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Breitenhold - One last farewell + to the battle far beyond lyrics

... + On the roads to hell he walks alone, black thunder in his eyes Sworn to fight the legions of the damned, demons army of the night With the power of the crystal sword, and shield of bravery And the mark of holy sorcerers, the teachers of the steel He rides the

Pertness - Farewell to the past lyrics

s nothing that will be the same My life has no worth anymore My world just caved in, you are a liar I'm falling down into despair Nevermore, I will be blinded by your lies I'm drifting into chaos I bid, I bid farewell to the past I bid, I bid, I bid, I bid farewell to the past

Odd Dimension - Farewell to the stars lyrics

Son] I was lost, and saw into me While this fear was something unknown I guessed it was all 'round my pain but Something drove me to know [Navigator] All alone through that red line Awake with the fortress of broken desires [Father] White my shadow on black walls Falls in

Chumbawamba - Farewell to the crown lyrics

come with his poacher's gun Out in the woods to shoot someone ''My lord your time has come'' Right between the eyes! Fell his master not by chance Away with pomp and circumstance Come join our merry dance To the rhythm of goodbye Farewell the j

Defleshed - Farewell to the flesh lyrics

this star was meant to be as it was my call But what really bothers me it seem so small Is that the reason why it's done with charm? Then all this is a lie to cause me harm But when it comes to pain I let it drain And with my blood I spell farewell to the flesh That's

Dawn Of Ashes - Farewell to the flesh lyrics

of boiling hooks, defiling the birth of purity. There is poison within blood. Strength regained by an abomination. Apathetic, emptiness...Farewell! Shed your old skin in Hell. Overdosed with decay...Farewell! Shed your old skin in Hell. The new sin...Forms alive! A new form wi

Befour - Last flight to the stars lyrics

Dam dadada…damdadada Dam dadada…damdadada Dam dadada…damdadada Watching the sky, I can't deny I dream of being in heaven No gravity, like myster...

Fireforce - To the battle lyrics

on our panzers, heading for the east Fighting for our glory Our force will be unleashed In our hearts forever, fulfil the prophecy We will ride victorious We'll strike you'll see! On plains and dust we ride A wall of steel with pride The smel

Necrophobic - One last step into the great mist lyrics

¤r ditt hopp Ack, denna vanmakt! Skćnjer du v¤rldsintet? Livet ¤r blott en strimma svart i det grĄ

Satanic Warmaster - Farewell to the fallen lyrics

you said you wanted war, but nobody wants to fail the future If you say it's too late, it's not too late - I want to wake up on the Day I found you - I want to wrap my shaky arms around you I want to find a decent way to tell you I need to spend some time alone I want to take this i

Blood Tsunami - One step closer to the grave lyrics

m hanging by mу fingers Above a sea of fire And as 1 alowly loose my strength The jaws of flames rise higher I crawled in from the blistering cold Straight into the burning flames Medicate myself with alcohol But the pain remains Trapped In a maze of torm

Akira Yamaoka - One more soul to the call lyrics

.. With the light... Tell me one... More time... My blood... Your line... Is this you, inside? Death. To the living... The flame has no living heart. In the order, of life, they know you there... As you saw it, your plan, a real shot in the dark...

Silent Hill (hra) - One more soul to the call lyrics

.. With the light... Tell me one... More time... My blood... Your line... Is this you, inside? Death. To the living... The flame has no living heart. In the order, of life, they know you there... As you saw it, your plan, a real shot in t

Magnitude 9 - Far beyond illusion lyrics

my eyes wide open and a clear and conscious mind The words you`ve spoken, causing me to redefine The way I feel, the words cannot describe I know it`s real,it`s up to me to realize I`m running on emotions, fleeing to the light I`m drifting on a ocean, sailing

Dark The Suns - Last farewell lyrics

time has come. I know it will be my end. I feel how light will fade away this day. I know my path is walked through, no another wrong cross to turn. Free my hand Close my eyes Drain your tears And let me go Do not cry or loose your hope Drain

Demon Hunter - One last song lyrics

is a fire in me I feel its burn within my flesh Returning back With every vacancy of breath No compromise There is no blade to bring me down Bleeding at the seams I ever fight the final round All of the sorrow, all of the pain Hold me down This is the

Melodius Deite - Far beyond the sky lyrics

do we want? What do we need? What that we perceived, set tight on fire! How can we've good? How can we've great? How far we can go, away from this place! Pray for peace echoes to the heave, let the angel live forever. Miracles over aspirations led us passing through the aim.

Bolt Thrower - To the last... lyrics

- To the last Leave no trace - No epitaph Far beyond - Known territory Throughout - Times infinity All now gone - Turned to dust Instinct survival - None to trust Fragmented - Lost identity Non-existence - Reality To the last... Superior - Conflict strategy Ultim

Sights - 8. farewell to the past lyrics

your dream, brother Forget your trouble Forget it faster Go for your dream harder It’s your life you live It’s up to you what you give for your future... Thinking of all you miss Make your dream, sister Let burst the blister Don’t let it fester Forget this youn

Deströyer 666 - I am the wargod (ode to the battle slain) lyrics

the dawn of time Man has always sought to allay his fears, From the demons without and the demons that surely lurk within "Don't look for a rhyme or a reason to the story Now is not the time, the season, no glory Don't look for a mora

Musical Hamilton - One last time lyrics

HAMILTON] Mr. President, you asked to see me? [WASHINGTON] I know you’re busy [HAMILTON] What do you need, sir? Sir? [WASHINGTON] I wanna give you a word of warning [HAMILTON] Sir, I don’t know what you heard But whatever it is, Jef

Battlesoul - To the stars lyrics

ve broken oath but so have they, We summoned our wolves to the feast, The crows were the only victors, They lived long in those bloody days Life being choked out of me, They enjoy the view, A thorn in their side for these many years, Finally removed Lessons were learned

Dreadful Shadows - The drowning sun lyrics

bare wall is damp, a layer of mould is covering every joint The pipes are leaking, it's dripping onto my ragged bed Minutes seem to be days and days are years, so what am I waiting for? Too many things have changed, too many words have lost their sense The day

Endigo Skyborn - One last verse lyrics

have traveled far and wide In search of somewhere to call home I have been to hell and back Yet here I stand alone I have seen fantastic places Underneath the stormy sky I have known so many faces Yet I don't know why Anytime the crowd is here Open the gates Let the sho

Burning In Hell - Welcome to the battle lyrics

hands of a man Created the steel blade for the sword of a king He put in this sword all his feelings, hope, justice and hate Fighting for his people against the enemies Holding in their hands his sword of steel Their knights ride in their horse

Between The Trees - One last time lyrics

that I know Is you change something in me I envy The power You have My hearts stirring So just kiss me One last time Before you go If I let you leave Promise you'll return to me Darling Keep my distance You say While holding my hand I love it when yo

Mountain - One last cold kiss lyrics

two island swans, mated for life and his faithful heart would not consider any other wife. For three years' peaceful joy 'midst the rushes of the pond. Proud and gentle was the loving of the last two island swans. And their love was like a circle, no beginning and n

Richie Sambora - One last goodbye lyrics

song on the radio's about us tonight Or the words make it hard to forget As the memories flash back to me line after line The moments that we won't regret If there's bad blood between us, or feelings unsaid Don't say a word, just hold me instead One kiss for the night we met

Anybody Killa (abk) - One last chance lyrics

I had one last chance to do things over in my life, One last chance to say things to people before they left or passed on, The opportunity to see the ones close to me every day, Just to say: hey, If I had just one last chance, then, then, I’d be all right. Chorus: If I had on

Downstait - One last time lyrics

thought you'd seen the last of me if only that were true Because now you see I'm standing right in front of you You thought I'd forgotten everything you did But I remember, yes I remember Give me one last time To do this over Give me one last time

Reba Mcentire - One last good hand lyrics

stars are way out of reach, they all said Those are crazy schemes that fill your fool head But it was clear from the moment we met We could prove them wrong All my life I heard that same old story Dare to dream and you'll just be sorry I might have given up my shot a

James Morrison - One last chance lyrics

my life I don't mean much to anyone I've lost my way can't go back anymore Once I had everything now it's gone Don't tell me again coz I've heard it all before Some people say that i'm not worth it I've made mistakes but nobody's perfect Guess I'll give it a try I've got

Alexa - One last night lyrics

your love and take your smile Take your time to make me cry Tonight we say goodbye And I still don’t know why Put my loneliness on hold Leave your suitcase on the floor Before you close the door Just, Wait look back one more time Before

Aviators - One last letter (acoustic version) lyrics

princess, I should have seen the signs Chaos has risen again after all this time Somehow I have to escape from This nightmare of a world ours has become What happened to the nation we all knew We're crushed under Discord's rule Where has harmony gone? Feels like Eques

Lp lyricsLp - One last mistake lyrics

on the rise again There's a road Suddenly something is up ahead I see somebody I don't know Dreams are all I own I guess I should go Love is the shadow of loneliness and Lord I've been alone I feel with my base Here I go Yeah, your body is calling my name So one

Daughtry - One last chance lyrics

me what you need and I will find a way to stop the bleeding; No, don't add to my mistakes. Tell me you're not leaving and I'll tell you everything you need to know. Don't throw it all away, don't say my words are just too late. I don't want to be left behind, I've been so blind to

Highland Glory - One last chance lyrics

was sent here all alone To defend my masters throne To fight evil and to clear my name In a distant past I was framed by my friends And sentenced to a life in hell So now I am here I will fight for king and freedom Join me or fear me The choice is yours to see Now I g

Aviators - One last letter lyrics

Dear princess, I should have seen the signs Chaos has risen again after all this time Somehow I have to escape from This nightmare of a world ours has become What happened to the nation we all knew We're crushed under Discord's rule Where has harmony gone? Feels like Eq

Miles Beyond - Hail to the king lyrics

from my guild Beaten to the bone I shall have my revenge It comes to all I'm told Giant golden idols Forged by pagan fools Hail to the king The angel of death shall come for their souls Eternity in hell Hail to the king Fire! Blood! Vengeance! Terror

The Flobots - One last show lyrics

your head like, yes no We be givin' out love like x o A'kissin' and a'huggun' on the big fat flow Cat's got game We got tic tac toe If that's so get that dough Do re mi fa so la ti Bring back dough We rock the party for the riff raff Show you how to get into it like a p

Iron Fire - To the grave lyrics

the black abyss to the battlefield we fly on eagle wings forced again to hold the line together we stand as kings brave at heart we raise the flag in thunder wind and rain the brotherhood will unite as warriors we show no pain We are coming hom

Ayreon - To the quasar lyrics

quot;On our journey, we receive the radio emissions of a pulsar -- an imploded neutron star." [THE TAURUS PULSAR] Within a distant nebula in the Taurus zodiac I hear the wailing of a star, the weak pulse of a fading sun All its fuel is burning out and its light

Dragonland - To the end of the world lyrics

heavens are burning down tonight To the end of the world we have arrived But as constellations pass us by Civilizations shall once more rise to die Evolution and insanity We've been building our own destiny We can no longer see the lights inside Evolution and insanity We

Neil Diamond - One more bite of the apple lyrics

away from you for much too long Been away but now I'm back where I belong Leave while I was gone away But I do just fine But I couldn't get the music of my mind And I couldn't leave the meaning behind Read the word from the page Free the bird from the cage Just

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Somewhere far beyond lyrics

came from far Beyond Your reality The ocean of time It's the odysee of mine I am the narrator And now I'll tell You Where I've been And what I saw And how it ends Welcome to the wasteland In a world which is turning faster Where I'm alone for a while It's turning faster Awa

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

THE ANTEDILUVIAN ORACLE:] Behold glorious Hyperborea, gleaming jewel of the north; an eon-veiled kingdom forever steeped in ancient legendry and the renown of its martial splendour... but of late, an ill wind whispers malignly through its opulent la

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - One more night (last farewell) lyrics

lights are burning in the distance Seems they're tellin' me to hurry home But I can't push these wheels of mine no harder So hold on baby for me one more night alone There's time for me to take just one look over my shoulder One last glance at what's b

Dragonforce - The warrior inside lyrics

fires bring mass devastation, Manic search in sad desperation, Jeopardise the right to hide from a sad existence, Nothing left, still searching for something, Deep beneath the cries Wait for the deafening silence, fly forever more. Crushed by the thought that you'

At The Lake - Last drop of the waterfall lyrics

the time the first drop fell, The last one was already glowing in his eyes... To survive it had to fall. To prevail he couldn't let it be... The journey was long, but it seems to be shorter when you can't see the end. With closed eyes one can go far when one doesn't know

Cage - Beyond the apocalypse lyrics

s over, the end times have now come and gone Smoldering cities still burning in the distance - the breaking of dawn Crawling from wreckage, survivors uniting - we rise with glory and steel Inside us we're changing, evolving and knowing - a new golden age is her

2ne1 - Last farewell lyrics

2ne1 Most definitely, incredible Hey move 2ne1 x3 About love [Chorus] I don't wanna be without you boy Majimak insaneun Jeobeodugil barae Oneul dan harumankeumeun I don't wanna be without you boy Nae seotun maeum Kkaji ango gajwo I love you I need you boy Baby b

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - The last farewell lyrics

s a ship lies rigged and ready in the harbor Tomorrow for old england she sails Far away from your land of endless sunshine To my land full of rainy skies and gales And I shall be aboard that ship tomorrow Though my heart is full of tears at this farewell For you

Inmoria - My last farewell lyrics

the darkness I see them I hear what they say I know I've been losing my mind Telling me stories And telling me lies And god has left me all alone In the shadows I'm hiding Away from it all Screaming for someone to hear I'm falling apart I'm fading away Remember

Gordon Lightfoot - Farewell to nova scotia lyrics

sun was setting in the west The birds were singing on every tree All nature seemed inclined for a rest But still there was no rest for me Farewell to Nova Scotia that seabound coast Let your mountains dark and dreary be For when I am far away on the briny ocean tos

Ride The Sky - Far beyond the stars lyrics

1: There are memories deep in the heart of my soul feeding my dreams with a fire We seek what is lost and together at last We finally find what the pain is inside Worlds all forgotten and buried in time A love we can't deny So let our legends guide us Safely th

Bane Of Winterstorm - The last sons of perylin lyrics

"The icy north winds blow Announcing their return from the gate Beyond the realm of light My brother has come back Leading horse and man against these lands With eternal night Great winds blowing From the iron throne To end the fall of

Shadowquest - Last farewell lyrics

hidden by a smile Hollow heart deep inside Hope is fading, goes to dust And all that remains is the silent pain Life is cold and no one seems to care So how can I go on? I have tried so many times To tear down the walls and be born again

Avian - The depths of time lyrics

in the grand universe Reside the ones that control it all Across the millions they ate the first To witness what becomes of our world Light years away but somehow near Preying on mankind's darkest fears From The Depths of Time they're rising F

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