Pain Like A Wine Opener Twisting In My Chest Drilling Into My Heart lyrics

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Angelzoom - Into my arms lyrics

feat. Roedernallee] My steps within three feet ... elsewhere They say: don't dare, don't leave that square My will, their will, can move, ... stand still My part, no heart, I must fulfill Like a

Deine Lakaien - Into my arms lyrics

steps, within Three feet, elsewhere They ... say, don't dare Don't leave that square My will, their ... will Can move, stand still My part, no heart I must fulfil

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Into my dreams lyrics

standing here all along knowing just what to do I´m always ... moving closer dear out of love for you Now you ... tell me that it´s time to find something true But I´ve

Billy Ocean - Get outta my dreams, get into my car lyrics

(hey) you (you), get into my car Who me? Yes you, get into my car Wooooooooooooooh. Wah! ... Yeah! Who's that lady Coming down the road Who's that lady Who's that woman Walking

Mr. Mister - Into my own hands lyrics

night I had a desperate dream, I was standing in the winter rain Footsteps close behind me, somebody called out my ... name, ohhh No magic mirrors can erase, these

Roniit - In the shadows lyrics

hands are tied Its past midnight I'm not putting ... up a fight In the shadows it feels right We'll ... hold me tight Under sheets in candle light In the shadows

Cady Groves - Like a soldier lyrics

don't know where you came from But your road is ... where I'm walkin' I can't hear what you're saying But I like everything you're talkin' Lalala Ladada dada Tell me what you're thinking And make it

Battle Beast - Into the heart of danger lyrics

into the heart of danger Into the heart of danger Tear ... down the walls and crash the gates Don't run away from ... yourself You're on a brave new journey now Clench

Battle Beast - Into the heart of danger (single) lyrics

the heart of danger Tear down the walls and crash the ... gates Don't run away from yourself You're on a ... brave new journey now Clench ... your fist and put a grin on your face Just let go and

Davey Suicide - In my chest is a grave lyrics

said I'd never survive, dreaming kept me alive Every step of ... my life Skipped confirmation day, 16 a runaway Living ... this nasty dream Shrinks try to tell me I'm normal

Pharaoh - Heart of the enemy lyrics

me barely beats A heart that's poisoned through Filled ... with this death disease No chances left to lose What doesn ... t kill you makes you stronger for a time

Lacrimas Profundere - My chest lyrics

these times I want to forget And all these tears can't help ... me do that And all the lessons I have learned ... From you 'till now Can't heal a thing in me or help

Now, Now Every Children - In my chest lyrics

have it all figured out in my head, in my head you have ... buried a hole in my chest, in my chest, in my chest, in my, in my chest, in my chest, in my ... .. you have kept it all in your head instead but I have

U2 lyricsU2 - Into the heart lyrics

the heart Of a child I stay a while But I can't go there ... Into the heart Of a child I can smile I can't ... go there Into the heart into the heart Of a child I can't go back I can't stay a

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Come into my world lyrics

come, come into my world Won't you lift me up, ... up, high upon your love? Take these arms that were made ... for lovin' And this heart that will beat for two Take

Now Now - In my chest lyrics

have it all figured out in my head You have buried a hole ... in my chest You have kept it all in your head instead But i have made a mark ... outside of your hand And i'll keep my eyes open But

Lullacry - Into you heart lyrics

s getting dark Here inside my heart And the stillness It ... covers me I'll always cherish you I still can ... tender touch on me Do you want to take me Into your heart

Cassandra Complex - Into the heart lyrics

a boat heading upriver In a boat heading to your heart ... end of comfort, the end of artifice The end of everything ... the end of everything Into the heart I snort some

Londonbeat - In an i love you mood lyrics

YOU MOOD Someone just reminded me of you tonight She ... tossed her hair, she caught my eye She took me by surprise ... Every note of every chord I play The words of every song I sing Mean nothing, no!, without

Omega Lithium - My haunted self lyrics

all comes back to me My past sins revealed Until now I ... haven't seen What huge mistake I did S(he) comes to me in my all dreams Feeding anger ... with my screams It all comes back to me Bursting

Eternal Reign - Into my own hands lyrics

darkened room, prayers go out like silent cries I'm asking for ... truth, all that's offered are lies Demons haunting my ... soul, laughing at me I'm down in a hole, it's

Evig Natt - In my darkest hour lyrics

I wonder what lies beyond this world ... Eternal darkness, must be better than ... this Living in hope, aching for your last touch Will I ... ever feel again? Will I ever feel again?

Shinhwa - Into my heart lyrics

ja ool myuh seul puh ha myuh nuhn hang sang weh ro wo hae ssuht ji neul uhn jeh na ... weh ro wo ha myuh hon ja man eui seh sang eui nuhl doo ... uht ji na kyuht eui na reul uhn jeh na pi ha ryuh go

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Step into my world lyrics

into my world Uh-huh, yeah, yeah Whooaaaa Uh-huh, yeah, yeah Whooaaaa Like a ... moth To a flame, you know you're drawn to ... me I know you Better than you know yourself, baby Why

Colbie Caillat - In love again lyrics

the day our lips touched in the rain Fire works through my veins into my heart ... Remember the night’s dancing under the sky I got lost in the moonlight. Found in

My Dying Bride - My body a funeral lyrics

ruin of your face Pours down like lead tears As you sit by my side ... Confess to me your fears Drink deep the wreck of me My ... body is a funeral I fail to find comfort In your pale cold eyes Worn loosely about me You hang there dying

Lil Cuete - My definition of a rider lyrics

s right ese, guess who's back, Tryin ride on these fools ... Mr.Criminal, Along with the homie along ... little cuete, that's right, [Chorus:] My ... definition of a rida, Were the motherf***as that

Gaias Pendulum - In the deep of gaia lyrics

last day over your body And now is time of my journey Into the heart of the earth In ... the deep of gaia. I feel the last wind of ... the day The last ray of the sun I feel the touch

Robyn - In my eyes lyrics

Records It's gonna be OK OK OK Hey little ... star, don't be afraid We all fall apart and make mistakes Don't you know nothing ... ever seem to make sense You put your dancing

Diviner - Come into my glory lyrics

silence is falling A mystic sign is calling From places so magic You won't ... believe your eyes To wake you forever The time is ... now or never No death any longer No fear, we'll be

George Jones - Into my arms lyrics

tonk, the lonely songs they play Comin' through my window, ... 'cause I live not far away There tempting me to come back to the things we used to do ... But the honky tonks and lonely songs I left behind

George Jones - Into my arms again lyrics

tonk The lonely songs they play Comin' through my window ... 'Cause I live not far away There tempting me to come ... back To the things we used to do But the

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Into my arms lyrics

don't believe in an interventionist God But I know, ... darling, that you do But if I did I would ... kneel down and ask Him Not to intervene when ... it came to you Not to touch a hair on your head To leave

Fire Of Revenge - Like a hammer lyrics

friend remember those days You and me like brothers ... Our World You destroyed my illusions, Dreams, and fairytales Hope became in ruins ... forever You’ll feel all my hate like a hammer You’ll

Bloods - Into my arms lyrics

My Arms . . . . . . . . .

Mygrain - Into the parallel universe lyrics

lucid dreams I detach Teardrops of deliverance Quantum ... erasing science … Obscure and esoteric Beyond the hollow ... face Extending time-space Once concealed ignites to

Jimmy Cliff - Come into my life lyrics

mmh mmh mmh, yeah Come into my life, come into my life ... Come into my life, oh baby Come in today (Come on in ... Come in to stay (Come on in) Come into my life, oh baby

Everything But The Girl - My head is only my house unless it rains lyrics

ll let a train be my feet if it's too far to walk ... to you If the train don't go there I'll get a ... jet or a bus I'm gonna find you You're mine and I know

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Come into my house lyrics

into my Queendom (My Queendom), come one come all ... When it comes to lyrics I bring them (I bring them) In spring I sing, in fall I call out ... to All the ones who had a hard day I prepared a place on my dance floor The time is now

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Dance into my life lyrics

into my life, only for a while Whirl me round and ... round Dance me like an angel child He's passing ... through my world He doesn't even know ... Time's not on my side No word or goodbye, I

Carpenters - My body keeps changing my mind lyrics

you're driving me wild You're making me fall in love In love with you baby, I I'm losing control I ... don't wanna let go yet Till you want me ... You, you're all that I need You're all that I want And I'd sure love to love

Outlandish - Look into my eyes lyrics

into my eyes Tell me what you see You don´t see a damn thing ´cause you can´t relate to me You´re blinded by ... our differences My life makes no sense to you I´m the

3x Krazy - In the name of rame lyrics

(Mike Marshall)* Oooooooh! (In the name of Rame) In the name ... of Raymond, (yeah) he was a smooth talker. Street balla. ... (In the name of Rame) Oooh ghetto soldier. I can

Boy George - My star lyrics

star shining sweet, slightly out of reach ... In a gangster's teeth, yeah yeah On the hand of a bride ... getting ready to take that ride Feel the storms stir

Eternal Oath - In despair for my sins lyrics

into my dreams and turn the tides of time Back into the days before tears ... Life to live in despair for my sins See me now in ... despair for my sins I watched you fade away, within

Bauhaus - In the flat field lyrics

gut pull drag on me Into the chasm gaping we ... Mirrors multy reflecting this Between spunk stained ... sheet And odourous whim Calmer eye- flick- shudder- within Assist me to walk away in sin Where is the string that

Black Flag - My ghetto lyrics

ghetto My ghetto My ghetto My ghetto, MY GHETTO My ghetto ... gets desperate and it drags you in You see me with that black dog You know that ... s when you walk into my ghetto Cause its Hungary and no ones let in my ghetto

The Cribs - My life flashed before my eyes lyrics

wrong time, the wrong place Your talent scouts my ... lonely face Of all the things i can't replace Your talent scouts my lonely face ... Well i'm alright, although i know you lied I don

Darkwoods My Betrothed - In a silent night lyrics

under a pine The deep silence... ... unbroken around One dark lake So placid, so cold... ... Descended night Throws shadows over water Brown leaves ... fly Autumn is turning into winter What happens around me?

Farewell My Love - My perfect thing lyrics

stay awake for me tonight Don't be ... down from the moonlight Wrapped up in pinstripes There ... s so much that we haven't done Scrapbooks and ... writining hooks for fun Hot nights hanging by their stems You know

Mxpx - My mom still cleans my room lyrics

m not always nice, not always mean My room has never ... been seen clean The way I feel is not always how I ... seem The thoughts that form inside my brain Don't always seem to entertain 'Cause when I tell my company

Patty Loveless - My kind of woman, my kind of man lyrics

don't need diamonds or big fancy cars You say you're happy ... right where you are We're bound together by a ... little gold band You're my kind of woman and You're my kind

Kelly Anne Kathleen (kathy) - In the morning (morning of my life) lyrics

the morning when the moon is on his face ... You will find me at the time I love the best Watching rainbows play on ... sunlights Pools of water ice from cold nights In

Bananarama - Twisting lyrics

comes upon me slow And through my body flows And ... so begins the twist within my soul Like a shot in the dark ... You wrap around my heart And I can't shake free From

Trip Lee - My lord lyrics

Intro] Yeah... This life is so hard man. ... . It seems like I'm always leading my self in the wrong ... direction So I'm so greatful that the Lord leads me I

Keri Hilson - Heart attack lyrics

s a feelin I can't express and it isn't pain Palpitations ... in my chest that I cant explain (Baby you the cause and cure ... everything the doctor is for) Your the

Motionless In White - Trace out the heart lyrics

love I sealed it with a kiss Nothing was supposed to ... feel Quite like this More brilliant words ... were never said They make me want to snap your neck

Black Tide - Into the sky lyrics

night I pray for a dream You star in And every ... night I pray for a chance You'll be there when I wake. The truth of it is ... Nothing I do will bring you back So I'm waiting for my ride

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