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Prince - One of your tears lyrics

I see his hand in the small of your back I see his face in ... I wanna die and comeback as one of your tears If I could ... I wanne die and comeback as one of your tears

Cryptic Wintermoon - One of your sons is coming home lyrics

alone down by the riverside A coin of ... that death is taking ground Your thread to life unbound A ... sea of shining lights the ships come ... to port A coin of shining gold pay and step on

Pretty Maids - In a world of your own lyrics

your love rain down on me Be my poet and my ... friend I'll never let you down But you're living in a ... world of your own Where innocence glows So

U2 lyricsU2 - Get out of your own way lyrics

out of your own way, hey, hey Get out of your own way, hey, hey Love ... who's left with no words Your heart's a balloon, but then ... t take a cannon, just a pin Your skin's not covering And

U2 lyricsU2 - Get out of your own way lyrics

out of your own way Ah! Get out of your own way Ah! Love hurts, now ... who's left with no words Your heart's a balloon but then it ... take a canon just a pin Your skin’s no covering...

Elton John lyricsElton John - Grow some funk of your own lyrics

dreamed I'd been in a border town In a little cantina that the ... And he said grow some funk of your own amigo Grow some ... funk of your own We no like to with the

Sirenia - A shadow of your own self lyrics

the circumstances now out of hand And don't deny your ... living hell you're a shadow of your own self Tell me now ... you sinner still lost in your secret world Tell me now

Officium Triste - Master of your own demise lyrics

you You are the sole reason Of falling down Down into the ... well of sorrow You are the master ... The master of your own

Chiodos - Life is a perception of your own reality lyrics

a look. I think that I'm done. Put away this old guitar, ... t pass The way that they so often do That they so often do ... dance with the cartilage of my nose Just to show you how

Ane Brun - Humming one of your songs lyrics

am walking I am walking alone And I am humming I am ... humming one of your songs I just know one ... small verse in the middle of it but it makes me want to

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - One of the boys lyrics

And I tape these suckers down 'Cause they just get in my ... sister You high five Your goodbyes And it leaves me ... So I don't wanna be one of the boys One of the boys One of your guys Just gimme a

Kalmah - One of fail lyrics

am the man of my words If I'm not drunk or ... disturbed I am the one of your daydreams Don't call me sexy ... myself, don't need no help One of fail Master Jack is my

Lil Rob - Just one of your kisses lyrics

phone rings] [Lil Rob] Hello? ... you do foolish things sit alone by a phone a phone that never ... the f*** you at? I'm tired of this shit and don't got time

Emma Blackery - Your own shoes lyrics

to Can nap all day with no one nagging you Of course we ... choose Just remember what your parents taught you And ... You're about to live life in your own shoes It's gonna be one

Billy Joel - A room of our own lyrics

blades You've got yoga honey, I've got beer You got ... the same even though we're alone It's alright Yes we all ... need a room of our own You've got love darlin', I

Akmu - Your own place lyrics

doeeo jul bun eomnayo Soneul nopi deulgo nuneul keuge ... Show me what you have your own Eum eum sojiri itgun ... ogetji yeah 3 2 1 Jeonen iksukhadeon ge swipge an

Boris The Blade - Your last breath lyrics

I’ve felt the presence of your hell. I’ve been sent here ... to remove your soul and cleanse this world ... and now your Laying dormant in a pool of ... your own filth awaiting my next move

Procol Harum - Your own choice lyrics

and not enough time Draw your own conclusions My old dog's ... is a terrible place Choose your own examples Went to the ... I could not swim Knew I'd drown if I went in Lost my faith

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - Your own pace (36 demo) lyrics

break out? Will you live at your own pace? Life, so, ... break out? Will you live at your own pace? Now will you ... live at your own pace? Will you live at your own pace

Roger Daltrey - One of the boys lyrics

knows his A-B-C He's a kind of kid that don't get invited ... He's breaking out of nowhere; he's breaking all ... all the speakers, making his own noise One of the boys.

Maze - Your own kind of way lyrics

most make there own kind of love In there own kind of ... way Your own kind of way is what you feel You don ... t have ever make believe to your lover Not to show you care

The 88 - One of these days lyrics

another story I got drunk off wait and sees Found that ... in a war with me Now slow down I said I’m gonna get up I ... enough I want to see how my own voice sounds I got my ex

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Your own special way lyrics

you are, I've been all alone long enough. You, you have ... your own special way, Of holding my hand keep it way ... no, no, no. You, you have your own special way, Of turning

Little Big Town - Your side of the bed lyrics

your side of the bed, there's a picture of ... don't work and the bible that your daddy gave It's on the ... the ceiling, lying here all alone I said a prayer for you then

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Your own special way lyrics

you are, I've been all alone long enough. You, you have ... your own special way, Of holding my hand keep it way ... no, no, no. You, you have your own special way, Of turning

Above & Beyond - No one on the earth lyrics

For you I wanna be the one that you take home Let me be ... the one 'Cause I'm so lonely Take me home In time ... you'll love me like one of your own Take me home with you

Attacker - Your own world lyrics

see through the broken side of your life A wall made up of ... be inside the world you call your own I cannot surrender to ... test my belief What have I done? Show me the truth Show me

Auvernia - Your own universe lyrics

is seems imperfect Might be your sight? “Victims we are” ... within Don't blame Him, He's your creation The life that ... you choose Shall be your destiny… “Cry for me, I

Paradise Lost - Your own reality lyrics

s lost never found, remains of all this... Never crossed ... are the ones that see Taken to the ... ground, because you're honest Stripped and bound for your honesty It's in your

Eagles lyricsEagles - One of these nights lyrics

of these nights One of these crazy old nights We're ... pretty mama What turns on your lights The full moon is ... whispers and moans You got your demons, you got desires Well

Elessär - Your own being lyrics

be I resist the destruction of personal qualities Comes ... You just need to keep alive your own being kill the wolf of

Brenda Lee - One of those songs lyrics

this is one of those songs That you hear ... You don't know just when Its one of those songs that's over ... and then Its one of those songs that's just ... playing again Oh now its one of those songs That you hear

Fightstar - One day son lyrics

night, the day, the dawn of dead, rising from the ground ... it all this good Or country of your own The land that feeds ... the rest alone. When there's no room in

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - One of my lies lyrics

turned into just dreams of a dead future It was a ... tragic case of my reality Do you think ... you're indestructible And no one can touch you Well I think

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - One of a kind lyrics

of a kind On top of the world you get nothing done, Talk is cold and burns like ... are breaking? Coz on top of the world is where I'm from.. ... The back of the class is where I was,

Joshua Radin - One of those days lyrics

home And I’ve been left alone It’s carried her away And ... everyone keeps saying Nothing helps ... but time Time is all I own And time won’t stop

Maribelle Añes - One of a kind lyrics

do you come from what is your name your ethnicity [i know i ... it wrong :(] finally someone original somebody their own, ... no signs of copies I don't want to scare

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - One of these days lyrics

feat. Ozomatli) Way down here on these dead end ... and fear And it kept them down for oh so long Now their ... you right now [Chorus:] One of these days you'll cross

C.n. Blue - One of a kind lyrics

a glimpse and now I'm at your feet I can't escape it, ... I can't deny I don't know your name but It's all the same ... Coz I can feel your heart and now I'm sure Don

Kai Tracid - Your own reality lyrics

Because you're apart of the new generation Close your eyes and you can see it This ... world of music that makes you high ... Open your mind to the pathway of truth

Kamelot (usa) - One of the hunted lyrics

feel the distant stare Of a watching eye Watching ... eyes of THE woodsman Quivers of ... - confusion Fletching of fowl Slips Through the wind ... roles In this theater of ill HUMOR The understudy

Conor Oberst - One of my kind lyrics

Where is it going? Is that your question, man? Where does ... all your frustration lie? Why are you ... pulling out your hair at night? Just try and ... the rest aside You're still one of my kind I can't think

Rebellion - One of all lyrics

of metal Of gleaming steel Mighty and ... warcries Like an iron bird of prey Hungry for the power ... fall We're holding on One for all And there are few

Hell Is For Heroes - One of us lyrics

Captain arrest me These bones upon me Plastered and ... fractured Make your selection Through gaps in ... memory They tell their own tale Playing for time..

Dream Master - Your soul's fate lyrics

a secret hole , Anguish was your only friend no one looked your suffering soul, nobody Heard ... comes to me In the deep of the night And I Can’t ... understand Your eternal lethalfight Tears,

Eluveitie - Your gaulish war lyrics

imperial needs. Satisfy your hunger for might and blood! ... mea est"; - the urge of your own want spurring the horse ... accrouches - bared indigence Your need should cost unnumbered

Light This City - Your devoted victim lyrics

monsters always haunted your panicked dreams. This time ... fantasy, living out your most gruesome reverie. ... you realize you're killing in your sleep? With claws of

The Monkees - Your auntie grizelda lyrics

knows her mind all right, your Auntie Grizelda She says she ... yeah, she's raised you right, your Auntie Grizelda You only ... t like me a bit No bird of grace ever lit on Auntie

Saga - Blind side of your heart lyrics

feel more safe inside a world of your own? You're ... well I can tell You've got your reasons, still you remain ... today without the Blind side of your heart Let ist out,

Anti-flag - One people one struggle lyrics

underminded the life Of Dr. Martin Luther King ... look they're fooling you. One people, one struggle! Stand ... United, Stand Peaceful! One people, one struggle. Time

A-teens - One of us lyrics

passed me by all of those great romances You ... were I felt robbing me of my rightful chances My ... And so I dealt you the blow One of us had to go Now it's

Architects - One of these days lyrics

admire your perseverance! Everytime my ... back is turned your falling closer into my world, ... many times you need to back down, need to back down. I told

The Ark - One of us is gonna die young lyrics

wanna hold you but you’re out of reach somewhere searching ... for your inner peace I’m just looking ... and cheek to cheek It’s in your blood but not in mine What’s

Brooks Elkie - One of a kind lyrics

hanging around Always the one out painting the town Never ... needed no-one, I was always passing through ... there's you 'Cause you're one of a kind Almost too good to

Darke Complex - One of us lyrics

on a face and change your eyes out Replace and throw ... away your mind now Over and over ... it never ends Take the place of those that stayed And faked ... way Fade away Now you're one of us Traded out your name

Doves - One of these days lyrics

There's a girl on the 'phone That's the girl who's never ... good There's a wilderness of hope That's the girl, on the ... 'phone That's the girl who's never

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - One of us must know sooner or later lyrics

When I saw you say goodbye to your friends and smile I thought ... goodbye for good. But sooner or later one of us must know ... what you're supposed to do Sooner or later one of us must know

Emmylou Harris - One of these days lyrics

I can be any way that I feel One of these days Might be a ... the railroad track I’ll be gone like the wayward wind one of ... these days One of these days it will soon be

Evil Conduct - One of the boys lyrics

what we did [Chorus:] One of the boys, one of the boys, one of the boys I know that you ... as family And when I'm down he will pull me through He ... But it's over now, he's full of misery We'll cheer him up

Gregorian - One of us lyrics

would you ask if you had just one question? And yeah, yeah, ... yeah-yeah What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us Just a stranger on the

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