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Season's End - On christian funeral lyrics

that I can say, my dear. Don't leave my side. Please ... .." As twilight set one autumn's eve, her aching

Atreyu - My sanity on the funeral pyre lyrics

its way through my subconscious thoughts. It's the ... Every shortcoming, a pitfall. On my way to making amends ... my enemy. But I will stand upon my own two feet and raise my

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Christian´s inferno lyrics

modern hell I got the rejection letter in the mail and it ... already ripped to shreds seasons in a ruin and this bitter ... out like a flood Whoa, Christian's inferno Whoa, Christian's

Gordon Lightfoot - Christian island lyrics

summer wind, I got whiskers on my chin, and I like the mood ... time of day, in the lee of Christian Island. Tall and strong, ... and keep smilin', but for one more day she would like to

Necrophobic - Christian slaughter lyrics

The holy blood shall flow Demonic desires to sacrifice We ... burn the Christian ground Crushing all thatŞ_Ts ... sacred Jesus Christ dethroned Peeling the skin off the

Electric Wizard - Funeral of your mind lyrics

now rots away Cos it's your funeral every day It's the Funeral ... Of Your Mind It's the Funeral Of Your Mind Lost and self ... you'll never find It's the Funeral Of Your Mind All your

Brad - Funeral song lyrics

funeral song's for you this funeral song this funeral song's for ... you this funeral song i sing this funeral song ... this funeral song's for you and it's all that

Dreadful Shadows - Funeral procession lyrics

breath turns into ice The long track to this holy place ... starts now The bright moon shines above the trees I don ... it's me who dies There's a funeral procession There's a funeral

Sentenced - Funeral spring lyrics

the wintery ice now all is gone, this is the end. this snow ... in May reminds me... funeral...funeral time again...funeral so came the Winter and the

Farscape - Funeral lust lyrics

of death walking together as one Raping the nuns in the fog ... unknown, ritual of a macabre funeral My life is uncommon ... putrid corpses Mad feelings control me Life of lust and

Drawn And Quartered - Christian extinction lyrics

to the ground Devastation Holy land awash in blood ... Desecration Praying Christians ripped in half Evisceration ... Butchered like your bastard son Final cleansing has begun

Lukas Graham - Funeral lyrics

you were right. You said only the good ones die young ... did I look this good. Everyone welcome to my funeral Everyone I know, better be wasted ... You know I would pour one up 'cause the way I lived,

Grave Digger - Funeral for a fallen angel lyrics

after night she would knock on my door Like a cockroach she ... crawled on the bloodstained floor ... Begging for money for one last glass of wine Selling ... farewell to a fallen angel Funeral for a useless soul Say

Grave Digger - Funeral procession lyrics

where you can hide Where demons rule with endless power ... your soul and lived a lie Don't ask me why you have to die ... Chorus:] Follow your obsession Get your funeral procession

Exhumed - Funeral f*** lyrics

aroused Shameless self-fondling aggressively abetted By ... and lavaged You`ve passed beyond the veil Blood replaced by ... Cold, grim and hard! FUNERAL FUCK FUNERAL FUCK

Chris Isaak - Funeral in the rain lyrics

wait, too long, I'll die, If I'm alone. I ... too shy, love dies, I'm alone to cry. I'm walking, I ... keep on walking down the street. I'm ... watching, I keep on searching every face I meet.

Moonspell - Funeral bloom lyrics

From the mouth of the dragon Oh it's time! To bring you ... tower Start a chain reaction Oh it's time! Time to lay ... Time to cover the world in Funeral Bloom Through the age of

Mayhem - Funeral fog lyrics

the tombs it comes to take one more life that can be near ... All natural life has for a long time ago gone, its thin ... so dark and mysterious. Once again the priest is messing

Drawn And Quartered - Funeral pyres of annihilation lyrics

out the conquered survivors Without ... massacre Corpses of millions decompose in our wake ... Heaps of bodies stacked upon the woodpiles Hill of ... rotting flesh for cremation Melting mountains of

Kroda - Похорон Сонця [funeral of the sun] lyrics

Cast down Their Storm upon Boundless Wastelands By ... all Peaks of Mountains Among the Veil of Night At last, ... the Funeral Pyre was flaming Souls ... by Gallow Forests To the Funeral of the Sun Lonesome Smog

Astrovamps - Funeral children lyrics

skin sees no sun They're lonely, they're sad They're ... they're glad They're funeral children There's a little ... never love in vain They're lonely, they're sad They're

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - Funeral party lyrics

unknown past Dancing at the funeral party Memories of ... and shadows Crying at the funeral party I heard a song And

Devin Townsend - Funeral lyrics

I'm coming home And this one's for the life This one's ... for the funeral in the rain And if only for ... tonight This one's for the funeral in the rain The day's gone

Macabre - Funeral home lyrics

are pronounced dead Due to a crushing ... grave It's off to the funeral home Isn't it great? Death ... casket Rolled in and put on display He made you look

Runemagick - Funeral caravan lyrics

clothes are on and my life is gone Coffin ... in the mist slowly moves On paths of frost to the emperor ... darkness, death and doom Funeral Caravan A journey to the

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - Funeral rites lyrics

s a time to bury the priest On the down of Meggido your ... Haunting my eyes and my mind funeral rites You are chosen by ... we'll bury you alive Black songs are heard with the funeral

Bat For Lashes - Christian henson - sea horses (feat. natasha .. lyrics

Henson - Sea Horses (feat. Natasha ... Khan) (Electronic music) (Natasha Khan's

Christian Linke - Christian linke - nevermind lyrics

it-all Oh, I know I am wrong Wanted to be heard and be ... the one who's there when he's gone ... out you're better off all alone Even if I call you every

Elliott Smith - Christian brothers lyrics

bad dream f***er's gonna boss me around Christian ... brothers gonna take him down It can't ... help me get over Don't be cross, its sick I want ... I've seen the boss blink on and off Fake concern says

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Funeral cremation lyrics

is behind me Puts her hand on my shoulder Torment deep ... inside To be unleashed on those inside Starting with ... her arm and smash Her body on her lifeless son. A day of

Evangelist - Funeral mounds lyrics

Ever sent forth, there is none from which it Reaches so ... The sun was rising solemn Among the trees of this hallowed ... Catharsis through mourns Funeral mounds Bleeding like open

Gardenian - Funeral lyrics

this nightmare This is so wrong Now when you're gone What ... but shed my tears All night long This should not have ... happened Not this soon I can not be whole without

Kittie - Funeral for yesterday lyrics

sad Its true my dear What's one more blow to seal this fate ... And what's one more nail It's getting late ... still six feet deep A funeral for all the love we've lost

Sleater-kinney - Funeral song lyrics

a new style Just love the demon with the poison dart There ... Put it in the ground sing a funeral song Put it in the ground ... sing a funeral song Have the neighbors over and

Black Label Society - Funeral bell lyrics

Can't stop the ringing of my funeral bell The loss of one's ... Genocide is coming way too soon. Oh, way too soon The ... undying fear The strength of one's demise Broke and strung

Marduk - Funeral bitch lyrics

the cemetery gates death among the dead, haunting ... oh, joyful sight naked on a table of stone juices ... of the shrieks the licking tongues of fire, lustful and

Satanic Warmaster - Funeral wolves lyrics


Bif Naked - Funeral of a good girl lyrics

I wanna get you alone. Cover you in chocolate, ... and turn off the phone. Damn! I think I'm losing ... be rocking my world, at the funeral of a good girl. Well maybe

Aura Noir - Funeral thrash lyrics

By Thrash Total destruction! Total devastation! Armies ... dead". World incineration. (End this world with a ... HELL/HAIL! Hate-ammoed funeral thrash upon you Chrome

Bella Morte - Funeral night lyrics

away Will you still stay strong? Steadfast when will has gone? As here we stand hand in ... hand In this funeral night Can't I see that we ... Can't you see my dry tears On this skin so cold Even now

Cathedral - Funeral of dreams lyrics

sweet destiny Then one day scarecrow greeted me My ... Now that the sun sets upon this magic land My eyes are ... eight Stories of crucifixion and moral codes to live life

Dark Sanctuary - Funeral cry lyrics

way Take me home Now it's done I'm a lonely sad spirit ... insanity An unholy muddle consume me An eternal scream ... are like rain And now I'm gone I'm going home I'm

Flame - Funeral to birthday lyrics

today in memory of Chris Johnson, I ask that you remain ... us in all of our affliction. So that we may be able to ... those who are in any affliction, with which the comfort we

Lisa Hannigan - Funeral suit lyrics

came by in his funeral suit In an open hearted ... Asked me what I like to do On a July evening To bermondsey or to shoreditch I said ... I don't know which is which The

Icarus Witch - Funeral wine lyrics

spell And time's hands are upon me now Hear the fallen ... from my past Back from beyond the grave Dancing in ... desperate souls will live on Is there no way that they

Little Big lyricsLittle Big - Funeral rave lyrics

fail fail fail Yeah, you gonna get the grave You gonna ... get the grave You gonna get the grave, rave rave, ... fail fail fail Yeah, you gonna get the grave You gonna

Marduk - Funeral dawn lyrics

Screaming whispers of a Funeral Dawn Wreaths of black iron

Master - Funeral bitch lyrics

in red Total destination undetermined Rigormortis sets ... Bitch until he's dead Funeral bitch Bitch until you'r dead ... destroyed Total alienation your reward Rigormortis sets

Phantogram - Funeral pyre lyrics

All I see is your eyes My funeral pyre My ship of fire As it

Reverend Bizarre - Funeral summer lyrics

Doom, and I walked with legion of Demons by my side. My ... fell into the void in his funeral room, caressed by summer's ... I cried. My God, I can't conceive. Why was he torn from

Carpathian Forest - Christian incoherent drivel lyrics

rolled by Most of the christians no longer thought That the ... second coming of Christ Would ... or thousands of years On the basis of a complex ... numerical Calculations involving the symbolic

Old Man's Child - Christian death lyrics

the autumn evening Flowing on its last days A wanderer of ... long-past wisdom Facing his last ... conflict Met the time of ... before What's my will? Well on his quest In search for

All Them Witches - Funeral for a great drunken bird lyrics

From the tops of the trees Only after a few drinks He ... was smart once And beautiful too But now ... he's gone Goodbye, you great fool

Besatt - Funeral wind lyrics

Human blood again flows dawn On the death throne I'm dead

Limbonic Art - Funeral of death lyrics

grows old. Death salvation, life capitulation, Blood ... breath into darkened conscience You still exist in ... endless overture of my own reconstructions I seek no paradise

Engerica - Funeral song lyrics

You pig! You liar! I won't set you on fire My heart ... 1 2 3s And now the world is done with me And if I gave you ... my real opinion I'd never ever tell you the

Elton John lyricsElton John - Funeral for a friend/love lies bleeding lyrics

window box Have tilted to one side Everything about this ... day You said I'm sorry honey If I don't change the ... bleeding in my hands I wonder if those changes Have

Iced Earth - Funeral lyrics

we have laid another loved one to rest And as we fight the ... or trials and tribulations Death may be the only real

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