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One Road To Take lyrics

Browse for One Road To Take song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed One Road To Take lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to One Road To Take.

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Ben Harper - One road to freedom lyrics

me which road are you travelling which road are you travelling on tell ... me who will you turn to when the light has gone I ... I hear somebody calling to me with so many roads to

Runemagick - One road to megiddo lyrics

young The Pleiades lick the roads with a silvery tongue The ... falls for my temptation Utopia decays Demons and angels ... stand face to face One road to Megiddo Chaos cries and

Opera Ix - One road to asa bay lyrics

way through the woods Down to Asa bay Where dragon ships ... had sailed to sea More times than one ... could say To see with own eyes the wonder ... People told of from man to man The God of all

Toto lyricsToto - One road lyrics

fine line I'll be the first one who finally breaks through ... One road to the promised land I have to ... get there any way I can One road to the promised land I'm

Blitzkrieg - Take a look around lyrics

ask why these words, are all stories of my days, Never ... seeming to look around, at the World and ... you say is yours, leaves only one road to take, But each must

Alan Parsons Project - One day to fly lyrics

time Like a ship lost in a storm How do we find the key ... Longing to see, through the artist's eye ... they sail on the wind Trying to figure out the reason why

Great Big Sea - Road to ruin lyrics

give the boys a hand You can take the sunshine, I can take ... moonshine You can take the high road, I can take the ... but later in the evening the one thing i believe in is I'm on

Five For Fighting - Road to you lyrics

You'll be the last turn I take All of the signs are in ... and lost at love There's not one thing I would change or undo ... Cause all my life's been a road to you Watching you walk

Kim-lian - Road to heaven lyrics

now it is the time To break free and see what's ... I've been waiting way to long Drowned by gravity to ... m calling Lift me up Come take me flying Higher give me

Skylark - Road to heaven lyrics

didn't believe him and light one more flame he wants for him. ... eyes, you will never return to start up one more fight. In ... like. And he died, he died one more time. He'll never

Talking Heads lyricsTalking Heads - Road to nowhere lyrics

is certain Give us time to work it out Yeah We're ... on a road to nowhere Come on inside ... Taking that ride to nowhere We'll take that ride ... And you know We're on the road to paradise Here we go, here

Nouvelle Vague - Road to nowhere lyrics

is certain Give us time to work it out Were on a road ... on inside Takin that ride to nowhere Well take that ride ... And you know, Were on the road to paradise Here we go, here

Annihilator - Road to ruin lyrics

you could call this Annihilator's version Of 'detroit rock ... drinks They're sober enough to drive the few short miles to ... particular individual was one of those"] No control

Damian Marley lyricsDamian Marley - Road to zion lyrics

quot;Road To Zion" (feat. Nas) ... dem slow Ragga muffin sent to call me from the bush ... hammer dem a slam and spectator get low Some bwoy coulda

The Creepshow - Road to nowhere lyrics

Come out broken down and torn More than the undead in ... the night So many dead and gone Left to rot by the side of ... the road Right to the bottom of the line Is where they

Sleigh Bells - Road to hell lyrics

you can’t see this again Take a break from your friends if ... gonna discover Ah-ah, alone on the telephone Don’t run ... Just go away from me, baby Road to hell, road to hell, road to hell, road to hell Road to

The Guess Who - One way road to hell lyrics

much left to say at social gatherings ... from the time before Got to learn about losing and pushin ... time And trying just a bit too hard You're on a one way road to Hell You're on a one way road to Hell With every step that

Five For Fighting - Road to heaven lyrics

about silly things It's easy to do if you have the time ... happens when I'm falling off to sleep After a second glass ... usually running out Down by one or could be tied I'm fading

All Ends - Road to depression lyrics

when all your thoughts came To action where was Your ... Where´s your dignity? So, to act devastated and claim ... .. Was that the only way to Defend your behavior And

Tiffany Giardina - Road to anywhere lyrics

seems like the world's just too much I feel like a stranger ... I feel out of touch Can anyone find me? Does anyone care? ... Am I lost on this island alone? I'm on the road to

Civil War - Road to victory lyrics

but we have so many battles to win Ride into the sun ... clouds There's no meaning to stay here lonely Days all ... wait 'cause we are not ready to lay down and die Now as we

Lacrimosa - Road to pain lyrics

Why the f*** does beauty lead to pain? In both ways it ends ... Curse me and riddle me The road to pain is paved by beauty ... Oh - you incredible road I don`t want to walk `where

Chris Rea - Road to hell lyrics

breakdown Oh no, this is the road to hell And all the roads ... from you Oh look out world, take a good look What comes down ... freeway Oh no, this is the road Said this is the road This

Euphoreon - Road to redemption lyrics

bitter end We'll stand as one, and rise to win Our passion ... From the hands of glory To the mercy of death New ... memories begin Along this road to redemption Crossed the

Kool G Rap - Road to the riches lyrics

old I realized there was a road At the end I will win lots ... of pots of gold Never took a break, never made a mistake Took time to create cause ... there's money to make To be a billionaire takes hard

Axxis - Road to never neverland lyrics

got up early in the morning to earn my daily bread Did ... my dream had begun I wanted to be forever free So I gave up ... this life to take the road Oh...road to never

Goldfrapp - Road to somewhere lyrics

on me Get a feeling it's too late But alone, together, ... Dream, dream you're not Too late Sweet road to ... somewhere else Listen to the radio Are you calling?

Petra - Road to zion lyrics

is a way that leads to life, the few that find it ... goes Chorus: There is A road inside of you,inside of me ... there is one too. No stumbling pilgrim in

Arrayan Path - Road to macedonia lyrics

by the fire, they talk to me everyday Voices from a ... distant journey to the stars chill is ... my knees And pray thre used to be a civilization, here on ... BLOOD The powers inside me TO FLOW INTO THE MINDS OF EVERY

Mary Beth - Road to somewhere lyrics

don't know what I'm supposed to feel Whole damn world ... I thought no compromise Take your chances, but open your ... eyes It's hard enough, to tell yourself you know Your

Arryan Path - Road to macedonia lyrics

by the fire, they talk to me everyday Voices from a ... distant journey to the stars chill is ... my knees And pray thre used to be a civilization, here on ... BLOOD The powers inside me TO FLOW INTO THE MINDS OF EVERY

Paula Cole - Road to dead lyrics

dead dead dead walking down to the road to dead (9 times) ... Welcome to the church of me Where they ... Well, I feel like him I feel one, two, three Nails through me

Bruce Dickinson - Road to hell lyrics

I’ll hammer them in The road to hell is full of good ... we may never meet again The road to hell is full of good ... bloody grasp Close enough to thrill, the danger of the

Mr. Big - Road to ruin lyrics

lord, I tried To push her memory to the back o ... Sally" from her head to her toe My life was in ... When she shot down that road That was then, this is now

Wolf lyricsWolf - Road to hell lyrics

road to freedom is burning And ... mankind is going to hell High pressure is ... starting to build up To explosion in every cell ... leader is leading the fools into the sea Exclusive illusion,

Joshua Radin - Road to ride on lyrics

Turn the light on Give us road to ride on Help ensure ... someday We'll know where to go But we don't know I'm ... always the last one Never ready for the fast ones Well it's time to change

Rufio - Road to recovery lyrics

never thought someone would come along And show ... she's wanted so long. This road to recovery Has taken all I ... It seems hard As I try To succumb once again...again...

Blutengel - Road to hell lyrics

walking on this road to darkness There‘s no light ... me lt‘s an invitation to death Voices from the dead ... this rnisery I drink the poisoned blond Just one step and l‘m

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Road to acceptance lyrics

(It's calling my name) I take a look around And all the ... it blind hatred If you'd stop a while And maybe if you'd ... All my life I've seemed to have this need I think at

Rory Gallagher - Road to hell lyrics

soaped on the road to Hell. So many times I've ... down on me. Yeah.... One step from the demons' fire. ... Can't stop the train, and flames get ... higher. Too late to save me. The wall's coming

Michael Hedges - Road to return lyrics

colors to the air I follow the breeze ... a mural of dreams… down the road—the road to return I’m on ... this road to return And the more ... and lovers step in time to show how they feel We’re

Our Last Night - Road to the throne lyrics

I think it's time for you to move along Move along We ... re setting fire To the weight that held us down ... ohhh-woah-ohhh This is the road-ohhh-oh-ohhh The road to the

Bullet For My Valentine - Road to nowhere lyrics

and lonely still we stand On a road to nowhere Trapped in a world ... days, My engine's stalling (Road to nowhere) Body and mind ... are breaking down On a road to nowhere Destiny silent,

Nazareth - Road to nowhere lyrics

tried to hang on for as long as I ... it has wasted Right down to the core Whatever we had We ... have anymore You’ve got to get off a road to nowhere ... You’ve got to get off a road to nowhere Well I tried and I

Robert Plant - Road to the sun lyrics

the outskits Adrift on the road to the sun Caught on ... And this moment was waiting to burn Now misdirect the ... the guard at the side of the road A page with a horn only

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Road to peace lyrics

and his mother held his photograph up in the New York ... has intensified along the road to peace a tall thin boy ... and 17 dead along the road to peace now at King George

Lp lyricsLp - Road to ruin lyrics

used to hear the silence I used to ... and down again We're on the road to ruin But I've still got ... some love to make And I've still got a ... heart to break Oh, I'll never

Nat King Cole - Road to nowhere lyrics

lonely heartache, Farewell, ... s why I must go. Down the road to nowhere, I'll wander my lonely days through. Down the road to nowhere, I'm nowhere at

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Road to alaska lyrics

m on the road to Alaska ,nowhere near Nebraska ... she'll know. I ain't got no Honey, I'm so short of money. I ... Oklahoma, made attempts to phone her, gave up when I got no

Goo Goo Dolls - Road to salinas lyrics

d be okay if you're willing to let me go Would lay me to ... die and try to learn what you don't know I ... the sky, and I was On the road to salinas Down the road I

Last Bastion - Road to redemption lyrics

will arise deep within to devour All of the doubt, ... weak hear our call Soar into the sky Hold your head up ... you are You'll go far The road to redemption Is a hard path

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Road to nowhere lyrics

And all the things I've done to me I'm still looking for ... me It just won't leave me alone I still find it all a ... Could it be a dream? The Road To Nowhere leads to me

Lionel Richie - Road to heaven lyrics

can't erase It's time for me to come home to you CHORUS I ... m on the road to heaven I'm on the road to ... heaven Comin' home to you Been a long time

Thomas Anders - Road to higher love lyrics

there a road to higher love? Can't all be ... dreaming of? She awakes alone He's not coming home She ... reminds herself, tries to be strong Goes about her day

Crazy Lixx - Road to babylon lyrics

temptation You got me on the road to Babylon I've been trying to resist you But now I can't ... your quicksand pulls me down Today took me out of line Baby

Bing Crosby - Road to morocco lyrics

re off on the road to Morocco This taxi is tough ... be sure I'll lay you eight to five that we'll meet Dorothy ... (Wahoo!) We're off on the road to Morocco Hang on till the

Manilla Road - Road to chaos lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrum...

Messiah’s Kiss - Road to exxtasy lyrics

the raid Rushing in a firestorm, ablazed accelerate ... glory Under the sign of victory Hard as a rock In the ... name of glory Ride on the road to exxtasy Eyes of fire

Bright Eyes - Road to joy lyrics

my woman They keep away my loneliness My parents have they ... written all over my face No one ever plans to sleep out in ... got I hope I don’t sound too ungrateful What history

Primal Fear - Road to asylum lyrics

the black, a fight to survive Who's the winner? ... What's meant to be will find a way for sure ... break the silence Ont he road to asylum People change,

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