now is time to

Jim Croce - One less set of footsteps lyrics

been runnin' away from Somethin' we both know ... We've long run out of things to say And I think I ... getting excited Oh when you hear that slammin' door Cause

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Brand new set of rules lyrics

be sweet I will be true The pains of love you'll quickly learn Are soon to heat and quick ... to burn I got a brand new set of rules Because I am your

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Brand new set of rules lyrics

be sweet I will be true The pains of love you'll quickly learn Are soon to heat and quick ... to burn I got a brand new set of rules Because I am your

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Not a bad thing / pair of wings lyrics

all I want from you is to see you ... tomorrow And every tomorrow, maybe ... you’ll let me borrow your heart And is it too much to ask ... for every Sunday If I were radical and every other day to

Blind Melon - With the right set of eyes lyrics

been on your own since you learned how to adjust to You ... felt like you had to baby sit your owners just to ... feel like all the others All you wanted was...

All Time Low - Paint you wings lyrics

princess figure it out She ain't worth saving Heavy the ... head that bears the crown Of my mistaken Apathy for sympathy I was never good enough ... to be Anything but remedy To all of

Infinite Tales - Wings lyrics

the queen of the night Casts her coat A dream-world ... will awake.... As comes the night, Shadows ... grow around, In ghastly quiet You come to my ... nightmare, You say no word, I can't hear any

Gruntruck - Paint lyrics

you paint with the blood from your ... veins Angel with no wings, well, you come upon Stars ... will recover your arms A little more tomorrow Well ... you said that it felt so right First time

Britt Nicole - Set the world on fire lyrics

wanna set the world on fire Until it's ... for You It's everything that I desire Can I be the one ... You use? (chorus) I, I am small but You, You are big

Andy Biersack - Paint it black lyrics

know We're still gold Just another day we made mistakes ... Face the rain Don't walk away There's another chance to set it straight It's not too late to turn back home And we

Tim Mcgraw - Last dollarfly away lyrics

2-3 Like a bird I sing Cause you've given me the most ... beautiful set of wings I’m so glad you’re here today Cause tomorrow I might have ... to go and fly away Hey! Verse1: I’m down

The Script - Paint the town green lyrics

so long since you’ve left And that life you had in Dublin ... Now ain’t nothin but a dream To be right there in that ... moment You’d give anything to be It’s alright

Go Radio - Over me lyrics

s 3 o'clock and I'm still underneath every ... cloud over me And every face that I pass on the street ... says you will be loved without ... me And then you say It's hard to love when I'm the one

Pegazus - Wings of steel lyrics

ride the winds that howl And bring down the rain ... Thunder and lightning strikes Across ... the desert plains I ride alone at night On my white ... winged horse As the roaring sounds come from The heavens above Take me through

Enya - Paint the sky with stars lyrics

before my eyes Hues of indigo arise With them how ... my spirit sighs Paint the sky with stars Only ... will ever know Why the heavens never show All the dreams there are to know Paint

Halestorm - Wings lyrics

have to admit I've made poor decisions Of relationships in the past But I ... ve learned through my delusions In ... result I found you at last Well I never knew til you

Eden's Curse - Wings to fly lyrics

of the lonely strangers Pull us from the mire ... Places full of hidden danger Closer to the fire ... How long will we walk the streets in a city With ... no name? How long will we cast our stones in the Battlefield of shame? There are some who walk this Earth

Quiet Riot - Wings of a cloud lyrics

far from the scene of the crime now Nothing more ... that I want to be part of Gonna break the chains that ... been holding me down Gonna spread my wings and I'll fly

Dreamtale - Wings of icaros lyrics

so many times I've burned my wings Trying to reach out for the ... beauty of the Sun I spread my wings and try to fly to ... the horizon The pale light of dawn shines in my hopefull

Cimorelli - Wings lyrics

I can be so negative sometimes My own worst ... enemy sometimes Even at my lowest low, you still had ... hope, When I wanna quit, you won’t let me When

Heaven 17 - I set you free lyrics

know what we have to do But I’m not being hard on you It’s hard on me (hard on me) I set you free (I set you free) I know that you are hurting too But I’ll put

Kamelot (usa) - Wings of despair lyrics

my visions are distant and vague Down at the base of the ... mountain Once in a while I am weak and afraid Tired and ... sick of it all I don't believe that my

Counting Crows - Good time lyrics

gentle man caller in the blue suede shoes ... He don't know what to do He just wants to look ... So he rushes in to tell you what he did today But he can't ... think of what to say I think you'll listen anyway. He wants to have a good

The Connells - Set the stage lyrics

see you shuffle on the set when you stand inside it. And there's applause raining ... down that won't last. And it's the lines that I ... forget that keep me around, I guess. For something

Jasmine V. - Paint a smile lyrics

a car chase (yeah, yeah) On the highway (again) We ... were going nowhere real fast I let your tear my heart ... out (yeah, yeah) I wear it on my sleeve now (I do)

Barbie - Wings lyrics

was living in a fantasy Waiting for somebody to rescue ... me But I've found a way to light the dark It was always here inside my heart No ... more fairy tale pretending I'll make my

Chris Norman - Wings of love lyrics

to me fly to me on the wings of love fly to me. They will take you through the storm to ... the place where you belong You can ... find your way back home on the wings of love.

Icon & The Black Roses - Set me on fire lyrics

break my heart And set me on fire You're louder than love You're coming down ... like an angel without wings And torn me up with a silver ... edge blade And everywhere I turn I see

Goto Maki - Paint it gold lyrics

ni fukaku kangaeru no mendou datta kara ... koi to ka majime ni kataru YATSU ga shinjirarenakute ... itsukara daro ka aitsu no koto zutto kangaeteru

Let Loose - Paint it in gold lyrics

t ever be afraid Don't ever say you'll be lonely Don't ever ... say you'll be lonely I'll be ... there So many promises Too many times ... you've been broken Too many words left unspoken

Sister Sin - Paint it black (rolling stones cover) lyrics

see a red door and I want it painted black No colors anymore ... I want them to turn black I see the girls walk by ... in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes I see a line of

Ben Hazlewood - Paint me black ft. mali koa hood lyrics

rearranging Under your call, we all fall Just know that I won't follow you further ... I'm taking over, I'm now the leader ... in my eye line is my one goal To make me happy, it's time

Black Majesty - Wings to fly lyrics

goes by Turn the page I've got to move on Set ... myself at a better pace Hours they fly I am left ... behind Say goodbye to old memories It ... s a new day now On new wings we learn to fly And leave

Deadsy - Paint it black lyrics

see a red door and I want it painted black No colors anymore, I want them to turn black I see the girls walk by ... in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes I see a line of cars and they're all painted

Elliphant - Paint the world lyrics

was a sunni, afternoon u confronted me, it was a sunni, a sunni Sunday, I ... had a feelin u go some fun and some foggy, after one two ... to five glasses of fine fukkin’ rom, i met ma

4him - Wings lyrics

two brothers with visions of flight They were certain to ... grace The heavens that awaited Orville and Wilbur had ... figured it right At their moment of fate Their

Method Man - Wings of the morning (dynamic duo mix) lyrics

Intro: Capleton] And so great is a man goin to be praised ... Selassie I everytime I say Jah shall execute judgment and ... justice and none shall escape, what me say Selassie I leave em terrified, what me say

Seals & Crofts - Paint you lyrics

down on the marble floor Strike that pose ... me once more Let the time stand still While I catch my breath You reveal your beauty I ... will do the rest I wanna paint you in the north light We

Brooks Elkie - Paint your pretty picture lyrics

by Bill Withers) I will lay around sometimes and show ... some sadness, For people whom I've ... known that now are gone, I will smile to ... show you when I'm happy And let you know when things are going wrong I will try

The Bled - Sound of sulfur lyrics

for the sun to set my wings ablaze. The show must go on. ... The funeral needs star. Tonight I have become the ... gossip and the choir. The useless and ... the used. The one who reaches for her arms. I am denial

Hall And Oates - Grounds for separation lyrics

can sound and a dead-eyed crowd Can turn a sane ... man crazy and a crazy man sad I can fight with the best, ... but I can only go so many rounds And that’s grounds

Hall & Oates - Grounds for separation lyrics

can sound and a dead-eyed crowd Can turn a sane ... man crazy and a crazy man sad I can fight with the best, ... but I can only go so many rounds And that's grounds

Autograph - Paint this town lyrics

I'm all dressed up with somewhere ... pocket, I'm primed, it shows And I've got no problem findin' ... We gonna do it and hope that it never ends

Skillet - Paint lyrics

take a walk in the garden We share the fruits of ... life We live beneath this canopy Why did we take that ... bite? We cover up our shame We walk in black and white

Tracy Lawrence - Paint me a birmingham lyrics

Duffey, Gary; Moore, Buck; He was ... sittin there his brush in hand Painting waves as they danced upon the sand With every ... brought to life The deep blue of the ocean against a morning

Rage - Paint the devil on the wall lyrics

night is scary It's telling me the ... I should not do You're near me I think I better stop ... Tonight I'm weary I'm telling you I think ... it's nothing new Oh,dear me And maybe I should

Neil Sedaka - Paint me again lyrics

you artist, the colours were fine, ... The frame came from you but the brush ... were mine. The light you gave simply changed my life, ... Never thought of tomorrow. Who would believe

Julie Roberts - Paint and pillows lyrics

concrete to shingles and every single nail We drove ... hold this house together That stained glass door Those hardwood floors cost a little ... more But they made this place better I ain't nineteen, I

Rock, Michael Learns To - Paint my love lyrics

Richter, Jascha; From my youngest years till ... here I've never seen such a lovely queen From the skies above to the deepest love I've ... never felt crazy like this before Paint my

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Paint a new world lyrics

Lyrics: Gerstner / Weikath] We all know the ... sometimes When we catch the news on the radio Death, war,destruction, limitless ... pain All the tears that have been cried Time is

Last Empire - Wings of dragons lyrics

the time when iron was forged For the arts of weapons of war This skill was handed from above The men of battle were worn These swords of iron have failed The lost art of wielding the metal On

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