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On A Starlit Night Angels Came To lyrics

Browse for On A Starlit Night Angels Came To song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed On A Starlit Night Angels Came To lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to On A Starlit Night Angels Came To.

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C.n. Blue - Starlit night lyrics

to my story . I saw a falling star . And I made a ... wish upon the tiny spark , then . My heart belongs to you forever , forever more . ... I hope my wish can be heard to the sky? kono sekai de kagayaiteru kimi to boku no hanashi o shitteru? kawara zu soba ni i te kureru kimi no

Helstar - Angels fall to hell lyrics

Your houses are burning You’ll be the one to bend your knees Your flock ... is lost and not returning Exposed what ... you hoped no one would see. The innocence

Dream Theater - On the backs of angels lyrics

on the backs of angels Destined to create ... Mounting the attack While heroes carry your ... weight We spiral towards disaster Survival fading ... faster Riding out the wave Content to feed off the machine Bleeding us to death

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Came to do lyrics

ain't nothing to make you want it Get you tipsy, you ... little blondey I pulled up in the S-500 ... F***ed up, feeling all up on it You know what I came to

Danzig - On a wicked night lyrics

my lady in black Now I see you're back Haven't seen you for a while ... Kinda miss your deadly smile On a windy night On a windy night On a wicked night On a wicked night Hey my lady in death Have you come for

Crystal Ball - He came to change the world lyrics

in a stable - among the poor A star showed them the way The ... kneeled - before this child Touching all their souls The ... Judas kiss betrayed his life Crucified for

Aaliyah - Came to give love lyrics

you got the whole world screaming Giving it up for you ... You got the party people fiending Bump it to the roof From the left side to the right side And straight to the back Ain't nothing going

Hillsong United - Came to my rescue lyrics

my knees in worship Giving all I am to seek your face ... Lord all I am is yours My whole life I ... place in your hands God of Mercy Humbled I ... bow down In your presence at your throne I called you answered And you came to my

Misty In Roots - On the road lyrics

yeah Leaving town Out again When days are done Black times again Good times are ... over Hard times again This ain't no better than my hometown The place I left behind On the sidewalks as I move along

The Meteors - To the devil a daughter lyrics

heart is Pumping pulse is raising Bike is eating up the ... road She’s pulling me real hard towards her don’t know why ... just gotta go The wind is up against me like a brick wall

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - On a foggy night lyrics

a foggy night, an abandoned road in a twilight mirror mirage ... with no indication of a service station or an all night garage, I was misinformed I ... was misdirected cause the interchange never

Chicago - On the last night of the year lyrics

On the last night of the year) The crowd of strangers storm the Square The countdown and the cheers They’ll freeze ... their a$$es off out there But me

Metric - On a slow night lyrics

beautiful one What have you gone and done I can ... see all your moves are new Tell me what did that ... salesman do to you That catalogue replaced The fine

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - On through the night lyrics

wait is done, the battle's won So count the cost before you ... run 'Cos on and on your time was power The ... clock on the wall ticks away the hours Come on down, you

Magnum - On a storytellers night lyrics

s a storm lamp on the table Throwing shadows to the gable And you swallow if you're ... able On a storyteller's night From the poorhouse chimes ... indifferent Seven towers, seven sisters Every black heart walks the distance On a storyteller's

Liza Minnelli - On such a night as this lyrics

s something in the air that you can sense Elusive but ... unbearably intense The stars are hanging there in bright ... suspense As they prepare to light immense events On such

Lafee - On the first night lyrics

look into you eyes I can tell what's on your mind ... But the time ain't right to feed the fire Please ... uinderstand I'm not ready I've been dreamin' of the

36 Crazyfists - On any given night lyrics

I be any further along when a room leaves nothing? We ... close our eyes to avoid the sound. You were traveling by an aeroplane over ... the ocean. I was deciding the way to perform

Kat-tun - On your mind -please come back to me- lyrics

ni mae ni Kimi ga ita ne Taisetsu dato iezuni ita Chikasugite Kimi wa itsumo Nani ga itsumo Iou toshite Namari konde mutsumui tane ... Please Come back to me Ano koro wa mou kaeranai Anna

Amy Grant - Angels lyrics

'Take this man to prison,'' the man heard Herod say, And then four squads of ... soldiers came and carried him away. Chained up between two watchmen, Peter tried to sleep,

Disciple - Angels & demons lyrics

was off the beaten path I thought that I was free at last living in the shadows ... paranoid and breathing fast, knees collapse so get away it’s too late to save me day and night I run and hide

Abyssos - Where even angels fear to tread lyrics

..and as we entered the gate to where all mortal ends, he ... just disappeared among the daimons and fiends. Within ... the abyss I've felt my power grow, ... of the four rivers, I will lead the horde. Join me and

Seraphim - To leave lyrics

of scary spindrift, leave me to the unbeknownst Shining pass ... window infinitely Spatial finish end line, far away ... from madness I just feel my wings ... melt in darkness To leave, gathering sore reality

Dream Master - Angels of the night lyrics

of years ago At times of swords and steel ... This curse took place To end the human race Flying around the town Searching another victim Angels of the night Living for eternity

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Angels in chains lyrics

young gun has their fun The brightest star burns half as long Who ... why the good die young? I wonder where you've gone Could ... ve been gone tomorrow Could've walked

Anachronaeon - To ashes lyrics

went by without a sign I moved around in ... different towns God covered my tracks so ... I could roam free until the day when He would call for me ... Now I lived as a guest with a hospital widow and her kids

Insania (swe) - Angels in the sky lyrics

night is coming early. The sun has left us for ... another day. And we can't see the brightness. Is ... there possibly another way? As I try to catch the ... I see your smile it fades away. The sun is rising early.

Lana Lane - Night falls lyrics

a dream last night I watched as the angels came down ... Slowly they float like they're shadows Asleep on the ground And ... there's no way home No way home I asked the gypsy

Dark Quarterer - Angels of mire lyrics

idol eyes of stone you see are cold and old have no ... expression no don't scare anyone now the wood of the cross ... in this time old man's mind don't teach anymore the child

Echo & The Bunnymen - Angels and devils lyrics

it a day When night becomes our mad escape ... Forgetting the things you mean to say When all the right ... words come too late and Everything falls out of place Under the pillow Out of

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Fools rush in where angels fear to tread lyrics

is a game for fools, I used to say A game I thought I'd ... never play Romance is a game for fools, I said & ... grinned Then you passed by and here am I throwing caution to the wind Fools rush in

Puff Daddy - Angels with dirty faces lyrics

feat. Bizzy Bone) [Bizzy Bone] Let it go (Let this angel ... go) Let yourself go (Time is passin' 'til the cops come) Big ... beefin' with the Mistress (On and on and on and on and on and

Dover - Devil came to me lyrics

came to me and he said: I Know what you need ... devil came to me and he said you just follow me This ... do you know why? Devil came to me and he said: I Know

Good Weather Forecast - Angels on the dancefloor lyrics

darkness lost its fight again tonight I've changed the side and yes it feels alright free at last he broke the chains of ... past Shadows are gone Now I can see the sun We

Hammerfall - On the edge of honour lyrics

by temptation into the underworld to absence ... of season and time Soldiers of Fortune, ... Soldiers of the Night back to back, ready to fight Enchanted gardens, where Evil

Berlin - Angels wings lyrics

s too loud and so young And too lucky in love Too hot and too wild And so never enough ... Crazy and nothing at all like my dreams Dripping ... with sweat on my angel's wings He's too

Deuce - I came to party (ft. travie mccoy) lyrics

thought I told ya'...I came to party. Deuce: Hey bartender, can I get a cup? Tonight's my night, and I'm gettin' ... up, I hope I still got the charm, got the luck, 'Cause all

Janais - Angels in my room lyrics

I saw angels in my room, they told ... me that you are fine. I saw angels in my room, they smiled ... 2. The sun flooded the room and I wondered what kind of

George Jones - Angels don't fly lyrics

into midnight far from the warm light Beneath the shadows ... of a cold crescent moon I watched her leaving no shouting ... or screaming Just the sound of our hearts as they fall out of tune

Pigsty - Angels lyrics

to look at the sky, What can you see Thousands of angels ... swoop on land Beautiful as they could be Stupid ... christians prey to them, Try to get grace But these angels are different, Now thet hate

Rotersand - Angels falling lyrics

we would fear we were born to live on higher ground heavenbound to live on wings ... in a dream so dear out of touch with fazing sight and ... sound so safe and sound we didn't see the

Jackie Evancho - Teaching angels how to fly lyrics

how do angels fly? Well, Kimberly, ... me tell you how There are times in life gifts come ... our way We don't really realize til it's too late The

Icon ( Usa ) - (rock on) through the night lyrics

Tonight's the night We come here to play Turn ... the music I've got something to say I've been out on the ... streets I'm back on my feet Tear up this town And I'll be on my way Raise

Lil' Flip - I came to bring the pain lyrics

feat. Ludacris, Tity Boi, Static) [Intro: Man with deep ... voice] I, I came to bring the pain, pain I, I came to bring the pain, pain I, ... I came to bring the pain, pain I, I came to bring the pain

Bella Morte - Angels & faith lyrics

down at my life I find the cold stare of spite In a copse the Angel sighs I long to feel her ... at my side Hope is dread, it waits for me And ... through it cloak I cannot see Within her arms I

Parade - Shoes lyrics

1 [BIANCA] Bad Uh huh That's exactly how I feel tonight ... Mad Uh uh Plus I'm way too cute to fight I came To ... have fun DJ Play my song Feels good Inside Can't

Counting Crows - Angels in america lyrics

dying from lonely days Were walking and trying to take our ... souls away Were just spending out our ... time angels in America slapping on a dime Slide here

Destiny - Angels lyrics

down still, you won't fight no more The battle ... is over, you reached the sacred shore Now arise, let ... heaven free your mind During ... countless years the journey took place Never-ending illness

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Army of the night lyrics

up all the Night and call the Fight Let your Mind ... the Light Here we come the Army of the Night Mater Maria ... Line up Side by Side and bound to pray Sent to die and fight the Final Day Army

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - We came to take your souls lyrics

know when I live on a saturday night We came to take your ... souls My heart is broken and I leave you to fight We came to take your souls I see ... in a law and I come out to fight We came to take your

Leann Rimes - On the side of angel lyrics

ve never been so certain I've never been sure We ... re on the side of angels If we believe this ... love is pure Is it so hard to trust it Cause we've

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Amaranthe - army of the night lyrics

up all the Night and call the Fight Let your Mind ... the Light Here we come the Army of the Night Mater Maria ... Line up Side by Side and bound to pray Sent to die and fight the Final Day Army

Dev - We came to smash & martin solveig lyrics

clap your hands, you’re turning heads you ... re jumping ship, jumping on my bed you've snuck into my ... room danced away the way the night i turned off my light, i

Matt Redman - Where angels fear to tread lyrics

it wasn't for your mercy if it wasn't for your love if it wasnt for your kindness how ... could I stand if it wasnt for your cleansing if it ... wasnt for your blood if it wasnt for your goodness how

Elvenstorm - Where angels dare to die lyrics

at the gates, in a cold winter hell No God on ... their side but brothers in arms They remember their lands ... On the march of the damned Ready to fight in the hall of the brave Death in

Ll Cool J - We came to party lyrics

just wanna make sweet love to you, baby, you know what I’m ... saying? I just wanna touch you all over… aw, please! ... We came to party, we came to party We came to party, we came to party We came to party,

Martin Solveig lyricsMartin Solveig - We came to smash (in a black tuxedo) feat. de.. lyrics

clap your hands, you're turning heads You ... re jumping ship, jumping on my bed You snuck into my ... room, danced away the night I turned off my light, I ... turned off my light. So watch me, baby, follow my lead

Pretty Maids - We came to rock lyrics

of nowhere If you got no place to go If you're feeling ... lost and lonely When you're down the ... open road Oh, come on join our show Here we go

Ironsword - Kings of the night lyrics

came to invade us once more Our homeland ravaged ... by a ruthless war An oath of blood shall unite all clans Strange races from far ... unknown lands Kings...kings of the night Nameless kings Brought to

Mewithoutyou - The angel of death came to david's room lyrics

Angel of Death came to David's room The Angel of Death ... came to David's room The Angel of Death came to David's ... room He said, "Friend, it's time to

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