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Barbie - Only a breath away lyrics

sun is up the wind is in my hair and the way's rough but I ... dont really care Just over the horizon ... just a short flight from here I'm ... gonna see what I've only dreamed I'm gonna fly on the

Jackal - Only a crime away lyrics

painted picture on the wall Of a face wellknown In ... the night a distant cry That seems to be without choise ... deep in her soul she felt all of her love Turn to hate

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Only one breath away lyrics

at night I hear a phone call in my sleep. And I hear ... the words that once touched me so deep. ... Though we're far apart, you whisper - I miss you. ... Baby, it's true, I still love

Pantera - Only a heartbeat away lyrics

lips met mine We were young and innocent, we had plenty of ... time The years have gone and passed us by, don't run and ... hide Think of all the things we had, and what

Paul Carrack - Only a breath away lyrics

might think i keep my distance You might think i have no ... plans to stay You might think i have no ... weakness But you don't understand a word i say I tell you

Lords Of Black - Only one life away lyrics

wonder why promises are still made 'cause I've ... found there's nothing that last Then i cry out of my ... desperation For the ones i once ... loved in my past For the time we will reach for the truth And when

Ricky Nelson - Only a moment away lyrics

on over, now don't be shy All your stars and your planets ... are 'bout to align Why not surrender to the ... gleam in my eyes? Come and get it, before it dies Afraid to take a chance Been

Dolly Parton - Heaven's just a prayer away lyrics

you're trying to reach Heaven You talk to Jesus, you talk to Him every day 'Cause ... Jesus knows, He knows that you are coming And Heaven's ... just a prayer away Now if you go, if you go

Jamie T - Love is only a heartbeat away lyrics

roll, roll down, rob a railroad train Lil I rob before, dear Jessie James Heart full of ... love but I'm only here to kill her Fear that ... the devil may have spoke too soon And ran

Children Of Bodom - Prayer for the afflicted lyrics

hear a prayer for the brighter morrow ... It's hard to take thru all the laughter We don't ... in tomorrow It's just another morning after (I ... need you far away from me) (I want you closer

Anointed - Send out a prayer lyrics

try to say that nothing's wrong But my heart ... can feel right through your camaflouge Don't try to tell me ... been there too I know this road is hard oh yeah When the ache feels stronger Than the

The Misfits - Only make believe lyrics

everywhere They think you really care But myself I can't ... deceive I know it's only make believe. My one and only prayer is that some day you ... ll care, My hopes, my dreams come true, my one and only

Brian May - Only make believe lyrics

everywhere They think you really care But myself I can't ... deceive I know it's only make believe My one and only prayer Is that some day you'll care

Texas lyricsTexas - Prayer for you lyrics

I see is the truth now That's all I want you to know That I'll never turn my back on ... you And leave you out there on your own ... I could never let you fall And I want you to remember All

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Prayer lyrics

we touch the soul of heaven Can we unite a sacred lesson ... Every child creates a skylight of beauty Can you ... hear cathedrals falling All the universe is calling

Goo Goo Dolls - Prayer in my pocket lyrics

now you're feeling bad But I've been thinking of ... you They never understand I'm going to put it in my, ... with me everywhere I got a prayer in my pocket I'll save for

Nightcore - Prayer (voicians) (nightcore) lyrics

try I try You are trapped in a maze of pain and ... follow me out of there I can take you everywhere Come on ... search me finally I can take you everywhere answer my prayer I try to help you I fight

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Prayer changes lyrics

just look back over your life and See where he brought you ... from How many of you know? Prayer changes (I heard that) Prayer changes (I believe that) Prayer

Joanna Newsom - Only skin lyrics

there was a booming above you That night black airplanes flew over the sea And they were lowing and ... shifting like Beached whales Shelled snails As you

Blackberry Smoke - Prayer for the little man lyrics

home on the phone, like a lifeline Let the voices ... fill me up, like a drunkard's wine Another fix, I'm ... fine Hang it up, kill the light and ... just lay there Think about that girl, we had it all,

Periphery - Prayer position lyrics

day pulls me down to my knees and Holds the gun to my ... f***ing head Can't feel a thing Prayer position ... holding my life above the muck Oh God, I'm speaking in swirling bowls Now

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Only the strong survive lyrics

the pressure's on and you're all alone Take a little ride ... into the danger zone When the moon is up ... and the skies are clear Just show me a sign and we

Johnny Hollow - Prayer lyrics

I had a god… If I had a god it wouldn’t be hard to go ... on If I had a prayer… If I had a prayer I’d say~ God, you told us too much ... You showed us too much And I’ve fallen too far, Fallen too far, Fallen too far

Onslaught - Prayer for the dead lyrics

am the face of death Creator of the thread Manipulation master class The lines ... between unread I am the broken one The soul you ... once betrayed Disciple of impurity The

Mark Salling - Only the good die young lyrics

out Virginia, don't let me wait You Catholic girls start ... much too late aw But sooner or later it comes ... down to fate I might as well be the one well,

Morbid Angel - Prayer of hatred lyrics

be the Ones The Most Ancient Ones Blessed be the ... Ones Who where here before and after remain Blessed be ... meekness of the flesh I watch as it withers and dies

Billy Joel - Only the good die young lyrics

out Virginia, don't let me wait You Catholic girls start ... much too late Aw But sooner or later it comes ... down to fate I might as well be the one Well,

Qq - Prayer lyrics

This world need some prayer Prayeeeeeeeeeeeeer My people need ... some prayer Yes we need more prayer Fi dem mi a praises weh a get ... higher That's why the rastaman yah no stop bun di fiyah Pon

Lisa Hannigan - Prayer for the dying lyrics

Verse 1] A prayer for the dying For the waves coming in And washing the ... edges The edges away from within [Chorus] ... Your heart My heart Your heart My heart [Verse 2] A prayer for the dying Oh, the sun

Saint Vitus - Prayer for the (m)asses lyrics

wants to know Where you get off ... Thinking that you're bad because You praise the dogs Satan's evil you had Better stay away Or else with your stupid

Rick Ross - "prayer" lyrics

Sniff Sniff] Psalms 27 is my life and salvation whom shall I fear (I Ain't Cryin' I Ain't Cryin') ... 'Cause I Have Sinned The Lord Is The ... Structure Of My Life and Whom I Sow be Afraid and

Usher lyricsUsher - Prayer for you (interlude) lyrics

gonna say something to the people Prayer for you A prayer to you ... Do I sound that bad Just the simple thought ... of you means everything To my life you

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - Only the good die young lyrics

out Virginia, don't let me me wait You Catholic girls start much too late But sooner or later it ... comes down to fate I might as well be the one They showed

Eddy Arnold - Prayer lyrics

is a song we all can sing a light that the blind can see ... Prayer is a gift the poor can bring however poor they'd be ... Prayer is a star that lights the way for those who

100 Monkeys - Prayer lyrics

I don't bend that way I will never kneel to pray ... All those who's hope broke down ... Eyes closed, hands closed, burial shroud ... They are cannibals They eat their way to eternal life

Emmylou Harris - Prayer in open d lyrics

a valley of sorrow in my soul ... Where every night I hear the thunder roll Like the ... sound of a distant gun Over all the damage I have done And ... the shadows filling up this land Are the ones I built with

Six Degrees Of Separation - Prayer lyrics

I whisper these words Praying for needy Don't let ... Don't let them die Don't leave them crying at the night ... Don't let them starve Don't let see them stray

Cadaveria - Prayer of sorrow lyrics

visage An invisible barbed wire has encircled your ... wrist Leading you to an irrepressible scandal of ... your eyelids forever, so that you stop feeding yourself

Petra - Prayer lyrics

I want to thank You Lord for being who You are For coming to the rescue ... of a man who's drifted far For calling me to be Your ... son and calling me to serve Lord the way You've blessed my life is

Arachnes - Prayer lyrics

Yes I know, the sky is black, like the hate in our brains. But our God knows good and the evil, the sky and the ... ocean, the light and the darkness, and all the creatures

Necrosis - Prayer lyrics

you see is pain Fear the upcoming slaughter from ... the sky Mystic desease, controlling useless lives ... Fear and pain is all you see The spell of darkness chases you The only

Neurosis - Prayer lyrics

this as your own nature Abandon the fear Abandon the ... your mind rest beyond flesh and bone Look from a place of ... understanding, your mind is a conduit Your mind is as vast

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Prayer in the dark lyrics

martyr dies for Jesus Christ ... The altar burning as the demons rise The word ... The sermon spoken on a bloodred night The holy ... they're fighting for Like lambs to slaughter in a bible war Oh - vctims of the night

Disturbed - Prayer lyrics

dream that will never come true Just ... to complement your sorrow Another life that I've taken ... from you A gift to add to your pain and suffering ... Another truth you can never believe Has crippled

Amici Forever - Prayer in the night lyrics

la notte La luna brilla Lei mormora nel buio Il ... nome d'un altro Bramae passione, l'alma accende Maundub-bio mi viene I say another prayer in the night Alcielo sale Rottoil silenzio

Kyprios - Prayer for the living lyrics

12 verse 7 through 10 May the bullet of the war be ... exchanged for a pen See Life is an empty page And our story's told in days Words form a sentence in

Noir Desir - Prayer for a wanker lyrics

can't swim, let's dive again into another screen I could ... scream but the silence is the best ... scene I can print, this picture won't ... tell you what I mean A prayer for a wanker I

The Clipse - Prayer lyrics

m sayin life is crazy right Shit is real wild ... Like the realest shit ever, you know Hold ... just let me bless this real quick, hold up God, I ask ... that you continue to watch over us I ask that you

G.b.h. - Prayer of the realist lyrics

no one up there there never was. Only in vain is there a ... suffering for him to be .. an almighty power, a heavenly ... there is no god ? The fabric of prophet's ages old.

Deine Lakaien - Prayer lyrics

her anxious eyes zippered her pants one of his routine lies ... took her hands I must be off she was ... the only one short before closing he ... was the drunken one without

Letter 7 - Prayer warriors lyrics

Truth is my sword Evil approaches preparing for war Armed ... with the Word as angels defend Holding the line ... endure to the end The gates of hell will not prevail

Messiah’s Kiss - Prayer for the dying lyrics

Still burning in the black Rising on the cemetery of ... fear Malice and invisible The nightmare’s ... still alive Sacrifice the hands of destiny Pushed in

Scar The Martyr - Prayer for prey lyrics

servants oath, To serve your every wish I ... will A servants oath, Sanctum of loyalty I give Feast ... of the flesh to mask the art Pain is your pleasure,

Seal lyricsSeal - Prayer for the dying lyrics

people, Careless needle. Harsh words spoken, And lives are broken. Forceful ageing, ... Help me I'm fading. Heaven's waiting, It's time to ... move on. Crossing that bridge, With lessons I've

Sevendust - Prayer lyrics

remember praying with you [repeat] ... Feeling alone, And I'm by myself I can't find ... Thinking of you Drives me crazy I'm kinda feeling lazy ... So much frustration Built inside of me Oh,

Culture Beat - Guardian angel lyrics

all my silence I could hear her I was compelled to ... write it down astonished by the things she ... told me revealing all she had to say Chorus: I'm your guardian angel longing to hear

The Ark - Prayer for the weekend lyrics

baby It's time to pray Come it's time to pray ... for the weekend, babe Come it's time to jump in at the deep end, babe It opens ... up it's jaws panting like a hound So, we'll pick the

The Blood Divine - Prayer lyrics

nails are dug in hard Like the walls around my ... head For the fear in my reflection A wry grin ... I bear Prayer See the man of solitude With weary eyes

Front Line Assembly - Prayer lyrics

quot;What do you believe?" ... "....some kind of sacrifice" "You haven't got a prayer!" ... (singing)" "Please, right now sir?"

Magnum - Prayer for a stranger lyrics

on cavalry and salvation Wears her rosary, no hesitation Above the sound of gunfire, a prayer for strangers Couldn't get ... much higher, talks to angels She's got something

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