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Oh I Think I Wanna Die lyrics

Browse for Oh I Think I Wanna Die song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Oh I Think I Wanna Die lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Oh I Think I Wanna Die.

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Eve's Plum - Die like someone lyrics

don't really know your name I saw you in a magazine I used ... want to be the same as you I've seen your photos since I ... was ten Your designer armament I used to want

Screeching Weasel - Wanna die lyrics

sit and watch the tv news to see ... if i can find some clues i know the world is all f***ed ... up but it looks so slick in a one minute spot wanna die i don't wanna live i go to

Loon - Don't wanna die lyrics

check it out yeah, let me tell you a ... little story, a little couple street tales, on ... the shit i be seeing, cuz yo i'm From harlem and everyday i ... see shit yo, like this, check it uh Now here's a story

Derdian - I don't wanna die lyrics

I'm about to tell Is a story of an injustice ... When in a rainy night the Dark Lord capture me ... He sent two warriors to kidnap me and to burn all of my

Everlast - Die in yer arms lyrics

Chorus) Girl I wanna die in your arms tonight I really ... t care about the wrong or right The fruit is forbidden ... but it's sweet and ripe I think I'm gonna pick me some and

New Radicals - I don't wanna die anymore lyrics

months of fun two years of pain Add it up, I get a life of ... rain I need to scream, but too ... ashamed I'm gonna rain, I'm gonna rain You wanna go, ... you wanna stay, you wanna you really blew my world I wanna live and there's only one way

Fancy - Die for you lyrics

down the avenue A beautiful strange Creature of the night Are you man or woman Who ... kills my destiny, my love I want you treat me right I ... you mercy have out lost the fight I mend you feat have

3lw - Leave wit you (i think i wanna) lyrics

uh-huh uh-huh, uh-huh lookin' familiar, i don't know, ... have i seen you somewhere before, kill the small talk let's hit ... (are you ready) to do something you aint done before, i'll

Axxis - Sarah wanna die lyrics

could it be wrong? The will of the dying A little ... brave girl Her pain is growing all days endlessly And I ... hear her voice of crying Every breath is a bare trying to say no No will...To fight as before no chance

Dark Lotus - I wanna die lyrics

Monoxide Child:] Now that I'm dead and gone Look at me I'm floating like the breeze With my roots strong like trees ... I'm filtered in your memories Holding a candle light vigil Saying a prayer My name is

Guillotine - Die/live lyrics

are monstrosity, I'm a filthy suine Two stand-up lying ... sacks of shit You bring atrocity, the end of the line We go ... in league into the pit I hear this voice... Do you wanna die? Do you wanna live? Do

Hinder - Wanna be rich lyrics

This is where your dreams will come true, Act like a bitch and you'll probably get ... your face on the tube America, When you gonna try something new? America, This is

Fidlar - I just wanna die lyrics

I tried to call you up cuz I'm feelin alone But my minutes ran out on my telephone ... So I'l get F***ed up until I cry And you'll be Passed ... out with another guy And I'm just freaking out Cuz I'm

Brother Ali - Think it through lyrics

Verse 1:] Attack fame with cerebral cortex in your brains So my effects will remain ... after the trends change Son I'll bend your name Rearrange ... your molecules Amongst hip hop dudes, Brother Ali be

Eternal 2 - Think about me lyrics

Michelle Lewis Think about, think about me (oh) Think about, think about me (Think about me, ... babe) Think about, think about me (oh) Think about,

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - I don't wanna die lyrics

Danny] I don't wanna die I don't wanna die I don't wanna die So you're gonna have to ... I don't wanna die I don't wanna die No, I don't wanna die

Nightcore - I don't wanna die lyrics

Danny) I don't wanna die I don't wanna die I don't wanna die So you're gonna have to. ... I don't wanna die I don't wanna die No, I don't wanna die So you're gonna have to.

The 4-skins - I don't wanna die lyrics

dont wanna die in world war 3. i dont wanna ... take one for the team. i dont wanna hear that 4 minute ... warning. i just wanna have brekky when i get up in

Frankie J - Wanna know lyrics

I've been wanting For so long for you... Girl I think im ready to get To ... the bottom of the truth.. I'd Seen you peepin at me way ... me and my lady Had to call it off...oh... I didnt want to

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Oh sookie lyrics

Intro] I wanna do bad things with you I wanna do real ... bad things with you What’s happenin’ ... Sookie It’s Snoop Dogg I’m only in Bon Temps for one

Huh Gak - I told you i wanna die lyrics

neoreul nan tteo olli gonhae Gireot deon sungan ... deul do Gieokhae oneul do neo ye dwit ... moseubeul Jamshi rado bolsu it damyeon Jukgo shipdan mal ... Neo eobtneun salmeun gyeon dilsu eobseo Dashi dora ogi

Joydrop - Sometimes wanna die lyrics

t worry 'bout one thing Don't worry 'bout nothing ... She said I'm not gonna let this one go ... Nobody's on my side Nobody seems to see How ... how deep, how far these things can be My eyes are dry

Miranda Lambert - I wanna die lyrics

know it's so complicated, first you love then you hate it ... Someone's laughin', someone's cryin', someone ... livin', someone's dyin' Sombody always looses and

Manic Street Preachers - Die in the summertime lyrics

my leg with a rusty nail, sadly it heals Colour my ... hair but the dye grows out I can't seem to stay a fixed ideal Childhood pictures ... and so serene See myself without ruining lines Whole

Martin Jech - I don´t wanna die lyrics

alive, I don´t wanna die I don´t wanna lost next minute ... or hour¨ I wanna find somtjing for What I could live for ... Hold my hand We can get satisfaction together I promise I

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Die, die, my darling lyrics

die, die my darling Don't utter a single word ... Die, die, die my darling Just shut your pretty ... eyes I'll be seeing you again I'll be seeing ... you... in Hell So don't cry to

Cro - Oh! lyrics

Refrain- Schrei Oh! Ich hab ein tightes Gefühl, ... Werf' die Hände in die Luft, wenn du die Scheiße hier fühlst! Schrei Oh! Denn ich bin mit dem Herzen dabei,

Bomshel - Oh baby lyrics

t gonna find me stuck in a kitchen Slavin' in my apron, ... fryin' up bacon I ain't your mama and I ain't your ... maid If you think I am then you're mistaken Baby

Lord Of The Lost - Do you wanna die a without scar lyrics

the angst of things to come You’re immaculate ... young You wash your hands in innocence And keep it to the bitter end But under your skin you’re dying in sin Do

Green Adam - I wanna die lyrics

wanna choose to die, and be buried with a rubik ... cube. and sleep inside the big blue buildings, while the ... sweet disease drives through. there's a ... bakery in the night sky. i wanna die because the government lied. she was a man with

Cissy Houston - Think it over lyrics

it over, Think it over... Some people say ... you've been messin' around, Wish you could hear what they ... say, ooh-hoo I'm not too sure, But you're ... not the same, We got to find us a way, oh Think it

Ivan & Alyosha - Don't wanna die anymore lyrics

I don't want to die anymore Don't want the Lord ... to call me home I've got this feeling he ain't done with ... me yet So, I'll sit right right here and place my bet

Kill Paradise - Oh lexi lyrics

s start this up, despite the dreams That think we wanna stay asleep The girl I ... dreamt that she would be Is standing right in front of ... me Oh Lexi, you're just so sexy Won't

Humble Pie - Oh la -de- da lyrics

you feel like you wanna dance Come on, come on, come ... on If you feel like you just wanna stand there and clap your ... Come on, come on, come on If you feel like you wanna sing

Avant - Wanna be close lyrics

I wanna be girl let me be I wanna be everything your man's not ... And I'm gonna give you Every little thing I ... than a man needs That's why I say you're truly my destiny I'm gonna get cha If it takes

Planetshakers - Oh your love lyrics

and grace collide, a brand new life, Your ... love changes everything Into the dark of night, You shine Your light, Your love ... changes everything Your favour and love go

Julian Marley - Oh girl ft. mr. cheeks lyrics

one is one of those kinda ones you know. The kind ... you dream about you know what I mean? I just wanted to let ... you, you mean everything to me. Oh girl, I wanna

Ledisi - Think of you lyrics

moon fades And the sun begins to shine Like the flowers ... grow You're always on my mind [Pre-Chorus:] I can't ... feel you all around me, even in my darkest hours (Yeah) You

Silk - Wanna get freaky with you lyrics

baby, oh yeah freaky baby freaky ... baby, oh yeah freaky baby *chorus* ... Let me lick you up and down Til you ... say stop Let me play with your body baby Make you

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Wanna hold you lyrics

wanna hold I wanna hold you Hold you baby close ... to me I hope you find it funny That I got no money ... But if you stick with me You're gonna get some

D.i.d. - If you wanna die... lyrics

ga kimi no ikiru kurushimi nara boku wa amanjite kono ... shi, ukeireyou namida wa itsumo akaku hidari tekubi kara ... nagareru all is like the enemy come on, you

Karramba - I wanna die lyrics

Co to za świat w którym żyjesz ty, w ... w którym żyjemy my ?? No powiedz, no powiedz mi dlaczego ... matka czworga dzieci dusi łzy żebrając na ulicy na

Chris Young lyricsChris Young - Think of you ft. cassadee pope lyrics

walk in on Friday nights Same old bar, same ... burned out lights Same people and all the ... same faces So why in the hell does it feel like a ... different place? Meet my friends for a girls' night out

Jennifer Hudson - Think like a man (feat. ne-yo & rick ross) lyrics

Intro] In love, love, love, love You ... gotta act like a woman And think like a a man [Jennifer ... me your dream bed And foolish of me I believe that You

B. B. King - Think it over lyrics

It Over by B.B. King Lord I wonder, yes I wonder, do my ... baby think I'm mean Oh, I wonder, Lord I wonder, do my ... baby think I'm mean Now I wonder, Lord I wonder, will

British Sea Power - Oh larsen b lyrics

and cold but your heart is unbroken My favourite ... foremost coastal antartic shelf Oh Larsen B, oh you ... can fall on me Oh Larsen B, desalinate the ... barren sea Oh I, I think it's over again Like sawblades

Big Time Rush - Oh yeah lyrics

yeah Oh yeahhh Oh yeahhh Ohhh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah ... So tell me who I am I supposed to be? What I gotta ... do to get you close to me? If I run away tonight will you

R.l. - Do u wanna roll lyrics

me thank the east (East side) It's something about the ... me thank the east (Help me sing) Say u wanna roll? (Do ... u wanna roll?) In my '4 And have some fun,

Lindsay Lohan - Too young to die ft.britney spears lyrics

eh eh eh aaaaaaaah I knew I was in trouble for the moment ... I laid eyes on you (yeah) ... Dangerously, I can feel the chemistry around ... the room (ohh) Something deep inside told me to think twice, I knew (yeah) But I

Fletcher - Live young die free lyrics

don't want the same things I used to want anymore I know ... how to say what i could never say and what it ... means tohave it my way I only wanna do it if it's

Dj Snake - Oh me oh my ft. travis scott, migos & g4shi lyrics

sure don't Sure don't Oh me, oh me, oh my I just shut ... the club down, I ain't even try See them rollin' ... with me, yeah they ride or die Test us and I guarantee we

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - I don´t wanna be a soldier lyrics

I don't wanna be a soldier mama, I don't wanna die ... Well, I don't wanna be a sailor mama, I don't wanna fly ... Well, I don't wanna be a failure mama, I don't wanna cry

Kara - Wanna lyrics

wanna think about I wanna think about Just wanna think ... about I wanna think about Just wanna think ... about I wanna think about Just wanna think ... about I wanna think about Mangseorineun

Kara - Wanna [kara] lyrics

wanna think about I wanna think about Just wanna think ... about I wanna think about Just wanna think ... about I wanna think about Just wanna think ... about I wanna think about [Han Seungyeon]

George Jones - Honky tonk myself to death lyrics

I don't know why you left me ... But I do know that you're gone ... Colder nights, you've turned my life into a sad ol' song And one ... way or another, I gotta get me over you And I think there's only one thing left

Sleater-kinney - Little mouth lyrics

you, damn you Smile pretty take take the money ... You know me well oh don't you? Smile pretty take ... money You know how to sell? I do I'm your little, I'm

Mad Season - I don't wanna be a soldier lyrics

I don't wanna be a soldier mama I don't wanna die ... Well I don't wanna be a sailor mama I don't wanna fly ... Well I don't wanna be a faliure mama I don't wanna cry

Say Hi - Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh lyrics

s pushing 5 6 In her saucony kicks She got lips like a sofa And she's ... out on soda And the devil was a girl And she wore a ... yellow tee It would be a spitting image But it's ok with

Becky G - Die young (remix) lyrics

to the beat of the drums Oh what a shame that you came ... here with someone So while you're here in my arms Let ... s make the most of the night like we're gonna die young YO

Marina And The Diamonds - Oh no! lyrics

t do love, don't do friends I'm only after success Don't ... need a relationship I'll never soften my grip ... cash, don't want card Want it fast, want it hard Don't

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