P3 Take Me Deeper, On My Knees I Surrender, All I Ask, All I Desire Take Me Deeper lyrics

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Invocator - On my knees lyrics

I'm twisting and turning wash off all my sins Contortion Forgive me, though I ... bear the cross on my wings I loved and lied to be forgiven ... Threw away the chance of being released by you A fatal

Heavens Gate - On my knees lyrics

at night I’m surfing ‘round the world Restless I can get no sleep Looking for ... the one to catch my fall Blade of love is cutting ... Feel the touch that started on the screen All the world was

Navarone - On my knees lyrics

on my knees Panic bleeds beneath my nails ... They kicked me over, kept me down, nailed to the ground ... Please don't make me beat my needs And kick you over,

Got7 - Beggin on my knees lyrics

2 3 let’s go maebeon mal hanmadie honi nagaji da ... gyesandoendeutan neoui nunbit sonjit hangsang ... wanbyeokandeutan neoui taiming Got me beggin on my knees,

Slaughter - On my own lyrics

not to remember, but the memories lead right back to you ... Right back to you it's hard to face the reality ... when you know there's nothing left to do Many roads I

Escape The Fate - Desire lyrics

got the gun to my head Well pull the trigger ... baby bang bang She turned my heart blood shot red But you ... cant leave me for dead I'm already dying And I'm waiting You cannot kill my desire! desire! Set my love on fire and let Desire! desire!

Newsboys - On your knees lyrics

she's been thinking what her daddy said How ... when you're winning, you got more friends But ... are they your friends if you fall they're gone? Something ... about those kind of people seems wrong

For All We Know - Down on my knees lyrics

only sign of life is hiding on the other side Maybe I'm ... too blind to see my enemies looking out for me. ... Today I'll play their game and settle the score in

Ruud Jolie - Down on my knees lyrics

only sign of life is hiding on the other side Maybe I'm ... too blind to see my enemies looking out for me. ... Today I'll play their game and settle the score in

Meredith Andrews - All i ask lyrics

me eyes to see when my heart is blind That when I ask You ... ll give, that when I seek I'll find Give me ears to hear ... when my way's confused Let the uncertain road,

Isley Brothers - All i ask lyrics

I ask Is don't hold back your love All I ... ask Is don't hold back your love If ... your love is mine, how could you hold back ... When you know I've given everything I'll always be

Kari Jobe - Find you on my knees lyrics

chasing me again, Breaking down my best defence, I'm ... looking, God, I'm looking for you Weary just won't ... let me rest and fear is filling up my head. I'm longing,

Jackie Evancho - All i ask of you lyrics

of darkness, forget these wide-eyed fears. I'm here, nothing can harm you, my words will warm and calm you... Let ... me be your freedom, let daylight dry your tears. I'm here

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Bringing me down to my knees lyrics

thinking about you Without even trying, I've done it There's something about you ... I can't put my finger on it Monday was fine and I was on a high I'm begging you

Blutengel - Down on my knees lyrics

by the water and up in the sky I´m searching for ... you and I wait for a sign Down by the water and up ... in the sky You´re searching for me and you wait for a sign I feel your presence but

Heritage Singers - I bowed on my knees and cried holy lyrics

dreamed of a city called Glory It was so bright and ... so fair As I entered that gate, I cried ... holy All the angels met me there And They carried me ... from mansion to mansion And all The sights I saw I said I

Ruud Jolie - Down on my knees on prs lyrics

- Instrumental Song from For All We Know

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Why don'tcha do me right? lyrics

don'tcha do me right? Why don'tcha do me right? Why don ... tcha do me right? You got me pulled up tight Why don'tcha ... do me right? You got me beggin' on my knees You got me beggin' on my knees You got me beggin' on my knees Say-in'

Jonny Lang - On my feet again lyrics

is heavy Soul is thirsty Body's achin I am ... desperately in need of restoration I am ... ready for you to take me higher The only thing that I ... can do is keep on praying On my own I just can't get it right

Anybody Killa (abk) - Hey y'all lyrics

Ya'll Come over here, check this out ... And gimme a minute of your time, but don't doubt Anything ... that I tell ya'll, listen up closely It's something ghostly, my ancestors told me Way back before we walked

Ashley All Day - All day lyrics

getting money all day sippin' some muddy all day (lean) ... Stay with your bitch all day, been getting rich all ... day (woot) Stay getting money all day, sippin' some

Cimorelli - My god is here lyrics

God is beautiful, My God is pure. My God is holy, ... Forevermore. His spirit comes upon me, When I am sick and ... weak. His arms they wrap around me, His face is all I see. My God

Phil Collins - On my way lyrics

everybody I'm on my way New friends and new ... places to see With blue skies ahead, yes I'm on my way ... And theres no where else I'd rather be Tell everybody

Enuff Z' Nuff - On my way back home lyrics

no I've done it again, I went wandering off And I ... made a new friend. My friend is bringing me down, On my ... hands, on my knees, See me crawling around. I never mean too, But I just seem to,

Rooney - All or nothing lyrics

m a'changing every day, changing every single way I can't ... stop this train I'm on when it's still in motion I don't ... want to fail you now, but it's a'coming somehow Look at me here on my knees, begging you

Rumer - On my way home lyrics

of sorrow, I must've followed you here ... Stood at the gates of Heaven, I watched you disappear Now I ... hear you say "It's time to walk away" But how

Robert Pettersson - My own worst enemy feat. helena josefsson lyrics

to my guns And I watch the darkness fill the ... void Am I starting to become What I was sent here to ... destroy In the mirror I see you staring back at me

Rhett Walker Band - All i need lyrics

me will I ever catch a break 'Cause ... the storms roll on and where I am It does not feel safe I ... don't know what I should even pray But here I ... am, here my hands are raised The rain keeps falling

Icon ( Usa ) - (take another) shot at my heart lyrics

never said, it'd be easy, Why are you making it hard? I knew our love ... the cut of the cards Just give me one good reason Before ... you walk out the door I gave you all that I had But

Saigon - On my way lyrics

the A man Yeah! [Chorus] I'm on my way to the top, no frontin Y'all couldn't pay me to ... stop, no nothin Stayed on my own and keep my pace, I'm ... runnin Cause I'm on my way up, I'm on my way up It is y'all comin with me -

Benzino - On my mind lyrics

me tell you all that's on my mind [repeat x4] Why take one ... to f*** the whole batch With a lot of willpower to get ... shit back Things got low some habbits have its own track Niggas was hatin but I aint here

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - On my own lyrics

Look around You can see how it's all coming down Close ... your eyes Just give in Divided we fall but together we win I don't know if I can ... make it on my own I need you 'cause you have

Low - On my own lyrics

story At the start of the song That's the part that just ... threw me On my own How want turns to ... How fear turns to angry On my own On my own So if you

Burt Bacharach - On my own lyrics

many times Said it was forever Said our love ... would always be true Something in my heart always knew I'd ... be lying here beside you On my own On my own On my own So

Patti Labelle - On my own lyrics

many times, Said it was forever, Said our love ... would always be true, Soimething in my heart always knew, I ... d be lying here beside you, On my own On my own On my own

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - On my way to work lyrics

my way to work I rode a big green bus I could see ... everything From the upper deck ... People came and went Smoking cigarettes I picked the ... When the people left But all the time I thought of you

Waltari lyricsWaltari - On my ice lyrics

stolen moments try to reach me here on my ice You know it ... s slippery there a psycho exciting connection Waves from ... your eyes You're blowing it onwards and I realize the

Kane - Devil in me lyrics

wears highs tonight As she slides across the room to find me ... Diamond eyes tonight She makes every single ... move to blind me Yeah When she sets the ... room on fire Fills me with a strange desire Leaves me

Saint Deamon - My judas lyrics

inside me is holding on To what I believe in so you ... can't take my pride You might be the winner of this fight But time will tell that I ... m right My Judas You're dragging me

Seether - Desire for need lyrics

so depressing how you wag your tongue ... And name with words as you please I’m ... second guessing you’re the chosen one Think you can cure my disease?

Flame - Surrender lyrics

m never gonna run away, away from You I ... open up my heart to You, I'm Yours I'm pulling out my ... flag and I, I surrender Anchor of my ship, ... You can hold me down I'm never going to run, no, I'm

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Here with me lyrics

long for your embrace Every single day To meet you in this ... And see you face to face Will you show me? Reveal ... yourself to me Because of your mercy I fall

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - I surrender lyrics

I know, y'know, what a calling is I mean we all have a calling in our life, I believe ... You know I'm from the dirt man I come up in these ... streets, went without eatin', you know what I'm sayin'?

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - My heart is a fist lyrics

surrender, I know I've been a pretender You can ... have this guilt this misery I wear so well I wave my flag I sound the alarm Somebody ... stop me before I do any harm I surrender I

Terence Trent D'arby - Surrender lyrics

took a good look at my life And what I saw it made me ... cry But there was nothing I could do But lift my head up ... to the sky and Surrender I took a good look at my friends And I saw that they were

Josh Groban - My confession lyrics

have been blind, unwilling to see The true love you ... re giving. I have ignored every blessing. I'm on ... my knees confessing That I feel myself surrender Each time I see your face. I am

Dru Hill - Tell me lyrics

- Tell me what you want Tell me what you need Tell me if it ... ain't good enough for ya babe ... Tell me Repeat 1 Listen baby Anything is possible Anytime you want it girl

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - On fire lyrics

bad, mama mean, gasoline She's on fire Put her out ... as a matter of fact, take her out Cause she's on fire ... Got on my knees and ask my lord to keep me clear from

Lovher - Tell me lyrics


I Prevail lyricsI Prevail - My heart i surrender lyrics

m a ghost in your eyes. A shadow you can ... t seem to recognize. I have a thought of you for ... every, star in the sky But I'm scared, I'll never cross ... your mind. Yeah, I'm scared. Will our stars

Lyrycyst - All in vain lyrics

gave my life up to the one who's in heaven Never ... thought that it would change me so much I was ready to bust ... I had a knife against my wrist, I was ready to cut But I

Berlin - Now its my turn lyrics

broke into my life And stole my heart Without a single clue ... Well, now you're back again And say you've changed ... Well, I've got news for you You're

Lacuna Coil - Give me something more lyrics

disappear into the night The silence is cursing me ... one more time I'm not alone in this decline 'Cause all ... my demons have come back to life I cannot wait for a savior My angel is long gone I'm

Nightcore - Give me something more (lacuna coill) (nightc.. lyrics

disappear Into the night The silence is cursing me ... One more time I'm not alone In this decline 'Cause all ... my demons Have come back to life I cannot wait for a savior My angel is long gone I'm

Riot ( Usa ) - On your knees lyrics

slave to indulgence, a slave who obstains A slave to your pleasure, ... a slave to your pain A slave to a business, a mistress, a wife Slave to the ... bottle the needle or knife An accident of birth or

Ill Angelic - My farewell lyrics

my knees as I bleed I scream Take my life before it kills me ... Every night I get one breath closer to my farewell ... I need a Savior... The sun goes down again tonight To end another day,

Puddle Of Mudd - All i ask for lyrics

vanished got no one Lived in fear on the run Do no right ... do no wrong Drink all day until I'm gone Yeah ... At last I know how you felt When I ... leave when I go Lay alone by yourself What you

Adele lyricsAdele - All i ask lyrics

will leave my heart at the door I won't ... say a word They've all been said before you know So ... why don't we just play pretend Like ... we're not scared of what's coming next Or scared of having

Blondie - Desire brings me back lyrics

bliss of the wild The dark heat of your body ... Black in the blackness around me The ... fallacy of a dream The bliss of the wild The dark raging tide Deep as the sea Deep

Coco Jones - Me and you coco jones ft. tyler james william.. lyrics

Coco Jones] You’re spinning round and round and round in my head head Did you really ... mean the words that you said said? This is it I gotta ... know Should I stay or should I go? Show me the truth Is it

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