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Mad At Gravity - You cannot hide lyrics

I told you That the crowd was all ears, ... Could you find the words to say? If I ... told you You could take home the prize, ... Would you know the game to play?

Bob Catley - You are my star lyrics

When I will find out where you stay You cannot hide from me Is it so hard to see ... I will always find you And I won't let you run ... away It's better if you stay Where you are You

Machine Head - Crashing around you lyrics

am your nightmares, true scares ... That dream when you can't stop from falling Can ... t run Can't stop the person you've become I am your ... mistakes That place inside your hate I am that shadow

Forgot Tomorrow - How can you say you like bk if you're a whopp.. lyrics

I can see straight through your eyes Tell me what have you ... become I won't die in your arms tonight Won't die, ... And I can see through your disguise You cannot hide from who you are And you'll leave

A-ha lyricsA-ha - Cannot hide lyrics

Standing in the light I feel your cat's eyes on me Faster in ... burning baby That's alright You and I Here tonight Meet ... me on the other side 'Cause you can do me right Take me

Evereve - Hide from me lyrics

in the shadow of death They cannot break the chains I saw ... we're playing - I can't find you Like fools we're playing - I ... look for you, where are you? Despite all swearing You

Deathlike Silence - You cannot kill the boogeyman lyrics

go to sleep Like every child you have to go But you don't ... want to, you are afraid of the dark Don't ... Just last night he was after you, you had to run away from him

Queen Adreena - Hide from time lyrics

her tower she feels free from harm, I'll lock her up inside ... s overgrown over her tears. Hide from time, Hide from time. ... sleep she won't play today. Hide from time, Hide from time. I

Helloween lyricsHelloween - You always walk alone lyrics

I think it's right for me you say to me I will repent what ... I think it's right for me you say to me I will repent what ... of life for me this music you hear the strength we have

Michael Kiske - You always walk alone lyrics

way I think is right for me You say to me I will repent what ... way I think is right for me You say to me I will repent what ... of life for me this music you hear The strength we have

Dilated Peoples - You cant hide you cant run lyrics

You can't hide, you can't run) Remember to ... always be true no matter what you do Run it. I never fronted. ... I got my whole crew life on it. (Think ... sharp, man listen) (You can't hide, you can't run)

Terence Trent D'arby - You will pay tomorrow lyrics

me wherever I go sayin' You will pay tomorrow for what You do today Accept this as a ... truth For old as well as youth You will pay tomorrow for

Edyta Bartosiewicz - You cannot reach me lyrics

said I love you so many times You cannot ... reach me I stayed in your house so many times You cannot reach me You gave me money, you bought me a car You cannot

Donots - You cannot lyrics

war with honesty so whats your stradegy ? you oughtt to ... learn how to confront yourself before you fight ... else ( yeah ) Admit your ignorance if you can´t

Instalok - Hide from rek'sai (tove lo - habits (stay hig.. lyrics

there is a creature A Terror from Shurima Eating all the ... people riding along From underneath the surface She’s ... she spins around Gonna make you fall Digging tunnels like

Blindside - You can hide it lyrics

for a while Is it hurting your eyes I know you want to put ... warm wind blow right through you Melting the ice I know you ... stand still for a while You can hide it You can fight it

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - You're not my god lyrics

of paper, it says, "In God We Trust" A little sure ... When I held the gold But you're not my god And you're not ... my friend You're not the one that I will

Lyle Lovett - You've been so good up to now lyrics

t have to live a life of sin You don't have to break the law ... And break the law again You can make just one mistake ... And it can take you to your grave, honey One bad move

Bo Burnham - From god's perspective lyrics

books you think I wrote are way too ... metaphors to figure out you shouldn't be a dick? And I ... don't watch you when you sleep. Surprisingly I don't ... to be a f***ing creep You're not going to heaven Why

Apoptygma Berzerk - You keep me from breaking apart lyrics

am only here because of you because you never left me ... that soon will fade away you keep me from breaking apart you understand the chaos in my ... head only you understand every word I say you restore my soul and erase all

Apoptygma Berzerk - You keep me from breaking apart (according to.. lyrics

m only here because of you And because you never left ... that soon will fade away You keep me from breaking apart ... You understand the chaos in my ... head Only you understand every word I say You restore my soul and erase all

Lara Fabian - You´re not from here lyrics

don't know what is going on You turn around and touch my hart ... was falling in those eyes of yours And so Fear was gone I ... else I'd ever want I know you You're not from here I've

Fatboy Slim - You're not from brighton lyrics

baby, check baby, check 1-2 You´re not from Brighton Here we

Inme - You wont hear from me again lyrics

have unmistakable grins You wanted something different ... though they can be so cruel You've got your precious home; I ... ve got your crumple zone You've got your bible; I've got

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - You had me from hello lyrics

the mirror you fix your hair and put your makeup on ... You're insecure about what ... t see nothing wrong To me you look so beautiful when you ... can't make up your mind It's half past eight,

Kenny Chesney - You had me from hello lyrics

word, that's all you said, Something in your ... caused me to turn my head. Your smile just captured me, you ... but it happens still. You ask me if i love you, if i

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - You cant win from the wiz lyrics

can't win You can't break even And you can ... But they look just like You're stayin' the same You ... get in way over your head And you only got yourself to blame You can't win

A Very Potter Senior Year - Get in my mouth lyrics

Please Don't run away from me, oh no Baby I cannot ... breathe Without you inside of me When I look at you I think of one thing I feel ... I know it's obscene I want you I need you I'll teach you

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - God is dead? lyrics

in the darkness I fade from the light Faith of my father ... Out of the gloom I rise up from my tomb into impending doom ... turns red Give me the wine You keep the bread The voices

All Sons And Daughters - Almighty god (feat. sandra mccracken) lyrics

God To You all hearts are open Search ... Wash us in the fountain Of Your mercy Come with Your light ... We cannot hide from You Almighty God To You all

Al B Damned - You are what we eat lyrics

be eaten alive, You’ll be wishing you’d died, ... Caught within our grip, Your blood will drip, And you’ll ... Impaled on a stake, While you’re still awake, We put the U

Bardot - You got me feeling lyrics

moment, is all I need Don't you try and take it from me ... Cause I know that you and I were meant to be Don't ... just don't seem right won't you explain to me The reasons

Ektomorf - You get what you give lyrics

face to face I can't stand you lie to me Couse you even ... can't lie I see through your eyes I see you're f***ing ... weak inside You get what you give – from me You treat

Draconian - The marriage of attaris lyrics

cannot hide from a grace already perceived ... s a fierce grace indeed! and you cannot hide a tree this is ... angels weep as they count your scars These rivers of

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - You lyrics

I an in your face Tellin' truths and ... not your old lies Seems to me that ... you care And I know that you're runnin' out of time See ... and again Whisperin' in your ear Do believe 'cause you

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Birds of war lyrics

down on earth with powers from hell We ride on the wind ... We follow our lust, in no god we trust Come join us ... Leave this world behind and you will find satisfaction

Emilie Autumn - I know where you sleep lyrics

know where you sleep I know The ... thoughts that slither around your head I know The gluttonous ... guilt that buried me in your bed Manipulate me if you

Diabolical - God of the underworld lyrics

broken mask that used to be your life Behind the agony and ... grief that your bare inside With your ... shield put aside Are you living dead or dying alive?

Magica - Black lace lyrics

how many tears I've shed If you see that dress you know you'd ... Even though it's not my will You cannot hide from my embrace ... Even though it's not my will You cannot hide from my embrace

Reef - Place your hands lyrics

place your hands, on my hope, Run your ... Lord it may go. So place your hands, on my hope, Run your ... Oh Lord it may go. Put your hands on, put your hands on.

Brymir - Thus i became kronos lyrics

of war shall be redeemed And you will see! I shall be ... Deimos As you flee from sacrament-light But you cannot hide from justice The ... chains of truth.... Enslave you to my truth! I am the dusk

Crystal Tears - Under your skin lyrics

under that smile No one can hide from his guilts I'll be ... calling you at nights I will be crawling ... in your dreams I hear you creeping, cannot be dreaming

Moloko - The flipside lyrics

t leave you alone We can't leave you ... alone no You can't hide from the flipside Your foolish ... Trouble bubbles inside You can try but you cannot resist

Man Must Die - Hide the knives lyrics

I don’t believe a word that you just said. You’re no good, you’re worthless. Your ignorance ... is bliss. Inside your world, no one else but you ... exists. You’re no good, I f***ing told you so. Think you can outsmart me

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - God on drums devil on the bass lyrics

and the Devil on the bass If you wanna dance you better find a ... angel face Is this the night you're gonna fall from grace ... With God on the drums and the Devil on

Kj-52 - God is in control lyrics

find out what is the truth) You did the math Yes And The ... and details right there upon your screen correct but all your ... what they mean like what your heart (huh) explain what

Love Like Blood - Hide lyrics

t run away if you're in danger we will come to ... help you, cause this is no world for ... when a friend betrays you in the name of policy if ... people are so sick that you give them something to vomit

Monrose - You can look lyrics

can see you like the way I'm posing in ... the magatine I can see you like it when I'm struttin' on ... your tv screen When you see me in the club, wanna ... touch you wanna rub Wanna get your

Almah - You take my hand lyrics

Getting the Keys to decide? You try the reasons To Find all ... solutions But you cannot seem to describe How ... Freeze is Into your heart? An Empty Field to

The Automatic - Cannot be saved lyrics

don't catch their eyes! You cannot, you cannot be saved You cannot, you cannot be saved From all of us You cannot, you cannot be saved You cannot, you cannot be saved From all of us

Blitzkrieg - Standing still lyrics

is nowhere to hide The dice of fate has been ... thrown The fear you feel from inside Is a fear you face ... alone DOn't know how you got there Who said life

Saigon Kick - God of 42nd street lyrics

am the god of 42nd Street You may not love me but I'm hard ... to beat I am the lord of all you see and feel You may not ... want me but I'm, oh, so real You cannot feel me when the light

Lene Marlin - So i see lyrics

of me What's a matter, oh you cannot see Feeling like I ... did when you blindfolded me So I hear it, ... things they were far, far from true But I guess you cannot hide from the truth. So I see

Rezyon - Can you survive? lyrics

we're gonna find the way to you Now if you listen to the ... left in free roam They left you here all alone In us ... is revenge and we know where you hide Through these rooms

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - God be with you lyrics

truth will ever hide Even though I tried They ... But they only took my father from me They only took my father ... Even though I tried again God be with you Ireland God be

Levellers - Survivors lyrics

the life in front of you and me Seems there is no ... logic - No place that you must be And there are times ... things that come to be But you must try to set your spirit

Never A Hero - From heroes to angels lyrics

stand up, with the hate in your eyes, Tell the whole world ... who you are, with no compromise, ... up and fight now, for what you believe in And f*** the whole world, we’re gonna leave them

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - God given lyrics

Take a look around, can't you see what's right in front of you Have a little taste, no ... more time to waste You don't wanna get left behind ... How hard is it to see Put your faith in me 'Cause you

Fireflight - You decide lyrics

and so busted up inside You've been searching you've been ... crying out Will you be destroyed by all your ... doubt? You decide (Who will you run to) ... (There is no reason) For you to hide Only love can change

Mistweaver - From the dawn of time lyrics

Centuries have past From the dawn of time we come ... The pain is growing inside From this curse we cannot hide ... ll fight 'till death Tonite you'll sleep in hell "from the dawn of time we came,

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