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Doobie Brothers - Echoes of love lyrics

your voice everywhere It's echoes of love Making me look back ... over my shoulder Echoes of love are started all over ... Echoes of love Keeps on haunting I'm

Avalanch - Echoes of a life lyrics

Sacrificed freedom cries Echoes from a light Reflections of ... should have cried Purity of a soul So noble heart of ... I will no forget To sing of his song With pride and with

Origin - Echoes of decimation lyrics

Voice of Dying Perishing Multitudes of Crying Have Been Saved Echoes of the Conquered Resounding- ... All Our Minds Blessings of Their Hatred Are Merging---

Moonlight Agony - Echoes of a nightmare lyrics

mysteries of darkness buried in the ... shadows of the my life Still, hatred ... way to die? CHORUS: Years of sleepless nights, insomnia ... I had seen it all, the end of my lifetime Only echoes of

Rage - Echoes of evil lyrics

law and order In the name of God to slaughter Living in ... can't you tell? Echoes of evil You know, they don't ... law and order In the name of God to slaughter Dying at

The Poodles - Echoes of the past lyrics

hear me calling you. The echoes from the past, oh. Wherever, ... hear me calling you. The echoes from the past, oh. Wherever, ... hear me calling you. The echoes from the past, oh. Wherever,

Sadus - Echoes of forever lyrics

is consumed by vanity Whims of short lived mortality Our ... desperate cries of pity Are carried on winds ... And lost in forgotten echoes... forever The more that is

Grailknights - Echoes of wisdom lyrics

reigns In the halls of our fathers Echoes of wisdom ... Silence swallows the sorrows of ages The kingdom of twilight ... Devours our sons Forged by fire On a cold autumn noon

New Element - Echoes of you lyrics

place My heart’s in need of saving Livin’ here in my ... I keep hearing the notes Of your song, and it’s so wrong ... in sight All I got are ECHOES OF YOU ooo-ooo-ooo It’s

Darkseed - Echoes of tomorrow lyrics

I feel a truer grief Full of regret an failing I hear Echoes of tomorrow My heart to ... But break the day I hear Echoes of tomorrow They take my

Gordon Lightfoot - Echoes of heroes lyrics

the echo of the heroes is heard ... everywhere In the conflict of old in the times of despair ... voices do ring They cry out of victory and of freedom they ... sing And the echo of the laughter and the songs

As Blood Runs Black - Echoes of an era lyrics

We must take back control of this world This is our time ... time is now These are the echoes of an era Remove the ... Their decline is the start of our rise The new beginning

Kim Richey - Echoes of love lyrics

in the valley of love There's a big ol' ... 'Til all you hear are the echoes of love. It's cold and ... 'Til all you hear are the echoes. All you hear are the echoes

Atrocious Abnormality - Echoes of the rotting lyrics

souls of the past Decaying for years, ... to begin Crypts of mutilation Graves of ... desecration Corpses of another kind Living dead so ... Devouring the flesh of the living Ripping out guts,

Rhapsody Of Fire - Echoes of tragedy lyrics

shadow's games where tragic echoes speak of death why Lord why ... the ruins through lakes of holy blood I walk in tears ... for my wasted land Echoes of tragedy carved on my steel

David Mead - Echoes of a heart lyrics

the dark Not a voice Only echoes of a heart Coming off the ... the dark Not a voice Only echoes of a heart Comes around, ... and far Deepest place, softest part Not a voice Only

Abominant - Echoes of sorrow lyrics

Pulled away from the warmth of the light. Seized by that ... which dwells inside of me. Cursed by loneliness and ... Wandered into an empty void of tears. Withered in grief of

Ikon - Echoes of silence lyrics

be with you Anything to be by your side I would give you

Caladan Brood - Echoes of battle lyrics

land itself a barrow The echoes of battle ring cold through ... Behold the storming flood of iron Destruction wrought ... there upon the field A host of warriors fall, never to

Dawn Of Tears - Echoes of eternal life lyrics

reach eternal life No signs of hope ravish my soul I'll ... kiss the wind goodbye I've persecuted the ... Carpathian crests Inside of rare old temples They've

Matthew Perryman Jones - Echoes of eden lyrics

that longing deep inside Echoes of Eden Our cries for

Morbid Death - Echoes of solitude lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Echoes of silence lyrics

1: Talk to me baby Tell me what you're feeling ... you didn't know How all of this would end up Girl I saw ... it in your eyes And baby I can read your mind And

Immolation - Echoes of despair lyrics

dawn of our collapse Our system in ... decay At the precipice of war No longer can we last ... eyes and finally see Times of peril, world in ruins ... the warnings and wrote them off Now brace yourselves as

Burning Everafter - Echoes of the past lyrics

Will I can still remember But desire birch with time Feed me your lies feed me your lies Not forever holding burning the ground strayed away forgive me f...

Citadellion - Echoes of solitude lyrics

An interlude where Lithas buries his dead girlfriend, Brega. Lithas: You were my world. You knew the me. But now you're leaving. Sleep my love, sleep....

Dezperadoz - Echoes of eternity lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrum...

Pestilence - Echoes of death lyrics

universe Imaginary world of fantasy Am I dreaming? But

Fear Factory - Echoes of innocence lyrics

murdering machines Seeds of destruction Feeding their

Picture Me Broken - Echoes of an empire lyrics

s nothing left, nothing left of me) SUNG I'll never have ... until there's nothing left of me (x3) CHORUS: Sharpen

Anathema - Echoes of terror lyrics

will A force, use the power of evil Darkness, visualize ... yearning eyes Rebirth of a lost soul Your body, a ... grow old Mephitic, smell of death Rancid flesh, of the

Dissolving Of Prodigy - Echoes of my sadness lyrics

of my eyes, full of sadness Spread diffusely on ... affable curves Of your innocent body. My ... About crystal surface of finded luck, Later dresses ... in blossom of Narcissus. I stray to gather

Goatmoon - Echoes of eternity lyrics

wind. And inhale the scent of spring in the breeze. ... the rainwaters. Entrance of the brave to the other side. ... Depths of spirit, all embracing abyss.

7th Reign - By way of deception lyrics

to rust Then you know it's by way of deception Never ... to rust Then you know it's by way of deception In time ... to rust Then you know it's by way of

Abyssphere - By light of the moon lyrics

Рождаясь под млечным светом луны, Каждый, кто слышал ее колыбельную, Ритм и музыку звездной струны, В таинство снов погруженную. И этот свет так манит людей, З...

Nokturnal Mortum - By path of the sun lyrics

Я не знаю, як раніше ми жили Якою брехнею тоді нас поїли Якою брудною водою вмивали Імена тих, хто тоді катували ...сила гасне на очах ...гордість тане в брудних сл...

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - God of calvary lyrics

the hill of Calvary The Light of all the world ... on His shoulders The weight of all our shame On Him who ... He bowed His head The lamb of God was slain By His

Eddy Arnold - Robe of calvary lyrics

His robe his robe the robe of calvary Twas worn by my redeemer ... Kings wear robes of gold and velvet soon their ... fades away But the king of kings in heaven wore a

Bo Bruce - Echoes lyrics

I don’t know how to say goodbye I wasn’t brave enough to ... to leave it all behind But echoes of you come back around I ... hear the echoes of your love And singing it in

Reilly Maggie - Echoes lyrics

it's the right time The echoes of your call Cast shadows on ... I turn to see you Waiting by the door A look of confusion ... magic won't last till break of day We'll just have to chase

L'Âme Immortelle - Echoes lyrics

hear echoes of past voices Of a time that's over now It ... slowly fades away I hear echoes of our dreams Where the ... put me through But I hear Echoes of the past When they stop

Crimson Moonlight - The echoes of thought lyrics

the wish of the thought to break through, ... It has always been bordered by feelings, hindrances and the ... plague of doubt. But what in this is ... What does this mean? The echoes of thoughts are heard in the

L'ame Immortelle - Echoes lyrics

hear echoes of past voices Of a time that's over now It ... I now roam alone I hear echoes of our dreams Where the ... In this dawning day Echoes that do follow me Everywhere

Project Pitchfork - Echoes lyrics

our words We live in a world of our thoughts And words are ... if you look into the eyes Of a child right now What do ... you see? We are the soul of this world Every single one of us How to say it? How to

Ocean Jet - Echoes lyrics

7:16 Day - sliping scent of may, Give me brand new ... Round of life, The sun and the sky I ... ever Forget who I was? The echoes of war? I bet the answer

Ancient Rites - Dying in a moment of splendour (echoes of mel.. lyrics

journey began With length of time We gain a step in ... knowledge With length of time A step closer to Death ... left Is to die in a moment of splendour Ultimate this

Miss May I - Echoes lyrics

the same? All I hear is (echoes), of what I remember from

Cauldron Born - By this axe i rule lyrics

Exile of Atlantis My tribesmen turned ... I was a man before a King By This Axe I Rule Outlaw, ... Exile of Atlantis A savage in a ... I was a man before a King By This Axe I Rule [Solo]

Anterior - By horror haunted lyrics

it sounds like hope Crushed by apathy You'll forever be

Masters Of Hardcore - Rudeboy - echoes of memories lyrics


Minsk - Consumed by horizons of fire lyrics

eyes no repent. Horizons of fire dance with gypsy intent. ... our eyes. Hypnotized by fires inside. A Vessel ... to burn alive. A sway of hand has taken our sight.

Ancient Rites - Last rites / echoes of melancholy lyrics

instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental......

Anterior - Of gods and men lyrics

Crusade To march with a heart filled with rage A lust for revenge Traded for blood Stare as the life drips from the blade It seals your demise How easy th...

Patty Walters - Stacy's mom (by fountains of wayne) lyrics

school) We can hang around by the pool (hang by the pool) ... be I'm all grown up now, baby can't you see Stacy's mom

Devin Fox - Devin fox use somebody cover by kings of leo.. lyrics

Countless lovers under cover of the street You know that I ... somebody Someone like you Off in the night, while you live ... it up, I'm off to sleep Waging wars to

Miracle Of Sound - Daenerys song - mother of flame by miracle of.. lyrics

of frailty and thoughts of red doors Climb from the ... warn the discreet Whisper of beauty that’s born of the ... storm And the tremors of eight thousand feet

Drew Tabor - Use somebody (original by kings of lions) lyrics

countless lovers undercover of the streets You know that ... Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh) Off in the night, why'd you live ... it up, I'm off to sleep waging wars to

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