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Ra - On my side lyrics

you're right Suppose it won't heal forever And I will ... nothing will get to me No one will want to have me Longing to be set free If only ... the sun would take me If only the wind was on my side [2x

Leighton Meester - On my side lyrics

ve gotten far it's no wonder we're apart And what's it ... you're not happy anymore But on my side it isn't like that I ... find myself alive in you now Come

Gerald Levert - My side of the bed lyrics

no, no How can I express My apology to you I know I ... put you through Lying 'bout my whereabouts I don't even ... surprise to me When I found my clothes outside my door

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Time is on my side lyrics

is on my side, yes it is Time is on my side, yes it is Now you always ... back to me Oh, time is on my side, yes it is Time is on my side, yes it is You're

Maze - Time is on my side lyrics

and a real good band I don't want for nothing but to do my thing Play my music and I ... I need to get some satisfaction Your true love give me quick ... reaction Now I'm able to get along I

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Time is on my side lyrics

s on my side Time is on my side Love we cannot hide You ... are the sunshine, baby, of my life Oh baby, you are just ... the one Without you - oh, I can't

Michael Bolton - Time is on my side lyrics

is on my side, yes it is Time is on my side, oh yes it is 'Cause I got ... runnin' back to me Time is on my side, yes it is Time is on my side, oh yes it is, baby

Jeanette - Time is on my side lyrics

You - I've woken up from my dreams Oh it hurt so deep My feelings start to die It's ... Can you look deep down inside There is nothing I can hide ... You're no longer on my side No one cries forever No one's staying lonely We won't

The Moody Blues - Time is on my side lyrics

is on my side, Yes it is, yeah, Time, ... yeah, is on my side, Oh-oh. Now you always say ... (You got nothing) I ain't gonna cry no more. (You got ... yeah, yeah, yeah. Time is on my side, Yes it is, yeah,

Brandy - Love is on my side lyrics

.. Memories of yesterday Lonliness my way to say I needed ... of you and me The love song that we share [1] - And ... isn't love Until you got someone to share it with And I got

Rosanne Cash - If there's a god on my side lyrics

the snow and the rain And no one is there when I fall The ... sound of my heartbeat Is all I have left ... me But you know I once I had it all The prayers ... in haste And I'm just the one who would know But I'm

Gogol Bordello - Sun is on my side lyrics

was here now is gone Up and down like everyone ... Walk the earth in lonesome cry But when the sun ... the sun comes up It will be on your side It will be on your

Chvrches - Keep you on my side lyrics

sees, but only I know Nothing to lose, ... make a loss? Hold up both my hands, my fingers crossed ... I don't sleep well, laying low ... Keepin' the sun up off our bones I never asked to know,

Down - There's something on my side lyrics

took a lot to sell my soul, The same thing ... happened yesterday I paid my price, then felt alive But ... no pulse is within my veins. Never will I lie ... may to me there's something on my side I'm left with

Cat Power - Time is on my side lyrics

is on my side Time is on my side You say you love me And ... back To me Time is on my

Mt.desolation - Another night on my side lyrics

Lately Love has cut adrift On a sea with no waves I've got ... heart I've got to lighten my load Baby I'm a planet just ... spinning out of control Baby can you turn the

Rogue Wave - Are you on my side lyrics

a mistake (?) Has been don't matter (?) Run through ... run down papers and French concubines Dorian Gray or a rat ... Stupid panic But are you on my side? I hug the friends

Rapture - Cold on my side lyrics

of your hopes Mere delusion It is time to give up the ... ghost Don't follow me into the dark ... Can't hold on anymore For all I persisted ... we used to revel in Passion cease and life expire Pulse

Milow - Brussels is on my side lyrics

Lie after lie Chorus: Tonight your luck ran out You ... may scream real loud You won't get away I'm gonna make ... you pay Until I am done with you There's nothing

Lincoln Brewster - On our side lyrics

our hope is found in You On Your word we stand You're ... end We believe our God is on our side Now and forever, ... We believe our God is on our side Now and forever, now and

Graham Colton - On your side lyrics

asking for forever And I don't need much of your time I ... You should know I'm on your side It's where I'll always be ... If someday our stars don't align We'll go our own

Goo Goo Dolls - On your side lyrics

m on a mission baby I'm not hearing what ... me now I'm not a revelation Superstar or new sensation ... I'm just hiding away my frowns Oh no.. We don't

Basshunter - On our side lyrics

on our side, love on our side That's what makes you feel ... Love on our side, love is on my mind And I can find your ... is beating next to mine Love on our side, love is on my mind

55 Escape - My side lyrics

to my side... Come to my side... I keep my word in ... peace' off I never find myself in this situation The ... are shining off I never saw myself in this place You know

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - With god on our side lyrics

my name it is nothin' My age it means less The ... land that I live in Has God on its side. Oh the history ... country was young With God on its side. The Spanish

Magnet - On your side lyrics

will seem so uninspired Don't matter what you do, it ... doesn't matter what you've done I'll be on your side I'm ... on your side You'll always find me on

Leann Rimes - On the side of angel lyrics

I've never been sure We're on the side of angels If we ... trust it Cause we've been wrong before There comes a time ... After all the try-agains Don't be afraid to fall We're on the side of angels after all

Nicole Scherzinger - By my side (ft. akon) lyrics

Ahwwww Konvict Sellin se selling me ... selling me To think that I don't need you Ahwwww How ... me That I could do (that you on my side) Sellin se selling

A Rocket To The Moon - On your side lyrics

it like yesterday She knew my name (Imagine that) I know ... this road The way that no one goes So cold, So cold ... make it right Girl, you know my love is always on your side

And One - Love is always on your side lyrics

When I'm leaving the game I won't believe, I won't believe I ... won't believe it's a shame I ... no dream, Get no dream in my head And I pretend, I ... them dance, See them dance on my grave And I'm afraid, I'm

Luna Halo - On your side lyrics

you break Am I the victim of my ways But I can't run away ... this time So give me a reason for me to surrender And drop ... my defenses, and I'm on your side And tell me your secrets,

Juicy J - This bitch by my side lyrics

bitch, I got a new hoe Love my AK and I bought a 44 She so ... them clothes off Nigga get wrong then that bitch is going off ... bought that bitch a bean She my inspiration so I let her sing

Karmin - On your side lyrics

too many words to hear soon enough youll be walking and ... be here when theyre not i am on your side, ... when theyre not i am your side oooooooo

Martin Jech - It is hard with god on your side lyrics

my name is too long to be said And my heart is ... be saved But I know I will once see the sky And I´ll do it ... with fear and God on my side Cos´ it is hard, and it is

Magica - On the side of evil lyrics

my song, prove me wrong Preach your ways and clear my haze Smile to me, make me ... your grace You believe my way is wrong just because we ... And in this world I don't belong Are we all on the side of

Tim Myers - On your side lyrics

help to get you through I'm on your side I'd swim across ... You will be the anchor for my heart I'm on your side Just ... Just look at the way The moon and the stars will light up

Across Silent Hearts - On your side lyrics

When I needed you so much,my dear Like a sick bird is ... dreaming of flying Once have tasted love we were ... lie How can I compare, I don't know Can you tell , can

Alabama - On this side of the moon lyrics

above the stars They say it won't be long 'Til we can haul on a ship to Mars I'm just a ... man There's a lot that I don't know But as long as you're ... I just assume stay home On this side of the moon Things

Righteous Brothers - On this side of goodbye lyrics

ve had my taste of independence ... day I set you free Now I don't bear the least resemblance ... look much different now On this side of good-bye. Can

Hezekiah Walker - He's on your side lyrics

come and troubles go, long nights, me pacing the floor. ... Jesus Christ will abide, He's on Your side. Verse 2: ... Sometimes dark clouds fill my sky, people don't always know

Lutricia Mcneal - My side of town lyrics

me tell you a story about my side of town Johnny was the ... world grooving all night long and listening to this song ... me tell you a story about my side of town Bobby was a shooting

Collie Buddz - On my way back home ft. sean paul lyrics

dem call de healing of de nation Yeh Smoking natral leaf ... come from creation Yo yo So wha we tell dem ... say Sean da paul long side collie buddz ah bun it we a

Drake lyricsDrake - My side lyrics

is everywhere you can't control it Too much going on ... hiding out in your New York condo Why you never come to ... Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship? Why

Lacrimas Profundere - Side lyrics

can't go As long that I know That you are ... somewhere And I'm only there so I'll find you in ... Some gloomy day Crown you in every, in ... every Everybody Be on my side And understand That we're

Mica Paris - You put a move on my heart lyrics

I'm feeling low Something inside of me, lets me know It's ... alright, love's on my side When the world, seems a lonely place I've got a dream ... that won't leave a trace, of the blues

Quincy Jones - You put a move on my heart lyrics

I'm feelin low Somethin inside of me let's me know it's ... alright Loves on my side When the world... seems a lonely place I've got a dream ... that won't leave a trace of the blues

Tommy Reeve - On my mind lyrics

two of a kind Together on the line But that’s just ... we had been Girl, we were on the high To love, oh, let ... doin´ all I can To move along To get you gone Baby, in

Kaledon - My personal hero lyrics

old and dear father, My inspiration of life, The bed ... you've laying on for me is an altar like. My ... dues with you are all my Own life's treasures and

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - On my highway lyrics

time to time And I wound up on the wrong side of the road ... On my highway I go too fast Afraid ... the curve too hard and lost control Oh you never know which

Asia - My own time (i'll do what i want) lyrics

through the snow kicking my heels Seems that sunlight ... good before Bet you really don't know how it feels I don't ... have to answer to no one no more And better I've

Bombshell Rocks - On my way lyrics

up the ground And I'm inside looking out The sun has ... to say Cause I'm already on my way Might have the wind in my face But at least I'm on my ... way I'm always on the move Until I find my

Inmoria - My last farewell lyrics

say I know I've been losing my mind Telling me stories ... And god has left me all alone In the shadows I'm hiding ... it all Screaming for someone to hear I'm falling apart

Keane - On the road lyrics

a start I had a dream of my own Just walking out of my ... home Going I don't know where, a street ... s still so many things you don't know Don't you look back,

Gordon Lightfoot - My little love lyrics

ve got a song that it is my mind, my little love who is ... of bein' in the red My little love from the world ... outside, helpin' me keep, turnin' the ... Come and meet me by the neon light. And I'm hopin' you'll

Small Faces - My way of giving lyrics

of time Before you meet someone who opens your eyes But ... time's on my side so nevertheless I know the ... It's all part of my way of giving And I'm giving

And One - My story lyrics

me years ago Time was never on my side you know The stars ... ? telling lies This is my story Fearing the feelings ... you I feel no regrets for gone by days Cause fame like a

Aiken Clay - On my way here lyrics

took my first step On that black and white kitchen ... floor I sometimes wonder if that house Is even ... there, anymore I had my first glimpse of love When I

The Do - On my shoulders lyrics

would I carry such a weight on my shoulders Why do I always ... you carry your boulders You wonder why I carry such a weight on my shoulders And why would I

Los Lobos - On main street lyrics

boulevard Feeling the sun on my face Watching Maggie and Connie with their little kids ... light Got a green light Don't matter which way I go ... boulevard With a little time on my side All worries gone

Sick Of It All - My revenge lyrics

mean shit to me You ain't on my side It's my revenge, ... it's my revenge One last resort, my broken back ... I have a reason and a cause to fight back

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