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Roxette lyricsRoxette - The centre of the heart lyrics

am I gonna do when I get a little excited a little in pain? ... Tell me What am I gonna say when I find the centre of my heart is a ... suburb to the brain? You wear them so

Bal-sagoth - The hammer of the emperor lyrics

legendary fulgurates from me. My name is a word ... of power on the lips of my followers. You can't ... I'm inside your mind. Beware the Grand Arbiter of Temporal

Cradle Of Filth - At the gates of midian lyrics

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Meden Agan - At the gates of troy lyrics

sehnat text! nelze sehnat text! nelze sehnat text! ... nelze sehnat text! nelze sehnat text! ... nelze sehnat text! nelze sehnat text! ... nelze sehnat text! nelze sehnat text!

Phantasmagoria - At the ends of the rest period lyrics

ni himete ita kakusenai omoi sorezore ga ... made no keshiki onaji toki wo ite itsumo koko ni ita kedo ... naku shita toki sabishisa kara nogare ... yami no naka e itsumo soko de te wo sashi

Amon Tobin - At the end of the day lyrics

no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics...

A Band Of Orcs - At the mouth of fire lyrics

on the edge at the mouth of fire Fround begins to shake; ... flames leap higher Death is in the air, poison gasses ... rise, choking dust in throat No one can survive, burning the land of Surtur's ire The

Asaf Avidan - At the edge of the map lyrics

at the edge of the map Where the foul creatures roam And the last ... chapters form Here, where there's no turning back

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The girl at the bottom of my glass lyrics

can't raise my glass, without seeing her ass Through its telescopic bottom I can't ... raise my glass, without seeing her ass Through its telescopic bottom If you

Immortal - At the heart of winter lyrics

Music: Abbath - Lyrics: Demonaz] Greatest Blashyrkh wait for me your ... deepest realms i'll find with songs that sound eternally ... for you my call is ever so strong...

Old Gray - At the end of the day lyrics

empty and i'm trapped beneath ice and snow. where my ... through broken teeth that chatter so shatter my frozen ... heart so shatter watch these bones as they fall apart

Ancient Wisdom - At the stone of ancient wisdom lyrics

call onto thee, Father of Sin Eyes glowing with the ... flames of Hell Sulphur-fire burning within I call onto thee, ... enslaver of light I'm your servant, your

Axxis - At the crack of dawn lyrics

- I wanna get out - feel the sun And I walk - this ... morning I can see no one The daylight is warming up my ... life and now I know You are the one - I never wanna let you

Bal-sagoth - At the altar of the dreaming gods epilogue lyrics

.. deep night, Sweep away the fading embers of the cruel ... sun, Let me at last dream 'neath the moon's sweet light, For ... the quest is over, and the long day's done... [Translation of glyphs discovered

Bewitched - At the gates of hell lyrics

each day Mirrored his image within So that I may Sit beside ... the throne of Satan, The day I leave To be his right ... I’ll never deceive At the gates of hell Forever bound

Bloody Hammers - At the well of nazareth lyrics

decline Will try to infiltrate your mind There is no love ... there is no peace Offering poison for disease At the well of Nazareth There ... is an imminent disaster At the Well of Nazareth Something

Cowboy Junkies - At the end of the rainbow lyrics

At the end of the rainbow Again, No gold to ... Just this cold unmade bed The last 3 words you said And ... this buzzing on the telephone line Paris, well

Dimicandum - At the gates of ishtar lyrics

to north Nothing suspecting at the throne I've seen goddess ... on earth I'm walking in the Babylon Going to six feet ... under Not suspecting for salvation I need something more Then just call to action

Helker - At the end of the journey lyrics

the end of the journey In a mirror I found ... Everything I did wrong And the void in my soul Trying to ... my wings To rise and never Fall again With my soul in my

Henry Wolfe - At the end of the world lyrics

bad guys come and get us What are you gonna be: good or bad ... And when they ask you what the best tume that you had ... was What´re you gonna say was the best

Klaatu - At the end of the rainbow lyrics

And you need someone who really cares When the love that ... want me around I'll meet you at the end of the rainbow As ... through this world I'll be there With you wherever you may

Korpiklaani - At the huts of the underworld lyrics

fellow bore a grudge within his heart, bitter envy in ... a noble bow and he formed the bow of iron, overlaid the ... back with copper. Then the points were to be sharpened.

Don Moen - At the foot of the cross (ashes to beauty) lyrics

Scott, Kathryn; At the foot of the cross Where grace and ... shown me your love Through the judgment you received And ... my heart, now I can Trade these ashes in for beauty And

Narnia - The light at the end of the tunnel lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrument...

Revenge - At the gates of hell lyrics

the killer awaits Prepare himself for death ... in lethal pains Lust for the killing way My path leads ... me straight to the hell The Lucifer’s power stay The

Astralion - At the edge of the world lyrics

is a place just for us Where the horizon divides heaven and ... sea The oceans we're sailing across The wind and the waves they are ... me Somewhere near Where the sea touches the sky We've

Belinda - At the end of the day lyrics

don't wanna hear it again your always getting ... stuck in my head all the things you think that i'm ... to be don't worry bout the way that i am cause that's the only thing that i plan on

Bloodbath - At the behest of their death lyrics

advent of Christ shall matter not to us Abortus ... be gone Yearning to entice the cowardice in our enemy So ... hasten the plague when all the rats shall come Kings from

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - At the end of the day lyrics

t you hold my hand at the end of the day? The stars will all ... come out as the light fades away... and we ... ll sit by the fire, and we'll sing and we ... play. Won't you hold my hand at the end of the day? There

Hexenhaus - At the edge of eternity lyrics

I lay, embraced with pain Few are my final words ... An angel of light, beside my bed Coming ... Sinner A contemplated soul, a life in vain Infinity is calling my name I

Moonspell - At the image of pain lyrics

confirmed by the carnal Like a damnation ... this blood Raise hands to the wonders In honour of you ... Man condemned again Created at the image of pain

Neurosis - At the end of the road lyrics

hopes to night Fault lines of reason shake thin Grit ... erodes a skein of earth To rise and become of ... use A relentless motion of tongue Deflower the nature of light Deflower the nature of

Abney Park - The circus at the end of the world lyrics

and gentleman, welcome to the circus at the end of the ... sing, but don't worry! None of it means a thing!&quot; ... girls and boys To this place of light and noise! Where

Diary Of Dreams - At the border of my nation lyrics

sky ranges the past Enclosed in ancient walls Captured in memories A ... to survive Immortal silence gathers illusions inside I see the desert sand Whirled up by the feet of war A mournful eye

Darkest Hour - The light at the edge of the world lyrics

the torchlight red on sweaty faces After the frosty ... silence in the gardens After the agony in stony places The ... shouting and the crying Prison and place and

Enthroned - At the sound of the millenium black bells lyrics

horned shadow appeared in the red wintersky. The ... unbearable resounding of the pagan bells awake the souls of their tombs. Hades calls them in front of the almighty

Everlasting Dark - At the end of heart lyrics

the nightly sky millions of suns Put your head up to the ... heaven There my lost soul looks for A ... star of peace of mind and eternal dreams. I ... hands to you above Take my with you somewhere To the

Fairyland - At the gates of morken lyrics

The Gates Of Morken The gates of Morken lay in sight, ... is coming to an end Behind the walls of the darkest place we ... ll see the Angel fall from grace Witness the end of flowing tears, the final

Fields Of The Nephilim - At the gates of silent memory lyrics

of my life, God grant the years Confirm the chrism - ... tears In sanctifying solitude! That holds my heaven and ... my hell. Yes today life that I knew So sick of all the

Hot Water Music - At the end of a gun lyrics

t but we need to recognize that we are dying if we live alone ... let's send our energy out with what we know and unify today ... because our freedom sits at the end of a gun we're all here

Inkubus Sukkubus - At the end of the world lyrics

for a million years, A parasitic cancer that feeds on your ... fears. And the wise men say &quot;Look to the sky&quot;, For the day is ... coming when everyone dies. There's a plague in the East, there's a plague in the West. There's an angel calling, and her

Meinhard - At the rite site lyrics

know, we are on the rite site of our hearts Let go, we are at ... the place where it all starts You know, we are on the rite site of our dreams It ... shows, we are at the place where no one screams

Nile - The gods who light up the sky at the gate of .. lyrics

Great God cometh forth to the Gate The gods who are therein acclaim Him Guarded by ... sixteen UraeiStandeth the mummified form of Nemi A ... in his hands Swept by Flames of Fire Come thou who art at the Horizon Who Unveils the

Eddie Rabbitt - The room at the top of the stairs lyrics

I know a woman who meets me there She takes my hand, and ... leads me And we go up to the room at the top of the stairs ... I close the door and she pulls the

Sheavy - At the mountains of madness lyrics

climb the mountains here every day Ten ... voices just can't hear what they say One empty scream fills the darkness above No sign no ... warning just the warm light of love Yeah! I climb the

Annisokay - At the heart of the matter lyrics

the heart of the matter just take a closer look ... make it easy cause it is it's all black and white when the music stops it ends, so it ... everyday I know that I may be closer to to

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - At the mercy of imbeciles lyrics

you do is what you are And wishing upon ... distant stars Won't improve the hole you're in Won't absolve ... no gift from some covert and lofty god It's dependant and

Carpenters - At the end of a song lyrics

t crazy But I've traveled the world far and wide And I say ... Don't sell me Stories that music's a lady It's not when ... the singer's alone At the end of a song At the end of a song There's no one After

Cemetery Of Scream - The chess at the foot of the mountain lyrics

it be for you a great and high mystery in the ... light of nature that a thing can completely lose ... its form and shape, only to ... arise subsequently out of nothing whose potency and

Eagleheart - At the end of forever lyrics

a trip in time with me Far away from world ... you’ve seen See decline of human race Who will catch ... our fall from grace? Ashes to ashes ... dust to dust We fall as victims of one’s lust

Fogalord - At the gates of the silent storm lyrics

child... a blood-red night that turned his magic world into ... .. he'd lost everything but the hope in an ancient prophecy ... that his grandfather once told him. He spent his

Hammerfall - At the end of the rainbow lyrics

for a new horizon Pulled by the killing hand oh oh oh All fed up with lies The time ... has come To break these chains and fly Here we ... forever more We're out of this world, until the end

Kataklysm - At the edge of the world lyrics

f***ing liar You're full of shit You got me standing at ... the end of the world Never thought I'd see ... in black Twisted into parallel worlds I fall into dying

Il Divo - The winner takes it all lyrics

sin cartas yano hay vuelta atras no reparten mas Va

Infected Rain - At the bottom of the bottle lyrics

it makes you feel good It makes you feel sick Alcohol, ... you're clouded so quickly The bottle beckons you And you ... feel so weak Here you are at the bottom And your ego is so

Insomnium - At the gates of sleep lyrics

to the night, hearken to the silence The wind sings in ... music rings Rueful is the tune, wailful the soughing ... Soothing is the choir, murmur of the trees

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