One Night I Was Sitting All Alone At Home lyrics

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Jonathan Coulton - Alone at home lyrics

am glad to be shopping here with you I will sit on this chair til you're through I will ... wait with your purse I won't wander off and leave it ... I am glad to be shopping here with you And you

Carlito Olivero - One night stand lyrics

met this shawty round from the block ... She told me I was hot I took her to my spot And I laid up on top now She was just ... another dime to me Yeah she liked the

Neil Sedaka - One-night stand lyrics

night she was here Next day she was gone ... Leaving me with a memory And the melody ... to a silly song. Don't know who ... she was Did not catch the name Only know that

The Corrs lyricsThe Corrs - One night lyrics

day and I'm ready - I'm waiting for your call 'Cos I've ... made up my mind My heart aches with a ... hunger and the want that you were mine No I cannot ... deny So for one night, is it alright That I give... you

Joey Mcintyre - One night lyrics

Verse] When I look at you You look so irresistible ... When I see you there I never seen a girl so beautiful And I say I know you ... never met a gentleman like me Cuz I will do you right

John Barrowman - One night only lyrics

want all my love and my devotion You want my loving soul right on the line I have no ... doubt that I could love you forever The ... only trouble is, you really don't have the time You've

Attack Attack! - All alone lyrics

m feeling this desperation, Your words are tearing me ... apart With every last conversation, Not going anywhere from ... the start You and I could have made this happen,

Let Loose - One night stand lyrics

Yeah yeah Yeah yeah Give me your heart and I will ... make you a promise Give me your soul and I will be ... by your side Forever girl and forever girl Give me

Jennifer Hudson - One night only lyrics

want all my love and my devotion You want my loving soul right on the line I have no ... doubt that I could love you forever The ... only trouble is, I really don't have the time I've

Queen - Was it all worth it lyrics

is there left for me to do in this life Did I achieve what I had set in my sights Am I ... a happy man or is this sinking sand Was it all worth it was it all worth it Yeah now

Buzzcocks - Sitting round at home lyrics

round at home, sitting round at home Sitting round at home, ... watching the pictures go Sitting round at home, sitting ... round at home Sitting round at home, watching the pictures

Ali Campbell - Don't try this at home lyrics

t try this at home sitting all alone Spending all your time ... being on your own Don't be on that phone with that dialling tone ... Calling on your friends cause their not alone

Best Coast - Boyfriend lyrics

wish he was my boyfriend I wish he was my boyfriend I'd ... love him to the very end But instead he's just a friend I wish he was my boyfriend ... There's nothing worse than sitting all alone at home And

Crystal Fighters - At home lyrics

yeah yeah remember how I said I'd come someday baby ... how I said I'd come around to see you one ... day I said I'd try to find a way to run away I get ... away someday and I'dcome someday baby and I'd

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - One night lyrics

(Ed Sheeran & Jake Gosling 2010) Lying in a bedroom ... Lighting up a Benson Face hair is growing So I cut with a ... vengeance Hey, did I mention As she makes an entrance

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - One night lyrics

(Ed Sheeran & Jake Gosling 2010) Lying in a bedroom ... Lighting up a Benson Face hair is growing So I cut with a ... vengeance Hey, did I mention As she makes an entrance

Los Lobos - One time, one night lyrics

wise man was telling stories to me About the places he ... had been to And the things that he had seen A quiet voice is singing something to me An ... age old song about the home of the brave In this land

The Game - One night lyrics

Chorus: Andrea Martin] I only f*** with you, on two ... occasions When I'm drunk, when I'm high I ... would be broke, if I would be with you That is ... why it's for one night [The Game] I'm a

La Toya Jackson - Home lyrics

I¨m all alone I get this feeling It always makes me cry it ... s one I can no longer hide Missing all the years that we all shared at home The silly things we did laughing

Lil' Fizz - One night stand (take you home) lyrics

Lil Fizz:] Lil Mama if you want it Come and get it ... Right know cause I got it baby Buttercream and chocolate lady Row ltes get it poppin ... Cause my mercedes holds to pin ups and centerfold Pent

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - One night lover lyrics

s about time that I see There's so much more to ... me Than just being your one night lover I'm just losing ... sleep Please just let me be I can't be your one night lover

New Boyz - One night lyrics

(New Boyz) Hey (Hey) But it was just a 1 night stand ... Legacy (Ben J)] She thought I said I loved her (She thought ... I said I loved her) I think I said I love you (I think I said I love you) But baby I'm

Tamar Braxton - All the way home lyrics

a minute baby, going too fast Imma turn back, ... oh Wait a minute baby, going too fast Imma turn back ... Don't even know what we're fighting for But, damn, I need

Dawn Of Destiny - Alone at night lyrics

left Though we never found that missing link Many promises ... we haven't kept That love at last is the only thing ... When I close my eyes I still see the smile upon your

Jimi Blue - All alone lyrics

all alone, wait by the phone.. there´s no time oh nono.. ... So here I am - starring at the wall I can´t believe - ... that you´re really gone My girlfriend, my only, my homie Since you left I´m feeling cold

Bonnie Raitt - All alone with something to say lyrics

a heartbeat, timing is everything I took a look at love when ... love looked at me I've been thinking, tweakin', ... and rethinking All the things that I would tell you some

Ciara - One night with you lyrics

the crush When I got my eyes burnt Can't get ... enough I let my past pass Never too ... to show off Don't wanna go home I wanna stay right there ... So when I'll be there Drop it low na na na Ow yeah I love

Gil Ofarim - Stop lying lyrics

can't give you any more, you already ... got it. I wish it could be like before, Like the day we've ... started. It seems we've found an end, ... our love is dying. Nothing more to pretend, now I don

The Gone Jackals - Alone at last lyrics

time to spare, Knife the air, kids beware. Fight off a fit, Loose my bit, catch my wits ... Alone at last. Refuge from the smoke ... and gin, Time to check what s left within. Finally, alone

Night Ranger - At night she sleeps lyrics

Alone In her own little room In her own little ... world Oh yeah Walking alone Down her own little street ... While the city's asleep Oh yeah Nobody ... knows her She's a lonely girl in a lonely world Oh yeah

Nomy - One last song lyrics

try to live another day* I find it hard to waste It all ... and walk away We imagined we were fine And now we ... re standing alone Remembering our time But you can

Kiske-somerville - One night burning lyrics

me up just one last time I know that I was blind and I hate my pride And nothing lasts ... forever Emotions are a sacrifice I'm trying to forget so ... many times And I won't be home tonight I never saw it coming this way I'm going down in

Day26 - One night only lyrics

Intro] [Brian] C'mon girl Why you actin' all shy Like you ain't never done that ... before Are you wit' it [Que] Lovin' the way ... You fit in them jeans You're lookin' at me You're ready I can tell

Example lyricsExample - One night lyrics

night to be confused One night to speed up truth We had ... a promise made Four hands and then ... away Both under influence We had divine scent ... To know what to say We were in love We said our goodbyes

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - One night stand lyrics

lucky devil that's me, gonna be my brand new ... rose, Don't you look good I swear honey, Show it ... wherever you go, Talking, looking & thinking, ... Keep me happy all day, Love me tender, let me

Kenny Rogers - One night lyrics

me a fool, send me away I've got to say, it's you I ... adore I'm alone in love, falling apart I followed my heart ... straight to your door Face to ... face with all honesty I would be grateful if you'd give to me Just one night to

Chris Norman - One night stand lyrics

New York City where the girls are pretty And it's hard ... to find your way home She was stood in the room I had to ... assume She didn't need a chaperone And the

Ally Kerr - All alone again lyrics

up this morning, the sun was breaking. Inside my heart, ... it was also Turnin' too. What am I to do? ... I went for a walk and the world ... was violent. And inside my heart, it's just full of

Luis Fonsi lyricsLuis Fonsi - One night thing lyrics

streets, city lights, flash before my eyes, ... Different faces every night, speaking words I´ve never ... no judge by myself, need no alibi. No commitments so why

Darlene Love - All alone on christmas lyrics

cold wind is blowin' and the streets are getting ... dark I'm writing you a letter and I don't ... where to start The bells will be ringing Saint John the Divine I get a little lonely

Overdose - United we'll be one lyrics

he was standing all alone in the night An old man preaching some words of love Some ... words of life "There will be there a brand new day Listen to what I have to say

Jay Sean - One night lyrics

i confuse you girl when i gave you a sign 'coz this is ... ..not what we planned to do I thought we talked it out you ... told me that you aint mine at the time you.. understood it

Rick Astley - One night stand lyrics

Was An Ordinary Night At Least It Started Out That Way ... Two Ordinary People Sharing Thoughts At The End Of The ... Day Was It The Wine That Made Her Sparkle Made Her Shine I Crossed That Line It Was

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - One track mind lyrics

when I was born, I had to spit out a song, To live like I ... wish, I gotta swim like a fish. So I made an illusion with the aid of delusion. I fixed up a track, and I don't

Ricky Martin lyricsRicky Martin - One night man lyrics

I'm your one night man Lady give me one last chance Give me ... give me all you can Suavecito Suavecito Baby I'm your one night man It's the story

Chris Norman - All alone lyrics

alone I wandered through this town It feels so far from home All alone this feeling gets ... me down My heart is not my own we’ve come too ... far Everyday I wake and think of you Wishing you were

Gang Of Four - At home he's a tourist lyrics

home he feels like a tourist At home he feels like a tourist ... He fills his head with culture He gives himself ... an ulcer He fills his head with culture He gives himself

Enrique Iglesias lyricsEnrique Iglesias - One night stand lyrics

tell you..... Jenny's getting dressed up in my room Puts ... on her skirt and she's looking good Six AM and she's leaving soon Says, 'What a crazy night, I had a real good time'

Cash Cash - One night stand lyrics

heart Don't touch my heart I only need you for a one night ... stand I met a girl in new jersey Her love took me ... by surprise She broke my heart for ... the first time And I swore I'd never love I met another

Enuff Z' Nuff - All alone lyrics

Alone They said if the cigarettes Didn't get you ... alcohol would first. A little white and a little brown ... Mixed together got you all sunburst. Well everybody's

Jazmine Sullivan - One night stand lyrics

I'm the one thats in control i meet em', freak em', leave em ... move on to the next man, he ain't my man I must admit I like to have some fun i be in ... love for like a minute then I'm on the run(on the run, on

Kenny Loggins - All alone tonight lyrics

is done and night is calling From the window light is falling Shadows spinning on the walls And dancing in the light ... And 'round the door the kids are playing Like June bugs

Dean Martin - One night man lyrics

s the story of my life It's how it always begins I ... see you once, i see you twice I got a taste of paradise ... It's not as easy as it seems When you have complicated dreams So take me home

Fauxliage - All alone lyrics

you alone anymore When you go home to ... your door? I sometimes sit and wonder Todavia quiero ... saber porque * All that I want is to forget you Todavia quiero saber porque All that I need is to erase you I'm

Sim (silence Iz Mine) - We're all alone lyrics

are crying through the night "we are all alone ... star flashes through the sky I'll sing a song that you'll ... know "take me out to find something to pass the time

George Strait - One night at a time lyrics

yours and baby you're not mine. We've got something that sure is fine. Let's take ... our love one night at a time. There's one thing that ... we both agree. I like you and baby you like me.

Animal Liberation Orchestra - All alone lyrics

on a stage Struggling to get his instrument in tune People ... throwing vegetables and calling him a fraud As they fall ... out of the room He awakes at night with the fear That this all might just disappear But it

Goo Goo Dolls - One night lyrics

you still amaze me When you speak to ... me that way Oh, the sound of your voice The look in your eyes, you ... stand there in your grace You told me that the scars you bear Are beautiful and real So turn the lights back on again All to see

Lloyd - One night as i lay on my bed lyrics

NIGHT AS I LAY ON MY BED One night as I lay on my bed I ... dreamed about a pretty maid. I was so distressed, I could ... take no rest, Love did torment me so. So away to my

Keith Moon - One night stand lyrics

the call and I packed it all, and I'm on the road again. ... can help to ease my low, and I will be your friend. But the ... morning brings the sunlight, and the sunlight brings

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