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25 Ta Life - Pain in temporary lyrics

there wonderful. For the pain. You'll Pay. Love is gone. ... The pain took over. Oh it was ... wonderful. Nothing is everlasting what can I do. The pain comes and goes what can I do. Nothing is everlasting. Ain't it

Danzig - Pain in the world lyrics

Room to burn Heart full of something Unclean Dreadful to ... know Fair in the mirror Hard on the soul ... have known it From birth Pain Had come to this world

Hysterica - Pain in the ass lyrics

I see your face It's just a messed up picture and letter in ... You have your lights of fame Disaster You only have ... yourself to blame Take a hike with mister

Ace Frehley - Pain in the neck lyrics

think you're cute, you're a pretty ... girl That's why we're living in sin You always ask where I'm ... going Or find out where I've been Have ... lots of fun, makin' love, girl But now you're

Otis Redding - Pain in my heart lyrics

in my heart Is treating me cold Where can my baby be ... Lord no one knows Pain in my heart Just won't let me ... And now the days Has begin to get tough I say I want

End Of Green - Pain hates me lyrics

walk the line 'till the end of the road I ... far... I wanna drown myself in your eyeball The midnight-pain is on the way It seems like ... I don't care and I don't think about it... But hey, you

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Pain in my heart lyrics

in my heart Treatin' me poor Where can my baby be ... Lord, no one knows Pain in my heart Won't let me sleep ... And one day My days are gettin' tough Won't you come back,

Poisonblack - Pain becomes me lyrics

this time, I've been dreaming of it All this time, it's ... been haunting in my head Tempting me, inviting me To fall asleep in its ... To breathe its ever dimming dusk Through my eyes, you

Pain - Pain in the ass lyrics

ve been trying everything to feed my kicks. Spanking ... old ladies, giving it all I've got. When ... little ain't enough and your needs are ... too big. Learning by doing, chugging pee from a coffee

Apollo 440 - Pain in any language lyrics

love you - till you love me then no more You're gonna ... need me - like I need you right now ... no more You're gonna need me - it's the same in any ... language The pain in any language is the same in

Babes In Toyland - Pain in my heart lyrics

Why did you leave me When I was still inside of ... sky But all the stars are inside of me Well I said* Why ... did you leave me When I was still inside of

Memphis Bleek - Pain in da ass intro lyrics

Since I Was A Little Kid I Wanted ... To Be Part Of Roc-a-Fella I Mean For Me It Was Bigger Than ... Being President Of The United ... States To Me It Meant Being Somebody In A Neighborhood

Emigrate - In my tears lyrics

sickness slips inside you Drowns in my poison ... make you better Siphon your pain in me, so I bleed Feed ... wishes Eat away at your time, seconds are mine Sometimes

Gary Numan - The dark in me lyrics

you feel me close to you? Can you hear me pray for you? Can you taste ... you? Ho ho ho ho ho ho Me my shame Ho ho ho ho ho ho ... Me my shame Can you feel me touching

Casting Crowns - In me lyrics

you ask me to leap Out of my boat on ... the crashing waves If You ask me to go ... alone Cause I know I'm nothing on my own But the power of ... Christ in me makes me strong Makes me strong

Andre Rieu - In mir klingt ein lied/there is a song in me lyrics

mir klingt ein LiedIn mir klingt ein Lied, ein kleines Lied, ... in dem ein Traum von stiller Liebe blüht ... für dich allein. Eine heiße, ungestillte Sehnsucht

Kutless - In me lyrics

You want to know, why these things have changed You've got ... to know the One who lives in me He lives in me, in me. ... away [CHORUS] He lives in me, in me He lives......

Rebecca St. James - In me lyrics

stars And put their place in the sky You waved Your hand ... Painted a sunset You smiled and ... heartbeat life Crazy to think That Your holy hands Made

H.e.a.t - Enemy in me lyrics

must be something in the water I keep on messing ... to be better I keep on dancing with the devil inside I try ... to be good, been trying for ever It's time to leave

Jacob - Pain lyrics

t feel too well as if sounding bells It hurts and I don't ... t see you Burns, burns my brain, brain I cease to feel your ... skin, I just feel my pain It suppresses the pain in

Dio - Pain lyrics

a choice between pleasure and pain I choose pain Another day ... it away For the first time, just don't think about it ... water and wash your face with pain You can take away the

Ice-t - Pain lyrics

def girl,really didn't wanna involve her In the life of a ... low rankster Jail cells know me too damn well Seems like I ... matter how high I climbed,somehow I always fell I guess a

Hilastherion - See the pain in his face lyrics

all have times of misery When we ask God ... that has suffered more His name is Jesus and He suffered for ... you and me SEE THE PAIN IN JESUS' FACE WHEN THEY PIERCE

Neuroticfish - Pain lyrics

is the end of the pain I found my heart, I can't ... explain, The feeling you merited in my heart. This feeling could tear me apart. ... Outside I am cold, but inside I'm on fire. It's you, I

Sigh - In a drowse lyrics

m going away from those beautiful ... days In a drowse life of pain, in a drowse (I'm) going insane I'll tear it away, (I) ... t hear what they will say In a drowse life in pain, In a

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Ft. wisin & yandel and t-pain-algo me gusta d.. lyrics

presenta Chris Brown, T-Pain, W y Yandel. Hay algo que ... me gusta de ti Y ese algo me encanta Siento que eres ... necesaria para mí… Me vuelve loco tu pelo, tu boca,

Orphanage - Pain lyrics

me. Heed me! This is real. This pain inside I feel. To vanquish in ... my life. All in vain, but the memories will remain. To haunt me in my strife. Do it your way

Phora - Pain lyrics

to stay and they'd just ask me to leave You don't know what ... strugglin means until they shatter your ... dreams Keep moving, no matter if them f***ers ... the craddle to my motherf***in' grave bitch Heard my momma

Billy Ray Cyrus - A pain in the gas lyrics

for work this mornin' without any warnin' that ... little tiny gage said it's that time ... so I started lookin' but I just kept on lookin' ... was dry and just about put me on my feet and send me cryin'

Eidolon - In memory lyrics

from my pillow Thoughts of pain and sorrow Can't sweep the memory from my mind Another day ... from my past The fear of knowing you are gone Will no one

Grey Daze - In time lyrics

why must it fly so slow Waiting, is something that's easy ... the plug, send it down the drain Pain is easy to get used to ... What's in me, is in you What's got me, has got

Doro Pesch - Pain lyrics

wake up in the morning In a cold sweat When I think ... of your loving You're holding back I know I'm waiting ... But it's all in vain I sit here dying Just to

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - In so many ways lyrics

the shadows on the wall Drifting as the leaves start to fall ... gravity And depict the destiny of us all No one really ... gets a break so we try Ignoring mortality, we worship mediocrity And wait to see what

The Knack - In blue tonight lyrics

me where did the years go summer used to move so damn slowly ... it was like an eternity coming out of the silence mission ... bells in the distance are they ringing for you and me no it's your

Bejelit - In void we trust lyrics

my only reason of life Then in my family, I was looking for ... cradle was my woman, full of sins and desires (Desires) For ... hell No, I can't do this crime She's the gold of life My

Holiday In Cambodia - In hope lyrics

all of their poisons And in hope I grind my knees into ... the floor Praying that he'll never have to ... feel the pain I have felt Walking through ... glass ignorant pain in my feet His little sweet

Metropolis - In despair lyrics

remember the last time I feel alive Last time I ... could look in the mirror Laying on the floor just waiting ... For my memories to fade away Every ... night stay up thinking What have I don´t wrong

Brandy - All in me lyrics

VERSE 1] There's so much going on You can think of me ... your hope is gone You can think of me To get through anything You can think of me I'm ... here as long as you need me When nothing seems to work

Evig Natt - In my death i dream of you lyrics

my heart Your eyes, looking at me, but you can't see ... All of my pain, of leaving you this way My heart eager ... I have loved you this way? In my death I dream of you I

Kataklysm - Il diavolo in me lyrics

Pain Has a face Allow me to show it to you' (I'm ... I'm sick and tired of feeling nostalgic For things I've ... done in the past I want to breathe

Pentagram - In esîr like an eagle lyrics

of desperation Poor is the mind you have when used in ... It's hard to leave your chains of shining gold and artful ... I've seen this child inside you, Hiding and fearing

Imperanon - Prisoner in me lyrics

freedom deep within, this agony is not a sin. Inside these walls I'm captured in. Blood dripping through my ... If you see how these chains I have Make me feel like I

In Vain - In rememberance lyrics

saw a future standing before my weary eyes. A ... Lonely and cold, hiding from daylight. These ... burdensome longings tearing me apart I hold my breath to

Mayhem - Crystalized pain in deconstruction lyrics

now entered from the womb In my reconstruction from ... deconstruction Where instruments of genetic distortion is me Abandon your pious ways ... It will Take you lifetimes of dying to live again In

Mygrain - The ghost in me lyrics

see right through me Still I feel so alive I see ... trail of reflections Flashing to the sky, terminal ... I drift where life and death intertwine The passing, the

Atrox - Gather in me no more lyrics

penetrating pain arousing from its sleep This pallid ... flesh hiding in shades These hollow orbits ... watering the ground Frantic ghouls ... lurking in my shadow Reptiles crawling

Delight - All thats in me lyrics

felt something was wrong a wave of hate ... sweeping over me I saw the anger and pain I ... the silence around us swelling with all the memories flooding back the bubble burst she

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Me and sarah jane lyrics

fires are burning in another land, Don't start ... counting, don't start counting. Colder and colder, the ice ... is moving closer And it gets me down. Going round and round

Mystic Prophecy - In the darkness lyrics

spirit flys around me And I feel my breath will ... Now the devils are beside me And feel the madness in me ... I can feel the strange inside Dreadful shadows in my mind Now my blood flows on the

Set It Off - Me w/o us lyrics

seems there’s always somethin’ in the way, But when we ... be this way, People moldin’ stories, and it’s always ... both ends. Baby have faith in me, When I can’t be next to

Cloudscape - In these walls lyrics

was flawless, with evil intent. Pain in the concrete ... and hate pouring out. Blueprints existing from a place ... beyond all. Ravishing landmark exterior beauty,

Metalium - In the name of blood lyrics

Who got poisoned so mean By mothers hands To keep ... Heroes never gonna die [Evil Inner voice] In the name of ... blood [peoples voice] Rome burns, hear your servants cry

Seelennacht - In der ferne lyrics

im Finstern wandelnden möge ein Licht leuchten Ihn zu ... führen so wie der Polarstern in der Ferne You feel the pain in the emptiness Where you ... are left alone You're walking through the silent night

George Strait - In too deep lyrics

t love a strain? Ain't it a pain in your heart? Ain't worth ... I've done my part But I'm in too deep to pull out now ... Good things we've had are goin' bad And I don't know why I

Lisa 'left Eye' Lopes - I believe in me lyrics

you guys it's just for... Me, I believe in me 'Cause I ... take care of me It took so long to see All ... I really need is me Faith and family Has finally made me see No matter

Dawn Of Ashes - In the acts of violence lyrics

my fist, you'll pay Rate, in me With my hate, you'll see ... Gut your flesh pig In the acts of violence With ... this feeling of a sick perversion In the

Distorted - In your light lyrics

can't feel you no more Dark pain within me To be in your ... light again I would give the world ... of despair Silent I will remain forever My joy will be kept

Limbonic Art - In abhorrence dementia lyrics

force of evil A pure supreme instinction in survival Never ... When the blackness overwhelming With a hostile image against all living The splendid ... visions of malignant breeding The dominions on Earth

12 Stones - In closing lyrics

back inside the lie again, you'll find you're Wearing ... thin Killing the sympathy as you take ... another swing At me now Fighting your inner self ... again, losing what You feel Shielded behind the lies that make you feel

Darkseed - Walk in me lyrics

A smile for which my feelings sigh This pain could teach ... from ease to hate So many summer flowers there So many ... upon earth without it's wings I feel releaved when

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