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Insomnium - The day it all came down lyrics

now on there's an abscence of smile ... Foul voices welcome me to loneliness Graceful tunes on her ... winter's here to surpass all the hopes And dreams succumb to

Artas - The day the books will burn again lyrics

Light our spirit make us strong So we can shout out loud! ... Dark shadows in the night Teaching us we are not ... You better beware Of the day when the books will burn

Take That lyricsTake That - The day the work is done lyrics

all the work is done the work is done A place for ... And every setting sun When the work was done Was a day that ... didn't go to waste When all the work is done It will be done

Abba lyricsAbba - The day before you came lyrics

My train, I'm certain, left the station just when it was due ... I must have read the morning paper going into town ... And having gotten through the editorial, no doubt I must

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The day the light went out lyrics

went to bed that night no-one would have believed That in ... morning light would not be there The dark hung heavy on the ... air like the grip of a jealous man No

Brian Mcknight - The day the earth stood still lyrics

was a king without a crown They hanged him on his throne And ... nailed him in the ground The prophet, he upon the tree, ... Sacrificed himself for the whole world to see He bled

Army Of Lovers - The day the gods help us all lyrics

game a crying shame Over the hills Down through the ... valleys The evil eye an end to die ... Until the day the gods help us all Chained my ... heart shall stay Until the day the gods help us all Wipe the earth away Rhythm divine

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - The day the niggaz took over (featuring daz, .. lyrics

I'ma end mine If you ain't down, for the Africans here in the United States, period point ... blank.. If you ain't down for the ones that suffered in ... South Africa from apartheid and shit Devil you need to

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - The day the niggaz took over (ft. snoop dogg,.. lyrics

Dogg] I got my finger on the trigger so niggaz wonder why ... But livin in the city it's do-or-die [repeat] ... [Verse One: Dat Nigga Daz] They wonder where me bailin and don't

Entombed - The day, the earth lyrics

by my own kind don't understand the crime I've done should never have trusted ... maybe I'm better of gone is this a punishment for ... and now that I stand here alone must be the saddest sight

Lion's Share - The day the earth caught fire lyrics


Miracle Of Sound - The day the world died - metro last light son.. lyrics

day the world died We disappeared ... turnstiles We persevere The wheels of conflict Still ... move and turn The day the world died Nothing was ... learned And the future's a tunnel stretching

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - The day the world gets around lyrics

day the world gets 'round to ... it's found, to help each other, hand in hand The day the world gets 'round to ... understanding where it's gone Losing so much ground

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The day the world went away lyrics

d listen to the words he'd say But in his ... voice I heard decay The plastic face forced to ... portray All the insides left cold and gray There is a place that still

Six Feet Under - The day the dead walked lyrics

Curl up and die Cowarding-controlled You are nothing ... You will fear thee Plague of zombies Curse of ... of pleasure Now here comes the torture Murderers and

Aborym - The day the sun stopped shining lyrics

covered your life when the air cuts like a knife when ... those people smile and you only want to die when no one is ... and it's hard to take control When you have no

Firehouse - The day, the week, and the weather lyrics

seems just like yesterday When Julie showed up and ... took daddy away The way that dress wore her, a ... fitting reminder... oh yeah! That year ... from me to her I remember the day and the week and the weather The smile on your face as

Aemen - The day the angels cried lyrics

i will cry Do You see the sadness,in your eyes The ... hope to find the reason,int the sky Remembering the ... in my name If you feel the wind blow in your head,you

Lunatica - The day the falcon dies lyrics

years we are bound on this spell Lovers separated ... before it's too late I'm the falcon and you are the wolf ... Never human shape at the same time Each dawn some

Crystal Ball - Walls fall down lyrics

passed We've been up and down Now we're hack at last Gonna take the crown All this ... we couldn't let it go Call on me we'll take it slow Oh my ... God we can't stop now Don't even try we're ready to

Crown The Empire - The glass elevator (walls) lyrics

down your walls tonight, we're here to sing for ... you; Tear down your walls tonight, we're here to scream ... for you. Cold as ice on the darkest December Spark a

Leander Rising - On this day lyrics

have to go below To reach the highs from low Let go ... From low And be a part of the flow On this day ... you wipe away all my rage On this day forgive and forget

Annie Haslam - The day you strayed lyrics

the day you strayed into my life And ... was turned around Since the day you came into my life My ... full of sweeter sounds And the day's you've loved me in my

Reba Mcentire - On this day lyrics

dawn this morning Right to the Christmas tree they ran ... Called up the stairs for us to hurry Wait ... for this day for about as long as they could stand While

Insomnium - The moment of reckoning lyrics

I only could I would Change ... everything Today is the day, the moment of reckoning For ... too long I've been hiding This ... truth within my chest Today is the day when I will come

The Beautiful Girls - On judgement day lyrics

come, gonna set my soul at ease. Yes on one fine day when this world ... is behind me. See judgement day, gonna ... set this world on fire. Pile the wretched men on the burning funeral pyre. So

Nashville Cast - The end of the day ft. connie britton and cha.. lyrics

the bottle at the end of the day Want to be there for heaven ... Let it open the gate I'll give up the lying, ... if you're gonna stay I'll be quitin at the

Elton John lyricsElton John - The best part of the day lyrics

s all right, that's ok Grab the bottle and slide my way You ... dreamt of a devil down below Sprinkled cayenne ... pointed teeth Roll back the covers and raise the shades

Rough Silk - The day of the loner lyrics

the mighty cliff where the lovers use to hide they ... found a skeleton on the beach the day the loner died ... it just lay there with broken bones in the ... rays of the sunset's light well, the loner was some kinda relict from

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The day that the earth stalled lyrics

had no end? Those were the days my friend. But I’m not ... talking about that at all. Do you remember when you ... parasitic pall? That was the day that the earth stalled. That

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - The day we fell apart lyrics

What happened to the man who used to take me ... Tell me what's this desperation Cause I don't recognize this ... I made a bad mistake Cause once I ran away I love you

Manic Street Preachers - This is the day (the the cover) lyrics

go to bed you were watching the whites of your eyes turn red ... the calendar on your wall is ticking the days ... much you've changed and all the money in the world couldn't

Novembers Doom - The day i return lyrics

can't believe, the hell that has taken my life. ... from every hope and dream. Countless days, for a ... years, in a cold and lonely place, I right the wrongs.

Dr. Dog - The rabbit, the bat, and the reindeer lyrics

I don't want a thing to do with you ... I ain't got no time to kill on your dime Strung up, ... Looking like you're upside down Well, I ain't wanting to

The Exies - These are the day lyrics

more i talk the less i say When the words ... get in the way Lonliness is so hard Lonliness ... is so hard Ordinary i confess Living under house ... arrest Maybe i belong here Maybe i belong

Darkwater - Walls of deception lyrics

me, walls of deception From what I believe In my ... heart, tears of rejection For what you've become I'm ... Expected to return To what I once was I will not walk that

Haste The Day - Walls and fear lyrics

re gonna break these walls down Come on baby Let's bring them down To the ground Let's ... get outta here Let's bring them down No more fears No more

4him - When the walls come down lyrics

long time ago Near a city called ... A band of soldiers All gathered around And Joshua said ... to go Youll be marching To the rhythm of the trumpet sound ... Oh there were those Who still had their doubts That they could take

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Walls come down ft. keke palmer lyrics

Out. I need to break out. Don't you feel it too? I would ... if I was you. I've got one life. (I've got one life) Tonight I'm gonna get it right. ... (I'm gonna get it right) The writings on the wall. I'm gonna have a ball. I wanna

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Walls come down ft. keke palmer lyrics

Out. I need to break out. Don't you feel it too? I would ... if I was you. I've got one life. (I've got one life) Tonight I'm gonna get it right. ... (I'm gonna get it right) The writings on the wall. I'm gonna have a ball. I wanna

The Decemberists - The day i knew you'd not come back lyrics

could never understand Where the windows and walls began and ... could never understand Where the windows and walls began and ... end I built this colonnade of sand Stretched out

Harry Nilsson - The ivy covered walls lyrics

behind the ivy covered walls We used to walk the Ivy ... leaguer walls We used to share an Ivy ... look But (we lost it with the chemicals that we took). ... Now the good books in the library look better every day

Slow Coming Day - The room without walls lyrics

your work... All your work... Has been for nothing. All ... this time... All this time... That you wasted. Watching ... are falling, Falling down. Don't tell me I'm wasting,

Classified - The day doesn’t die lyrics

day doesn't die til... [x9] Forgive. Forget. ... That's a lesson that we haven't learned yet. ... We try. We cry. But a day doesn't die til the sun is

Kj-52 - Back in the day lyrics

in the day when I was a teenager Before ... two-way pager You could find the KJ listening to hip-hop ... Yo MTV raps just to catch the latest dance I did the

Crown The Empire - The glass elevator (walls) - ep lyrics

down your walls tonight We're here to sing for ... you Tear down your walls tonight We're here to scream for ... you (2x) Cold as ice on the darkest December Spark a

Engel - The hurricane season lyrics

You Inhale The Dust? Take A Deeper Breath? ... s Start Again Ripping Apart The Seams Controlled, Yet Now ... Time Implodes? As We See, The Walls Came Down Naked? Then

Anthony Hamilton - The day we met lyrics

you taught me how to breathe Going in and out of relationships I was crazy send someone for me I thought I knew ... Right when I met you, the day that I met you, you turned

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - On the grind (featuring sick jacken) lyrics

Realm, P.O.D., Boo-Yaa Tribe. What? What? My soul is ... payable on death, the flow I'm layin here is deaf ... Mics come with a teflon vest, my words wreck I'm a

Sara Evans - The week the river raged lyrics

through Howard County It was the life blood of the land It ... of a coming battle That the women folk had to fight ... 'Cause the good lord owned the daytime But the devil seemed

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - Down for me (feat. 24hrs) lyrics

Uptight, but drive a Honda She was the only one down ... momma She said she not with the drama You get her number, ... better call her She was the only one down for me, whoa,

Smokie - The rain came down lyrics

called you on the phone tonight Said you were doing fine ... m alright but we red between the lines I asked you are you ... all alone you paused before you ... said it doesn't matter and then the rain came down the rain

Future Of Forestry - The earth stood still lyrics

teenage girl and her soon-to-be. A simple trip far as they could see. The sky was ... clear and the hour serene. But did they know what the ... night would bring. Lonely hearts strung across the

Kids In Glass Houses - The florist lyrics

a ticket and wait in the line outside In the sun we ... are nothing but food for the flies Then they tell us that ... keep it short I remember the day the music died and left

Magnet - The day we left town lyrics

seeps in through a crack in the blinds We open up our eyes ... dead It's such a glorious day So come what may You and I, ... we're off to see the world We'll put on our

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - The good, the bad and the ugly lyrics

Consequence ] Good morning ... morning America And good day New York, have a good day in ... court My niggaz drive around the hood looking for good yay' to ... snort I never liked the goodbyes, always caught a

Dr. Dog - The way the lazy do lyrics

on your back In the night so black Dreaming of ... love Just beneath above There's a light on in the house ... See the bug see the mouse Hear em fight, hear

Insomnium - Death walked the earth lyrics

back from the silence As darkness whitened ... into a day Tried to weave the pieces together Force the ... of sorrow Body tired from the way Welcomed yet another

Mcfly - The guy who turned her down lyrics

hasn't been the best of days, Since she drove off and ... showed up and blew her out the water And its so not easy ... say) I'm sleazy (I love the way) You please me I

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