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Pythia - Cry of our nation lyrics

s no beginning there will be no end 'Til ... that we defend To the cry of our nation There's something ... in the air Something strange and ever magical Can you

Indigo Girls - Our deliverance lyrics

we can say That nothings lost And only change Brings round the prophecy Well now ... it's melting The solid frost Was once a ... veil on greener landscapes We would

Dark Miror - Our regret lyrics

fight was lost This day marked ... The dark empire Desecrated our nation And began its domination The dark dictate The fear ... among us Became our life and damnation Chorus

Sirens And Sailors - Our design lyrics

waking up to another daily routine. ... Is this life all that you thought it could be? Living just ... like the machines. Your tangled wires transmit their man

Emilie Autumn - By the sword lyrics

my restless mind Searching mountains Fields And ... meadows green What is it My heart can ... hope to find All that I long for I have never seen Tales ... of glory written in the dust

Crazygirls - Adam lambert - never close our eyes (cover by.. lyrics

wish that this night would never be over ... just stay awake until we grow older If I had my way ... we’d never close our eyes, our eyes, never! I don’t

Doobie Brothers - Our love lyrics

and I should take these wings and fly It's time to ring ... beat on every drum Cause our love can take us where we've ... never been And our love can build this world again Build this world What

Neon Synthesis - Our empty rooms lyrics

Which is not to be found in our obituaries Or in memories ... draped by the beneficent spider Or ... under seals broken by the lean solicitor In our

Primal Fear - Nation in fear lyrics

s won't be seen About progression - without charity Nation in fear - why are fighting Nation in fear The world in the ... eyes of child One nation - one nation in fear One nation in fear Two years are gone

The Kinks - Shepherds of the nation lyrics

by Mr. Black The Do-Gooders Down with sex and ... sin, Down with pot, heroin. Down with pornography, ... Down with lust. Down with vice lechery and

Catastrofy - Deep rotten nation lyrics

by past Now living too fast Believe in lies ... outside Array in line Daylight they deny Simple and ... own view Abuse and intrigues, that´s nothing new

Corrosive Carcass - Dawning death lyrics

of pain Young and old alike And a horrid ... stench Floating thick Low moans of words ... low In this safe haven Dawning, dawning death Screams of

Beneath The Sky - Our last road lyrics

birth to mankind, Mankind gave birth to war. God gave ... birth to mankind, Mankind gave birth to war. These ... only helps to make a change. These consequences only

The Enemy - Nation of checkout girl lyrics

the finest shopkeepers Now a nation of cloudy eyed checkout girls ... all the lads are packed off fighting Now that you'd know ... ever says a word Blair's legacy a barrel of oil

Pharaoh - By the night sky lyrics

One race of mortal men The gods have given to us A rich ... fertile land Adorned with greatest splendor The dawning ... of a time Where all men pledge their honor And some pay

The Moody Blues - Dawning is the day lyrics

let us see you, Dawning is the day, Miss, misty ... meadow, You will find your way, Wake up in the morning ... to yourself and leave this crazy ... life behind you. Listen, we're trying to find

Joseph Arthur - Nation of slaves lyrics

in a time where we're all gonna fall apart and chemicals ... rising up over the sun A nuclear ... heart Is the creation we're gonna become Nation of ... t find my way without following you And I can't find my way

Cryptic Slaughter - Nation of hate lyrics

violence, we’re sick of your lies Hatred runs deep in the ... eyes of the youth Your prejudice is sickening, ... We’ll make the our own truth A country’s sin

Pagan's Mind - Dawning of the nemesis lyrics

s a meaning to the signs The signs throughout the ... but deny The tokens Flight of endless times The end ... s clash I sense the warning of the worlds Turn page back

Patty Walters - American idiot (by green day) lyrics

t wanna be an American idiot. Don't want a nation under ... the new mania. And can you hear the sound ... subliminal mindf*** America. Welcome to a new kind of

Avery Watts - Our world lyrics

a test Now society is calling out an SOS Get down on the ground; put the earth to your ... you hear Welcome to the greatest battle of all time ... We’ve just officially been targeted by our own kind The time

Dr.acula - Nation lyrics

in time for a decade of heresy. A nation born on pain and ... disbelief. We are a permanent structure. One nation over god. Hunger ... struck a beaten down to the ground. Find the strength to

Frown - Dawning (for a sweet girl) lyrics


Illy - Our country lyrics

track is dedicated to the indigenous people of Australia And ... the soldiers and the fire-fighters who protect it yea Yea ... the strong stood silent much harder men

Christopher Lee - Dawning of a new age lyrics

has come Fortune and my reign will shine Like the starts ... Over lands and the sea Your power is assured You are king oh Charlemagne To fight for ... the right to conquer And vanquish your foes Come, let's drink to

Mindrot - Dawning lyrics

quot;It's a secret feeling. I never told anybody about ... it." "What's the ... feeling now?" "Something's ... going to happen...&quot

Clannad - By chance it was lyrics

It did me much surprise Down by a shady myrtle grove Just as ... the sun did rise. The birds they sang right gloriously And pleasent was ... was non save she and i Among the flowers fair. In dewy grass and green we walked She

Lunatic Gods - Nation of the blind lyrics

re the nation of the blind Underground We ... re the nation of the hard In the night ... You never see the light I am just a worm Hiding ... in darkness There is nothing more Just the myth that

Raised Fist - Nation of incomplete lyrics

of your business How ready is your ... The reality that comes along? Once you start to dig, you ... scared It won't take too long All this built for business

Bonded By Blood - The aftermath lyrics

us In the blacked air Emerging for the vaults Of which ... we have dwelled The ruin of our nation Piercing with despair ... you can't deny They're dying in pain I simply can't

Hymny - Šalamounovy ostrovy - god save our solomon is.. lyrics

bless our Solomon Islands from shore to ... shore Blessed all our people and all our lands ... With your protecting hands Joy, Peace, Progress ... men shall brothers be, make nations see our Solomon Islands, our Solomon Islands Our nation

The Divine Comedy - Nation express lyrics

the National Express when your life's in a mess It'll make ... old dear to the screaming child From the student who ... To the family man Manhandling the pram with paternal pride

Hillsong United - Our god is love lyrics

1] Every soul, every beating heart Every nation, and ... every tongue Come find hope in the love ... see the risen Son Jesus Saviour, forever and after [Chorus

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - Our apologies lyrics

many ways Can we say our apology God bless confess ... And rejoice in acknowledging The definition of truth hard ... sincerity No use rejuvenating a lie You know we mean what

Public Enemy - By the time i get to arizona lyrics

deservin' Fittin' for a king I'm waitin' for the time ... when I can Get to Arizona 'Cause my money ... s spent on The goddamn rent Neither party is ... Jackass or the elephant 20.000 nig niggy nigas in the

For King & Country - By our love lyrics

ll know we are Christians by our love by our love Yes they'll ... know we are Christians by our love We will walk with ... will walk hand in hand And together we'll spread the news

Chapin Harry - Dreams go by lyrics

you stand in your dungarees Looking all grown up ... very pleased When you write your poems they have so much to ... say When you speak your dreams it takes my breath

While She Sleeps - Our legacy lyrics

you want words to live your life by, Walk the graves, ... walk the graves. It's written on the head ... stones. If you want words to live your life by, Walk the graves,

Eighteen Visions - Our darkest days lyrics

must escape. Our darkest Days. Or face the fall, and fade ... away. We must escape. Our darkest Days. Or face the ... fall, and fade away. There is a place to mourn.

Minnie Riperton - Our lives lyrics

can't you see You'll be coming back to me Comin' back to ... And the time that you've been gone Will vanish like the song ... Sung by the rain when we were fast

Belieber - Our kidrauhl lyrics

a Small Town Only You and Your guitar. Outside of Avon ... A person with a heart so Big Full of dreams ready to live ... in you There's nothing like us You know that we

The Flobots - By the time you get this message lyrics

the time you get this message I will be behind the wheel ... Watchin' dotted yellow hexagrams Stretch into the dark ... Left hand surfin' on iced tinged winds Chewin' up a

Anacrusis - Our reunion lyrics

the punishment of disapproving eyes The criticism ... helped create the world I grew to hate 'Round and ... and 'Round and 'Round we go Divided by the things we

Coalesce - By what we refuse lyrics

world was undone. We were beasts running ... rampant. Our lust was in our mouths with the law to ... justify its purpose. We had our own ideas of what righteous

Elephant Man - Our world lyrics

feat. Demarco) [Intro:] ... Demarco, Elephant man Baby G Ah our world Some boy a fi ... quicker Beware me evil me get free from lucifer Real eye ... shutter Any boy we go fa Boy head a roll in a gutter [Chorus:] Tell them

Erra - Our translucent forever lyrics

are reborn, our hope resurfaced, our faith ... renewed. Set us free. We find safety in the ... the catacombs absent of light that we can't bear to watch ... burnout. Desperate souls frightened by the new found glimmer of infinite beauty

Faber Drive - By your side lyrics

turn off the lights and let you sleep Just ... close your eyes, relax and breathe in ... feel lonely 'Cause I'll be right here by your side If you ... should awake into the night keep dreaming 'Cause I

Kalle - By all accounts lyrics

like the miners We're hunting our souls Nothing and no one ... us apart [2x] We found ourselves one day Oh, this day ... seems so clear By all accounts We love only

Pagan's Mind - Supremacy, our kind lyrics

by the gods Our Kingdom We`re Universal Entity ... inner eyes Now let all imagination fly Supremacy our kind ... the Universe I am Transcending Unending Light is the

R. City - Our story lyrics

s when it all changed See that's was the first ... time we wanted to get on stage I was nervous, my brother ... We both was at a very young age Mom & dad worked hard

Rebellion - Our backs to the wind lyrics

on the rivers Of these foreign lands All the dangers we've ... from the sea And the seagull's laughter Sounds like ... home to me A song of home. And to be free Oh put our

Sacred Steel - By steel we rule lyrics

revealed We're so much stronger than before Conquerors of ... for Metal, live for War Fighting for the Gods Come meet ... your Fate, taste our Blades Longing for your

A Dozen Furies - By any means lyrics

m feeling "Why try anymore? ... The ice is broken The page is open now For all the ... worth We've beaten odds Against our ways By any

Almost Kings - Our house lyrics

1: This is our town boy and when we come ... through Y'all can keep talking but ... what you gonna do I heard you thinking ... out the house bro We ain't going platinum, we going moon

The Cribs - Our bovine public lyrics

this in the news? You're gonna have a go? Well I don't ... want to know I just thought that I should try and say ... d never exist without being generic You'll have to impress

Deathstars - Our god the drugs lyrics

dream... and the laws of the world ... breathe cold, weakening to die And I watch... I ... of pain betrayed as tears by the rain And as they sing, ... they sing your name. And as they sing as tounges

Destruction - Our oppression lyrics

and rules without a meaning only created to be an ... obstacle in our life Democracy to live free ... to believe 'cause the government watches every step ... makin' decisions without asking for our opinion Blinded by

Kampfar - Our hounds, our legion lyrics

moonlight force A moonlight slavery A whip from the ... underworld By the shadow gods A moonlight force A ... moonlight slavery A whip from the ... underworld A night-crawling new order Slaves by the

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