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Dark Fortress - The silver gate lyrics

Incinerate yourselves, In the blaze of Babylon, ... Hierophants of the Hurricane, We invoke the ... Eidolon. Unleash the storm... We renounce the ... Our stellar legacy. Peel the benighted shells, From our

Julie Laughs Nomore - The iron gate lyrics

in the night lies the bringer of sorrow, Sheltered ... by death surrounded by pain Carved into stone the ... symbols of power, The power of death hidden in the

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Open the gate lyrics

from a distance From beyond the fence you've made Hiding all ... you been invaded Is this the reason why you hide I know ... I know so let me inside Open the gate up Open the gate up

D Devils - The 6th gate lyrics

centuries ago, The last visitor from earth ... turn to feel that pain! The gates are open! (Scream) ... darkness, evil, hell! The gates are open! Gate 1: Darkness

Naglfar - The brimstone gate lyrics

have seen the most beautiful light Since ... I've lashed myself, I have opened my veins Cursed my blood ... As a shadow of death, the repaer from the tales of past

Escape The Fate - The flood lyrics

come on I can't believe The drama that I'm in The flood ... getting closer I don't think they know I know how to swim ... I left it behind I feel the pressure It's coming down on

Necrophobic - The ancients gate lyrics

quot;Let them curse it, that curse the day ... one, son of darkness Hear the call beyond the gate Open the book of human flesh The ... daemons on the other side awaits Summon the evil

Cheryl Cole - The flood lyrics

the lights out, in the light house, I saw you ... coming, Felt the ship wreck Saw the wreckage ... when i saw your reflection in the sand, Wondering where you

Him - The phantom gate lyrics

out for the kiss There are things you should know ... too long You did not look at the fire It is taking you far ... for you, Heaven Let your gate be open I'll bless you with

Billy Lewis Jr. - The flood lyrics

is unnecessary It's all for the story That ever changing ... tangling web we weave The tales of these so called ... up in my bed Contemplating the words I said I thought I

Nightmare (fra) - The dominion gate lyrics

to hide our shame Is there a way to erase our scars? ... one to blame We've found the key to a new world Where no ... shadows Can't you see, the ghosts are awake? The stair

Fates Warning - The ivory gate of dreams lyrics

II. COLD DAZE The coldness of confusion hangs ... in the morning air as Brazen bells ... ring reality To announce the conqueror dawn Removed ... Where in a circle we wander The barren wastes of our pasts.

Rhapsody Of Fire - The last winged unicorn lyrics

seven red flames of the cave are lightning the ... torture constricted to see the regrets to have had the life ... sheds black tears supporting the terrible rape the fury of the sons of the thunder is

Bellarive - The father's heart lyrics

shout Your name From the highest mountain I know You ... Heaven come fill this place Open the flood gates I'm reaching ... for the rhythm of my Father's heartbeat Shake my soul

Dozer - The flood lyrics

I will watch you hang below the sky... Why, I am the burning ... won't leave until I've burned the ground... Before I have to ... go I'll tell the tide to flood you all Before I take

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - The flood lyrics

will sometimes be thrown off the pathways What I thought was ... my way home Wasn't the place I know No, I'm not ... will be gone Back to where they came from Blame, no one

Devil Sold His Soul - The disapointment lyrics

my hands. I will not need the help from onlookers and the ... weak, their purpose has gone. And I ... broken that we won't last? Open the flood gates, don't close

Jakub Hübner - The flood- take that lyrics

on the edge of forever, at the start of whatever, shouting ... love at the World. Back then we were like cavemen, but ... we met the moon and the stars then we forgave them.

Magnum - The flood lyrics

a stepping stone Look how the innocent suffer Raging like ... storm in you soul One thing they forgot to mention Making ... peace was their last intention There was

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - The flood lyrics

on the edge of forever, At the start of whatever, Shouting ... love at the world. Back then, we were like cavemen, We’d ... beam at the moon and the stars, Then we forgave them.

Take That lyricsTake That - The flood lyrics

on the edge of forever, at the start of whatever, shouting ... love at the World. Back then we were like cavemen, but ... we met the moon and the stars then we forgave them.

Root - The last gate lyrics

of extinction raised And opened gates to all realms. ... Naked beings were leaved at the mercy Of withering power, as ... [Old Ones:] Ninety-nine Gates are already closed Their

Nightmare (fra) - The dominion gate (part ii) lyrics

s a blast in the vortex A direct access to ... Hell The DNA has mutated and failed The machines breath, the men are ... dead The bringers of the holy fire The bringers of the light Are shaping the

The Haunted - The flood lyrics

self-sufficient illusions The structure's true foundations ... rest within you The price we pay for sheer ... all hope One step further down the line as the flood

Nightmare (fra) - The dominion gate (part iii) lyrics

Leaflet Note: We've found the key to a new world, where no ... In this new world, freedom is the key, life is sublime.... (The Dominion Gate - Part I) (The

Of Mice & Men - The flood lyrics

For forty days, walk the earth, removing all this ... curse. These forty nights, and you're ... hoping hoping, to drown the world. To drown the world. ... a cleansing removing all the filth. Wearing your masks of

Mangod Inc. - The flood lyrics

again in my head i know, the flood’s gonna bring me home i ... can’t forget the things you said your words ... will lead me through the night only the pain makes me

Haujobb - The flood lyrics

check" "Bless me Father, for I have sinned" ... expected fire causes pave the way to the decay and Iwith ... quot; "Bless me, Father" (x19) "Bless me,

Asphyx - The flood lyrics

his trident commands the howling winds guides the ... hurricanes onto the lowlands striking hard on the southern province wild ... ramming on entire coastlines the heavy storm comes in from the

Left For Wolves - The flood lyrics

not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found ...

Enslaved - The cromlech gate lyrics

wisdom Achieve I'm searching the Old path to bring back the ... elder" Smug as only the fool can be, mindless ... towards his fate Summoned by the Cromlech by hunger within

Madder Mortem - The flood to come lyrics

can turn me now Come the terror, come the turmoil ... over breath and bones On the tide will flow Rivers of ... vibrant life Come the fever to the dead soil

Manticora - The flood lyrics

They take a sadistic delight of ... of hyprid child To conquer the world without a fight To ... condemn the power of strength The ... astonishing mental capacity The tool to obstruct the second

Sacred Warrior - The flood lyrics

it came to pass Just before the flood The Lord saw men's ... And said I'll spill their blood Mercy follows ... mercy The decision's up to you Get ... right with the Christ child Heed the

Mutato Muzika - The great gate, native fortress music lyrics

[Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental]...

Seven Kingdoms - Open the gates lyrics

controlled by this world Dreams shadowed by their walls All this masses ... heed the call Prisoners of the lie Deveived to never try ... Brought down by the iron hand Our strenght

Enya - The loxian gate lyrics

eella erkaka `huruhuru netheejan horkanmmaynay seva ... nay a korheeay `huruhuru netheejan Translate: ... Through the gates of night there is wisdom is waiting to be

Exhumed - Open the abscess lyrics

my addled gray matter, Brings the pressure that builds 'til my ... skulls set to shatter, The vexating, purulent ulcer ... that plagues the seat of my reason,

Heathen - Open the grave lyrics

the heat from the sweat of the cold Bodies withered decyed ... and old They lay beneath the cold, black earth The final ... he begins to shout Please open the grave and let me out

Dark Funeral - Open the gates lyrics

mighty lord of the evil realm Open the gates ... you dark lord And swear the unholy oath Unholy master ... - make my wish come true Open wide your kingdom-where all the evil rule Lord of hell

Hodgson Roger - Open the door lyrics

to say, who's to know where the ship is going to blow Taking ... time beneath the trees State of mind, state ... Gone away? Gone away? Open the door Open the door Open

Michael W. Smith - Open the eyes of my heart lyrics

the eyes of my heart, Lord Open the eyes of my heart I want ... You I want to see You Open the eyes of my heart, Lord Open the eyes of my heart I want

Mitchel Musso - Open the door lyrics

alone I could freeze like the time Would you care I bet ... you won't Please open up I'm out here on my own Open the door it's cold all alone ... for seven hours Black out there is no power I can't find

Dagames - Open the chest (fnaf 4) lyrics

the chest Open the chest Open it, please! I want to know ... this chest! This chest is the best! It's better than the ... chest! Oh my f***ing god! The tension is really killing me

Delirious? - Open the eyes of my heart lyrics

the eyes of my heart lord, Open the eyes of my heart I want ... you, I want to see you Open the eyes of my heart lord, Open the eyes of my heart I want

Mystic Circle - Open the gates of hell lyrics

voices call his name The dead will rise again Deamons ... creep out of the fangs of hell To seek ... Dancing shadows Children of the night Strange symbols

Dean Martin - Open the eyes of my heart lyrics

the eyes of my heart, Lord Open the eyes of my heart I want ... see You I want to see You Open the eyes of my heart, Lord Open the eyes of my heart I want

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Open the door, homer lyrics

there's a certain thing That I ... understand And that is that there's a certain way That a man ... If he expects to live off Of the fat of the land Open the

Otis Redding - Open the door lyrics

m tryin' to get back to my baby This runnin' round, sure ... I ain't smilin' 'bout it, baby Open the door or I'm bustin' ... Let me in, it's killin' me, baby I got ta come on in Let me

Paul Baloche - Open the eyes of my heart lyrics

the eyes of my heart Lord, Open the eyes of my heart, I want ... and lifted up, Shining in the light of Your glory. Pour

Carolina Liar - Open the door lyrics

this beneath your tongue Baby steps won't go wrong You ... Oh, don't you trust me? There's no need to be concerned ... no way to back out now Open the door, yeah Just let the

Henry Wolfe - Open the door lyrics

up the door and let me in You’ve ... got mine I’ve got mine So open up the door and let me in ... What’s the use of pissing in the wind? I’ll always be the

Metal Law - Open the gates of hell lyrics

quot;Open the gates of hell Open the gates, open the gates Open the gates, open the gates Open the gates... of hell!" ... no one shall touch safe I'm the one From me come cancer, pox

Sick Puppies - Open the door lyrics

no difference, open the door Take it all away, for ... Seems it's always just another game But I'm not in the ... today Makes no difference, open the door, open the door

Casketgarden - Open the casket lyrics

say deaf to me that I'm doin' the wrong I give a shit on it- ... ] Jaws through my spine-open my casket to see my face ... .. But my soul lives these plastic buckets of blood!

Manilla Road - Open the gates lyrics

Down around our feet; Before the empires fall And Hell ... enslaves the free; Before our time runs ... out The spells must soon be cast; We ... ll raise the banners high And storm the gates at last. Tonight we fight

Oslo Gospel Choir - Open the eyes of my heard lyrics

text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text...

Seung Ri - Open the window ftgdragon lyrics

amumal hajimabwa Haneure byeoldo jamdeureosseo bwabwa ... geu mal Neon naege uju gateungeol neomu sinbiroungeol Oh ... jamsi dada uh-huh come here baby Changmuneul yeoreo nimameul

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