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Nina Simone - You can have him lyrics

don't want him you can have him He's not worth fighting ... came from I don't want him you can have him I'm giving him ... the sack And he can go right back where he came

Roy Hamilton - You can have her lyrics

you can have her, I don't want her, She ... was love to stay Well, you get stuck with the wrong ... There's only one thing that you can do: Just dig a hole and

Michael Hedges - You can have anything you want lyrics

Love keeps calling me You can have anything you want ... Love may hurt you but love will teach you ... deep inside me I hear your voice It’s almost ageless

Barry Manilow - You can have the tv lyrics

can have the t.v. I'll take the ... I'd like that chair if you don't want it thank you you keep the couch you'll need ... a couch that's ok you can keep the records cause it's

Sidewalk Prophets - You can have me lyrics

I saw You on the street And You said come and follow me But ... of my dreams Would I love You enough to let go? Or would ... my love run dry? When You asked for my life. When

George Jones - You can have her lyrics

you can have her I don't want her She ... was a love to stay. When you're stuck with the wrong woman ... There ain't that much that you can do You just dig a hole

Kaiser Chiefs - You can have it all lyrics

ll tell you what it's going to be like I ... saw you on the bus and that was that ... than meets the eye I'll tell you what it's going to be like I ... saw you on the bus, I saw your shoes They fell apart some

Julian Plenti / Paul Banks - Another chance lyrics

know I made a mistake, okay? Sometimes people f*** up ... And then you’ll have to give them another chance, ... So that they can change And become a better

Le Monde - Another chance lyrics

never cheat on me, promised you would never leave I gave you ... all my heart, can’t believe you fooled me Now you’re beggin’ ... me to stay, saying how you’ve changed your game But

Kilmara - Another chance lyrics

this change of season I have never seen you sad Remember ... is one thing we could try Another time another place Another ... try another change Even if this night

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - You can still change your mind lyrics

s gonna be another hard night You wanna take ... it all alone You wann a face up to the trouble ... You wanna face up to your soul And baby you can have

Brooks Elkie - If you can beat me rockin' (you can have my c.. lyrics

could take my place yet If you can beat me rockin; You can have my rockin' chair I'd be ... love ain't good enough Maybe you can love him better Then y

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - You can't have my heart lyrics

and find out what it will You can ask me to give you almost ... All except my heart You can't have my heart I'm takin ... Somebody else might want it You broke it almost constantly

Krabathor - The eagles you can have lyrics

you are flying You have left one feather You are ... losing small pieces of your own identity Your wings are ... waving You have left pieces of your skin You

Ludichrist - You can't have fun lyrics

can't have, you cant have fun (4x) "Everybody ... me" (3x) Everybody told you You can't, You can't, you can't, have fun (2x) They tell you that you can't fun, Just

America - You can do magic lyrics

I couldn't see I said if I can't feel it then how can it be ... happen to me And then I saw you I couldn't believe it, you ... all about Now I know there can be no doubt You can do

Be Japy E.v. - Another chance lyrics

usual day Everything seems okay Lights in the move a perfect ... forward Your headphones are like shields ... the silence Why would be if you taking a look Woaaahhhh another chance to change it’s gone

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Can't wait ft. diggy simons lyrics

dudes bye They wasting all your minutes Let me, i can part your time keep you busy girl I'm ... tryna holla mama Get to know you better if not a problem So

Georgia Satellites - Another chance lyrics

Don't wanna die asking for another chance Come help me Poor ... Richard And won't you help me raise the glass Here ... s to me and here's to you May our dreams all come to

Blackberry Smoke - Another chance lyrics

don't wanna die askin' for another chance Come help me poor ... Richard won't you help me raise a glass here's ... to me and here's to you may your dreams all come to pass

Dynasty - Another chance lyrics

lives for anything We can't believe In the dead gods ... blinder than we are Nothing can they change now? Parents are ... the same ones Bridge Lift your hands Cry out for the mercy

Roger Sanchez - Another chance lyrics

I had another chance tonight I'd try to tell you ... were right (x2) If I had another chance tonight (x2) If ... I had another chance tonight I'd try to tell you

Aus-rotten - Have another lyrics

homeless baby Another crack addition Another fat ... forcing his restrictions Another child is molested Another ... girl is raped Another prevert finds a way to help

Okkervil River - You can't hold the hand of a rock and roll ma.. lyrics

s cash for last week's grass Your crew collates while you sit ... and trashed and smashed young cads Roasting away on a ... sunny summer day (Or, okay, an August night anyway)

Dope Stars Inc. - You have no chance lyrics

Never felt so ready. not even have to name it never give a f*** ... waiting I just keep to have my faith and know what i ... believe I would enter your debate just now but it's

A Day To Remember - You should have killed me when you had the ch.. lyrics

that has ears and eyes I can hear you whispering as I walk ... going to bother me Is that you'll all call yourselves my ... friends Why can't you look me in the eyes one last

Avenue Q - You can be as loud as the hell you want lyrics

the spot - that's the spot - okay, a little lower - okay, now ... me like this before - you can't put your finger there - ... OOH! PUT YOUR FINGER THERE! Both: Oh,

Saywecanfly - You may live on earth lyrics

Someday you will go Far away from me ... But you'll be coming home To light ... though sometimes we bleed You're the only one I've seen ... of my soul And someday you will go Far away from me

The Kinks - Have another drink lyrics

everybody got problems? Are you stuck in a deadend job? ... and dissatisfied? Are you on the edge of suicide? ... and homicide, Are you horrified and terrified?

Shawanda Crystal - You can let go, daddy lyrics

for the street "You can let go now daddy You can ... little bit scary But I want you to know I'll be okay now ... daddy You can let go" I was

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - You´ve got a chance lyrics

are the favorite past-time you've got a chance to confront ... what good is skill if you don't make it to the dance? ... despite circumstance you've got a chance common life,

Rachel Bloom - You can touch my boobies lyrics

year we're gonna be preparing you for your Bar and Bat ... a very important time in any young jewish person's life. So, ... I want you to focus, ok? No sleeping

Icon For Hire - You can't kill us lyrics

night when I close my eyes I can still see this little lost ... know what to do Supposed to have this figured out but I'm so ... d make it to a stage and tell you "it's all okay"

Hüsker Dü - You can live at home lyrics

re looking for a chance to give your mind a rest ... in my mind Free to pursue another goal Walk, walk away, keep ... on walking away I can be fine, I can be free I can beautiful without you

Nate Dogg lyricsNate Dogg - Another short story lyrics

Nate Dogg] Another short story When he be ... acting bad, don't he make you mad Wanna kick his ass, when ... no good and that's a fact Another sad story She constatly says

Richie Sambora - You can only get so high lyrics

Closed the blinds so I can see First light came without ... bottle preach the gospel Another shot ain't coming close to ... me Close to saving me You can only get so high Then you

Patty Loveless - You can feel bad lyrics

car is runnin' and your bags are packed I guess ... that says it all Your head is hangin' and you look ... real sad Maybe you should've called You say you ... think you need a brand-new start You

K. Michelle - You should have killed me lyrics

that much greater when you climb out from the gutter, ya ... feel me Yous a bitch yous a lame yous a coward, I ... sweet until it turned sour, You snuck up from the back and

Lyrycyst - You can be lyrics

somebody compel me. Don't you fail me. None of these ... answers have helped me, And I stand with ... majority crowd, But how can I stand with you when you ... sick of near missin'. So if you have ears listen, I'll paint

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You can win if you want (original no.1 mix '8.. lyrics

packed your things in a carpetbag Left ... never looking back Rings on your fingers, paint on your toes ... Music wherever you go You don't fit in a small town

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - You can't lose at love lyrics

can lose at cards You can lose your keys You can lose ... the house or lose the lease You can lose your car, you can ... lose the race You can lose your mind or lose your faith

Lana Lane - You can never go home lyrics

I'm searching for I never have opened the door, Tomorrow ... million years ago. Memories can never take you back, home, ... sweet home. You can never go home anymore.

The Moody Blues - You can never go home lyrics

I'm searching for I never have opened the door Tomorrow ... million years ago Memories can never take you back Home, ... sweet home You can never go home anymore All

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - You were loved lyrics

be heard Everyone wants a chance to be someone We all have ... dream Sweeter than any star you can reach Is when you reach ... and find you found someone You'll hold this world's most

Judas Priest - You dont have to be old to be wise lyrics

it's got nothing to do with you The years are flying by ... things in life This is a chance I'm gonna take Gonna get ... lies Might look a little young So what's wrong You don

Judas Priest - You've got another thing comin lyrics

get enough Stand tall I'm young and kinda proud I'm on top ... as the music's loud If you think I'll sit around as the ... world goes by You're thinkin' like a fool cause

Gackt - Another world lyrics

yogorenaki tamashii eiga no you na One Scene anata nara ... kono sora no mukou e "you can see the another world ... waratta kao wo misete "you don't need another words&quot

Case Studies - You say to me, you never have to ask lyrics

arms. The first time I saw you I wanted to hold you. I ... wanted to kiss you. Can I kiss you now? You say to ... me, "You never have to ask." Like the sun

Faith Hill - You can't lose me lyrics

her eyes She says, "You did just fine honey, that's okay "Sometimes life's just ... that way "You're gonna lose the race from

Martina Mcbride - You can get your lovin' right here lyrics

busy, always busy That's okay, cause baby that's what you ... do. That's just like you. Always runnin', after ... I try not to get up in your way. But I've come to say

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You can win if you want lyrics

packed your things in a carpetbag Left ... never looking back Rings on your fingers, paint on your toes ... Music wherever you go You don't fit in a small town

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You can win if you want (new version) lyrics

packed your things in a carpetbag Left ... never looking back Rings on your fingers, paint on your toes ... Music wherever you go You don't fit in a small town

Kelly Price - You don\'t have to worry lyrics

ll go you stay You don’t have to worry about me Because ... Well it’s alright I’m ok You don’t have to worry about me ... hanging on I'll take the dog you get the cat Not this time

James Bourne - You can dance lyrics

You can dance) x4 One day there ... t be somebody There to hold you hand If you can't do it by yourself then nobody can If you ... give yourself one more chance See you can prove me right

Ll Cool J - You can't dance lyrics

rockin' it on the floor... You look like a moron! Who let you in the door? To put the ... question bluntly: maybe your feet's deformed. They ... should slap you in the teeth when you put your dancing shoes on. You can't

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - You can't take me lyrics

me Yeah! Got to fight another fight I gotta run another ... I gotta get me back I can't be beat and that's a fact ... It's OK - I'll find a way You ain't gonna take me down no

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - You can't see me lyrics

just wanna have it all figured out the more ... even though it's clearer, I cannot reach ya I just wanna be ... as content as you but you do not deserve this, cause I

Guano Apes - You can't stop me lyrics

wants to jump of the eye How can you know that I'm the one who ... lives no matter of occasion Another road another try Where's the ... tell me why Refrain: You can't stop me To love the

M People - You just have to be there lyrics

to me yesterday. I looked at your stars and ooh I saw the ... Milky Way. And if you could feel just half as much ... me, then I wouldn't be just another leaf on your tree. 'Cos I

Ben Taylor - You must have fallen lyrics

did you get those delicate eyes? ... elegant lines? We could have a hell of the time I know, ... I know So you say you got something for me It's ... Come on, come on You must've fallen down from out

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