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Quarterflash - One more round to go lyrics

had what I wanted I had to fight for what I've got I'd ... gamble with anything to keep from feeling Like a ... But that's alright I've got one more pitch to throw I'd

Gunfire 76 - One more reason to hate you lyrics

reasons on my list, on why you should not exist i'm just ... begging you baby for just one more c'mon your bitching and your ... wish i could just put an end to it all make a wish on a star

Mcrae Tom - One more mile lyrics

feel the night is on your side Shadows wait you when you rise You hold the weight of ... moment Move no distance in your stride And while you ... wallow in your wounds You let the devils draw near One

Belinda Carlisle - Lay down your arms lyrics

words how they cut so deep I can hear you in my sleep Lying ... Wishing here, waiting You forget I know your tender ... But I'll be careful with your heart But I'm the one

Neil Sedaka - One more mountain to climb lyrics

never end? Tell me Are you still my friend? I got such ... a heavy load When will I reach that ... glory road? One more mountain to climb One more ... river to cross I come such a long,

Bad English - Lay down lyrics

be there in the morning When you can see some light I'll be ... just like your angel I'll be your guiding light Gonna wake you up And connect your dots

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - Lay down your goddamn arms lyrics

m not of this world You're not in this heart This ... isn't in me To open the box You can't shoot the lock I hide ... everything So you can't see Wanna fight? Wanna

Dmx - One more round to cross lyrics

know (this what I know) So to me (so to me) this is life ... [Chorus: DMX (repeat 2X)] One more road to cross One more ... risk to take Gotta live my life like there

Azrael (jap.) - Lay down your guns lyrics

you say that you want to bring this war To the end by ... a talk I'll be ready to accept If you train the ... sword trying to cut me away I will have to ... but happy life They made us go to the front No matter what

The Byrds - Lay down your weary tune lyrics

down your weary tune, lay down Lay down the song you strum ... And rest yourself beneath the strength of ... strings No voice can hope to hum Sruck by the sounds

Heavy Load - You've got the power lyrics

away with action Give away tonight Come along with thunder ... Come along and fight You can do it your way You can do your act Come along with thunder

Elbow lyricsElbow - Lay down your cross [us bonus track] lyrics

down your cross Cross off your day Lady, lady Turn off your phone Lie where you lay ... again Oh yeah Kick off your feet Twist off your head

The Chordettes - Lay down your arms lyrics

is a soldier As handsome as can be But suddenly they sent ... "My darling, I'll tell you what to do" Come to ... train March at the double down lover's lane Then in the

Koke K - Lay down your weapons lyrics

Rita Ora:] Lay down your weapons, weapons for me Lay ... down your weapons, weapons for me If ... Listen little man I done told you f*** the hype ting I done told road life ain't what it

Rita Ora lyricsRita Ora - Lay down your weapons (feat. k koke) lyrics

down your weapons, weapons for me Lay ... down your weapons, weapons for me If ... Listen little man, I done told you f*** the hype ting I done told you road life aint what

Asia - Lay down your arms lyrics

used to live in a better world Where ... skin Burn the blood In the stone To fuel the fire of a ... selfish mind Do you want to live here alone? Lay down your arms - surrender You know you'll never get out of here Lay

Per Gessle - Lay down your arms lyrics

it feels like I've known you forever You're a most ... peculiar girl You seem to belong to a different world ... And whatever you're thinkin' about me ... Whatever you've heard around town This time it's for real,

The 69 Eyes - Lay down your arms, girl lyrics

m crawlin' back to you like a rattlesnake i've got ... poison runnin' thru burnin' down alive without you my dear ... i've left behind make me want to disappear surrender now lay

Patty Griffin - Go wherever you want to go lyrics

can go wherever you wanna go Go wherever you wanna go Fly up ... the moon and say hello now You can go wherever you wanna go ... You don’t ever have to go to war no more Never have to go

The Moody Blues - One more time to live lyrics

See the look in her eye One more time to live and I have ... made it mine Leave the wise to write for they write worldly ... rhymes And he who wants to fight begins the end of time

Cimorelli - One more night lyrics

alone again Time slips away You don't know where it all went ... wrong But you know this life has got you ... lost You're pacing back and forth ... Wondering what you're doing here You think

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - One more chance lyrics

verse: Came in tonight, Knew I would see you, ... it (no), These feelings I can’t ignore ('cause), The two ... But I’m not sure if I’m over you, Baby I, made a mistake,

Harry Nilsson - You can't take your love (away from me) lyrics

you can take the ring I gave you And go throw it in the deep ... blue sea You can take my picture from your ... wall And nail it to a tree But you can't change your love the way you change your

Tasmin Archer - One more good night with the boys lyrics

down your playthings and nursery rhymes And ... place with the boys who turn to men before their time But ... they realise there's nothing more they can do for you All they

James Ingram - One more rhythm lyrics

music light me up tonight I can feel the good times comin' on ... slip away The look inside your eyes can say it all Can't ... magic of a night like this Got to get on up, give in to

Noah And The Whale - One more night lyrics

you lying in your bed alone tonight? While he watches TV Can you hear it coming through ... the floorboards? Why you're thinking of me? Everybody ... told you baby, you got married too young. But you

Akira Yamaoka - One more soul to the call lyrics

. With the light... Tell me one... More time... My blood... ... Your line... Is this you, inside? Death. To the ... the order, of life, they know you there... As you saw it, your

Silent Hill (hra) - One more soul to the call lyrics

. With the light... Tell me one... More time... My blood... ... Your line... Is this you, inside? Death. To the ... the order, of life, they know you there... As you saw it, your

James Bourne - You can dance lyrics

You can dance) x4 One day there won't be somebody ... There to hold you hand If you can't do it by yourself then ... nobody can If you give yourself one more chance See you

Riot ( Usa ) - One more alibi lyrics

that's not all they found on you Like a dying man, in a story ... book The only think I want to know is who you are I'll ... give you, a moment in your life to run From all the

Roxette lyricsRoxette - You can't put your arms around what's already.. lyrics

a big pillow over the phone In this town where I'm from ... two is so much better than one But you left me alone You ... can't put your arms around what's already gone Watch you sink like a stone

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - You can still change your mind lyrics

s gonna be another hard night You wanna take it all alone You ... wann a face up to the trouble You wanna face ... up to your soul And baby you can have it anyway you want

Alan Parsons Project - One more river lyrics

t look back cause there's one more river Don't turn your back you got one more river to cross ... No more fightin' and no more dyin' No more cheatin' and

Tony Carey - Many a mile to go lyrics

drivin' song There's a time to build it up a time to let it lay A time to hang tough a time to go away But it's all right ... it's all right Got a long long road to drive tonight It's okay I'm headed

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The tea leaf prophecy (lay down your arms) lyrics

war no more Lay down your arms Study war no more Lay ... 'em down lay 'em down now Study war no more Lay down your arms Study war no more ... gets her tea-leaves read You'll be married in a month they

Oar - Lay down lyrics

it's far away I didn't know you, but I knew your name We ... would talk, I got nothing to say But hear me now You're ... that is just for me Bless your heart, let your mind go free

Lovehammers - Heavy crown lyrics

keeps you hanging on? When the end is ... near I see that look in your eyes You have no fear ... Where do you find the strength? How do you carry on? Even heroes fall

Floetry - Lay down lyrics

Natalie] Hey baby I feel good today you know? (Lay down) ... Lets just...lets just lay down (Lay down) Spend some time you know? Laugh, joke (Lay down) ... Just be silly (Lets just lay down) [Verse 1: Marsha] How are you? Well I'm just fine I missed your call, around five I'm

Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Lay down in swimming pools lyrics

drank, head shot, drank Sit down, drank, stand up, drank ... I wanna stay, I wanna go, round again Already been ... here too many times before And I

Anthem - Lay down lyrics

shina yo OH! ima ni wakaru ze LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS LAY DOWN LAY DOWN LAY DOWN LAY DOWN HEY BOY! ... omae sa torimaki narabete mo HEY BOY! ... shina yo OH! ima ni wakaru ze LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS LAY DOWN LAY DOWN LAY DOWN LAY DOWN I'M COMING

Jordan Knight - One more night lyrics

s go Tossin' and turnin' Losin' ... a love that went away Cuz, I can't fall asleep without you ... And I can dream no dream without you ... And it's a nightmare just to lay awake I need one more

Natalie Imbruglia lyricsNatalie Imbruglia - One more addiction lyrics

the good news It’s gonna feel very nice Then the ... bad news You gotta pay a heavy price Rip tide,we slide we ... deep forbidden sea Under we go-so slow And you’re hanging

Hot Water Music - One more time lyrics

night, laid down and couldn't sleep. All overload crashing down through me. ... are like they where before, one more time. All the same ... ale lying on the floor, one more time. Through all this time

L7 - One more thing lyrics

had enough I'm drowning from too much stuff I get scared ... when the telephone rings Someone talking about one more thing ... One more thing Yeah, it's one more thing One more thing to

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Lay down sally lyrics

that is wrong In wanting you to stay here with me. I know you've got somewhere to go, But ... won't you make yourself at home and stay with me ... And don't you ever leave. Chorus: Lay down, Sally, and rest you in my

Donovan - Lay down lassie lyrics

when I first met you Took you to the pad where I was ... souls All over the floor laying. Remember when I first ... held you I whispered you sweet nothings We flew out

Anastacia - One more chance lyrics

talk a while? 'Cause I need you Lord, I miss your smile ... Said, I need you I know I'm not the same, ya ... it was Then I'd never let you go Just one more chance I

Avatar (swedish Band) - One more hill lyrics

Eyes] Every path will lead to war It's carved in stone, ... In pitch black darkness, who can tell? Moving on through the ... s something for me Just one more hill to climb Just one

Melissa Etheridge - You can sleep while i drive lyrics

on baby let's get out of this town I got a full tank of gas ... with the top rolled down There's a chill in my bones ... I don't want to be left alone So baby you can sleep while

Sam Cooke - One more river lyrics

One More River To Cross) before I reach my ... journey's end (One more tiver to cross) Before I'll ... be free from sin (One more mountain to climb) before I

Sia lyricsSia - One more shot lyrics

how it stands And now I wish you'll try to make it stay The ... are is here and now I wish you'd make the most of all we ... have today Before you go and give it away Hold on for

Phil Ochs - One more parade lyrics

two, three, four, marching down the street Rolling of the ... t be afraid Price is paid One more parade So young, so ... ready for the war So willing to go and die upon a foreign

Busy Signal - One more night lyrics

girl Another chance Just one bly... [Chorus:] One more ... night Gimme just one more night Girl, one more night ... Cause I can't live without you One more night Baby, gimme one more night girl A million more nights Cause I can't sleep

F.k.Ü. - To mosh lyrics

and abused Is where our story begins We pack up our gear ... and get ready to roll The nightmare returns ... sometimes they come back To mosh With fire in our eyes

Diana Ross - One more chance lyrics

Not realizing all the value you had I took a happy ending ... day I walked away and left you alone With hardly an ... explanation You stood on your own And handled the

Darius Rucker - One more night lyrics

weeks ago I got a note addressed to me from you, babe You’re telling me you gotta leave and that you just can’t take it no more I promised ... you when we first met if you have to go I’ll let you go

Davey Suicide - One more night lyrics

we are again Can I beg you to breathe in It's time for you ... to go Can I come in the place that I ... wasn't invited I can save you Remember when we were young All the things we've done

Havana Brown - One more time lyrics

Verse) You take me back when we were ... I, I was still there with you Young hearts, heat of the ... (Pre-Chorus) I flashback, you’re standing in front of me

Maroon 5 lyricsMaroon 5 - One more night lyrics

oh oh oh, ooh ooh ooh ooh You and I go hard at each other ... like we're going to war You and I go rough, we keep ... things and slamming the door You and I get so damn

Memphis - One more try lyrics

see the love´s gone in your eyes, I see your smile is ... We both know he´s the one you want, You don´t love me, you ... know you can't , And it´s time to go

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