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Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Armada latina (feat. pitbull and marc anthony.. lyrics

Cari el tierra del mi gente hermosa (Armada Latina) Tielo Sol, mia companarion te quiera Hermanito la lucha recien que impieza (Es mala por la gana) Yo naci con seretaina, yo naci Came out the other man Southern land Didn’t have another hand

Donguralesko - Nadzieja lyrics

Parę dobitnych słów… Parę dobitnych słów… Parę dobitnych słów… Do bitu… Nie bać się Nie dać się I zwyciężyć Pod obręczą Nad obręczą I na obręczy Nie bać się Nie dać się… 2x Nie bać się Nie dać się Z gównem nie jebać się Każdy dzień przeżywać jakby był tym os

Francis Magalona - Friends lyrics

friends is a word we use every day but most of the time we use it in the wrong way now you can look the word up again and again but the dictionary doesn't know the meaning of friends now if you ask me you know I couldn't be much of help Because of friend's somebody you

Andre Nickatina - 4am bay bridge music lyrics

am Bay Bridge Music -Andre Nickatina im like a lighting bolt that can a pope from cloud to cloud man hit the library my style is in the rap files i like to shake dice somthing like a stilo champ i used to smoke weed man all up at the nike camp i crack crab hands

Qntal - Ludus lyrics

arbor hec in prato Quovis flore picturato Herba, fonte, situ grato, Sed et umbra, flatu dato. Stilo non pinxisset Plato Loca gratiora. Hic dum placet delectari Delectatque iocundari Et ab estu relevari, Cerno forma singulari Pastorellam sine par

Rage Against The Machine - Roll right lyrics

off the shot my stories shock ya like Ellison Main line adrenaline Gaza to Tienanmen From the basement I'm dwellin' in I cook back the sling To stone a settler and breaks him off clean Call me the upsetter Here come the hands on the leashes The

Marc Anthony - Armada latina feat. cypress hill & pitbull lyrics

Caribe el tierra del mi gente hermosa (Armada Latina) Cielo y Sol, me acompanan donde quiera (mi fama hispana) Hermanito la lucha recien que impieza (hermano ponle gana) Yo naci con sangre Taina, yo naci Came out the other man Southern la

Frankie J - Diggin' your style lyrics

..I'm diggin your style...yeah She was so fly She was alright She looked like she came from that paradise She was so thrown She was so cold Cuz she already knew she had it goin on Them pretty Ass toes The way she rolls Everything about her lo

Lil Rob - Still smokin - supermix part 2 lyrics

Lil' Rob] This is dedicated to the 6-1-9 These are the vatos that been, but now it's my time To kick the beat's, move suavecito To all you fine chicana's, Lil' Rob is doing ? Bumping the oldies, It's me Lil'' Rob And the Brown Crowd homies, turn up the volume Yeah, N

Los Rabanes - Seorita a mi me gusta su style lyrics

vi cruzar la pista con un feeling de campeona mundial cuando invadio en el baile todo el publico se paralizo yo la tenia el frente y cautelosamente quise llegar disculpe seorita solamente le quiero comentar... seorita a mi me gusta su style seorita a mi

Mr. Criminal - Look at me now lyrics

track goes out to any one who has a dream mr criminal had a dream But it seems like no matter what something would always get in the way You really want something in life you work hard to get it you know no matter What any one would say, you overcome you're opsticles blood swep

Ras Kass - Sonset lyrics

Chorus: Now I'm a rap fan who never saw Bam Rock the park In the Bronx, but I still snap skulls in the dark So can you recoginze shit is real When I shove this ampex 4-9-9 up your rectum I'm ready to bust every bitch niggas cherry See these floods in January

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