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Lloyd - One night as i lay on my bed lyrics

NIGHT AS I LAY ON MY BED One night as I lay on my bed I ... dreamed about a pretty maid. I was so distressed, I could ... take no rest, Love did torment me so. So away to my

Bobby Darin - My bonnie lyrics

Bonnie lies over the ocean, My Bonnie lies over the sea, My ... Bonnie lies over the ocean, well, yeah ... Why don't you bring (bring her back) Whoa, bring her

Lloyd - The mermaid lyrics

Mermaid One night as I lay on my bed, I lay so fast asleep, ... When the thought of my true love came running to my ... head And poor sailors that sail on the deep. As I sailed out

Luke Kelly - When i was a bachelor (foggy dew) lyrics

I was a bachelor, airy and young I followed the ... rovin' trade And the only harm that ever I've done Was courting a servant maid I ... courted her in the summer long And part of the winter too

Peter, Paul And Mary - Long chain on lyrics

night as I lay on my pillow, moonlight as bright as ... the dawn I saw a man come a walking, ... he had a long chain on. I heard his chains a clankin', ... sound, Welded around his body, draggin' along the

Poison - Doin as i see on my tv lyrics

I was a child staring at the tube I saw sex, violence and death on the news One day I saw the Duke kill someone Daddy said don't worry boy, ... they're just acting son All I want is attention

Mario - Lay in my bed lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, listen [verse 1:] I dont ... wanna fight, i would rather kiss you Come into this room ... and let me show you have much i miss you What i gotta do?

Redemption - As i lay dyin lyrics

I lay dying I saw the eyes The eyes of God ... Thy kingdom come A force so strong ... pulled me along As I lay dying As I lay dying I laughed ... as I Had never laughed before At

Other Lives - As i lay my head down lyrics

I lay my head down upon that grassy field winter’s passing soon will fall. no one ... will ever know. the end. the ... end. the end is all we need. As I lay my

Sophie B. Hawkins - As i lay me down lyrics

felt like spring time on this February morning In the ... courtyard birds were singing your praise I'm still ... recalling things you said to make me feel alright I

Kate Rusby - As i roved out lyrics

I roved out one fine May morning, To view the meadows and ... flowers gay, Who should I spy, but my own true lover As she sat by yon willow tree. ... I took off my hat and I did salute her, I did salute

Gotthard - I'm on my way lyrics

on closer, near by my side let me take you for a while did what I had to, but it ... s still a long way hope you'll remember me ... each n' every day Out on this long trail back on

Fragile Hollow - As i prove you my lies lyrics

after year I am bending to collapse. As the years ... go by feeling's bending down. As this anger fulfils me I still feel unfilled. ... So I close my eyes as I compare my life to a line.

Heritage Singers - I bowed on my knees and cried holy lyrics

dreamed of a city called Glory It was so bright and so fair As I entered ... that gate, I cried holy All the angels met me ... there And They carried me from mansion to mansion

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - As i look into my life lyrics

I look into my life Searching for that paradise Oh ... Lord will you help me, find me Take this crazy ghetto ... past of mine And put it all behind me Look down on

Dean Martin - I'm on my way lyrics

hearts beating as one that's all i think about ... until my journey's done ten miles.ten miles away ... s all that's left to go untill i see your face oh my love

Blue Foundation - As i moved on lyrics

and dance, come I was all alone, going for a ride ... Travelling solo, off my guard I had to follow this ... calling from the wild Into the shadows Into the

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - On my way to you lyrics

there, almost where I'm supposed to be It's not ... all clear, but you keep showing me With every step, the ... more my heart moves to your beat ... Just like where I'm headed, there's joy in the

Me & My - I'm on my way lyrics

I'm going down, I'm going deep deep down Because of ... you push me to the ground I'm going down, I'm going deep ... you push me to the ground If I asked you now, do you love

Level 42 - I sleep on my heart lyrics

time has come for dreaming Don't be tired, but I feel a need ... to sleep Cause my life takes on you meaning When I close my ... yourself to me That's our time, time for changes A time

Kellie Pickler - I'm on my way lyrics

ve felt the power of forgiveness I know that life can ... let you down I'm not blind No, I don't need a witness ... there's angels all around My eyes have seen more than they

Deeds Of Flesh - I die on my own terms lyrics

free in society l was other people's nightmare l was their reaper Frantic on a killing spree l took twenty ... before finally caught Always being in ... control Triving on the power over Others Now

Gwar - I suck on my thumb lyrics

time that I see you I think that you're dumb Every time that I see you I suck on my thumb You're asking a question How come Every time that I ... see you I suck on my thumb I suck on my thumb I love

Cliff Richard - I'm on my way lyrics

last, at last At last I’ve kiss you And though it’s far ... From your lips to your heart Still I’m on ... my way Oh my darling, I’m on my way And it’s only the start

Backyard Babies - I'm on my way to save your rock 'n' roll lyrics

gotta get this out of my head I don't believe it's ... already dead 'Cause everytime I turn around and look the ... way There are a thousand million reasons Should I go or

Barbie - I'm on my way lyrics

I wonder where I am When I wonder why I take these chances I try to breathe I say to me, ... "believe" And whatever comes, ... it's okay Cause I'm on my way To somewhere better I'm

Bobby Darin - I'm on my way lyrics

m on my way to Canaan's land I'm on my way to Canaan's land ... I'm on my way to Canaan's land I'm on my way, great God, I'm on my way ... I asked my brother to come with me I asked my brother to come with me

Helm Levon - Golden bird lyrics

along on a path in the mountains I saw a bird flying way up ... high Gold were its wings in the sun of the morning Flashing at me as it flew through ... the sky It's beauty was such, and I felt I must have it She stood all day, nearly into the night Finally angered

Harmony - Anything to get you lyrics

I lay on my bed tonight Thinking of you Will get me through ... the night Thinking of ways How I can get ... Fly up to heaven above Anything to get to you I'd take all

Chuck Berry - My woman lyrics

night as I lay me down in bed Over and over I heard the last words my woman said Take me ... with you, I'm so lonesome But I choose to leave instead Yesterday, she came

As I Lay Dying - Reinvention lyrics

brought existence To what I never thought could be A ... world where eternity finds description I followed a ... dream only to be left in reality You reminded me of the

Ll Cool J - You're my heart lyrics

J] Do you remember, the first time you fell in love The ... way it felt, the way it feels Bein able to say, ... of your heart {*smooch*} I love you for real Your eyes,

The Gone Jackals - 13x lyrics

enchanted evening, As I lay on my bed, I took two little ... square mirrors And placed them end to ... end. Then, just to play with the moonlight, I raised one

Lil' Fizz - One night stand (take you home) lyrics

Lil Fizz:] Lil Mama if you want it Come and get it ... Right know cause I got it baby Buttercream and ... chocolate lady Row ltes get it poppin Baby Cause my

East 17 - Let it all go lyrics

it all go, let it all go (x 4) Twisting ... turning with your body Easy Feel free And then go a little crazy Never slip and slide Take it easy Move and glide Take you on a little ride

Barry Manilow - Seven more years lyrics

I said as I lay on my bed another years gone bye your ... starting your parole in the morning they said please tell her I'm alright ... seven more years if only if she can hold on seven more

As I Lay Dying - Forever lyrics

your eyes will hold the memory I saw your ... heart as it overtook me we tried so hard to understand and ... reason but in that one moment I gave my heart away

Zola Jesus - Night lyrics

s getting late It's getting dark In the end of the night I can feel your warmth ... up close Close to me Cause In the end of the night I can ... feel you breathe Don't be afraid Don't be alarmed

Saliva - One night only lyrics

always wanted to be president, I always wanted to be ... Superman. I ended up a f***in' superstar. I'm better ... off than either one of them. I wanna take you

Wet Wet Wet lyricsWet Wet Wet - Love is all around lyrics

feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes the love that's ... all around me and so the feeling grows It's written on ... the wind It's everywhere I go, oh yes it is So if you

Brandi Carlile - What did i ever come here for? lyrics

been gone for so long And how I missed you My ... heart was aching for home And then one night as I lay down Somewhere ... far from you I dreamt that I heard you call my name But my mind was playing games I

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - On my way lyrics

feat. Kevin Cossom, Bali, Ace Hood, BallGreezy, Ice ... Berg, Desloc, Gunplay, Rum, Young Cash) I'm on my way This goin out to every ... hood We gonna make it You can look into my eyes

As I Lay Dying - The beginning lyrics

here to eternity we begin understanding From here to ... eternity I see who you are and who else ... can compare I meant what I said, I promised to stand by your

Sinergy - I spit on your grave lyrics

piercing through my heart As I watch you kiss the dirt And ... swallow your betrayal and sin Though for now I say ... farewell But one day I will return with a smile As I

Roscoe Dash - One night stand lyrics

s bright sky In a couple of shots and the ... motor's right I can think about what I wanna do tonight The song comes on and.. size I know I gotta get you to my role tonight Girl you turn

As I Lay Dying - The pain of separation lyrics

can I bear this any longer? Arms stretched out only ... to hold separation Take me away I'm dying inside Emptied before you I will ... fight until the day When I will see Sight given to these

The Mekons - I cant find my money lyrics

say I'm happy and I like a drink or two Suspended in the ... darkness I weep like a child The Policeman smiled he was proud of his town He knew he ... was the only law around I called you on the phone a million miles away They told me

Chamillionaire - On my way (feat. lee-lonn) lyrics

my way... my way... mmmm yeah On my way.. ... . my way... You just need motivation So I'm thinking you ... should let me give you more the conversation ... Just a demonstration how I'm a lay your body down I am on my way I'm in my ride I am

Sidewalk Prophets - Lay down my life lyrics

your pain Will be made mine All your troubles The ... tears you cry Give it up All that binds I will ... place it on my shoulders And up this hill I ... ll climb Father, give me strength I know there is no other way I lay down my life for you This is the

As I Lay Dying - Refined by your embrace lyrics

cannot make it without You All my efforts have ... failed So that I will cry out in the need of You ... Restore the strength of my Dependence Send me through

Mike Candys - One night in ibiza lyrics

(Worldwide) Don’t give me the stars (Don’t give ... stars) Yeah (Yeah) Just give me one night in Ibiza, yeah ... (Let’s go!) Don’t you give me the stars Don’t you give me your love Don’t you give me your heart Just give me

Ginuwine - On my way lyrics

verse 1] Keep it warm, I'll be there, I'll be rollin' ... in 'bout two or three, I could only think, How your ... body feels, And the way it last to me, You're like a dream,

The Nipple Erectors - I don't want nobody to love lyrics

night when I'm on my own Another night when I've ... got no place to go Everybody is trying to be someone What ... they see in that I just don't know So I'll go home instead Another night in my single bed 'cause I don't

Inmoria - As i die lyrics


Anne Murray - The last thing on my mind lyrics

s a lesson too late for the learning ... Made of sand, made of sand In the wink of an eye my soul is turning In your hand, In ... your hand As we walk, all my thoughts are a-tumblin'

As I Lay Dying - My only home lyrics

a swarm of flies colliding with a moving windshield So are ... our lives on this never-ending road I have left behind my ... mark only to be later washed away And was consumed with the allure despite the inevitable decay When did the

Jeremy Camp - Lay down my pride lyrics

single word I say You know it before I speak You know ... me You draw me closer than I see Your presence is every ... thing I need to be the child that you've created me to

Sintel - I move on lyrics

take my journey into night Come be my shadow, walk ... at my side And when you see all that I have seen Can you tell me ... love from pride? I have been waiting all this time For one to wake me, one to

Sloppy Seconds - I can't slow down lyrics

can't slow down, 'cause I'm too pumped My girl left ... town, and I got dumped My best friend drowned, and I ... got jumped last night My heart says "cry", my mind says, "murder"

John Barrowman - One night only lyrics

want all my love and my devotion You want my loving soul right on the line I have no ... doubt that I could love you forever The only trouble is, you really don

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