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As Autumn Calls - The demons therein lyrics

thought I slew them all But they surround me In the dead of ... night Whispering their intentions Into my ... ears So dark and so cruel They bring me down Oh, they

Jarrod Alonge - The swimmer by amidst the grave’s demons lyrics

water and I gasp out for air The life in my eyes begins to ... feel my own skin Drowning in the undertow I’ll never make it ... to revive me I can’t breathe The weight of the world is

Axxis - The demons are calling lyrics

s above, shadows fly The night will show the signs in the sky A screaming noise, more ... and more Someone has opened the door Creatures crawl and ... I alive or am I dead When the demos are calling out my name

Dagorlad - The revelation to mallek lyrics

into the dark forest of Bordearon, There is a strong man: Mallek ... from the Woods Who found in nature ... He was able to understand the tongue of All living

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - The last of the demons defeated lyrics

Electric warlock Electric warlock Electric warlock Acid witch Electric warlock Electric warlock Electric warlock Acid witch Electric warlock Electric warlock Electri...

Hypocrisy - The arrival of the demons lyrics

the full moon rised In the sky, it awakes Master, ... bring out the dark Forces upon me I ... And to kill Watcher, open the Gates of Death Reach for the silence Reach for the

Hypocrisy - The arrival of the demons (part 2) lyrics

the full moon rised in the sky, it awakes. Master, ... bring out the dark forces upon me I ... and to kill Watcher, open the Gates of Death Reach for the silence Reach for an end

Tom Odell - Oh, darling ( by the beatles) lyrics

oh one, two, three, for, five, ... six.... Oh! Darling, please believe me ... I'll never do you no harm Oh! Darling, if you leave me I ... nearly broke down and died Oh! Darling, if you leave me I

Mandisa - Oh, my lord feat. the fisk jubilee singers lyrics

"save me now" There You were to catch me when I ... no way to land I'm amazed by Your everlasting love Your ... strength lifted me up Oh, my Lord, You gone and set me

Mika lyricsMika - Oh girl you’re the devil lyrics

a devil's eye Crazy kids in the wild on the run to the county ... says just what she likes Oh girl you're the devil Oh ... girl you got the devil inside And I said

Delirious? - Oh lead me to the place lyrics

lead me to the place, where I can find you. ... Oh lead me to the place, where you be. Lead ... me to the cross, where we first met.

Rush - By tor & the snow dog lyrics

of Hades, lit by flickering torchlight The netherworld is gathered in the ... glare Prince By-Tor takes the cavern to the north light The sign of Eth is rising in the

Katatonia - Oh, how i enjoy the light lyrics

bear has breached a pup the palace walls are strewn ... with tapestries and the window panes are splintered ... and every stranger cowers the dress is torn, the tone

Punk Goes... - The reaper by pierce the veil (blue Öyster cu.. lyrics

times have come Here but now they're gone Seasons don't fear the reaper Nor do the wind, the ... sun or the rain..we can be like they are ... Come on baby...don't fear the reaper Baby take my hand..

Gregg Allman - Demons lyrics

day in the line full of stranger ... Surrounded by four walls that can't be seen ... him for that perfect dream Oh oh he's got his demons They stay ... right by his side and his everyday is

Gorillaz lyricsGorillaz - Bobby in phoenix (feat. bobby womack) lyrics

a way Of helping you to breathe a little better Through the storm and rain If you need ... to escape Oh you wonder why Let's talk ... a way Of helping you to breathe a little better I can

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Bobby brown (goes down) lyrics

there, people, I'm Bobby Brown They say I'm the ... teeth are shiney I tell all the girls they can kiss my heinie ... my paper Let her do all the work 'n' maybe later I'll

James Morrison - Demons lyrics

got demons, I got demons, I got demons I close my ... you to shine a light Before the darkness takes a hold I ... This time I won't be afraid oh I got demons I got demons tryin'a get to me But they

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Demons are a girl's best friend lyrics

the night Beware the night before the dawn Beware ... dark when light is gone For there's a phantom lust awake They wanna' make you bend and ... scream They want to take your hand And

Sodom - Invocating the demons lyrics

Insatiable desire for the kill You'll never find your ... Minds collapsed to smithereens Dead just for a while ... souls When victims passing by Can't freeze the smile on

Jarrod Alonge - Save my life by amidst the grave’s demons lyrics

and kicked around Stand by your brothers and they will ... my hand and I’ll show you the way out Whoa oh oh, whoa oh oh I am your everything, ... your one foundation Whoa oh oh, whoa oh oh I am the voice

Gorillaz lyricsGorillaz - Bobby in phoenix lyrics

a way Of helping you to breathe a little better Through the storm and rain If you need ... to escape Oh you wonder why Let's talk ... a way Of helping you to breathe a little better I can

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The keeper's trilogy lyrics

disguised heat and fever in the air tonight Meet the others ... at the store knock on other people's door Trick or ... treat they have to choice little ... listen listen take care In the streets on Halloween there

Renascent - Demons' quest lyrics

the depths of the most dark Rising ... abominations leave their mark To the fragile human ... child In ignorance they walk in darkness Like ... Mocking ancients about what they knew Still unaware of the

Bobby Yarsulik - The rim of the sky lyrics

I look upon the blade before me It calls the ... rules, I kneel before thee Your life feels threatened, ... Escaping fire I break from these chains Consuming lives, the many are slain Why was I

Clay Walker - The melrose avenue cinema two lyrics

last day of school was the first of June Me and Bobby ... watched the clock all afternoon Waitin' ... for the bell and Mrs. Greer To say ... night I couldn't sleep 'cause the very next day They started

Bobby Darin - Oh, lonesome me lyrics

get over how she set me free Oh, lonesome me A bad mistake ... I'm making by just hanging round I know ... have some fun and paint the town A lovesick fool is

Second Person - Demons in the scenery lyrics

above any love I have To see these bruises for my sins And it ... s an unspecific stage It's the rate of desiccation That I ... anticipate But when the systems start And the lights

Mortem - Demons haunt loudun lyrics

demons haunt loudun Raping the ursuline nuns Iscaaro and ... belaam Possess their souls until they're damned ... Invading all the monastery Joined by asmodeus

Godsmack - Releasing the demons lyrics

do you see in the dark When the demons come for you If ... f***ed up my life used to be Then everything starts to change ... anywhere or anyone Its all these demons haunting me Its all

Candlemass - Demons gate lyrics

an ancient passage surrounded by hate scared I was with my ... hand on my cross I went into the demons gate Across the Styx ... among the mists of Hades a gate of

Hirax - Demons evil forces lyrics

you will go down to the demons When you get there you'll be ... can not be weak Down to the demons, down to the demons Down to the demons Black is the night

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The alchemist lyrics

than the comet as it streaks across the sky Stranger than the truth ... to entertain Looked into the abyss, called it by its name ... plundered time itself, put the world inside it I'm the

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Demons and diamonds lyrics

I never see the light I never see you Never ... Whoa, light I never see the light I never feel you ... Whoa, light I never see the light I never feel you

Dragonforce - The fire still burns lyrics

all the world will see, Rise again ... before the endless silence, Burn the ... we'll all be free, Light the path beneath a blackened, ... to me, Turn back before the dawn of winter, So far away

Hitten - Demons lyrics

shaking What would you do in the other side? In the witches' ... night, Satan prayers invade the sky, Tales of terror want to ... Bells of death are blasting Demons coming to the end Only

Manimal - The life we lived lyrics

is so quiet here Calm before the storm End of humanity? ... Unleash the demons of the dark This time I have lost, ... is gone I wake up and sense the fear When the hour struck

Gorillaz lyricsGorillaz - Spitting out the demons lyrics

out the demons (demons) Popping out of holes (good ... times) Spitting out the demons (demons) Coming in the good ... do we have) Spitting out the demons (demons) Falling out of

Hellyeah - Demons in the dirt lyrics

f*** everything when I'm on the stage I live to be pro ... I drink like I bleed, I smoke the weed I partied like a pro ... since I was a seed F*** the normalcy I'll do it 'til I'm

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The hopeless housewife lyrics

me oh my get out of your 1950's ... make 'em all squirm while they chew on it it's a secret ... and a passing wink of the eye as the witches bridge ... club weekly meets to pen the tail on the sly but they

Ancient Wisdom - The calling of nocturnal demons lyrics

this night I'll dethrone him The king of the jews Rise, ... Incantation of Fire Consumes the light Greet the Flames, ... disciples of christ By the Flame in my soul I gaze

Morning Dwell - The story never ends lyrics

stay awake my little friend The demon is here, just take his ... hand The time grows short, time to go ... awake, come take my hand The road is dark, it pulls me

Mystik - The plot sickens lyrics

And do you ever talk to the demons inside Cause I believe the ... replaced reality I got the strangest feeling My thought ... on dreaming I think back to the trips I once took Shouldve

Setherial - The nightrealm lyrics

the nightwinds as demons rips the sky. A somber field arises. ... night, my body is possessed. The earth; aflame for Satan. ... forlorn. Darkness calls, the demons rejoice. Through the

Brian Mcfadden - Demons in my dreams lyrics

quot;Demons" Have you ever been ... t find you You're standing there but I can't touch you Try ... to talk but the words are just not there I ... and you don't seem to care The demons in my dreams If you

Candlemass - The sound of dying demons lyrics

me.. it's so quiet... But the darkness... is breathing... the horde's here... to steal the light! the legions... are ... marching... they tell me... that you hear

Lash - Oh honey - don't you worry, love (lash remix) lyrics

you’re walkin' alone. When the road is empty, And ... always find its way in, Into the cracks of the night. Open ... your eyes. When the world gets dark, Don’t you

Motorjesus - Return of the demons lyrics

returned Keep breathing on the ground Counting hours, but ... never be prepared When the dead is walking round Out ... of the light Draggin´ you down

Twenty One Pilots lyricsTwenty One Pilots - The run and go lyrics

can't take them on my own, my own Oh, I'm ... not the one you know, you know I ... and all I know Is I am on the run and go. Don't wanna ... call you in the nighttime Don't wanna give

Dark Funeral - Demons of five lyrics

- here I am death. Here I'm the hand that will take your last ... will feel my - hate. I am, the bullet that will claim your ... soul, Here I'm the fire that burns you to coal.

Highlord - The hand of god lyrics

man's destiny is controlled By some transcendental entity or ... Over his own will On the day the hawk feel You saw ... A new order to enslave the world And for you a new

Kaledon - The holy water lyrics

is the last part of the war We must destroy the evil ... We must fight the demons The monsters of the earth Now ... is the time to call the priests The evil forces of the night will die The kingdom

More Than A Thousand - The burden lyrics

on the floor and my eyes are ... bleeding. Beaten up and torn by these demons that won't let ... i do is for you. Reach for the off switch, this is taking

Nightmare (fra) - The watchtower lyrics

preach for a new god but he's the antichrist The curses of ... this god are the curse of mankind The once ... You march alone led by the blind You search the night

Reverend Bizarre - Demons annoying me lyrics

from the dark, Calling me with names. ... The evil ones from the past, tormenting me until I ... m insane. Straight from the depths of hell, The demons ... to me. Every night and day, the demons in my mind, they won

Demonic Resurrection - Invoking the demons lyrics

cold caverns, standing at the edge of the earth. Wretched ... little spawn, sitting at the helm of all he surveys. ... Bones of the dead and obscure trivial

Gothic Knights - Demons buried within lyrics

kill all that I know I feel the demons buried inside Demons ... t understand me Why things bother me so much I feel the ... killing me To extinguish the beast inside of me Life is

Rigor Mortis - Demons lyrics

come straight from hell We're the legions of the demons that ... are haunting for the kill Cathedrals are now cemeteries doom ... you see We have come to take the world and give you misery We

Circle Ii Circle - The black lyrics

me from this hold I feel the cold wind through me Like I ... s all that you can take Let the demons go Into the black ... is a child A phantom in the dark Watch the waves go by

Mystic Prophecy - Demons crown lyrics

are falling The sun will paint in black The ... priest will kill again The gods now will be back To the ... gods of Ra they prey In the desert dust they stay His

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