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Emiliana Torrini - Old man and miss beautiful lyrics

man, old man, Staring at young Miss ... Every night, Loving her, holding her. Old man, old man, ... Loving her, feeling her. Old man, old man, Wanting to

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Old man and the sea (japanese bonustrack) lyrics

wrong Years have passed and I've grown old And time has ... carry me home Close my eyes and take a deep breath In my ... carry me home Close my eyes and take a deep breath In my

Lykathea Aflame - An old man and a child lyrics

the high hill sits an old man his eyes are staring down.. ... distance he hears the clear and ringing laughter of a child. ... their sights have never met and won't ever meet, as rough

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The parable of the old man and the young lyrics

Abram rose, and clave the wood, and went, And took the fire with him, and a ... knife. And as they sojourned both of ... Isaac the first-born spake and said, My Father, Behold the

Oliver Onions - Old man lyrics

Man Old Man Old Man Old Man Old Man Old Man Old Man Old Man ... Old Man Old Man Old Man Old Man Old Man Old Man Old Man

Les Humphries Singers - Old man moses lyrics

well I believe oh yeah old man Moses is dead. Well I ... ... Have you heard about old man Mose oh yeah oh yeah. ... I do I believe oh yeah old man Mose is dead. Someone

Kate Rusby - Old man time lyrics

man time is a rare old man For a young man he'll ever ... With his long grey beard and his clothes are plain Oh Old ... As one flower dies The old mand he cries The young man he

Love - Old man lyrics

once knew a man Been everywhere in the world ... have been loving you Dear old man He'd seen most ... ve found my way I know the old man would laugh He spoke of

Ensiferum - Old man (väinämöinen pt. i) lyrics

that you must keep this Old Man wide awake 'cause no one ... night sky as he reached his hands in the air As the sun ... peeked between the trees the Old Man burst to tears Sweeter

Alabama - Old man lyrics

store That's when I saw the old man He was kicked back ... there I thought to myself Old man (Old man) you got one up ... tree With your two gas pumps and your color TV Your satisfied

Redlight King - Old man lyrics

much A pair of hard working hands Everything that I needed I ... got it from the old man With a nine second dream He ... drove the Redlight Bandit And the grease on his hands Was

Art Garfunkel - Old man lyrics

me? You must remember me, Old Man, I know that you can if ... So just open up your eyes, Old Man, Look who's come to say, ... The sun has left the sky, Old Man, The birds have flown

Puddle Of Mudd - Old man lyrics

originally by Neil Young) Old man look at my life, I'm a ... lot like you were. Old man look at my life, I'm a lot ... like you were. Old man Old man look at my life, Twenty

Kristen Kelly - Ex-old man lyrics

an ex-old man and an ex-best girlfriend Took ... reason for this drink in my hand Got an ex-old man and an ... But I wised up I got an ex-old man and an ex-best girlfriend

Saga - Old man lyrics

upon him He went to find the Old Man Too see if he could ... The Indian held in his hand Old Man won't you teach me ... they just shook their heads and smiled. Old Man won't you

Motorjesus - Old man (neil young cover) lyrics

- I'm a lot like you were Old man - look at my life - I'm a ... lot like you were Old man - look at my life - twenty ... four and there's so much more Live

Oar - Old man time lyrics

There's a mystery in that and it's strong. But once more I ... I stood my ground, wait for Old Man Time. Once again a day's ... dethroned again. I missed the man by a minute again. But next

Metal Law - The old man lyrics

is an old man lonely on the bench every ... day The dogs only growl low and seldom anybody turns around ... him His glances are empty and unconcerned His old jacket

Wilson Phillips - Old man lyrics

I'm a lot like you were. Old man look at my life, Twenty ... four and there's so much more Live ... tossed Rolling home to you. Old man take a look at my life I

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - Old man kensey lyrics

folly) That's my mistake Old Man Kensey wants to be a ... s going far John, Bill and Ted, stand on your head ... my folly) I'm ready to go Old Man Kensey wants to be a dog

Francis Magalona - Old man lyrics

father was a wise man in life, and, he always ... right way, father was a fine man, spic'n'span He wore slick ... baggy pants Father was a good man, a true man, he taught me

Reba Mcentire - Old man river (i've come to talk again) lyrics

To the sea forever more Wind and willows whisper Sadness is ... world that's falling down Old man I might be going where ... you're bound Old man river I've come to talk

The Moffatts - Old man winter lyrics

snow He's got icicle fingers and popsicle toes He's got ... feeling alright When Old Man Winter comes to town He's ... a special way of dropping in And spreading cheer around You

Amy Grant - Old man's rubble lyrics

you living in an old man's rubble, Are you listening ... you're living in bondage, And you know that's bad for your ... spiritual health. And are you trying to live by

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Old man lyrics

While he dreams a thousand yesterdays. 'Cause he's had ... so many come his way. All he cares ... to lay his head tomorrow. Old man sits and thinks about his

America - Old man took lyrics

the last time I watched Old Man Took bait his hook And then ... mine Known him all my life and his wife 'Neath the swayin' ... pine And the clingin' vine Just

Low - Old man's song lyrics

Once he was up in a plane Saw the world as it was Only to come down again Only to come down again Left to his own accord He would sit up all night Nothing from...

Oratory - Old man's prophecy lyrics

watching an even smaller land A tragic old man, speaking ... Brave people beware! Fate holds for our quest behold the ... dangers and sorrows so near brave people

Slaughter - Old man lyrics

to me There was this old man started chattin' with me He ... of the road A cowboy hat and them pointed toes He said, ... time Could have bought this land for damn near a dime (Right

Disfiguring The Goddess - Old man lyrics

Breathement. The sunshine pier of our time. How the time passes when I'm sailing through the ocean of the impossible. Unshadowed. Desereated. Life wren...

Omnia - Old man tree lyrics

met a man who was a tree Did I see ... him or he see me? Standing there majestically Tree and me... The smell of sun on ... your knees That's what the old man sang to me He sang

Ecliptica - Old man's memories lyrics

has turned into a nightmare and now he can not sleep. It’s ... his brain. Crushing bones and screams makes him insane. ... But there is a glow in the old man’s eyes. “Don’t turn away

Hootie & The Blowfish - Old man & me (when i get to heaven) lyrics

an old man said to me In a voice filled ... pain Where you going young man Said I'm going to fight a war ... my country In some foreign land He said "The sun will

Kt Tunstall - Old man song lyrics

we are fighters in our prime And as I look to your corner from ... They say the chasm is black and so terribly wide But I ... that's a trick of the eye And there are mountains in your

Root - Old man lyrics

is heading for undoing, And is past help. The Stone ... to Dygon The power of thousands is concealed, Of alien

Light Your Anchor - The old men and the scene lyrics

when did talk get's so cheap And now I feel like Ernest I am ... the old man and the scene every time I hear ... our hearts full of faith And now I feel like Ernest I am

Have Heart - Old man ii (last words and lessons learned) lyrics

quot;i remember the man who just wanted life to live and let live while we're

Off With Their Heads - Old man lyrics

you in more ways than one And I truly hate the man I've ... time, the ends almost here And none of the sadness if going ... nothing to do with me And in time everything will turn

Willie Nelson - Old five and dimers like me lyrics

others could see Good luck and fast bucks they're too few and too far between There's ... catalog buyers and old five and dimers like me She stood ... fenced yards ain't hole cards and like is not ever will be The

Willie Nelson - Old fords and a natural stone lyrics

nothing lasts forever but old Fords and a natural stone And ... when those sad songs and slow hurtin' songs Get you ... nothing lasts forever like old Fords and a natural stone

Saxon - Man and machine lyrics

Pushing yourself to extreme Man and machine Taking it on ... the record you were driven and born to achieve Your legend ... White lightning Union of man and machine Blue water

Drakkar - Man and machine lyrics

- MAN AND MACHINE Lyrics > ... re brothers for all life You and I And for you I will ... the mechanical Kirin United man and machine Only together we

Darkest Hour - Man and swine lyrics

place Your winning hand cripples this impoverished ... A bath in shit all flesh and hair Among the squeals and ... is more an insatiable breed And you will know the

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Poor old man lyrics

what a shame He's a poor old man, poor old man Poor old man, can we help you? Things ... blind his eyes He's a poor old man, poor old man Poor old man, can we help you at all?

Deine Lakaien - The old man is dead lyrics

old man is dead The old man is dead The old man is dead ... Time to go to bed!" The old man is dead Decorations on ... of youth Melted in lead The old man is dead World War Two

Eli Young Band - My old man's son lyrics

granted The ones who made a man of me That kid I was He had ... no clue That he'd make the man standing right here in front ... of you I was born my old mans son My momma's secret weapon

The Dubliners - Maids when you're young never wed an old man lyrics

you're young never wed an old man An old man came courting ... me, hey ding-doorum down An old man came courting me, me ... being young An old man came courting me, fain he

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - My old man lyrics

old man wore three peice whistles he ... double decker move along my old man later on he drove a ... "Cor Blimey!" now and then did the crossword in the

John Hiatt - Same old man lyrics

like a bullet from a rusty old gun I could never find the ... straight and true Honey, baby till I ... hat Honey I'm still the same old man That you married way

Faithless lyricsFaithless - Dirty ol' man lyrics

s a dirty old man, And a dirty old man, He's a ... dirty old man and a friend of mine. He's a ... dirty old man, And a dirty old man, He's a dirty old man and a friend of mine. I'm a

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - My old man lyrics

order, Reagan, Reed and Russo I still remember the ... names And stickball and stoopball were the only games ... that we played And I wanted to be like my old man I, I wanted to grow up just

Anika Moa - My old man lyrics

old man is a lonely tree Sitting on a ... let my mother down But my old man he came to see me He put his ... hands in mine and said he loved me Well I was ... I forgave him for his fall And in the summer he's a summer

Miss Li - Respected old man lyrics

like ‘em young, so, so young And when your wife is gone You ... 21 as you were shooting that old gun? Please, let her be, ... let her sleep. You respected old man, just put that old gun

Skullview - Seek the old man for knowledge lyrics

light It hit my skin and I melted away My body seemed ... seek for knowledge From the man in the tree I must find ... knowledge is gained Search and you shall find your way

Lonnie Donegan - My old man's a dustman lyrics

Other's earn a mint My old man don't earn much In fact.... ... s flippin'......skint Oh, my old man's a dustman He wears a ... dustman's hat He wears cor blimey

John Fogerty - The old man down the road lyrics

the sky He bring a strong man to his begging knee He make ... hidey-hide You got to jump and run You got to hidey-hidey ... hide The old man is down the road He got

Miss Li - Dirty old man lyrics

of grab my arm. He’s a dirty old man with a beer in his hand, ... thinks he’s got the charm. Old dirty men, dirty men don’t ... you have a real life? Old dirty men, shouldn’t you be

Bathory - Man of iron lyrics

so long I don't know if I am man or I am beast. I, though, hold deep within me a quest for ... revenge. Then I must be a man as much as I can be. I

Lyzanxia - Terrible old man lyrics

try To make himself a rich man Maybe to the cost of his ... innocents The terrible old man carved them into pieces ... ignorance of bodies and now smiling hideously He

Rosanne Cash - My old man lyrics

old man is laughing tonight He's ... smile drops from his eyes And we all wind up in tears The old man's crying tonight 'Cause ... t ever gonna be young again And let him see who he needs to

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