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On A Starlit Night Angels lyrics

Browse for On A Starlit Night Angels song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed On A Starlit Night Angels lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to On A Starlit Night Angels.

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C.n. Blue - Starlit night lyrics

to my story . I saw a falling star . And I made a ... wish upon the tiny spark , then . My heart belongs ... more . I hope my wish can be heard to the sky? kono

Dream Theater - On the backs of angels lyrics

on the backs of angels Destined to create ... Mounting the attack While heroes carry your ... weight We spiral towards disaster Survival fading ... faster Riding out the wave Content to feed off the machine Bleeding us to death

Danzig - On a wicked night lyrics

my lady in black Now I see you're back Haven't seen you for a while ... Kinda miss your deadly smile On a windy night On a windy night On a wicked night On a wicked night Hey my lady in death Have you come for

Liza Minnelli - On such a night as this lyrics

s something in the air that you can sense Elusive but ... unbearably intense The stars are hanging there in bright ... suspense As they prepare to light immense events On

Chicago - On the last night of the year lyrics

On the last night of the year) The crowd of strangers ... storm the Square The countdown and the ... cheers They’ll freeze their a$$es off out there But me

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - On through the night lyrics

wait is done, the battle's won So count the cost before you ... run 'Cos on and on your time was power The ... clock on the wall ticks away the hours Come on down, you

Lafee - On the first night lyrics

look into you eyes I can tell what's on your mind ... But the time ain't right to feed the fire ... Please uinderstand I'm not ready I've been dreamin' of the

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - On a foggy night lyrics

a foggy night, an abandoned road in a twilight mirror mirage ... with no indication of a service station or an all night garage, I was misinformed I ... was misdirected cause the interchange never

Metric - On a slow night lyrics

beautiful one What have you gone and done I can ... see all your moves are new Tell me what did that ... salesman do to you That catalogue replaced The fine

Magnum - On a storytellers night lyrics

s a storm lamp on the table Throwing shadows to the gable And you swallow if you're ... able On a storyteller's night From the poorhouse chimes ... seven sisters Every black heart walks the distance On a

36 Crazyfists - On any given night lyrics

I be any further along when a room leaves nothing? We ... close our eyes to avoid the sound. You were traveling by an aeroplane over ... the ocean. I was deciding the way to perform

Echo & The Bunnymen - Angels and devils lyrics

it a day When night becomes our mad escape ... Forgetting the things you mean to say When all the right ... words come too late and Everything falls out of place Under the pillow Out of

Good Weather Forecast - Angels on the dancefloor lyrics

darkness lost its fight again tonight I've changed the ... side and yes it feels alright free at last he broke ... the chains of past Shadows are gone Now I can see the sun

Bella Morte - Angels & faith lyrics

down at my life I find the cold stare of spite In a copse the Angel sighs I long to feel her ... at my side Hope is dread, it waits for me And ... through it cloak I cannot see Within her arms I

George Jones - Angels don't fly lyrics

into midnight far from the warm light Beneath the shadows ... of a cold crescent moon I watched her leaving no shouting ... or screaming Just the sound of our hearts as they fall out of tune

Leann Rimes - On the side of angel lyrics

ve never been so certain I've never been sure We ... re on the side of angels If we believe this ... love is pure Is it so hard to trust it Cause we've

Counting Crows - Angels in america lyrics

dying from lonely days Were walking and trying to take our ... souls away Were just spending out our ... time angels in America slapping on a dime Slide here

Berlin - Angels wings lyrics

s too loud and so young And too lucky in love Too hot and too wild And so never ... enough Crazy and nothing at all like my dreams Dripping ... with sweat on my angel's wings He's too

City Of Angels - Musical - You can always count on me lyrics

m one of a long line of good girls Who ... choose the wrong guy to be sweet on The girl ... with a face that says welcome That men can wipe ... their feet on I'm there when he calls me

Ray Charles - Night time is the right time lyrics

know the night time, darling (night and day) Is the ... right time (night and day) To be (night and day) ... With the one you love, now (night and day) Say now oh baby

Lulu - Night time is the right time lyrics

know the night time, darling (night and day) Is ... the right time (night and day) To be (night and day) ... With the one you love, now (night and

Neil Diamond - Brooklyn on a saturday night lyrics

they come for the dance And some they come for the ... fight Either way take your chance In Brooklyn on a Saturday ... night Yeah, that's how they happened to meet

The Downtown Fiction - Hope i die on a saturday night lyrics

s a dirty bomb in my head And I've been swimming in this ... hotel bed for days I think it's time that I ... step outside Everything's gonna be alright Cuz David says

Greyson Chance - Hold on til the night lyrics

the minute hand Frozen solid not moving ... Still we believe we can But we're afraid of losing ... Watching from over here It's hardly worth competing I'm almost out of here While breaking a heart that's beating

Icon ( Usa ) - (rock on) through the night lyrics

Tonight's the night We come here to play Turn ... music I've got something to say I've been out on the ... streets I'm back on my feet Tear up this town And I'll be on my way Raise

Killing Joke - Night time lyrics

sun Countdown - pulsing like a machine Conflict - cars and ... people, steel on flesh Night time - desperations sweat on ... breath Bloodstains - night covering the crimes Daytime

Krokus - Night wolf lyrics

walk the city streets And I'm looking for some tushie ... I want to feel, I want to touch And not just some ... hoochie koochie 9 to 5, half alive Devil in a sheepskin

Mims - On & on lyrics

got one question is he still around Been a little while now ... in style Is he still rockin Canterbury apparel Is it all ... good when willy buried a smile Is he still waitin around for that applaud Is

David Hasselhoff - Crazy on a saturday night lyrics

! all right ! hum Wooo, don't the nighttime make it, man ... what a show Whoa, when I really right, yeah, don't the ... feelings show, baby Don't the feelings show 'cause

Honne - Warm on a cold night lyrics

a rabbit in headlights They're stunned by all your charm And I feel so damn lucky To have you on my arm And I can't help but wonder How we ended up alright And I love you like no other Cause this has never felt so

Willie Nelson - Texas on a saturday night lyrics

there's nothing quite like Texas on a Saturday night Nothin' ... can compare to it no matter how you try Nevada never ... it's nothing quite like Texas on a Saturday night Everybody's

Jason Michael Carroll - Happened on a saturday night lyrics

Carroll, Jason Michael; Davis, Brian; Mcgehee, Vicky ... Bobby's out with Suzie Q And Larry's here trying to down ... a few cold ones to get her off his mind He

Hasselhoff David - Crazy on a saturday night lyrics

! All right ! Hum Wooo, don't the nighttime make it, man ... what a show Whoa, when I really right, yeah, don't the ... feelings show, baby Don't the feelings show 'Cause I get crazy on a saturday night Just us baby refers at the

Copeland - On the safest ledge lyrics

t look ahead, just run to me Each step ... will find the next one recklessly We'll find ... ourselves on the safest ledge Well pardon me, I ... t help myself Girl, fall into your life here If only for a while, I'm here

Loreena Mckennitt - Night ride across the caucasus lyrics

on Through the night Ride on Ride on Through the night ... Ride on There are visions, there are memories There are echoes of thundering hooves ... There are fires, there is laughter There's the sound of a

Deaf Havana - Night drives lyrics

long weeks and I've thought myself into ... this hole, Just like I always do With your glass green ... eyes and your deep blue soul. In ... the morning you say, it won't mean anything And it doesn

Impellitteri - On and on lyrics

goes on and on all through the day On and on, ... my love will remain Don't you know it's never too late To turn the hand of fate ... were, burned by love Left a bitter taste, a heart of stone Now you're strong and you

Alabama - On this side of the moon lyrics

folks looks through a telescope And dream of ... flying high above the stars They say it won't be long ... 'Til we can haul on a ship to Mars I'm just a ... simple man There's a lot that I don't know But as long as

Baby Bash - On the cool lyrics

Chorus: DJ Kane] Let's keep it on the cool ... (keep it on the cool) It's between, me and you alright It's the freaky things we do Cause baby I ... it, I like it Let's keep it on the cool (keep it on the cool

Machine Gun Kelly - On everything (ft. tezo) lyrics

What's really good? Niggas tell me that I made it when ... I hit the hood Old girl gave it up like I knew she would ... When you saw me, you ain't swing like I knew you

Kaiser Chiefs - On the run lyrics

got hit and who hit first? Who was bad ... and who got worse? Who got caught up in the life? Who ... went down and who got higher? Who ran back into the fire? Who was really hypnotised? And if I

Pretty Boy Floyd - Wild angels lyrics

girl. Let's run away. We'll set the skies on fire ... tonight. It's you and me. We'll run away to ... We'll Rock n' Roll all night long like we never could.

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Lucky you lyrics

is a little girl in this little ... town With a little too much heart to go around Live forever, never say ... never You can do better, that's what she says Mama named her Lucky on a starlit night A rabbit food in her pocket,

Aj Rafael - Starlit nights lyrics

nights They keep me looking at your starlit eyes The way ... the stars impact your crazy mind, it makes me leave ... everything behind. Look above, these foolish stars

Nina Hagen - Starlit hour lyrics

here in the starlit hour Oh, heaven is in ... the wind is sobbing Underneath the stars Both our hearts are throbbing Like two guitars ... Love here in the starlit hour Night whispering

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - Starlit eyes lyrics

the law again Pushin' the law again Pushin' the law again ... Justice with a sword Our smiling knight on ... board Pushin' the law again Opening his heart to

Fallujah - Starlit path lyrics

you watch us in the dark Do you see us in the night ... We walk in the night Our starlights aligned Gathering, ... faith inside The fear inside your bones reclaims

Richard Smallwood - Angels lyrics

Through dangers seen and unseen, there's protection all around. Under the refuge of ... security is found. For there are angels watching you to keep ... you in all of your ways, keeeping you from

Europe - Angels (with broken hearts) lyrics

build our wings In so many ways We build our hope It’s ... the last thing to fade And we build our love Please ... don’t take it away Out of the night Come

Mxpx - Angels lyrics

a room without a window, your head starts caving in Your mind takes you ... to places, that it's never been In a house ... without a hallway, there's nothing more to see

Doro Pesch - Angels with dirty faces lyrics

my soul as desire Catch the words as they fall ... from my lips Feel the passion grow higher Lick the sweat ... Be my love Beware my love is strange Be my

Ancient - Night of the stygian souls lyrics

yet so divine Enthroned by stygian souls The realm of burning darkness Is now ... down! Red storms of the blackest hell Then a freezing starlit sky was seen Hail! the

Rachel Platten - Angels in chelsea lyrics

night I saw a suit give a buck to a bum 20 feet down ... the street, someone yelling, look up Some girl, ... maybe 18, probably drunk Just in time, out ... the way of a bus And maybe things are finally getting

Dala - Angels & thieves lyrics

say I'm letting life slip by And star light's wasted on ... sleeping eyes I stare all night into the sky When all these ... stars have long since died I've woken up

Damh The Bard - Tomb of the king lyrics

a mist-capped mountain, An oaken forest did grow, Around and ancient trackway, that led ... to the old Barrow. On a starlit night on the dark of the moon

David Phelps - Love goes on lyrics

shooting star tumbles down It's flame cannot endure A scarlet rose ... withers brown To lose it's fragrant lure The moon illuminates the night To vanish at

Dream Master - Angels of the night lyrics

of years ago At times of swords and steel ... This curse took place To end the human race ... Flying around the town Searching another victim Angels ... of the night Living for eternity

Chad Kroeger - Into the night ft. carlos santana lyrics

a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell, It was love ... from above, that could save me from hell. She had fire ... in her soul it was easy to see, How the devil

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Angels forever lyrics

the sun in your eyes Easy Rider? Do the flame ... skies Light your fire? We are heavy metal lions They ... will never understand The kind of people you or

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