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Pegazus - Our father and the holy ghost lyrics

are people that lie And try to deceive you Through ... words of the lord They try and brainwash you And they hope ... you will believe them And follow them in their ways THE LORD, OUR FATHER AND THE HOLY

Memory Garden - The innocent sleep lyrics

up so very fresh Life is for the scared and temporary Think ... me, think me - at the morgue in bright light Lips ... sewed together - the very last breath Feel so

The Dubliners - The holy ground lyrics

well my lovely Dinah, A thousand times adieu For we're going ... away from the Holy Ground, And the girls we all love true ... We will sail the salt seas over, And then

Paul Brandt - Virgil and the holy ghost lyrics

were best of friends Brothers til the very end Made a ... Creek Fishing holes and skipping rocks Down the ... & hopes & dreams the way our lives would be &

Lääz Rockit - In the name of the father and the gun lyrics

them rule these streets at night Selling ... souls and dealing highs Running with their smoking guns Talking tough ... of damage done Revolution in their minds Only way they know

Great Big Sea - The old black rum lyrics

drank sixteen doubles for the price of one Trying to find the courage to talk to one I ... just begun Well I drink to the father and the holy ghost I'm ... kneeling at the altar of my nightly post So I

Dio - Jesus, mary and the holy ghost lyrics

Nursery rhyme Did you see the teacher? Sister Black and ... What she's gonna to do? They say eye for eye, tooth for ... tooth But don't hurt your brother Crossroad overload Oh, I

Don Moen - Our father lyrics

Moen, Don; Hear our prayer We are Your children And we've gathered here today, ... bless me We're gathered here to pray Hear our cry ... Lord, we need Your mercy And we need Your grace today, yes

Hades - Our father lyrics

father who art in heaven Hallowed ... in heaven Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive ... who trespass against us And please, please lead us not

I Am Heresy - Our father lyrics

-------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------...

Extreme lyricsExtreme - Our father lyrics

Oh Daddy please, come find the time, come watch us growing ... Oh Daddy please, don't leave there's so much that we want to ... my shoe, or take hold of my hand when I become afraid And

Nina Hagen - The lord's prayer lyrics

the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit Go ... down on your knees and pray for peace Our Father ... in Heaven Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses As we forgive them who trespass against us and

Divina Enema - The holy holt lyrics

The Holy Holt:] The end is near! Time nears the ... end the utmost foe is dead! Consume ... his flesh and sip his blood Belch then: ... 'time nears the end... ' From furtive hole

Bethel Music - Our father lyrics

Father in Heaven Hallowed be Your ... name Your Kingdom come quickly Your ... will be done the same Chorus: On Earth as ... Heaven come Bridge 2: Yours is the Kingdom, Yours is the

Cradle Of Filth - Tearing the veil from grace lyrics

Too awful to taste for the led and the chaste Those ... exiled from sight And Hell knows we sought victory ... Chancing the leash But when bad die were

Saul Williams - Our father lyrics

want to talk about a good father, now coming from me If you ... at my life, you would ask the question what do you know ... about a good father? And that would be a fair question

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - The requiem lyrics

everyone Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns? ... For the sins of our hand Sins of our tongue The sins ... of our father The sins of our young God save us everyone

Amy Grant - The now and the not yet lyrics

be. Tomorrow, when we lock the door, On all our ... He'll draw us near, And we'll be changed by His glory ... see. Tomorrow, when we lock the door, On all our

Halgadom - Holy war lyrics

great day will rise for us and our kind For some of us ... in my mind Thor will be at our side, hear his thunder roar ... Stand up and fight brave in the HOLY WAR! Blond hair and

Aborted - Our father, who art of feces lyrics

be the ones who show no remorse the ... mongrels that serve your cause to worship and idolize ... of any sense of reality your fraudulent joke exposed ... where is your savior a deceit so

Genuflect - Lavation lyrics

s laying face down on the ground His last thoughts are ... light that's not to be found The only sound he can hear is ... her cross It's just about the only thing she has to comfort

Gamma Ray - Father and son lyrics

have a doubt? You wanted the best for me, Somehow things ... went wrong. And it tore us apart. Did you ... Calling! Calling! Father, you can't hide, it's time

Kaledon - The holy water lyrics

is the last part of the war We must destroy the evil ... We must fight the demons The monsters of the earth Now ... is the time to call the priests The evil forces of the night will die The kingdom

The Kelly Family - Our father lyrics

father, which are in heaven ... Earth as it is in heaven And give us this day our daily ... bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our ... debtors and lead us not into temptation

Dynasty - Holy fire lyrics

Jesus came to the earth He had a mission to ... He knew everything until the end But He never surrender ... Passion and pain Nobody couldn’t stop ... It) was so much love For all the lost souls Because we will

Hour Of Penance - The holy betrayal lyrics

of purity is driving men To the depths of the oblivion Till the decimation of every faithful ... A false redemption represents the price To pay for their

Cece Winans - One and the same lyrics

never comprehend So High and Mighty And yet closer than a ... friend The beginning and the end The mystery of his ... Holiness The wonders of His humanness are

Black Steel - The holy devil lyrics

into Siberia the 1800 years Visions that ... foresee the future power to faith heal ... Russian frontier. Dancing in the crypts of Khlysty, sin to ... out sin Faith Heal Sin - Holy Devil Evil In Flesh - Holy

Dropkick Murphys - The season's upon us lyrics

us, it's that time of year Brandy and eggnog, there's plenty ... of cheer There's lights on the trees and there's wreaths to ... be hung There's mischief and mayhem and songs to be sung

All Gone Dead - The holy city of karbala lyrics

starts here with bloodshed on our hands And the setting takes ... place in an oil infested land As the raging fire, now ... grow A city becomes a victim and they don’t know One

Nightwish - Our decades in the sun lyrics

climbed off your back Not so long ago To a ... To a path you'd made for the lightest feet Mother I am ... time you leave Oh, I am you The care, the love, the memories

Paradise Lost - Our saviors lyrics

1] Kneel on the ground and pray to the Lord But will ... he hear your prayers Will hear your call ... As you sit in the church And the madman speaks... Listen

Sleeping Giant - Father to the fatherless lyrics

So God, why did you give up your Son? Sons need fathers. So me ... sons – Same year, tight life. And we want them to have faith, ... hope, love, living the right life. And I know I

Betzefer - The devil went down to the holy land lyrics

devil went down to the Holy Land Saw it was already f***ed and he thought to himself &quot ... be trusted even by his own brother And the people were scared

Crematory - The holy one lyrics

folded to pray, Holy utterance by a split tongue The halo of blood and ashes 2000 ... many ears Mankind tormented, the brains enslaved Hear no ... evil - he's the holy one See no evil - he's the holy one Speak no evil - he's the

Chris De Burgh - The son and the father lyrics

walking down that road, to the place that was my home, And the memories of a life go on ... forever, Here's the village, here's the sea and ... here's the place where it began, When I

Mr. Bungle - The holy filament lyrics

fiber optic illusion The flickering eyes By flourescent lights Supplicate ... Self-reflecting The legend of modernity: The ... God's eternal strobe Through the holy filament, Graven

Pharrell Williams lyricsPharrell Williams - Our father lyrics

Father,Which art in heaven Im so ... grateful Of all the beautiful things That you ... me to see Birds,Bees The ability to do what I do The ... I know you love me now And i think it's time And my

Leaves' Eyes - The holy bond lyrics

s a holy bond between us no one can ... It's unbreakable Because there's hope enough to drown my ... fears There is faith enough to dry my ... tears These memories I cling to There

Ektomorf - The holy noise lyrics

gonna show you now Catch the rhythm and jump Jump till the sky, come on jump Open you ... heart and we give you the strength This is the holy ... noise We make this holy noise This is the holy

Gothminister - The holy one lyrics

day another Face it didn't mean ... you neglect to Show respect and price Your advice you give Our kingdom a name But now you ... started The fire maybe It cannot lead to

J. Moss - Holy is your word lyrics

is your word that I've hear it in my ... heart, Holy is your word that was there from the ... start it cuts like a knife and it chop like a sward Holy is ... your Word that cannot be ignored

Celtic Legacy - The sentinel/celtica lyrics

you seek lie within your soul Deep are the valleys ... you have to walk Hard is the task that you must fulfil To ... Celtica we go To try to find the answer This is our enigma The holy path we follow on and on

Hillsong Worship - The first and the last lyrics

are the First and the Last Beginning and the End The promise of One whos to come The future is in Your hands ... Calling the light with all the Earth we will sing You are

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The holy grail lyrics

together Change the world forever What a ... me Supervise me, mother No more fooling around ... may come It shall be from the ashes He shall rise, I know

Escape With Romeo - The visions of the holy ghost lyrics

that's full of fear Now the wind blows harder from coast ... coast thunderstorms are what they fear the most windows are ... shut doord are closed these are the visions of the holy

Saviour Machine - The holy spirit lyrics

in the spirit can we truly understand The blessed hope within; we ... are born again ... In the hope and the glory, our crown ... body; divine ... Here is the call for the strength And the faith of the saints ..

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - The father loves the son lyrics

world must know that I love the Father and that I do just as ... he commands. There's no greater love than to ... lay your life down for your friends. Oh, I love you,

Prince - The holy river lyrics

s go down 2 the holy river If we drown then we'll ... be delivered U can still see the picture upon the wall One ... staring at nothing at all The other one trying 2 focus

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The temple of the holy lyrics

with the wind and home is far away from me There's no one way to see ... Haunted by ghosts the evil force of mystery No way ... out for you and me The end of the time, they're the

Nekrogoblikon - The end of infinity lyrics

children, women and men get ready to implode on the count of ten one two ten ... pulled together from every direction as we ... penetrate reality there’s no protection death to the minister and death to the

Noir Desir - The holy economic war lyrics

****************** Woke up on the ground, i've thought "the earth is round" so what ... this new day on my way is there anything new, what are we

Elizabeth Gillies - Father and son lyrics

You're still young, that's your fault, There's so much you ... I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy, ... going on. But take your time, think a lot, Why,

Amon Amarth - Father of the wolf lyrics

he found the heart in barren land It was beating, still alive ... He held it gently in his hand And looks up to the sky ... thoughts of vicious kind And sinister disdain His

Devlin - Our father lyrics

down on this race I created and all I see is violence and ... I whizz by in my space ship, the world is like my movie screen ... plus 18 'cause peace is far and few between. Ever since Eve

Rhapsody Of Fire - The myth of the holy sword lyrics

the victory of the angels over hell these old lands became a new reason for war ... elves and men all united against new ... darklords it's the time of the three elvish wars During the third one in Galfor's old

Andre Rieu - The holy city lyrics

words by Frederick E. Weatherly Song Lyrics Last ... night I lay a-sleeping There came a dream so fair, I ... in old Jerusalem Beside the temple there. I heard the

Grave Digger - And the devil plays piano lyrics

Backstreet suckers Holy terror, deadly masters ... Bring us pain, anger and destruction What you need ... You See - Oh Can't You See The Devil Plays Piano Marching

Brendan Perry - The devil and the deep blue sea lyrics

all over You’ve had your day out in the park You ... a great time Playing with our private world Event horizon ... Earth It’s all over It’s the final curtain call For too

Before The Dawn - Father and son lyrics

up the tide that makes you whole ... Break up the mind, the heart, the soul I wish I ... could take a stronger stand Look up to the one who is ... more than grand...I bow For my faith and

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