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Ignitor - Wings of the blackheart lyrics

restless soul of courage He sought the air To dive and ... soar so graceful Where only angels dare This reckless ... ace, he lives to win! On the wings of a Blackheart Fly

Midnight - ...on the wings of satan lyrics

mass is over the night is done Time to reap our rewards The stench is sweet the burning ... Brought forth by our Lord Heat is rising souls are dying ... By Lucifer's sword Ride to hell your Lord has fell Ride to

George Jones - He made me free lyrics

had drifted for so long with my life so full of wrong That the Lord should have ... turned his back on me But He took the trembling hand of a ... lost and lonely man Broke the chains from mortal shame and made me free. (He made me free.)

Secret Sphere - On the wings of sun lyrics

for tomorrow, in your name we'll fight my lord Your ... bloody war, waiting for another chance to waste them Other deaths to honour your reign ... in your world my reign Oblivion close my eyes hold my life

Chris Norman - Wings of love lyrics

to me fly to me on the wings of love fly to me. They will ... take you through the storm to the place where you ... belong You can find your way ... back home on the wings of love. Can't you see can't

Victoria Justice - On the wings of a dream lyrics

s a fever inside me, it's taken hold somehow I ... it if I tried. Oh oh ohhh I here the song A song I never heard till' now Oh oh ohhh I ... think I'm gonna Take a chance tonight All

Riot ( Usa ) - On the wings of life lyrics

to visions theres something that's bringing you low. ... Every morning the bastards are starting their ... show. I can hear them cry for their lives. but ... now all is lost here and now. So i'm flying up

Asphyx - On the wings of inferno lyrics

on angles of the human mind We transform ... thoughts into mental food Sucking the will ... out of your untouched soul Your energy feeds our ... world On the wings of inferno we thrive The

Emerald - On the wings of the night lyrics

the dark is complete And the day goes to sleep That's when I come alive Faster than ... shadows On the wings of the night I'll be by your side ... soul spreads wide its raven wings And I cover you tonight Ooh

Everly Brothers - On the wings of a nightingale lyrics

Like I'm travelling through the sky On the wings of a ... nightingale As Iride my headis reeling But I don't even ... wonder why On the wings of a nightingale I fly High

Raven - On the wings of an eagle lyrics

Searchlights are cutting the night Fighters rising to the ... challenge Enemy to the left and the right Never ... So much to so few Reach for the sky, it's do or die Our

Galadriel - On the wings of gwaihir lyrics

from oblivion... Embraced by the flames ... desperate anger Into those nameless deeps Out of time, out of any apprehension Through ... black paths of Khazad-dum Through my own

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - On the wings of the night lyrics

still moon is calling out your name All ... of the stars are ablaze Through ... oceans of time I will find you In the mist ... through the dark night of haze On the wings of the

Jeffrey Osborne - On the wings of love lyrics

smile for me And let the day begin You are the ... sunshine That lights my heart within And I'm sure ... re An angel in disguise Come take my hand and Together we

Silent Voices - On the wings of rage lyrics

Enslaved by my hate there's nothing left to say Yes, ... I will make you pay The flames rage inside The fury will ... drown in pain Had enough of your lies You have gone too

Mechina - On the wings of nefeli lyrics

the heavens Bearing the weight of the sun This ... hunter soars high Above the shield of Apheon Be ... baptized by the dust Of what you once called home Memories are easily lost When they are buried in stone How

Claymorean - On the wings of time lyrics

with me, I'll show you places that ... seen before Magic kingdoms of the ages Monuments of time ... On this journey to horizons you will find your ... know all your fears are gone To eternity To your

Domine - On the wings of the firebird lyrics

want to climb the highest peaks of the Universe To ... reach the tallest mountains of the moon I set my soul on ... fire, transcend this world of nothing Imagination running

Hollenthon - On the wings of a dove lyrics

children in perilous times Mother of harlots recanting ... her vice Maelstroms...On the wings of a dove Innocence ... lost In for the kill' Galloping thunder

Dead Soul Tribe - Wings of faith lyrics

re flying on the wings of faith We're flying on the wings of faith Don't let me down ... Don't let me down We're gliding on the ... winds of change We're gliding on the

George Jones - Wings of a dove lyrics

the wings of a snow white dove He sends his pure sweet love A sign from ... above (a sign from above) On the wings of a dove. (wings of a dove.) When trouble

Magica - On the side of evil lyrics

my song, prove me wrong Preach your ways and clear ... my haze Smile to me, make me believe Hold me in your ... embrace, your grace You believe my way is wrong just because we're different

Dolly Parton - Wings of a dove lyrics

troubles surround us, when evils come The body grows ... weak The spirit grows numb When these things beset us, God ... doesn't forget us He sends us His love Chorus:

Method Man - Wings of the morning (dynamic duo mix) lyrics

Intro: Capleton] And so great is a man ... be praised Selassie I everytime I say Jah shall execute judgment and justice and none shall ... escape, what me say Selassie I leave em

Mystic Prophecy - Wings of eternity lyrics

your skeptism into oblivion to see the dark side of your ... life i'm behind you i'm where you want to be everywhere ... in darkness are calls your name hear the crash of the

Primal Fear - Wings of desire lyrics

m walking the thin line and I realize There is only one way to go A one way street back to hell ... Well I can't go on Cause the truth is mine I could only

Toto lyricsToto - Wings of time lyrics

faithful companion I've lost my way once again ... A prisoner of darkness I let you down my ... friend A heart left abandoned takes so long to heal its ... Your touch not forgotten The end of the dream It comes

Ancient - On blackest wings lyrics

saw your face one thousand times in my dreams His mark ... like burning coals Like the demon goat On blackest wings ... Oh your sight pierces me Oh your sight is fire on my

Sacred Warrior - Wings of a dream lyrics

time goes by, I look around To ... And if it`s really worth The pain that I feel Hard times ... may get me down Trying to destroy my ... I`m just a man ! I`ve come too far to turn around Can`t

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Wings of summer lyrics

I wanna fly fly on the wings wings of summer but you you put ... your eyes you put your eyes on mine go perfect your fall ... and no matter what smile for the mob for today we've seen

Dragony - Wings of the night lyrics

Come closer, come nearer, and tell me how you ... lied I hear it, I see it, I'll have it ... all denied I bear the Sight of Reason, I have the Eye of ... Truth Uncovering your treason, I'll slay you in your youth

India Arie - He heals me lyrics

heals me Told him my biggest secret ... And he told me four. He smiled at me and said that ... makes me love more And then he made me laugh And I knew it

Hole lyricsHole - He hit me (and it felt like a kiss) lyrics

hit me, and it felt like a kiss He ... hit me, but it didn't hurt me He couldn't stand to hear me ... say that I had been with someone new And when I told him I

The Poodles - Wings of destiny lyrics

got something on my mind As I´m heading out tonight There are so many ... different lives in the city A man lies shaking in ... the street With nothing on his feet A girl looks the other

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Wings of desire lyrics

So many things (oh) But time´s a thief stealing our lives ... away So time be good and time be slow Give us the chance ... (oh) To take this love and see how far it can

4everfreebrony - Wings of the rainbow [2014] lyrics

it at all You need some direction, ohhh put your mind ... at ease Remedy made for your eyes When you feel ... ready, and your heart beating steady You'll ... find a way to fly... On the wings of the Rainbow Fly

Metal Church - Wings of tomorrow lyrics

K. Vanderhoof / R. Munroe] With banner ... high they ride to glory, a new ... fear with hateful eyes, then into the night they ride ... In the end the same conclusion, a weathered world of

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Wings of tomorrow lyrics

winds are blowing over the world can you feel it Message is spreading among all the people Future is calling, history is leaving behind ... Nobody is thinking about the past days If you want to

India Arie - Wings of forgiveness lyrics

you: Had to go Across the water Just to find What was ... here in my heart all along Spend so much time Trying ... be right That I was dead wrong If Nelson Mandela can

David Hasselhoff - Flying on the wings of tenderness lyrics

never understand it A billion people on this planet And here I've found the one who's made for me Just when I thought ... my hopes had faded I found the one who was created To hold

Hasselhoff David - Flying on the wings of tenderness lyrics

never understand it a billion people on this planet and here I've found the one who's made for me Just when I ... my hopes had faded I found the one who was created to hold

Inkubus Sukkubus - Wings of desire lyrics

chariot, a-falling from the sky A burning star, ... descending in the night From another world and ... from another time Too many lonely nights and too much of the

Imperio - Wings of love lyrics

the wings of love We fly With the ... rainbow in the sky On the wings of love I´m saving all my ... dreams for you oh On the the wings of love We fly To

Noble Beast - On wings of steel lyrics

out of the darkness Velocity faster ... than light Blazing with heavenly fire Our heroes have ... entered the fight Our forces are all in ... position They anxiously wait for the call

Edenbridge - Wings of the wind lyrics

passing by On top of the mountains one touch in the ... sky One touch in the sky One reason to linger Holding the stars right in my hand ... Lifting shadows of the past Crystal silhouettes

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Wings of my love lyrics

this old world gets you down When ... your spirit's on the ground Just remember I will ... always be around Just climb on the wings of my love I'll ... take you high on the wings of my love When you're feeling

Quiet Riot - Wings of a cloud lyrics

far from the scene of the crime now Nothing more that I want ... to be part of Gonna break the chains that been holding me ... down Gonna spread my wings and I'll fly now Gonna set

Anathema - Wings of god lyrics

one can find me Here in my soul Kicking and ... screaming Out of control Calm myself down ... Nobody knows No one can find me Here in my ... soul Hooked on your problems Do I know why

Defyance - Wings of angels lyrics

the time has come my friend to reach the ... zenith spread your wings and fly Tonight the evil ... away just you and I can hear the battle cry Dreams, the dreams of all your life are here and now they're waiting to

Dj Sammy - Fly on the wings of love lyrics

on the wings of love Fly baby fly Reaching ... the stars above Touching the sky Fly on the wings of ... love Fly baby fly Reaching the stars above Touching the sky

Enceladus - Wings of time lyrics

s the only way to live Forget the ... have at hand And leave all Of your worries behind When ... you see the price You pay for life And ... life flies by You're flying On the wings of time The

Kamelot (usa) - Wings of despair lyrics

my visions are distant and vague Down ... at the base of the mountain Once in a while I am weak and ... afraid Tired and sick of it all I don't believe ... or blatant Bound to this body a world full of hate No

Olsen Brothers - Fly on the wings of love lyrics

the summernight, when the moon shines bright, Feeling love ... forever, And the heat is on, when the daylight’s gone, ... Still happy together. There’s just one more thing i’d

Royal Jester - Wings of tomorrow lyrics

in confusion you're all on your own But light will ... shine one day Times of sorrow gathering You need to ... keep your hope I see a ray of light Shine up my way

Level 42 - Wings of love lyrics

in a daydream letting time a days my mind I didn't know ... I was missing till you came into my life when I saw you ... girl felt as going inside when I kissed you pretty girl

Mehida - Wings of a dove lyrics

thoughts trouble me and I’m distraught at the ... voice of the enemy At the stares of the wicked For they bring down suffering upon me ... and revile me in their anger Confuse the wicked

Real Sisters - Wings of tomorrow lyrics

in confusion you're all on your own But light will ... shine one day Times of sorrow gathering You need to ... keep your hope I see a ray of light Shine up my way

Silverlane - Wings of eternity lyrics

ve found a book of magic and I hold it in my ... hand Dusty pages of wisdom are my destiny A ... years have passed since the final spell was cast ... I think I've found the sense behind my life I think

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Little trip to heaven (on the wings of your l.. lyrics

trip to heaven on the wings of your love Banana moon is ... shining in the sky, Feel like I'm in heaven ... when you're with me Know that I'm in heaven when ... smile, Though we're stuck here on the ground, I got something that I've found And it

B. B. King - On my word of honor lyrics

my word of honor All my love belongs to ... Please put your faith in me You see how true I'll be ... On my word of honor You can trust me with ... your heart And I pledge mine to you

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