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Inner Circle - Only you lyrics

about you all the time The lonely ... So I decide to call to see if you where home Your love can ... are always easy to win Only you can keep this fire ... burning in me Only you can satisfy My soul my fantasy

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - Take my soul away lyrics

some revealing light That you shone on me last night ... Have you turned away from me ... Because you know that I can't see? But if you leave ... me in the night, Well then you're leaving me in spite And

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Only you lyrics

I wander through this town I only think of you Only you can take my bad heart and make it good ... Only you can take my crooked path and make it new ... the dice were thrown I think my destiny was drawn Only you

Fragma - Only you lyrics

- Only You I always wanted to be ... I needed some advice You gave me strenght you were the ... to understand the language of my soul Nobody ever seemed to

Edyta Bartosiewicz - Take my soul with you lyrics

the trees I'm waiting in my car I'm biding all my time ... He needs to tell me Oh take my soul with you I'm going ... away Take my soul with you Oh I think I've already - Take my soul lyrics

you're sitting in your room, staring into space. your hair is long and shaggy, your clothes torn to shreds. the ... up the screen beside. you remember the day on a meadow.

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Take my love (i want to give it) lyrics

I want to give it all to you You can, you can, you can take my lips, take my arms, too My love is your love, Darling, ... no one else will do Take my hand, I need you when the day

Scatman John lyricsScatman John - Only you lyrics

you, Only you, Only you,make my dream come true. Only you, Only you, Only you ... make my dream come true. (Scatting ... Love is not possession and it can't be possessed, If I should

The 69 Eyes - Only you can save me lyrics

well well, what can I tell I've been out three ... everyday but I never give my heart away 'Cause I still ... got some respect for you in the end Mmm Only you can save me, girl Mmm Don't you

Hawk Nelson - Only you lyrics

down here For the rest of my life And this one thing is ... all that I'd find That only You can fill my heart The ... way You do Only You can take what's worn And make it new

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Only you can love me this way lyrics

be together That’s why We can roll with the punches We can ... And when I say it’s forever You understand That you’re ... always in my heart You’re always on my mind And

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Only love can break my heart lyrics

the night I see an angel in you In my lonely dreams I count ... to seven And I call you baby, know that it is true ... When you're young and in love It's too hot

Riot ( Usa ) - Only you can rock me lyrics

s takin' time out We'll take your shout out We're the boys, ... now of school stuff now You ain't with us then it's just ... bad news Only you can rock me, rock me Come on

Darin - Only you can save me lyrics

feel you in the air Floating through ... the atmosphere You’re dancing on the stars You’re presence’s everywhere But ... when I shut my eyes I see you like you’re really there

Bellarive - Only you can raise the dead lyrics

didn't You didn't just take our sin You filled us You ... filled us up with Your righteousness Yes, Your ... washed over us, over us With Your blood you covered us,

Cymphonique - Only you can be you lyrics

You Can Be You Hey you, what's the matter lately you've been looking down. Is ... in the mirror the reason you don't come around? That's ... crazy. This isn't the "you" I know. Feeling un

Darius - Only you lyrics

the same Mesmerized And I can't escape I just can't ... breathe When you're not with me I wish you ... The things I've seen But I can't control the way it goes

Poisonblack - Only you can tear me apart lyrics

and I break down And then you bury the dead again Could you ever forgive? When I let in ... the lies to give you faith Please don't raise the ... straw's been pulled and can't be bent no more But it ain

Caesars - Only you lyrics

Wanna go out honey?) Baby you've got ears just like Dumbo ... It's so sweet And your knees knock together When you're walking down the street Your eyes never look in the same

David Archuleta - You can lyrics

I've never been Help me on my feet again Show me that good ... wait Tell me I'm not on my own Tell me I won't be alone ... I'm feeling isn't some mistake Cause if anyone can make me

Humble Pie - Only you can see lyrics

be Today dear, ooh-ooh. Only you can see that I love you ... That I love you, ooh. Tell me what to ... think and I'll fix myself a drink To drink to you

Harry Nilsson - You can't take your love (away from me) lyrics

you can take the ring I gave you And go throw it in the deep ... blue sea You can take my picture from your wall And ... nail it to a tree But you can't change your love the way you change your mind Gonna tell you darlin just one more time You can't take your love away

Reba Mcentire - You can take the wings off me lyrics

Pull the covers up over my mind I let it go by and ... said I'd save my feelings But until I met you ... whoah I don't want to Honey you will be the first one To

Tim Mcgraw - You can take it with you when you go lyrics

clothes Well I could close my eyes and run through this ... house And never once stub my big toe It was a man who'd ... never been left who said You can't take it with you when you

Amen - Take my head lyrics

my head, rip it open Take the sickness, buried it too Take my head, rip it open Take ... sliced to fill Did you wanna know how the humans ... being Tied the lies that you believed Did you know the

Kaiser Chiefs - Take my temperature lyrics

s take a look at your eyes they're bloody mental ... of Berkley menthols and I can tell by your teeth you've had ... a good life! you should take my temperature my god, I'm

Cc Catch - You can be my lucky star tonight lyrics

can be my lucky star tonight Baby, ... bright Never say never When you're young and in love Never ... mean anyone Are you still dreaming Nothing can ... change when your love is gone Young and

Rachel Bloom - You can touch my boobies lyrics

year we're gonna be preparing you for your Bar and Bat ... a very important time in any young jewish person's life. So, ... I want you to focus, ok? No sleeping

Natalie Grant - Only you lyrics

Like dewdrops in the sand. Only You could bring my Heart to ... life, With just a touch of Your hand! Only You could be the ... that puts, The lovelight in my eyes. You can take the wrong

Corey Hart - Take my heart lyrics

me to the top again Take me to the high road shining ... 'Cause you know I never seen the world ... like that You take me to the top again You take ... it's slow and easy 'Cause you know I never dream inside

Lowkey - My soul lyrics

that, to say this... [x2] You might take my life, But you can't take my soul! You can't take my soul! You might take my ... freedom, But you can't take my soul! You can't take my soul

Maria - My soul lyrics

you wanna make me cry Aren't you tired of disappointing me ... Don't you know that I deserve better ... Than you ever gave to me You know it's just the way I

Jeremy Camp - Take my life lyrics

I am before You now Like a child I'm ... Here I am I'm giving all I can Breaking my pride I feel I'm ... Shattered inside I run to You And now I give it all to You

The Game - Lookin' at you lyrics

Walkin down the street, in my All Stars In my, khaki suit, ... street, smokin, chronic In my black locs, lookin, (AT) you ... off, even without the Doc You niggaz sellin your soul tryin

Kelly Price - You complete me lyrics

that I still in love with you Searchin' and searchin', ... I needed I already had with you [CHORUS] Been around ... could ever make me whole, you for me and only me for you

Apoptygma Berzerk - You keep me from breaking apart lyrics

am only here because of you because you never left me ... behind saying thanks in my own way I say it with a song ... that soon will fade away you keep me from breaking apart you understand the chaos in my

Apoptygma Berzerk - You keep me from breaking apart (according to.. lyrics

m only here because of you And because you never left ... me behind Saying thanks in my own way I say it with a song ... that soon will fade away You keep me from breaking apart

Divinyls - Only you ( in album monkey grip ) lyrics


Dara Maclean - Only grace lyrics

easier to love You Than to ever love myself ... I’d be the first to forgive You But I can’t forgive myself ... I’m trying hard to let You know I’m trying hard to let

Air Traffic Controller - What you do to my soul lyrics

get me up when it's time You know exactly what to say to ... ease my mind Girl, you've got power over me Such ... mind, cause I love Just what you do to my soul This could

Air Traffic Controller - What you do to my soul (ronson remix) lyrics

get me up when it's time You know exactly what to say to ... ease my mind Girl, you've got power over me Such ... mind, cause I love Just what you do to my soul This could

Keyshia Cole - Only with you ftalicia keys lyrics

I'm above the clouds and boy my heart just won't let me come ... down with you it's like the perfect picture ... painted from my eyes and I only long for you I'll never take

Lowkey - Hear my soul speak lyrics

sell to hungry countries only death prevails, This planet ... physically like Aborigines, You can brandish your cannons, We ... brandish banished history, You act as if resistance is ugly,

Katie Sky - Only you lyrics

wild and free! Bridge: You've got one life, so go live ... s on so go win it Breaking your doubts on the way! You've ... no feeling! Don't stop, it's yours to take! Chorus: Cause

Donny Hathaway - Thank you master (for my soul) lyrics

You, Master, for my soul Thank You, Master, for my soul You gave me food to eat, you ... kept shoes on my feet & You kept me Lord, i know (i) ... t been so good this week but You continue to Bless me & i

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Take care lyrics

of wine Candlelight Music made for quiet ... I'm feelin' mellow I need my Sweetie pie Here to lay me ... I want it I want it But I can't get it Take good care of

Billy Joel - You can make me free lyrics

can make me free You can make me smile You can make ... me be Like a little child You can melt the ice that chills my body You can dry my every ... tear You make the lonely hours

Debelah Morgan - Take the rain away lyrics

Chorus) Baby take the rain away make it come ... pretend everything's OK Baby take the rain away (Verse 1) I ... patience I have So baby when you come home tonight Let's

Hurts lyricsHurts - Only you lyrics

the night is young but it makes you feel ... much older And you comatose each waking hour of ... lingers longer And before you know it life is one long ... night But when I close my eyes, I see you stand

Needtobreathe - A place only you can go lyrics

to pay the price for our mistakes Grace, she comes with a ... heavy load Memories, they can't be erased Like a pill I ... won't do Enough to prove my love to you In my heart you

Lea Salonga - Only you lyrics

fades away just like a song Can't explain how you and I would ... grow Now I'm alone, out on my own Only you, light up my ... life, Only you Night after night, Only you

Cerebus - Catch me if you can lyrics

me if you think you can I know I´m fading fast this ... never last I´m laying on my death bed here waiting to go ... home So catch me if you think you can My soul is

Ben Harper - Take my hand lyrics

I work to serve you And I hope I've served you ... - I've lived a life to join you And now only time will tell ... Oh - Take my hand when you are worried Take my hand

Doro Pesch - Only you lyrics

you.. can possess me I need your love.. day 'n' night Only you.. can deliver me I need your love, I can't deny And only you.. can deceive me I love

Me & My - Take my heart lyrics

That I have everything How can people think That my life is ... complete Without you I have nothing at all I wish ... I could go on without you But this road is so long

Queen - You take my breath away lyrics

oooh take it take it all away Oooh ooh take my ... breath away Oooh ooh yoooo take my breath away Look into my eyes and you'll see I'm the only one You've captured my love

Ferry Bryan - You can dance lyrics

It's got a lot to say Do you come here often? Do you ... I'll never be the same (You can dance) There's a world ... I love to travel Baby, will you come with me? (You can

Lolawolf - Only you lyrics

you Only you can make it better Only you ... it right and make it better Only you I'm gone tonight ... without Without you I need you to make me right Baby, only you Only you Only you can

Anouk - Only you lyrics

world escape me The moment you crack Now you driving Down ... the highway of regret Your a victim Of your rapids eye ... Promises broken Your that restless kind Only you, only you can stop this Stop

Juanita Bynum - Peace (you have delivered my soul) lyrics

you have delivered my soul, From the snare of the enemy ... In the midst of my storm, You have and protected me, If I ... just keep my mind on thee, You'll keep me in perfect peace,

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