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Kid Rock - Run off to la lyrics

you It's for the folks who relate to what I've been going ... overtimer working man And to the good women out there, I ... Why don't you run off to L.A. and lose your mind Get

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Off to the races lyrics

He doesn't mind I have a Las Vegas past He doesn't mind ... I have an LA crass way about me He loves ... darling White bikini off with my red nail polish

Blaine Larsen - Off to join the world (the circus song) lyrics

well, let me tell you a story I remember just like ... Of a footloose young lad who ran off with the circus ... Much to his mama's dismay He was ... a handsome companion because She had just broken up with a

Coeur De Pirate - Off to sleep lyrics

stood still for a while Your ... the worst Your heart's been torn before Those creatures won ... t let you go So hang onto what you know So sail on you

Chicago - Off to work lyrics

I must be off to work I sweat all night and ... their nerve Takin' things together power Lord, give me ... strength to make these hours Soon, my

Immediate Music - Off to neverland lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Korpiklaani - Off to the hunt lyrics

your grace. Show me the way to the islands. Let me wander ... through the woodlands where the elusive game is ... where I may at last find my prey. In the

Julian Casablancas - Off to war... lyrics

up I wait for the light to shine I wait for the light to shine They're tugging on ... your pride to help them win Yeah baby I ... wait for the light to shine I wait for the light to shine When I look at you,

Serenity - To stone she turned lyrics

voice calls from the side To giant's daughter, no delight ... s a shadow in her eyes A token of her wicked days Her ... and blood and bone Will turn to stone A marble palace all

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - Back to la lyrics

I said or something I did to you Was I out of my head or ... quot;You’ll never know until She’s gone away" Today it’s ... I can’t get your taste up off my lips So come back to LA

Karaja - She moves (la la la) lyrics

her body, moves her feet, she feels the rhythm like it is ... her heartbeat, up and down, she jumps to the beat, she is ... living in a fantasy and la, lala, lalalala, she goes la, lala

The Mission - She conjures me wings lyrics

ve been too drunk to love Too drunk to care Looked like ... wear I've been drinking too much to remember The whole ... still I'll drink some more She is the wine that makes harps

Lumidee - She's like the wind (spanglish version) lyrics

..Tony Sunshine...Lumi [Lumidee ... Oigo Look I Like The Sound Todo El Mundo Is Talkin About It ... Siente Tell Me About It [Tony Sunshine:] Ella Es El Viento Que Pasa Por Mi (Baby Yea

Boys Like Girls - She's got a boyfriend now lyrics

and the girl on my shoulders Told me everything's gon' be ... Stars go kill my eyes Now she's got a boyfriend And I've ... ever goes the way it's planned Yeah she's in Ohio and I

Ataräxia - La nuova margherita lyrics

my steps, cross the glances I will bring you with me ... in the other room, she lays her hands embraces the ... you leave me, when I needed to possess you? I hated you and

Pompei Nights - She's stuck lyrics

just want and I need no flatterer no likes a teen playing daddy tricks on the ... sevens seen playing daddy tricks on the ... need the so I can't believe Too fantasy The secure all day

Sean Paul - She doesn't mind lyrics

you drop it low, and break me off, No, she doesn't mind (aight ... She doesn't mind (aight) She doesn't mind. Girl I got ... I'm ready for jump on it Two to my word, and I'm ready to

Willie Nelson - Please come to boston lyrics

come to Boston for the springtime I'm ... By a cafe where I hope to be working soon Please come to Boston she said no would you ... come home to me And she said rambling boy why don't

Kendrick Lamar - Cut you off (to grow closer) lyrics

Ali, you thirsty on Twitter [laughs] You boo-boo, you T You ... m searching deep for Kendrick Lamar I read about Napoleon ... Hill and try to know God They say he the key

Eddie Money - She takes my breath again lyrics

girl A red dress, looking too serious When she walks into ... those high heels Man, she makes me feel Like a rocket ... that's off to the moon She's about a mover Hey, what

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - La complainte de la butte lyrics

me Sur tes cheveux roux La lune trop rousse De gloire ... ?clabousse Ton jupon plein d'trous La ... Caresse l'opale De tes yeux blas?s Princesse de la rue Soit

Dvbbs - La la land ft. shaun frank & delaney jane lyrics

outta this cage, so we can stop breathing Oohh, f*** it ... about us, Oh they wanna play rough, Oohh f*** it we ... never gon' stop Move to California and never grow up

Kendrick Lamar - She needs me (remix)[bonus track] lyrics

t heard from you, come back to me Come back, I need you in ... you, I miss you, come back to me, I miss you [Dom ... different girls, different towns To keep it real, you

Busted - She wants to be me lyrics

first I told myself I need my head ... things Same t-shirt and sun glasses Then it got weirder see ... She cut her hair like me She bought a red guitar Kept

Calle 13 - La jirafa lyrics

no te pise Mamita con cautela Sacude la tela En el ... nombre de tu abuela Mi canelita Mi ... Mi linda sara Mi tormentita huracanada Mi santa ... clara No vo'a dejar que te pise

J Boog - She give me lovin' lyrics

yeah, yeah [Chorus:] She give me loving in the morning ... the evening Reminiscent the last time makes me wanna take ... another ride Oh, she give me love, love, love,

Patty Loveless - She never stopped loving him lyrics

used to sit and stare and dream that ... he was there But she quit that She made up her ... mind that someday she'd be fine And she meant that ... And she stopped drivin' by their old place Now it's not that she don

Green Velvet - La la land lyrics

ve been the one to party until the end Looking ... for the after party to begin I'm going down to La La Land I hope to see ya soon ... in La La Land CHORUS Something

Savatage - She's only rock 'n roll lyrics

s so tough You better not try to ... rough her up She'll slap you in the face She struts off to grace A heavy night of ... rock'n'roll Killer, lady, child Driving me wild She's only rock'n'roll Oh, she's

Jeffrey Osborne - She's on the left lyrics

must she come and possess me in the ... heat of the night Toss me and turn me then ... the edge of obsession, I turn off all the lights And pray that ... real Night and day I want to kiss her lips And caress her

N.e.r.d lyricsN.e.r.d - She wants to move lyrics

- Pharrell Williams (Shae)] She makes me think of lightning ... in skies (Her name) She's sexy!! How else is God ... supposed to write (Her name) She's sexy!! Move, she wants to

Chris Norman - She knows how to fly lyrics

laughs too much, she talks too loud She acts like she's ... d see her face in any crowd She's not so insignificant In ... heeled shoes and her long black hair She'll tell you it's

She Wants Revenge - She will always be a broken girl lyrics

a new dress for the party She always looks good in red ... inside of her head She wonders if he'll even ... remember She asked him in a casual way ... Just in case he didn't want to go with her In that event she knew just what she would say

George Jones - She needs someone to hold her lyrics

left a note and now she's gone And I can't stand to ... so all alone As soon as she's gone far enough to know she ... s out of sight She'll pull off the highway and she'll cry.

Dionysos - "la berceuse hip hop du docteur madeleine" lyrics

to La Berceuse Hip Hop Du Docteur ... wanna sleep sleep sleep at last You've got to shallow ... tears my broke darlin' Melancholic drinks are good for ... a love dream comes do I have to scream ? Keep the the dream

Koffin Kats - Heading off to battle lyrics

off to battle. A fight I never ... the madness. In this awful place. I must break from reason. ... keep this up? Don't do well too long on the people that died

Del Shannon - Hats off to larry lyrics

Her name it doesn't matter She went away with another guy ... t even look at her Hats off to Larry he broke your heart ... you said we must part He told you lies now it's your turn

Fm Static - The shindig (off to college) lyrics

Everyone will soon be here Tommy brought his champion ring ... Sara brought her new stilettos, Brian brought his Beastie ... are? Do you hear me tho? Tonight might not be the best

Kiss - She's so european lyrics

walked in like a lady, with a glass of pink ... t look if you paid me, 'cause to me she's still the same Well ... You'd never believe her, she's got a well-planned look in

Deep Purple - She was lyrics

was, she was She was all that she said she was ... She was all that she said she was I couldn't want for ... and more and more But she's untouchable And I lay my

The Byrds - She has a way lyrics

was really good to her but how she broke my ... heart She looked so young and she ... I was wrong from the start She has a way about her that ... run around Now I wonder if she'll ever wanna settle down

Charlotte Church - She moved through the fair lyrics

young love said to me "My mother won't mind ... won't slight you for your lack of kind" And she ... stepped away from me and this she did say "It will not be

Dan Fogelberg - She don't look back lyrics

so inside you That you think she's gonna steal your soul She ... sure that you can't let go She's got a trail of broken ... and I doubt that I'll be the last Too long-Too late You're

Koffin Kats - She's deadly lyrics

by beauty, she keeps me in her web Lips laced with venom, it puts me ... close to death I try to escape, she always pulls me ... I'm just a pet And yes she's deadly She's so deadly She breaks you apart and tears

Celtic Woman - She moved thru' the fair lyrics

chant] My young love said to me, "My mother won't ... won't slight you for your lack of kind." Then she stepped away from me and this

Counting Crows - She's like the weather lyrics

cowgirl, in the underground, she talks to people she doesn't ... Oh, people on the train to Eden The circus girl, after ... all the rodeos, she settles down alone. She planted flowers in her basement

John Fogerty - She thinks i still care lyrics

dialled her number by mistake today, she thinks I still care. ... because I haunt the same old places, where the memory of her ... I'm not the happy guy I used to be, she thinks I still care.

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - She's on fire lyrics

she's on fire Oooh, she's on fire Hot to trot, she ... a little bit a pain I got to be smokin' So I know without ... boot it out Say oooh, she's on fire Oooh, she's on

Glen Campbell - She thinks i still care lyrics

I rang her number by mistake today she thinks I still care ... because I haunt the same old places Where the mem'ry of her ... I'm not the happy guy I used to be she thinks I still care

Kenny Chesney - She´s got it all lyrics

quality, From A all the way to Z, It's easy to see she's ... the perfect girl. She's got every single thing, ... I still can't quite believe She's holding me, 'cause, She

Clay Walker - She won't be lonely long lyrics

bout the way she’s wearing her dress a little ... Somethin bout the way she’s starin, she’s lookin to ... fire Somethin bout the way she’s dancin and drinkin chill

Eddy Arnold - She's gone again lyrics

even worse is I still care She's gone again who knows why She never said a word about ... goodbye My friends used to say she's not the kind who'll ... down Now they can say I told you so all over town She

Jerry Lee Lewis - She thinks i still care lyrics

I rang her number by mistake today she thinks I still care ... because I haunt the same old places Where the mem'ry of her ... I'm not the happy guy I used to be she thinks I still care

Powerman 5000 - Blast off to nowhere feat rob zombie lyrics

off, blast off to nowhere blast off ... this time to go blast off, blast off to nowhere ... blast off ... are you really what you ... just kill me now or get me off this rock cause i can't

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - She's got a way lyrics

of getting inside your soul She'd breach the walls of jericho ... you fall like virgin snow She's got a smile, makes you ... me inside out And if I try to conceal, she's got a way to

Toby Keith - She's perfect lyrics

took Lisa down to the cafe The one where we ... first fell in love I played the same song that we used ... to dance to Hopin' it might be enough ... But when I told her I was sorry That only

Shakespeare's Sister - She's lost control lyrics

her eyes That says it all She's lost control And she's ... clinging to the nearest passer-by She's ... lost control And she gave away the secrets Of ... again And of a voice that told her When and where to act

Tim Buckley - She is lyrics

is the day that gives me time to live and linger love my life ... comes on with sundown scythe to end the puzzled pantomime She is a day of love She is

Chevelle - Hats off to the bull lyrics

our needs put together Don't bleed on their ... from the crowd So hats off to the bull No giving up ... ya mad Well some of us Hats off to the bull, keep giving all

Clay Walker - She likes it in the morning lyrics

through her hair And she smiles when I call her darlin ... she looks like an angel layin' there And she wants me ... in the evening to listen close to how she feels

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