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Muppets - Ok go - muppet show theme song lyrics

time to put our music It’s time to light the lights It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight. It’s time to put on makeup It’s time to dress up right It’s time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight. Why do we always come he

Ok Go - Ok go, the muppets – muppet show theme song lyrics

time to put our music It’s time to light the lights It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight. It’s time to put on makeup It’s time to dress up right It’s time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight. Why do we always c

Big Show - Big show theme song lyrics

are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show Where are you Big Show It is a Big Show It is a Big Show Yeah it is a Big

The Aquabats - Theme song lyrics

came from an island In the sand and the sun Hidden away from the world Is that home of fun We surfed all day And ate food all night When there was no more food Eating sand was alright But then one dark day out of the sky Space Monster ''M'' an

Less Than Jake - Theme song for h street lyrics

know my best friend, just left yesterday and I know I know your girlfriend, couldn't explain, why she moved away things are so the same, that all I can really bring myself to say is that I know and yeah just outside, the conversation's getting

Horrible Histories - Theme song lyrics

Tudors Gorgeous Georgians, Slimy Stuarts, Vile Victorians, Woeful wars, Ferocious fights, Dingy castles, Daring knights. Horrors that defy description, Cut-throat Celts, Awful Egyptians, Vicious Vikings, Cruel crimes, Punishments from ancient times. Romans: r

Kyle Justin - Theme song lyrics

s gonna take you back to the past To play the shitty games that suck ass He'd rather have a buffallo Take a diarrhea dump in his ear He'd rather eat the rotten asshole Of a road killed skunk and down it with beer He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard He

Mark Henry - Theme song lyrics

gon' get they ass kicked Somebody gon' get their wig split Somebody gon' get they ass kicked Somebody gon' get their wig split Beat 'em up, beat 'em up Break his neck, break his neck Beat 'em up, beat 'em up Break his neck, break his neck Beat 'em up

Off With Their Heads - Theme song lyrics

don't give a f*** about anything. When I think about the future all I see is it bringing me pain, misery, and poverty. I've been trying for 15 years to smile and take shit but now it's so clear that it's all downhill from here. I wish I could turn back the c

So Random - Theme song season 3 lyrics

Random It's a party get down So Random It's a party get down So Random It's a party get down Shake that shake that all around A fantastic journey A little bit of this and that You know we gonna chill Might not come back So are we read, get set, cuz it's time to roll With

Sistar - Ok go! lyrics

jikkeunjikkeunhago neomu mongmalla Haru jongil ireonjeoreon saenggakhani golchi apa Geureol ttaeneun meollimeolli tteona Nae cha sogeuro deureowa Nado mollae kotnoraega teurallalla Honja wasseoyo, sinnage narang nollaeyo? I sungan nawa hamkke bunwigi jom sall

Bi Rain - Go forward (world cup song 2006) lyrics

---------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------ ----------------- ---------------- --------------

Goldentusk - Lost theme song lyrics

is going on? If you look closely, the answer’s in front of you. The characters on LOST are actually lost. So lost. They’re literally lost. The show is called LOST. They’re lost. Their ways have been lost. Their lives, they have lost. Th

Keke Palmer - We are (ice age 4 theme song) lyrics

are, we are Not your ordinary fami-mily But we can all agree that We are, we are Close as close can be So it don’t matter what it looks like We look perfect to me We got every kind of lover We’re so lucky indeed They can keep on talking It don’t matter

Far East Movement - Monsuno theme song lyrics

Monsuno! I feel the power Man, in the hour Got my core ready And the skills to devour I came to battle Who wanna battle? Spin (Monsuno) Now flip it in the battle (Show) Make, make, make it launch, launch Monsuno! Make, make, make it launch, launch, launch I came to w

Goldentusk - Sex and the city theme song lyrics

Love! If you were to write, each week, a column about sex, would friendship and love in the city get more complex? Cause we’d be all up in the business of your friends more than their OB/GYN’s. Shoes. And shoes. And shoes. Did I say

Goldentusk - Twilight theme song lyrics

have sharp fangs. I’m pale and cold. I don’t seem seventeen years old. I’m super fast and super strong. You think I’m normal, you’d be wrong. The only way you’d guess it right is if I glitter in the sunlight. We might break up. Jac

Mia And Me - Sofia the first theme song lyrics

was a girl in the village doing alright Then I became a princess overnight Now I gotta figure out how to do it right So much to learn and see Up in the castle with my new family In a school that's just for royalty A whole enchanted world is waiting for me I'm so excited to

Ok Go - Shortly before the end lyrics

long did we all think this all would last? Who could have counted days as they flew past? But before we go, sing us a song. Sing us a song to hum through the hours of dying. Who would have though it'd come as such a show? A pink and silver day... who was to know? Even as we

Rob Bailey - Go forever lyrics

of all, I was raised like... Dont be a b*tch Work as hard as you can and no one gives a f*ck if... You dont have enought money nobody gives a f*ck if you are hungry nobody gives a f*ck if you are tired you are the only one that can fix that This is al

Laura Marano - Miracolous ladybug - theme song lyrics

Another day, I don't know why He looks my way and I get so shy So insecure all in myself 'till someone says they need my help Oh oh oh Oh yeah they'll never...

Bloods - Spiderman theme song lyrics

Spiderman, Spiderman Does whatever a spider can Spins a web, any size Catches thieves just like flies Look Out! Here comes the Spiderman Is he strong? L...

Goldentusk - Jurassic park theme song lyrics

hideaway… So far away… Life found a way out. Stay out! Unless you are with me, then… Do you know what this place really is here? What you’ll be standing face to face with here? Here. Here we are, on the isle of Nublar. You can

Sabrina Carpenter - Take on the world. theme song (short version) lyrics

ve been waitin For a day like this to come, Struck like lightnin My heart's beating like a drum. On the edge of Something wonderful. Face to face withchanges, What's it all about, Life is crazy But i know,i can work it out. Cause I got you t

Goldentusk - Superman theme song lyrics

longer am I Just a Man I’ll only go by Superman! You look at me as Just a Guy But I hide Deep inside I can fly And I’m super strong And I know the difference between right and wrong See through everything unless its made of lead Kryptonite is the only thing that I d

Kyle Justin - Bible games theme song lyrics

s playing some games the worst he recalls He's gonna find out which ones suck the most balls The Angry Video Game Nerd is here Oh he's making a list and checking it twice He's gonna go home and eat chicken and rice The Angry Video Game Nerd is here He hates the games

Leet Mob - My story [official iem theme song] lyrics

I'm coming out of the shadows Long time coming gonna get whats mine I'm here standing at the doorway Staring down my glory. It's my time Cause I'm a blade in the darkness I'm a bullet in the gun, thats me My heart it beats like a bass drum Come on, let me get so

7th Heaven - 7th heaven theme song lyrics

Heaven When I see their happy faces, smilin' back at me... 7th heaven I know there's no greater feelin' than the love of family Where can you go When The world don't treat you right? The answer is home!!!!!!!!! That's the one place that you'll find, 7th heaven. Ooooooooooooooo

Goldentusk - Back to the future theme song lyrics

built a time machine out of a car. A Delorean. Out of a car. You built a time machine out of a car. Oh (OH!) Great Scott! (Libyans) And Doc Brown just got shot (NO!) I don't know how, but they found him at the m

Goldentusk - Indiana jones theme song lyrics

challenges stand. Pass, Penitent Man. Walk Jehovah’s land. Leap Without a plan. Want Adventure? Come to me. A professor of Archaeology. Buried Treasure’s worth the fee. But choose poorly And surely You’re purely cremation Want adventure? I’m the on

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - The simpsons theme song lyrics

Simpsons... Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! (2x) Da da da dada da da da dadadadaaa... Dadadadadaaa da da da da

Green Jelly - Green jellö theme song lyrics

nothin' to do on a Friday night GREEN JELLO SUCKS! Ain't got no talent, but that's all right GREEN JELLO SUCKS! We're the worst, the worst in the land GREEN JELLO SUCKS! But come on! Gotta give us a hand GREEN JELLO SUCKS! Iggy and Gerdy, they're both good nam

Terry He - The childhood theme song medley (90's kids tv.. lyrics

USED (in order): Pokemon - Season 1 Fairly Odd Parents "My Shiny Teeth & Me" - from Fairly Odd Parents Digimon - Season 1 Bill Nye the Science Guy Arthur Spongebob Squarepants Cardcaptors - Season 1 Yu-Gi-Oh - Season 1 Team Rocke

Edge - Edge theme song lyrics

i fik ju only tatatatatatatatatatatatatata tatatatatatatatatatatatatata tatatatatatatatatatatatatata ...

Ross Lynch - Can't do it without you (theme song) lyrics

the crowd wants more, I bring on the thunder 'Cause you got my back and I'm not going under You're my point you're my guard you're the perfect chord And I see our names together on every billboard We're headed for the top we got 'um unlocked We'll make em say &quo

Jonas Brothers - Baby bottle pop theme song lyrics

.2..3..4!!! Baby Bottle Pop, baby bottle pop You can lick it, shake it, and dunk it Sweet candy fun!! Baby Bottle Pop, baby bottle Pop You can lick it, shake it and dunk it I love it Gotta have it Never see me without it my baby, Baby Bottle Pop! I lov

Living Colour - What's your favorite color? (theme song) lyrics

S YOUR FAVORITE COLOUR BABY? What's your favorite color baby? Living Colour What's your favorite color baby? Living Colour What's your favorite color baby? Living Colour What's your favorite color baby? Living Colour Well, is it Red? That's wha

Miracle Of Sound - Uncivil war theme song by miracle of sound lyrics

ready for war! Pedal to the floor... Got no code of honour that I’m fightin' for UNCIVIL WAR!! Chav my tongue up in your face!! Start the betting... BOOP!! Time to stick you in your place

2pm - Music (2010 mama theme song / 2010 - v.a. ft... lyrics

nannanna u~ nannanna nannanna gaseumeuro tonghaneun-gon it`s one it`s music soro dareun mareul hedo uri~ simjangeun neukkil su isso dathyojin mameul yorojul mabob-eui jumun it`s MUSIC boda keun sesang sogeso uri hanadweneun chukje uu ~MAMA~ gogi

Anti-flag - Pancake mountain theme song lyrics

Pancake mountain! Mix'em and beat'em, and pour'em, and fry'em Serve'em on up to your baby and make'em say, Slathered in butter and smothered in syrup, Serve up my favorites, those dozens, and dozens of pancakes! Pancake! Pancake mountain! It's Saturday morning and me an

Ben 10 - Ben 10 theme song lyrics

started when an alien device did what it did And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid Now he's got secret powers, he's no ordinary kid He's Ben 10 (Ben 10) So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise He'll turn into an alien before your very eyes He

Goldentusk - Batman theme song lyrics

shot my parents. You killed my parents. Made me an orphan. Raising hell in Gotham City with your welcoming committee. Shot them both and lef

Goldentusk - Halloween theme song lyrics

Night. 1963. In Haddonfield, Illinois, there would be a gruesome case of sibling rivalry between kids in the Myers’ family, when Michael, a six year old, leisurely walked into his sister’s room silently and butchered her body so violently He left for a mental

Goldentusk - James bond theme song lyrics

your Door! Watch out For 007! Fight temptation For world domination. I am a true spy And I’m not your average guy. The simple fact that I can’t die Leaves evil men wondering why They all continually try To force out my f

Goldentusk - Jaws theme song lyrics

human. You, minnow. Human. No Fish. Human. No Fish. I’m so hungry. People are afraid of oceans They just put on sunscreen lotions And watch waves for sudden motions Because of outdated notions That a shark’s an evil creature (He’s a s

Goldentusk - Saw theme song lyrics

mistake. You’re awake. Here’s what I’d suggest. I’d advise: close your eyes. Get some rest. Now you’re up. Don’t get up. That was your first test. Use your head or you’re dead. Listen, don’t get stressed. To recap: It’s a t

Goldentusk - Star wars theme song lyrics

Worse than before. Settle the score from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I have a really bad feeling about this. Why don’t you join us? You are a good guy. We are the Jedi. Last of our breed. Join us. We’

Goldentusk - Terminator theme song lyrics

round me now and prepare to fight. I will tell you how this all ends tonight. (Judgement Day has arrived. Fight with me. Are you Human? Never felt so alive. We must rise.) Growing up, I’d be always lonely and forlorn. But then, mom g

David Hasselhoff - Baywatch theme song lyrics

people stand in the darkness Afraid to step into the light Some people need to help somebody When the edge of surrender's in sight Don't you worry It's gonna be alright Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight. I'll be ready I'll be

Hikakin - Youtube theme song lyrics

YouTube Broadcast Your self Yeah! YouTube YouTube Shuyakuwa Kiminanosa Kyo Wa Nichiyobi Sotowa Amehuri Da Nanio Shiyoka Souda YouTube Miyo Nijuu Yojikan Asa Hiru Yoru Demo Sukina Jikanni Sukina Doga Miyo Itsumo Yume Miteita Screen Debut Imanara Kanausa Yume Akirameruna Let's

International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Ishc theme song lyrics

there’s villains in your town When there’s hatred all around violence in your area, mass hysteria when we arrive we'll be bringing it down International Superheroes of Hardcore! We're takin' it over We'll be jumping over big stuff We will c

Instalok - Pantheon (pokemon theme song - parody) lyrics

to be truly impressed by this champion because... He's got a skirt and armored pecs and a "spear" you cannot dodge Blocking attacks with shield in hand and critting left and right he's Pantheon so understand there's nowhere you can hide Pan

Keke Palmer - Cause im the new vp theme song of true jacks.. lyrics

2,3 Change it up (Custom Made) Take it off the rack (Custom Made) Then Re-Arrange (Custom Made) I gotta flip the style 'til it feels right Change it up (Custom Made) Make it fit for me (Custom Made) My personality (Custom Made) That's why i got the

Rebecca Lavelle - Mcleod´s daughters-theme song lyrics

It will take some time To find your heart And come back home You could walk for miles Cross every river And find your not alone ´Cos I´ll be there Oh oh oh ...

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Show me the way to go home lyrics

me the way to go home I'm tired and I want to go to bed I had a little drink about an hour ago And it's gone right to my head Everywhere I roam Over land or sea or foam You can always hear me singing this song Show me the way to go home. Show me the way to go home I

Karliene Reynolds - Never let go, alternative titanic theme - tit.. lyrics

the stars, guiding souls to safety you have saved me, my love Near or far, you'll be here to watch me from the heavens above When my light ceases to burn to your arms, I will return for my love never let's go for my love never let's

Jeff Buckley - Song to no one lyrics

Back when I was a baby, a baby saying his prayers, prayers soft and lonely, lonely all these days, days that meld into nothing, and nothing left for a boy but to hide his dreams away, hide all his dreams away Daisies after daisies, a daisy for your floor Ah days that melt into no

Ok Go - Don't ask me lyrics

acting so friendly. Don't nod don't laugh all nicely. Don't think you'll up-end me. Don't sigh, don't sip your iced-tea. And don't say, "It's been a while..." And don't flash that stupid smile. Don't ask me how I've been. Don't think I'

Ok Go - 1000 miles per hour lyrics

long quiet night... Another long quiet, lonely night spent at your side. Not a lot left to say... There's not a lot that I still could say to change your mind. But with a little bit of money we could buy us a car. With a little luck we could get away from where

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