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Sean Paul - Touch the sky lyrics

me baby, girl, what's it gonna be? cause that the rhythm ... got it girl, you're … i got the ticket to fulfill your dreams ... just touch the sky with it, just touch the sky

Elysium - Touch the sky lyrics

Attract us all like a blue sky. Go to climb and prevail ... dreams. You´re waiting for the victory Like a raging fire. ... Don´t doubt your abilities. Touch the sky.

Malinda Kathleen Reese - Touch the sky (from brave) lyrics

cold winds are calling, And the sky is clear and bright, ... Misty mountains sing and beckon, Lead me out into the light. ... will ride, I will fly, Chase the wind and touch the sky, I

Brave Soundtrack - Touch the sky lyrics

cold winds are calling, And the sky is clear and bright, ... Misty mountains sing and beckon, Lead me out into the light. ... will ride, I will fly, Chase the wind and touch the sky, I

Julie Fowlis - Touch the sky lyrics

cold winds are calling, And the sky is clear and bright, ... Misty mountains sing and beckon, Lead me out into the light. ... will ride, I will fly, Chase the wind and touch the sky, I

Pellek - Touch the sky (julie fowlis cover) lyrics

cold winds are calling, And the sky is clear and bright, ... Misty mountains sing and beckon, Lead me out into the light. ... will ride, I will fly, Chase the wind and touch the sky, I

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Touch the sky lyrics

gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly For the day I die, I'mma touch the sky Gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly For the day I die, I'mma touch the sky Back when they thought

Atc - Touch the sky lyrics

about you I'm thinking about your smile When you were mine ... when We had just each other Looking back I 'll ... Everything that we shared together Please don't let it go

Hillsong United - Touch the sky lyrics

fortune lies beyond the stars Those dazzling heights ... falling, spirit soaring I touch the sky when my knees hit the ... What treasure waits within Your scars This gift of freedom

Manowar - Touch the sky lyrics

lives inside Like the night turns into day Doesn't ... matter what they say My will is strong as a ... s high I feel so tall I can touch the sky Speak your mind,

Meduza - Touch the sky lyrics

perpetual fire Reign of passion, my heart is in flames An ... eruption of violent fury Touches me gentle as a breeze An ... emotional whirlwind Sweeping through

Arthemis - Touch the sky lyrics

am feeling alone and the sadness is breaking my heart ... me that I've got to be strong Now I've gotta get away ... Wanna try to find the strength to go on Gotta run

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Touch the sky lyrics

All) Oh baby Touch the sky deo nopee narawa Hanbeonman ... modoo marhaejwuh Nuhl moreudeon shigan songnan ijeh ... Forever (TaeYeon) harooehdo yeordoobeonsshik

Kirko Bangz - Touch the sky lyrics

my head up just enough to see the skies And when we go we won't ... such a fight And you will be one day exactly what you are ... Just keep your head held high Kiss your fist

Mrvo & Galo - Touch the sky lyrics

wanna go I'll say goodbye I'don't wanna leave but it's ... have a dreams and we want touch the sky When i was a boy ... Now I'm a man and I'm watch on the road to catch my dream I

Socialburn - Touch the sky lyrics

don't know how long it takes All i know is that ... I can't wait much longer I don't know what it takes All I ... hope is the pain will only make us stronger stronger

Jay Park - Touch the sky lyrics

! Jay Park, UH It’s The Quiett In a new record AOM ... Kids know I'm so so fresh Botong da shirryeok kkiuryeogo yeonseubhae Not me ige baro ... Net salbuteo Micheal Jackson bogo chumeul ttara haesseo

Crystal Ball - Touch the sky lyrics

A driving force in us all No one can deny it We all want to ... succeed And the world spins Fast forward in ... Learning to fly Taking your chances Rising up high

Jin - Touch the sky lyrics

m 'bout to take it as far as the eyes can see And beyond, ... feelin' like I never got on 18 again and I just left ... home Used to get by on my high school charm Before

Libera - Touch the sky lyrics

a tree to touch the sky Through the leaves I watch the birds fly In the softly ... breeze From my nest among the trees So the golden light ... dances Through the pattern of branches All the

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Touch the sky lyrics

to carry this big old world On my shoulders and back I used ... to lie inside my room Wondering where I'm at I felt ... through my veins And wondered, would I be saved? I

Arwen - Touch the sky lyrics

in our hands We're sure the effort's worth it Time never ... awake Flying so far, to touch the sky! I look behind A ... song rising in our lives A ... journey we started long ago And we'll keep it

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Touch the sky (feat. tony yayo) lyrics

Man i run this rap shit Get your hands up high, hands up high, ... piece to Biggie Smalls Get your hands up high, hands up high, ... up high R.I.P. to Tupac Get your hands up high, hands up high,

For Selena And Sin - Don't touch the sky lyrics

of water against my back They hit me harder than before I ... feel how they crush my bones From the shoulders to toes ... it’s hard to breath Make the dreams fragile Don’t touch… Don’t touch the sky Don’t touch… Don’t touch the sky I can

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - The sky's the limit lyrics

Sky's The Limit The sky's the limit The sky's the limit The ... sky's the limit The sky's the limit Oi, grandad, here's ... lead in your pencil Hey, Granny here's mud

Amber Pacific - The sky could fall tonight lyrics

don't care about impossible ... from you Write me down is the best idea you had Watch the ... fire fly cause I struck the match tonight When you ... this moment in time Pull these words off from my lips

Black Oak Arkansas - Feet on earth, head in the sky lyrics

we'll fly in on the spring breeze, shoutin ... dreams from the smile on our face. On flyin horses ... came the Oak trees showin unity to the human race. Our words are

Earth Wind And Fire - Keep your head to the sky lyrics

told me one day I'd find peace in every ... way, but in search for the clue wrong things I was ... to do Keep my head to the sky for the clouds to tell me

Lisa 'left Eye' Lopes - Keep your head to the sky lyrics

on you so try Keep on singing let's try Keep on ... moving try Keep your head to the sky Lift your ... life and reach high Wipe your tears and don't cry You will

Jeff Buckley - The sky is a landfill lyrics

around the park Joining hands in ... silence Watch the evil black the sky The storm has ripped the shelter Of illusion from our ... mystery to us now. Leave your spirit genocide The cancer

Green River Ordinance - On your own lyrics

the time go, the second hand is movin' to fast Who ... ever would last And if your conscience weighs a little heavy ... tonight Maybe you'll find it, ... now runnin' scared of all of your dreams Is it everything you

Elvis Costello - On your way down lyrics

Sunset Since the beginning it hasn't changed ... s high time that you found The same people you misuse on your way up You might meet up On ... down Vintage wines from the year '62 It's your thing, it

The Format - On your porch lyrics

was on your porch the smoke sank into my skin so I ... could imagine cuz' come the morning I'll be gone And ... to leave he grabs me by the shoulder and he tells me

Fractal Gates - On your own lyrics

Imploring some mercy Others simply cease to hope And ... drown in false control To feel the messiah ... Shall not make you cross the sign So fierce, so

Lights - The last thing on your mind lyrics

you think it hurts that bad Don't talk about it, don't let it ... get you down It's only one part, of the story Just let ... it go, don't let this get you down now

Little Big Town - Your side of the bed lyrics

your side of the bed, there's a picture of our wedding ... day A clock that don't work and the bible that your daddy gave It's on the ... window side, where the moon creeps in at night Staring

Orange Blue - The sun on your face lyrics

tasty wine And if I was someone else, I'd wish that she was ... mine No I won't drink too much with her I ... for My pretty lady, your smile could stop a war And the blood that flows through your

Shok Paris - On your feet lyrics

up Be counted When your backs are to the walls Rise ... up United Let the masses hear the calls ... (Chorus) The fires are raging it's all ... for the taking Don't wait till the damage is done Fight for a reason The air

Dj Antoine - Sky is the limit lyrics

is coming up over the hill I can hardly sits there ... I got the will and I'll find a way I'm ... not afraid Waited for the chance all over my Life I ... can't watch it go by now is the time It's your choice to

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - The sky is the limit lyrics

Jason Derulo Yeahh Like a shot, ... my heart. When i saw, you tonight. Like a dream, come ... alive for the very first time. When we touch, in the dark. Baby you, glow

B1a4 - Sky (ost) lyrics

jamdeu neun got No euri beonji neun go Modeun kkumi ... byeori dwe neun Sky [Jinyoung] haneuri neoreul ... johasseo Malkgo, tumyeong han ni pyojeong deul

Erasure lyricsErasure - Moon & the sky lyrics

of a sudden it's gone Too late to wish a friend ... farewell Heard the sea in a shell Said we would ... meet in other worlds See how the moon, ... she cries Cool how the tears fill up the sky as snow

Aquaria - Son of the sky brothers of the earth lyrics

the shadows of the dark Far away a morning star ... Is rising with the light Cities now won't be the same There's no reason for the pain Please evolute your

Axxis - Touch the rainbow lyrics

watch the clouds and dream Follow the ... of birds Try to describe the feeling But you can find no ... If you could be a bird Then you’d be really free Fly

Mia Rose - Never on your own lyrics

take my hand Show me another way around All these people ... They never know what they want But I'm, I'm trying my ... best to hold on To you dream of true Well I

Mad Max - R.i.p. + dive through the sky lyrics

in uniforms And jump into your plane You start your engines ... Feel the tension rise again When you're ... flying high Seem to touch the sky You're on the runway

Roxette lyricsRoxette - The big l. lyrics

s the top, she's got the world on a string. She makes ... anything yea yea. - hey now, touch the sky, you've got a ... certain kind of look in your eyes. Well, she's a

Moloko - The id lyrics

it goes like this Momma, don't you turn away Just because ... I've gone astray Out of the fire, into the frying pan, ... this is the story of a sorry man I have

Victoria Justice - On the wings of a dream lyrics

I tried. Oh oh ohhh I here the song A song I never heard ... now Oh oh ohhh I think I'm gonna Take a chance tonight All ... I've been wait'n for, to turn the key and unlock the door. It

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Touch the rainbow lyrics


Wyclef Jean - The gambler remix lyrics

Jean] Yo I'm happy to be in the South To set off my tour in the countryside But who better ... Yo this Kenny Rogers chillin on the country side With men

Riot ( Usa ) - Fall from the sky lyrics

wanted to soar Free through the air on wings of steel In the ... realm of eagles I would touch the sky Through discipline ... will give my life Take to the air All our fighters rise

Marillion - The sky above the rain lyrics

reach out with her toes to touch him She still loves him ... he's so much less Than the light heart she met The ... He feels ugly now, and the ugliness, creeps around

Heavenly - The power & fury lyrics

we are the unbelievers That time faded ... Bloody memories are crawling on my way Just follow me you ... have a hard life Late into the night the nightmares are

Celtic Woman - The soft goodbye lyrics

fade and shadows fall across the sea, one bright star in the ... evening sky. your love's light leads me on my ... way. there's a dream that will not ... die. so I must go now with the wind, and leave you waiting on the tide. time to fly,

Oomph! - The world is yours lyrics

will you leave your cage? When will you turn the page? When will you open the gate Ready to fly, ready to ... When will you fight all your hate Ready to fly, ready to

Bal-sagoth - The ravening lyrics

Legions ravening for blood, Dark ... Warriors rise forth from the earth, Battle-spells empower ... me, The Throne of Kings, the summoning, Marble halls sunk

Scorcher - The astral prison lyrics

sets at the western ward Rising at the ... eastern shores There's no escape nowhere to go ... Tell me where do i belong [Chorus:] Cry, in the ... inside our very minds And the cage we live is guarded by a

Eternal 2 - Your love makes me week lyrics

my working days staring at the phone Day dreaming minute ... that it could [Chorus:] Your love makes me weak Oooh aaah ... aaah cause I'm waiting for your love Oooh aaah To hold me

Perpetual Fire - Walking on your fire lyrics

train is leaving home They know I won't come back, ... Seems to get away But there's another reason For me to ... with you Nothing more than touch the sky Empty souls

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