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The Hollies - To you my love lyrics

you took my heart I can give you everything So I'll give my ... everything To you my love As we're far apart I ... will send my all to you And I'll send my whole life too To

Krusader - Part iii - my heart i'd give to you lyrics

yellow eyes impressed me She seemed wide imposing Her image, so magic, insisted to remain awake With ... me, even after I fell asleep That kiss ... showed me it was time to feel For love we'd free each

No Mercy - My promise to you lyrics

s one year together And I loved you right from the ... start There's nothing that's better And nothing to keep us apart Now I wanna ... tell you How special your love is to me Cause this is

B. B. King - My heart belongs to you lyrics

heart belongs to only you I've never loved as I love you ... You set a flame within me burning A flame to stay ... within me years It's just for you I want to live It's just to you my heart

Alabama - My love belongs to you lyrics

nights belong to the sandman 'Cause I sure like a dream My morning's ... belong to the wild-woods 'Cause I like to ... hear the birds sing My soul belongs to heaven My

Eddy Arnold - My shoes keep walking back to you lyrics

My arms) keep reaching for you (My lips) keep calling for you (My shoes keep walking back ... to you) I must say that I don't care hold my head up in

Byron Cage - Praise him lyrics

Him, praise Him, praise Him in the morning, praise Him in ... the noonday. Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him when the ... sun goes down. Verse: When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I like to do is lift

Charlie Hall - You are worthy of my praise lyrics

I will give You all my worship I will give You all my praise You alone I long to worship ... You alone Are worthy of my praise (I will worship) I will ... worship (I will worship) With all of my heart (With all of my heart) And I will praise You (I will praise

Jeremy Camp - You're worthy of my praise lyrics

will give, you all my worship I will give, you all my praise You alone, I long to worship You alone, are worthy of my ... praise I will worship, with all of my heart I will praise you, with all of my

Dean Martin - My praise lyrics

I wish I could praise You with adequate words But You ... leave me speechless And I so long to sing You the song You deserve But it would be ... endless I long to move Your heart To bring You something new To tell how great You

Canton Jones - My walk lyrics

time for games that's how I'm living {living} hey Using ... every gift that I'm given {given} hey Just the thought of ... your name is bone chilling So appealing my soul kinda got a warm feeling Since

Cascada - Original me lyrics

me a melody I'll write you a symphony La la la la la ... la la la la la Be on insanity Pleasure is guaranteed ... la la la la la la la la I'll do what you want me to do

William Mcdowell - You are god alone lyrics

Verse 1: x2] You're not a God created by human hands You ... re not a God dependent on any mortal man You're not a God in need of Anything we can give By Your plan,

Hillsong United - You deserve lyrics

is this love given to us That saved my life ... through selfless sacrifice Although we fail the cross ... prevails Forgiveness stands You take me back again Pre

Hillsong Worship - You deserve lyrics

is this love given to us That saved my life ... through selfless sacrifice Although we fail the cross ... prevails Forgiveness stands You take me back again You’ve

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - Praise offering lyrics

Verse 1:] With outstretched hands And with a sincere heart I come to You with thanks And worship for ... who You are [B-Section:] It’s of Your mercies we are not

Fiction Family - Give me back my girl lyrics

can feel it now I can feel my heart again I thought I lost ... myself I could feel it caving in You can keep your ... venom saints Just give me back my girl When the

Talking Heads lyricsTalking Heads - Give me back my name lyrics

s a word for it Words don't mean a thing ... There's name for it Names make all the difference in the world Some ... things can never be spoken Some ... things cannot be pronounced That

Alvin Lee - You need love love love lyrics

need love, love, love - and I can give it You need love, ... love, love - that's what you want You need life, life, life - so you can live it You ... love, love - that's what you want You need love, love,

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Give me back my life lyrics

the walls coming down around me I know ... that I’m f***ed up and infected I’ve been hiding and I feel rejected Thank God that ... you finally found me ‘Cause you gotta get me outta here I’ve been sick and disconnected

Harem Scarem - Give it to you lyrics

face each day Knowing there's something I can't ... say Little lies never go away They always hide to ... come back One day It's only worse then Sometime it's gonna get back to you

Rebecca St. James - You make everything beautiful lyrics

me serenity to accept things The things I cannot ... Grant me the courage, Lord, to change what I can Wisdom to ... know the difference In my weakness You can shine In Your strength I can fly and You make everything, everything

Dustin Smith - To you alone lyrics

Christ, risen Lord All You are we adore Mighty Savior, ... Matchless One Who was and is and is to come Worthy is ... the Lamb Who sits upon the throne Praise and

Joshua Radin - You got growin up to do lyrics

ve been down this road before I walk out the ... door Leave you on the floor Sometimes you ... run and hide Your foolish pride´s What keeps me from giving you more So the best thing I can give to you Is for

Sammy Hagar - Give to live lyrics

I can see that you've got fire in your eyes And pain inside your heart So many things ... have come and torn your world apart Oh baby, baby ... baby Don't give up Don't give up Don't give up (If you want love) If you want love

B-52s - Give me back my man lyrics

cuts her hair And calls his name. Wishin' everything ... could be the same, Like when she had him. I'll give you fish, I'll give you ... candy, I'll give you everthing i have in my hand. Walking out of korvettes, Package in her hand. Motions to all

Brandy - Give me you lyrics

there a problem? That you can't solve, whoa You're all ... alone And no one wants to get involved But I have a ... friend He'll always be around ... And He'll never leave you He will never let you down

Rotting Christ - You my flesh lyrics


Anthem Lights - Give it all to you lyrics

am willing and I am giving What I am all to you ... Cause you have given All I have been given And I owe it all to you It's no mystery You gave everything

John Newman - Give you my love lyrics

keep, I keep Calling and calling Then regret it in the morning I see, I see The pressure ... gets boring But my worries keep on haunting I've ... changed, changed I won't put my trust in you to stay, stay

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Take hold of that star lyrics

hold of that star , I give to you And tell me that you love me ... Just as I love you la la la la Take hold of ... that star , and put it in your locket And tell me that you

Chapman Curtis Steve - Go there with you lyrics

know you've heard me say these words ... before But every time I say I love you the words mean ... something more I spoke them as a promise right ... from the start I said death would be the only thing that could tear us apart

Corum - To seek lyrics

has it come to this—the persecution of faith? ... Flagrant, notorious, is it all worth dying for? Death to human souls it brings, slaying of the free. “Give me back

Marvin Gaye - Give in, you just can't win lyrics

can try to win my love, but it's just too late Try & ... try again, but to lose me is your fate You can walk the ... streets till your feet refuse But you won't find me; you'll find only the

Mazzy Star - Give you my lovin lyrics

you my lovin', Seven days a week I'll ... be a honey, If you'll be sweet I know I'm the ... only one for you I know that you think this is not true Man ... says it's rainin', Rainin' outside I'll be out there in a little while, Cause you

Ryan Leslie - You're not my girl lyrics

hear them talking cause they seen us around Got them guessing about what's ... really going down And if they find out that we do ... what we do Girl I doubt if they'd believe it was true

Bananarama - Give it all up for love lyrics

all the men I knew before Old love ... letters in the drawer Mean nothing to ... me no more Everything that I possessed Brought me joy ... and happiness And everything I worked for I don't

Martina Mcbride - Born to give my love to you lyrics

what brought us here something in the stars said you and ... me i don't know where this feeling comes from surely it was meant to be for i have ... know you even in my dreams my eyes are open, my heart can

Hayley Westenra - My heart belongs to you lyrics

the window of my soul All the secrets that I ... hold Will be yours to share for always, always Like a whisper in the wind A ... gentle breeze touches my skin And I know you’re with me

Kilmara - You left without a reason lyrics

I could start my life today again Get on my feet for ... one more time But all these memories ... keep falling over me I´m going insane losing myself I ... feel the coldness in this beloved place Where we used

Don Diablo lyricsDon Diablo - Give me love (feat. calum scott) lyrics

Verse 1] When the lights come on, the party's over ... And I ain't got no car to drive you home Would the night be ... too cold for me to hold you? Would you stay or would you

Don Diablo lyricsDon Diablo - Give me love (ft. calum scott) lyrics

the lights come one, the party’s ... over And I ain’t got no car to drive you home Would the night be too cold for me to hold ... ya? Would you stay or would you leave me all alone? ‘Cos

Bi Rain - To me you are (i to you) lyrics

na ee jeh deo ee sang soom ji ahn neul rae keu reol rae ... neo eui dwi eh seo ji kyo poh gi man ha ji neun ahn ... eh geh neo neun) cheoh eun chin goo il poon ee ra go ha ji

Mary J Blige - Give me you lyrics

don't ask for too many things Only one thing I really ... need That is you baby next to me With that I'm satisfied ... Don't need diamonds I don't need gold I just need

Eric Church - Give me back my hometown lyrics

I used to love this view Sit here and drink a few Main ... street and the high school lit up on Friday night Down ... there it's another touchdown Man, this year's team

Grinderman - Palaces of montezuma lyrics

invocations Of Mata Hari at the station I give to you ... A Java princess of Hindu Birth A woman of flesh a child of earth I give to you The ... hanging gardens of Babylon Miles Davis the black unicorn I

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - Give what you got lyrics

ve got to give it all to baby You know I want it all ... for me I wanna get to know you baby Is that a possibility ... Hey, you're my man, I'm your woman And I'm not too proud

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - My way home is through you lyrics

take off all my skin, Tear apart all of my insides, When they rifle in, Mom ... and Dad think you'll be saved, They never had ... the time, They're gonna medicate your lives, You were

Paula Abdul - To you lyrics

chrous:] to you, gonna give it all to you to you, gonna give it all to you if it's ... pleasure you want and it's pleasure i've got baby i ... will give it all to you if you're lonely at night and it's

The Amity Affliction - Give it all lyrics

take it all My heart, my mind, my every word from out of my lungs My every breath and ... every thought And every word I've ever sung And though I'm ... glad to help you out And get your feet back on the ground

Borealis - My peace lyrics

did you leave me, how could she let you go Left with a stranger, lying in her room alone I'm lost ... without you, I need you by my side Looking for answers,

Bow Wow - Give it to you lyrics

know you wanna see me shake my thang but boy i Dont think you know what to do wit dis thang ... so Watcha gon do Give it to ya girl, give it give it to ... ya girl (uh huh)[4x] [verse 1]

Jim Brickman - To hear you say you love me lyrics

have loved or so I thought before But this is so ... much more I couldn't last a day without you In my life, you're the reason ... that I breathe; you're everything I need The miles in between

Dawn Of Winter - Anthem of doom lyrics

pulls me down once more I know that this time it's for ... real Won't beg for help No final words A shadow I have ... become I curse my life I've tried to break free from

Eyes Set To Kill - Give you my all lyrics

hailed from the sky that night I couldn't hide to save my life Standing drenched in ... open wounds You took my hand and pulled me through ... I want to give you everything I'll give you my all

George Jones - To see my angel cry lyrics

her there, see her crying She thinks she loves him ... so She don't know how much it hurts me To hear her beg him not to go. If she were mine again I'd never let the

Kandi - Give it to you lyrics

awhile I been single Haven't even mingled ... Taking time for me But everytime I see ... you My body feels tingles I wanna taste the air you ... breathe I love your conversation Feel my admiration When I

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Let me give the world to you lyrics

chance to make believe in Always and all it seems ... Train wrecks hide underneath Your umbrella ... Set the frame Destiny, on this first name soliloquy Tired

Take That lyricsTake That - Give you my love lyrics

the walls are closing in And you’re standing in the dark ... Don’t know where you can begin All the pressure on your ... heart Heavy load inside your head No more colour in the

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