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Skeletonwitch - ...and into the flame lyrics

pure disgust Hear my oath of vengeance You shall pay the ... price, the cost of blood Useless, now forgotten ... Leave you twisting in the wind No love, only hatred

Rooney - Into the blue lyrics

in the pool water, looking at the sky again Drifting while the ... [Chorus] I see you up in the blue I send a thought to you ... from the prism of my mind Out of my head and into the blue

Meat Loaf - Out of the frying pan (and into the fire) lyrics

s only two o'clock And the temperature's beginning to ... soar And all around the city You see the walking ... wounded and the living dead It's never been

Old Dead Tree, The - Out of breath lyrics

Some leaves strewn about the floor,, Rain drops falling ... down the ceiling A wall with cracking ... paint Something dead in the sink Is this wold lost?

Falco lyricsFalco - Out of the dark lyrics

OF THE DARK (INTO THE LIGHT) Ich krieg‘ von dir ... du meine wunden küssen. Out of the dark Hörst du die ... Stimme, die dir sagt Into the light I give up and close my

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - The dark: return to the dark lyrics

sometimes I see things that others won't believe Fold em' let ... Baby can't you see? That all of it's illusion The conclusion ... soon will be So let out your inner animals and

Angra - Out of this world lyrics

could be To rocket through the stars Like a fire bullet ... through the sky Beautiful sight ... Silent and bizarre Wonder where you are ... Rocket like a bullet through the sky Circling on orbit

Antonius A Vijay - The dark knight vs the avengers lyrics

can't I be in the Avenger's movie All of my ... I shall get my revenge on the Avengers They shall feel my ... wrath I shall out do them at box office sales The

Cain's Offering - Into the blue lyrics

long ago I was young and naive I dared to hope and I ... I traveled so far, defying the dark Just to see where this ... unscarred, was whole And then there was you Once long

Mortal Sin - Out of the darkness lyrics

for free You crossed the dark side, you sold your soul ... dug your hole [Chorus:] Out of the Darkness, and into the ... black Out of the Darkness, and into the black You have the power, inside your mind To

Aesthetic Perfection - The dark half lyrics

me to the dark Into the dead of night It's time to see the ... truth To meet the other side I'll give what you ... you need Is lurking in the core You gotta get it Ohh

Sea Wolf - The cold, the dark and the silence lyrics

down your window you'd find the wind, the ice, the trees ... that sway like skeletons outside. But when the cold, the dark, and the silence come ... it's like a sudden rush of water through your heart and

Satyricon - The dark castle in the deep forest lyrics

Forest Trees over the Funeral, All day the Army ... ride They moved in deeper So Dark ... that they weren't even... Too lead ... wicked Dense I can fell the Presence of the Shadowthrone

Liz Phair - Can't get out of what i'm into lyrics

things they say are getting harder to ... take But I can't get out of what I'm into And the jokes they tell are meant to wish me ... well But I can't get out of what I'm into 'Cause it's

Sodom - Into the skies of war lyrics

on a greenish mud I'll cross the plains of dawn Foul stench and open wounds A baleful ... bear reality Heaven is out of reach Into the skies of ... war Into the skies of war Into the skies of war Into the

Entombed - Out of heaven lyrics

v Your eyes are heavy by the things you see An ... you're all being sold Chased out of heaven Down into the hole ... you're all being sold Chased out of heaven Down into the hole

Manilla Road - Into the courts of chaos lyrics

in the fire Nothing belongs to god ... Only the fire Burning away the heart Here in the mind The ... holy war is fought Out of all time Into the Courts of

Montany - Out of the dark + back from the sky lyrics

face before All alone in the galaxy is that the way it ... be But our time is changing and here you'll stand with me And you'll set us free Where ... are they now, where are the aliens Now will they come

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Into the light lyrics

warning Got a head full of wreckage and a mouthful of ... lies Got a mind in the gutter I feel like I want to ... die I’m the king of nothing with a broken crown

Parlor Mob, The - Into the sun lyrics

breathing down my neck If the road I'm on somehow lead me ... I'm not going to break and there ain't no mistakes and there ain't no turning back ... [Chorus] Out of the darkness And into the light

Agnes - Into the sun lyrics

walk the streets, we follow light, I ... you You take me on, you lead the night, I stick to you You ... you draw me in You take the night one step ahead, you let

Claymorean - Into the courts of chaos (manilla road cover) lyrics

in the fire Nothing belongs to god ... Only the fire Burning away the heart Here in the mind The ... holy war is fought Out of all time Into the Courts of

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Out of the shadows lyrics

a halo round the world Golden is the day ... Princes of the Universe, your burden is the ... way So there is no better time, who ... born today A gypsy child at the day break A King for a day

Power Quest - Into the light lyrics

was a time and place we would always go We ... will meet there once again Darkness had ... around our home Now we begin the journey there Walk in the ... path of our fathers before Wisdom and guidance

A.r. Kane - The sun falls into the sea lyrics

cast your shadows like dreams and whispers and i can see ... your breath the sun is on the sea,

My Morning Jacket - Into the woods lyrics

sound as sweet as a night of surrender I know it ain't ... more than you could ever get out I'm tired of the talking, I ... know what you're about Now open your mouth, here

Samantha Fox - Out of our hands lyrics

be by your side today Some other time, some other place One ... perfect night, a vision of paradise Away from the world ... and into the light Oh, when there's no

Orphaned Land - The path part 2 – the pilgrimage to or shalem lyrics

the golden dunes, the desert stretches so long ... Scorching heat burns, the wind sings its barren song And so you live your life, you ... rise and fall You weep, you slip, and

Black Lab - Out of promises lyrics

robes. A window opens. The curtains close. This ... stubborn heart broken on the wheel. You struggle forward ... through the darkness. You don’t know ... what you feel. Say the word. Take the knife and cut

Damh The Bard - The cauldron born lyrics

Moonrise, See how the land is bathed, In silver hue. ... feel so lonely, Come with me and let me show, There are others just like you. Who ... feel the powers of Earth, Sea and Sky, Of Dragon and Faerie and Shades of the night, Hear the call of our ancestors of

The Rapture - Out of the races and onto the tracks lyrics

yourself together Get yourself together ... Shake Get yourself together Take it all on chair Get ... yourself together Mothers in a lawn chair Electric

Royal Blood - Out of the black lyrics

it feel when it came alive and took you Out of the black ... It broke your skin and shook through Every part of ... me, every part of you You made a fool out of

The Kooks - The king and i lyrics

t care for anybody else. See them curse that sound! See them ... curse that sound! King of the castle and all the men, There's always given do nothing

The Divine Comedy - The rise and fall lyrics

rise and fall; the fall and rise The freezing breath; the frightened eyes The rise and fall; the fall and rise The ... naked truth; the naked eye The rise and

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Into the dark lyrics

view into the dark Moving your finger You ... gonna make it for sure into the dark Master of duel, ... rendezvoyeur This is a walk into the dark Playing the ball

Melissa Etheridge - Into the dark lyrics

were stairs they were steep I was falling ... falling deep You were there you were small There was ... screaming down the hall I've been here ... sleeping all these years There comes a time we all know There's a place that we must go Into the soul into the heart Int

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter - Into the dark lyrics

Mina:] I'm so afraid of dying, but there's no use in ... No drugs will cover for you. The pain just overflows you. No ... need to pray, within the hour you'll be gone. Trails of blood trickling down your

Dead End - The red moon calls insanity lyrics

悪夢の 切れ端 月光 と交わり 最後 の発狂 The red moon calls insanity All ... 穢らわ しき月 先祖返 りの夜 戦け! 絶叫 Into the night Into the dark Into the blood, ― 徘徊す るのは異 形の塊り

Flaming Row - Unearth the truth lyrics

now I have to act without delay The only witness, Adam ... did not keep still I let the cat out of the bad I cannot ... bare this shame I took the bait in my vision Far beyond

Tove Lo - Out of mind lyrics

Into friends Move on To ... Are you kidding me? You're out of your.. You're out of your ... . You're out of your mind to think that I.. ... think that I could keep you out of mind Happy Used to be

Nightfall - For my soul when the dark falls into lyrics

brains reign here Emptiness of "modern" life, ... sentence me to die The vails of "black" and "lie" have been

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Into the dark lyrics

the lyrics of the song.. No, I don't have the ... haven't heard, just found the lyrics somewhere.... . Into ... madness that's quick to burn And lying in the embers is where

Ash - Dark and stormy lyrics

morning's full of rain I listen to the murmur ... Of the breaking waves If you are ... let me change your mind On these summer days Your dark and ... stormy ways They captivate those who came

Kenziner - Into the light lyrics

into the light I hear her voice ... call from another day I close my eyes slow, ... her home? I reach my heart out for another sign The candles ... blow out, we're all alone I've

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Lord of dreams lyrics

is pouring all over me The cracks in the window blinds ... Tell me I'm free But in the night when fear paralyzes ... to see Weighted eyes close and blood pressure rises I'm

The Dickies - Toxic avenger lyrics

of the rust and into the slime Everybody knows that ... Avenger, Toxic Avenger Out of the dark and into the light ... But nobody loves him and he's such a lonely man All they ask from him is to guard

A Burning Water - Out in the dark lyrics

fight the now light that fire and burn ... it down we make our fate the time is now all together all ... over its not over we're not the same off the shelf its not

Every Time I Die - Pelican of the desert lyrics

the nerve the skin the scale gather your bones from ... beyond the pale come out of the wild and into the world burn ... all the books put out your eyes lower your sword the end is nigh sink through the

Lunar Aurora - Into the secrets of the moon lyrics

of the moon like black and endless flames Falling onto ... hungry eyes from the mountains high Within a ... circle of cryptic stones Into the shades of thoughts Into

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - Out of space (techno underworld remix) lyrics

ll take your brain to another dimension. I'm gone sent into outer space to find another ... race. I'm gone sent into outer space, to find another ... I'll take your brain to another dimension. I'll take your

Ash - Out of the blue lyrics

heartache Breaking away Out of the blue, into the ... slipstream Out of the blue, into the slipstream Out of the ... blue, into the slipstream Out of the blue, into the

Rhapsody Of Fire - The dark secret (the ancient prophecy - ira d.. lyrics

The Ancient Prophecy It was a ... time for all creatures on the earth, but fate decreed that ... the dark prophecy of a demon knight could bring a ... end to this peace scarring their lives forever. Shortly

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Into the storm lyrics

fallen heroes forever gone The eternal lights died out in ... some memories when evil ruled the world No fear, the sun ... We’re sailing in In the burnin’ sea Into the storm

Darkest Hour - Into the grey lyrics

ve got to get out No turning back Leave ... ruination to the rats We're setting a course ... That's out of our reach Never returning to ... Civilization at it's worst and It's starting to sink into

Firehouse - The dark lyrics

know the whole world is changing and ... more stress Welcome to the computer age You've got to ... we make Stronger faster new and improved if you want to

Picture - Into the underworld lyrics

support me alone, I tried and I tried it again But no man ... survives in a dream of hope, a dream of a world without sin No one can take it away ... from me, I'm passing over the borderline Father forgive

Silentium - Into the arms of the night lyrics

quot;And she enter´d into my dreams, as I slumber´d in ... my cold loneliness. And fond were her kisses, as I ... Shiver, limbs, my shoulders The coldness stroke through me

Dark Moor - The dark moor lyrics

the legend, there's a magic place That could ... nobody find it's trace Land of darkness, land of forlorn ... all is mystic all along (The Traveller) Where I am? Lost

Gamma Ray - The winged horse lyrics

a land, far beyond the sun Rules the darkness, ... Black towers which raise into the sky Castle of tears, ... by Blood is covering the mighty walls Of those who

Iron Fire - Alone in the dark lyrics

This place is spellbound The shadow land below the ground ... cut like steel Lost without a key Try to find a open ... door That leads the way to the robot wars Alone in the

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