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Bowling For Soup - Out the window lyrics

said to never ever come back I wasn't sure exactly what you ... meant by that I know that we have had some ... problems But I've got solutions in my head Chorus: So I jumped out the window And

Escape The Fate - The day i left the womb lyrics

are you today? You took a piece of me the day you went ... away, No recollection or the smell of your perfume, I ... took a piece of you the day I left the womb. Brother,

Willie Nelson - Just walkin' out the door lyrics

was just walkin' out the door It's too bad you didn't come ... before I've waited so long, so long, so long ... Now there's no time to wait anymore How I cried for you

Jim Reeves - I was just walkin' out the door lyrics

was just walkin' out the door It's too bad you didn't ... come before I waited so long, so long, so long ... Now there's no time to wait anymore. How I cried for

2pac lyrics2pac - Out on bail lyrics

I posted bail? I'm out this motherf***er? I can go? Oh ... f*** y'all eh, f*** the judge f*** the motherf***in' ... district attourney and the prosecutor (f*** you!) and

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Out the game lyrics

Kanye West] There's only one girl on my ... agenda (You talking bout Brenda?) Naw I'm talking bout Linda, from last September ... Now Linda love lace like Linda love lace LaFace says she

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The way it was lyrics

don't know how, but nights get lonely now They keep ... appearing in my eyes Such a warm and ... glow For just one moment I remember all The love we had ... was never all that bad There were smiles and there were

Ben Kweller - Out the door lyrics

never believe this.” It happened today baby, my final revelation I was sittin’ there, he said, “y’all don’t care ... You’re the reason for this broken nation” Broken

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Out the blue lyrics

came to me And blew away life's misery Out the blue life ... s energy Out the blue you came to me ... Everyday I thank the Lord and Lady For the way ... that you came to me Anyway it had to be two minds one destiny Out the blue you came to

A Girl A Gun A Ghost - The best there was lyrics

I was a young man I was told the tale; Star-crossed lovers' final stand, a butchered destiny has failed. This is the ... story straight from his ghostly mind of the love the life and the death he left

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Out the bowl lyrics

Key!] Hello! [DJ Hoodrich Keem] Just in case y'all niggas didn't know We the man ... round here nigga! One time, lil lavish nigga (Hoodrich Bitch!) [Verse 1:Key!] When

Makeshift Romeo - The way i was lyrics

i woke up today and i saw this place I knew there was ... something wrong I just can't get away from this ... f***ed up pain inside of me why? I am going ... through some changes I don't know what is going on

Senses Fail - The rapture lyrics

waited for the light to come to change my life, to change my life But I ... am blind, my faith is gone I'm finding out the good book was wrong And I must face

Chuck Berry - The way it was before lyrics

way it was before I lost your love for me I ... never thought I crave to see you The way it was before And so it was I ... and lost your love And since I'm only dreaming of The way it was before (Said someday I'd learn, ohh) And you told

Lionel Richie - The heart of the city street was beating lyrics

for the times That you've given me The memories are all in my mind And now that we've ... come To the end of our rainbow There's something I ... must say out loud You're once, twice

Dr. Dog - The man who was wrong lyrics

I've been cruel to my baby ... She asks if I'm hers And I only say maybe Playin the ... fool Who knows nothing about love I act like I doubt it ... But I'm nothing without it Oooh And if i should

The Killers - The way it was lyrics

drove through the desert last night I carried the weight of our last fight Elvis singing "don't be cruel ... quot; And I wonder if you feel it too It's like

Black - The way she was before lyrics

me have you seen her Did she look the same as before? ... The last time that I saw her I swore That I didn’t know that she was who she ... was But if I tried I could still see that look In her eyes;

Chalice (australia) - The calm that was the storm lyrics

seemed the sky must wither The seas disperse, galaxies ... unfurl My form, insensate, relinquish breath ... Amidst noise and shattering earth But no violence,

Chalice (australia) - The calm that was the storm (ephemeral mix) lyrics

seemed the sky must wither The seas disperse, galaxies ... unfurl My form, insensate, relinquish breath ... Amidst noise and shattering earth But no violence,

Griffin House - The way i was made lyrics

was born, and I was made by the hands of marmalade I've got ... legends in my blood; I've got Indians in my veins And in the year of '44 Grandpaw went ... away to war I was born, and I was made by the hands of

Maroon 5 lyricsMaroon 5 - The way i was lyrics

love to a picture frame One more time tonight You can tell by the lines ... in her smile Something is not right Where are you hiding (hiding) She's on the outside I'm on the inside crying

B2k - Out the hood lyrics

Listen baby [Verse 1:] See theres this girl that i know And ... Shes so used to that mentallity, got to hustle hard, riding ... in the streets Thats so crazy

Hades - Out the window lyrics

into transition Upheaval by the ton is going on Part of life ... s composition I'm scared, I'm psyched I'm bound for ... abandon Turn the corners of life Dive headfirst just to find Reasonable thought flies Out The Window Yeah, there's no

Refused - The apollo program was a hoax lyrics

bombs & barricades Anything to have our say ... Consequence of no choice at all Empires rise & ... empires fall Now it's time to flip some coins And it

Konshens - Out the ghetto lyrics

Intro:] A di real Gachapan Konshens Yo ... This one goes out... to each and every product ... Of the ghetto (Garrison) You zeen Cah people a ... go talk Dem a go seh things Just rememba a you

Riverside - The time i was daydreaming lyrics

above my head Open mind And I try to think Think of all these words Should have said Didn't want to escape From this ... dream Where I want to be And the thing

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Out the door lyrics

gone i got a new head on today im ... feeling must stronger no ones ... getting in my way but i wont waist no time not being ... without you so i'll take all your time and i

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Out the pound lyrics

Hook: Birdman] We got the diamond in the back (Yea) Tinted rolled up (Yea) Blowin' out the pound In a brand new ... truck Where ya at wit' it? Let's go and get it If

Gaelic Storm - Out the road lyrics

crowds and clouds are gathering near, Lady Luck is in my ... ear. I've had a couple of jars to ... ease my mind, The score is on and I'm on the line. ... hundred down on ol' Malone, If I lose, I'm dead when I get

Runblebee - The palace that was found lyrics

through all that's happening Who's gonna rock the ... place? Who's gonna rock the place, place, place? Who's ... gonna rock the place, place, place? Who's

Ice-t - The coldest rap lyrics

Verse 1: Ice-T] Some people claim that I'm born to play Cause I'm ... your Icetea on the sunny day I make the goers come, the ... leavers stay I make the lovers kiss and the workers

Rza - See the joy lyrics

the joy of life beginning See the joy of life beginning Oh sweet joy! A brand new ... baby boy [RZA] My mind flashed back to the early ... moon When I was just a sperm cell in the

Nargaroth - An indifferent cold in the womb of eve lyrics

was no Life in your Tears as you wept your ... Grief There was a Beauty in your Death as you lay ... broken in the Soil There was an indifferent Cold in my

Pathology - Rid the womb lyrics

I plant my seed into your womb into your womb I plant my ... seed the reaction gestates partial hemorrhaging incurres rid the womb ... pulsate and contract inards- inards- inards - gone as I

The Gazette - Deracine lyrics

the womb Was the fate decided? I'm going to be sick The feelings that I hid 4...3.. ... can't be counted overpowering grief In a maze [Cradle ... Raw scar Can't get back Lie, Coward, Bullshit My

Dying Fetus - Tearing inside the womb lyrics

Rotting Crotch Severed And Brown With Veins Of Protruding Inhumane, Forced Inside Another ... Life, Never To "Rise" Again, Laughing At This Farce, A Coroner's Delight,

Gwar - The song of words lyrics

GWAR, much torment does remain Despite all of the bodies ... that had been hacked in twain So many had died in the viscous campaign That their ... femurs alone made a fine mountain The Master was

Infant Annihilator - Torn from the womb lyrics

the nuns from their rooms. It’s finally time to extract the bastards from their wombs. Their hands are bound and then they’re gagged for surgery.

Autopsy - Torn from the womb lyrics

from the womb Dying in this tomb Torn... Bred just ... to die We are torn from the womb Slowly to decay Till we ... meet our doom Everything is bleak Shroud of black hangs

Draconian - The empty stare lyrics

mind wandered off in the distance, Where I am far from ... all that cages me All I could think of was death Her ... name disguised in silence; Angelwings and

Shadow Of Intent - The last bastion lyrics

all ponder how he was bore Born from the womb of a ... virgin whore? The only sin is what you have done and for ... that you condemn us? Awaiting the hour of worthy ascension, only to realize deception

Cro-mags - Death in the womb lyrics

can tell you that the murder's plain to see, Every ... time I think about the unborn's misery, I know that ... every soul's got a right to live And so you take that life

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The greenwood side lyrics

was a fair maiden lived in the north Oh, the rose and the linsey, oh She fell in love with her father's clerk Down by ... the Greenwood side, oh He courted her a

Sammy Hagar - Leaving the warmth of the womb lyrics

feel this all came really soon Like ... leaving the warmth of the womb Read my thoughts as I'm hanging there I wonder is this going to take us anywhere Why

Gwydion - Womb of fire lyrics

immense front of water disintegrates over the rocks The ... raged sea rises, it bends, and explodes delivering its foam Iodized, scents ... of sea suppress the yells which announce A new life,

Miranda Sings - Burnin' the haters lyrics

Intro] Get ready for this one, haters I'm about to diss you so hard [Verse 1] I ... was obviously born to be queen of the ... earth I've been bootiful and perfect since the day

Outkast - The rooster lyrics

you wrong! [Verse 1:] Ok, I start out all alone `Cause ... my baby mama left me Now there's nobody at home Beginning ... to feel like Ms. Jackson done got cloned

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The sire of sorrow (job´s sad song) lyrics

me speak let me spit out my bitterness Born of grief and nights without sleep and festering flesh Do you have eyes? ... Can you see like mankind sees? Why have you soured

The Midnight Beast - The dance routine lyrics

s the year of the beast Again! ha-ha Dance crew, dance ... what you gonna do? My name is Andrew-Francis-Wakely If ... you haven't heard 'bout my childhood lately I had a room with a lovely view I traded my

Army Of The Pharaohs - Spaz out lyrics

Thesselonian you're fighting... he's the biggest man I ... ve ever seen. I wouldn't want to fight him. ... Achilles That's why no one will remember your name.

Behemoth - The past is like a funeral lyrics

when I visit the landscapes of the shadows ... Something that recalls the grave Hides in the hellish ... depths and awaits When I dream, it peeks into empty

Behemoth - The past is like a funeral [bonus track] lyrics

when I visit the landscapes of the shadows ... Something that recalls the grave Hides in the hellish ... depths and awaits When I dream, it peeks into empty

Snowgoons - The curse lyrics

Verse 1: Charon Don] The say the mind is a terrible thing to waste So my every rhyme is designed from a spiritual place ... Get the time, I'm some kind of a lyrical great I drink

Phil Ochs - The hills of west virginia lyrics

the flat plains of Ohio we drifted out one day, for the southern part of the journey ... Underneath the bridge, the Ohio River sang As we headed

Lock Up - The embodiment of paradox and chaos lyrics

on anger, frustration and pain The Chameleon strikes at their hearts Natures murderer veiled in cowardice Carving ... paths of despair Where is this great Architect of the

Septicflesh - The future belong to the brave lyrics

is the symptom of the failure to evolve forwards ... Change was and will be the most permanent element of ... experience deny to go on and you will be left back Going

Fire And Ice - The lady of the vanir lyrics

came a Lady fae the West Who left not one cold ... of trees and ocean breeze The Lady of the Vanir She kissed the pollen on the rose ... She kissed the golden corn ear She kissed the seed within the womb The

Gym Class Heroes - Papercuts (the reason for the lesions remix b.. lyrics

goes when she pleases When the door shuts It's like another ... papercut And now I'm stuck with a hand full of bandaids ... Until she comes back around like them ceiling fan blades

Satariel - The well of the artist lyrics

paint in black and white A face appears as my creation on canvas Structured lines ... expressing the very foundations of chaos These lines are ... but words Words I read upon each wall, each

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