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Chamillionaire - On my way (feat. lee-lonn) lyrics

my way... my way... mmmm yeah On my way... my ... way... You just need motivation So I'm thinking you should ... let me give you more the conversation Just a demonstration how I'm a lay your body down

Thomas Anders - On my way lyrics

uuh Uh-uhu I can hear you on the telephone Asking you, ... where did you go? Down on the line, down on the line with me Whisp'rin' words that ... can break my heart It's hard to take that we're

The Baseballs - On my way lyrics

my Way I'm feeling kinda lost A thousand weeks a million miles A billion shows ... apart from you This heartache hurts too much I ... miss your arms, I want your lips I need your touch The

Jadakiss - On my way lyrics

Jadakiss] Aiyyo Swizz check it out I'm shoot over to Cali, ... yknahmsayin? Check this movie out Then I'ma check honey ... out Then I'ma fly back to N.Y., see what

Lea Michele - On my way lyrics

words are wrapped in barbed wire My actions speak for what I can't say 'Cause I fall one ... step forward to push you away Push you away I wish that ... I could listen To all the advice that I give away But it's

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - On my way home lyrics

m on my way home That's where I belong ... Now the time has come, it's time we must go Cos now the tides have changed, we're moving ... on I'm on my way home Life must carry on So after all

Coolio - On my way to harlem lyrics

Verse 1:] I know a place where the trees don't ... Just another place where niggaz live low I know a place ... where life is f***ed up Make a wrong move ... and your ass get stuck up Time ain't nothin but a frame of

Lucero (band) - On my way downtown lyrics

my way downtown Thought you might be around Come on down, ... have a drink Have a round, it's on me And I said that I ... would So yes, ma'am, I'll be good I'll make up for

Rumer - On my way home lyrics

of sorrow, I must've followed you here ... Stood at the gates of Heaven, I watched you disappear Now I ... hear you say "It's time to walk away" But how

Deny14 - On my way lyrics

eyes will must stay open, though it ... with me won't okay i can't stand on one place, i ... have to move away I've got start, it's good, but way, which I am alone chosen i

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - On my way lyrics

feat. Kevin Cossom, Bali, Ace Hood, BallGreezy, Ice ... Gunplay, Rum, Young Cash) I'm on my way This goin out to ... every hood We gonna make it You can look into my eyes

Saga - On my way lyrics

this the time? We turn the tide, well I'll be here waiting ... You're always running There's always something ... You tell me now But I'm not clear on what you've

Saigon - On my way lyrics

the A man Yeah! [Chorus] I'm on my way to the top, no frontin Y'all couldn't pay me to ... stop, no nothin Stayed on my own and keep my pace, I'm ... runnin Cause I'm on my way up, I'm on my way up It is y

Bright Eyes - On my way to work lyrics

car parked where the block begins And these people singing ... praises Say it's all because of him And ... there's a bird perched on a frayed wet wire And his voice sings out for a lover But it's covered by the choir Of

Charlie Brown - On my way lyrics

in circles at night You've given up the fight Like the ... streets that you're always walking on You died inside ... And you don't know why So you try to turn the

Collie Buddz - On my way back home ft. sean paul lyrics

come de ting dem call de healing of de nation Yeh Smoking ... natral leaf come from creation Yo yo So wha we tell dem ... say Sean da paul long side collie buddz ah bun it we a

Enuff Z' Nuff - On my way back home lyrics

no I've done it again, I went wandering off And I ... made a new friend. My friend is bringing me down, On my ... hands, on my knees, See me crawling ... around. I never mean too, But I just

Flow - On my way lyrics

formed the band Back in 98 With my bro TAKE We gave it a ... name and it was FLOW And then Y2K 3 ... guys joined the band Made our major ... debut on TV screen We'd go on a tour And radio shows We

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - On my way to work lyrics

my way to work I rode a big green bus I could see ... everything From the upper deck ... People came and went Smoking cigarettes I picked the ... people left But all the time I thought of you How far away the future seemed How could I so many dreams? And one of

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - On my way (feat. kevin cossom, bali, ace hood.. lyrics

feat. Kevin Cossom, Bali, Ace Hood, BallGreezy, Ice ... Gunplay, Rum, Young Cash) I'm on my way This goin out to ... every hood We gonna make it You can look into my eyes

Above & Beyond - On my way to heaven (ft. richard bedford) lyrics

always laugh, when I cry I’m always looking to tomorrow ... As you mourn the days gone by You always tread on my ... toes Look my guided hand of love Is helping

Matt Maher - On my way lyrics

a lost man find his way back home? Can a lost man find his way back home? Well, ... how can you go home again If you're not sure you've ever ... been? Can a lost man find his way back home? Can a rich

Band Of Horses - On my way back home lyrics

my way back home, by chance I thought of All my favorite songs, where I'd gone wrong The only words that I could think of ... I'm pissing my life away in the form of a song On my way back home Every step, a victory it was I was cheating

Aiken Clay - On my way here lyrics

took my first step On that black and white kitchen ... floor I sometimes wonder if that house Is even there, ... anymore I had my first glimpse of love When I was five

Foxes - On my way lyrics

Verse 1] Cause the freedom fires from my memory But I know ... you're still haunting everything And though someday maybe it'll be okay But I can't ... escape right now... [Pre-Chorus] I

Art Garfunkel - In a little while (i´ll be on my way) lyrics

know it's late but I can't sleep tonight, 'Cause I got something on my mind. I ... could try one more time to turn out the light, But ... I just can't make myself unwind. 'Cause every time I close

Ginuwine - On my way lyrics

verse 1] Keep it warm, I'll be there, I'll be rollin' ... in 'bout two or three, I could only think, How your ... body feels, And the way it last to me, You're like a

Ben Kweller - On my way lyrics

want to kill this man but he turned around and ... ran. I'll kill him with karate that I learned in ... Japan. He wouldn't see my face. I wouldn't leave a ... trace. I wouldn't use a bullet cause a

Black Mercury - On my way lyrics

yeah Let me live, let me live I wanna get away I decide ... for the cleaner and better way (I’m feelin’ such a great ... escape) Don’t give me drugs don’t give me f***

Cocoon - On my way lyrics

you feel like a liar If you're about to leave me If ... you can't sleep at night If my bed songs upset you And if my arms can't warm you You ... just have to try I am such a coward I could win

Oar - On my way lyrics

t fear the morning It's okay, it's okay Hurt weighs heavy It's okay, it's ... When your body's cold and shaking I'll steer you Darlin', ... When your body's old and aging I'll heal you Darlin',

Boyce Avenue - On my way lyrics

wasn't there the moment you first learned to breathe But I ... m on my way, on my way I wasn't there the moment you ... got off your knees But I'm on my way, on my way Lay down

Boyce Avenue - On my way (acoustic) lyrics

wasn't there the moment you first learned to breathe But I ... m on my way, on my way I wasn't there the moment you ... got off your knees But I'm on my way, on my way Lay down

Phil Collins - On my way lyrics

everybody I'm on my way New friends and new places ... to see With blue skies ahead, yes I'm on my way ... And theres no where else I'd rather be Tell everybody

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - On my way lyrics

the map it’s just a finger step away Don’t price with the name and the letters ... that say where you are and it’s too far You are there ... and I am here I have the sound of your voice in my ear On the phone it

Girlschool - On my way lyrics

last drink and then it's time to go home There's no ... stopping 'till the end of the road No time for conversation No time ... for dropping in My feet are facing forward This

Ivan & Alyosha - On my way lyrics

I was a boy, My grace was in overtime, It disappeared ... Well, I'm on my way Don't you cry for me It was good ... [Chorus:] Well, the door is almost closed And we're

Jacob - On my way (get it) lyrics

time I see a thick fire I have a feeling that someone is lying I have to pretend to ... love and to see their desire On my way It is more ... than first This time it's the last time then will

Rival Sons - On my way lyrics

you please turn down my light Let the shadows fall on my eyes Please don`t leave me ... by myself NoI don`t wanna be alone Sometimes is a stranger almost through my

Aaron Pritchett - On my way to you lyrics


3 - Emerson, Berry & Palmer - On my way home lyrics

my way home Marching all night, is the light still on? ... All through the battle been waiting On my way home, so much ... of life left behind So much ahead On my way home Marching all night, is

F.t.island - On my way lyrics

demo soba ni iru Ki ga suru nda you' re still in my eyes Kioku no kanata kara Mite iru nda I' m still in your ... eyes Omoide wa tada yasashiku, Senaka o oshite kureru

Sebastian Ingrosso - On my way lyrics

time to pretend dust off and ... try again straight out of lions den strong as a thousand ... man that's what I've been told since I was six ... duck down and count to ten I'm gonna hit the Lotto I'm gonna place my bet on every step I take go tell everyone under

Inxs lyricsInxs - On my way lyrics

make it forever Curling from you lips Faith and it ... s not over Bring on that famous word Love don ... t abuse it And you'll never be sad again I'm on my way I'm on my way Blood's getting hotter Thinking about your hips I feel

Luna Halo - On my way lyrics

awake I've fallen through the night ... A bullet though the motion A blanket of city lights ... today I saw you on the train With lover's lips, he kissed your face The fever was

Brian May - On my way up lyrics

on my way up (ooh!) Can’t put me down ... (ooh!) Business is tough (ooh!) I ain’t gonna ... get pushed around I’m on my way (ooh!) Gonna take this town

Jamie O´neal - On my way to you lyrics

worked a little while in a little town in Colorado But the ... winters were just a little bit too long So I decided California was the place that I'd ... go And I was gone Fell in love, got my heart broke

Oliver Onions - On my way lyrics

you love, you love... I'm gonna go around the world ... just looking for someone. I'm gonna go around to find ... another like you love, you love...

Passion Pit - On my way lyrics

of her own home Oh God, Christina Don't once think that ... this madness is my fault alone Now a nightmare's in her ... hands Still everyday's another chance

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - On my way home lyrics

of my life been running, Paying the price for living How ... do the young survive? We're never satisfied, Only if I could listen. When ... the lights go down in the middle of the night, where will I run to? When the lights go

Angela - On my way ~reborn~ lyrics

sou na mama shagamikonda atashi o chirari to mita neko wa ... sugu inaku natta 'sobani oide...' te o nobashite nukumori ... ni fure takatta koe o agete ... tachiagatte ikou to suru kedo oikaketa

Bombshell Rocks - On my way lyrics

snow comes falling down The flakes do their ... to cover up the ground And I'm inside looking out The sun ... has swept away to make place for the night ... Nothing left to do, nothing left to say Cause I'm

Coldseed - On my way lyrics

black heart attack Everyone just seems to be turning ... Who needs a soul, who needs it all I see a brilliant solution No time to believe it or ... not You gotta live and just stop to rot Confirmation, for the nation I'm gonna tell you what it's all

D.r.i. - On my way home lyrics

was getting out, without a doubt This was my ... last patrol, wished I could shout But then the ... reds were there We were taking our share Fifteen to thirty, but fair is fair I was fighting wild, shooting blind

Enya - On my way home lyrics

have been given One moment from heaven As I am ... walking Surrounded by night, Stars high above me ... Make a wish under moonlight. Chorus: On my way

Machine Gun Kelly - On my way lyrics

now they say home is where the hate is. Pulling ... up high haters. I know, I've been on a hiatus, caught ... up in the lights, I've been blinded by Las Vegas. Ain't it ironic? Before I was 21 I put my future on the table and I won

Anybody Killa (abk) - On my way lyrics

m on my way, And I'm movin' top speed. Ain't no lookin ... back, so don't even wave to me. I'm goin' ... for a time to chase what I believe. In other words I'm

Axwell Λ Ingrosso lyricsAxwell Λ Ingrosso - On my way lyrics

Verse 1] No time to pretend Dust off and ... try again Straight out of lion's den Strong as a thousand ... [Pre-Chorus] That's what I've been told Since I've been

Eli Young Band - On my way lyrics

light traffic standing still Keeping me from you Tough ... days always in this town but this one will soon ... be through Cause right around the bend on the ... porch there by the drive There's an angel out there

Disciple - On my way down lyrics

s been a long road to get inside your heart I don't think ... that I would trade anything Of all the places that I ... have ever gone There is one that's fixated within me

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