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Aretha Franklin - Precious lord lyrics

mmm, Lead me on to the light Oh, take my hand Precious Lord And lead your child home When my, when my way goes dreary Oh, Precious Lord, ... please linger near And oh, when my, when my life is al

Hillsong United - Saviour king lyrics

now the weak say I have strength ... By the spirit of power that raised Christ from ... the dead And now the poor stand and confess That my portion ... is Him and I'm more than blessed Let now our

Händel Georg Friedrich - And the glory of the lord lyrics

the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all ... flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. (Isaiah 40 ... 5) Read more: Handel George Frideric - 04. Chorus: And

Maria Haukaas - Precious to me lyrics

Zelmerlöw) Baby, baby, don’t you leave me, we can’t ... make it alone ‘Cause I don’t think that I could take it ... for a day on my own Why would you want to hurt me when I

Bic Runga - Precious things lyrics

all the star gazes bloom And throw their stars around the ... room I was waiting for the day For you to love me ... When all the elements conspire With shiny things that

The Posies - Precious moments lyrics

bloodless toil The endless foil You'll never see your home ... again Everytime you dial that phone It rings ... like it's got no end Life, what precious moments Like a flood that you

Celldweller - Precious one lyrics

your eyes Precious One And you will see Your life has only ... just begun Nervermore Be afraid I embrace you And I'll take you All the way ... through endless time To your new life I await The

Erasure lyricsErasure - Precious lyrics

ebb and flow of the tide Will carry me forth into your arms And though ... i'll miss you tonight The thought of your love keeps me ... warm As the moon comes out over the water Precious and

Nancy Ajram - Enta eh with english and arabish lyrics lyrics

enta eeih Enta laih dimooai habeebi tehoun aalaik Tab ... ana radya enak tegrahni w roohi feek Tab w laih yaani eih ... edaik (x2) Law kan da hob ya waili mino W law kan da

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Praise the lord and pass the ammunition lyrics

lay it down, wont you, Come burn it down, cant you, ... Lay it down, the guns above the ground Come lay it down, wont you, Come burn it down, cant you, Lay it down,

Mike Singer - Diamonds and pearls (lyrics) mike singer und .. lyrics

see you walking Along the street Cause when I look to you I don´t know what to ... do Yeah I know that you don´t now That I love you Oh ... waoh Cause girl now I know That you know this song is

Inquisition - Where darkness is lord and death the beginnin.. lyrics

moan of mystic wind Melodies of sadness that sing the ... hymn Towers casting shadows over graves of loan Fire on ... the torches now dies with gloom Walking on a path of lonesome doom Silence of a night

Minnie Riperton - Lover and friend lyrics

we always knew Best of friends we'd always be ... Sister and brother we two Romance never entered our view ... Always you were there when I needed you Suddenly out of nowhere

Troye Sivan lyricsTroye Sivan - Dear lord and father of mankind lyrics

lord and father of mankind forgive our foolish ways Reclothe us in our rightful mind ... praise Breathe through the hearts of our desire ... thy coolness and thy balm; let sense be dumb,

Babyface - Lover and friend lyrics

my thoughts of you Get more and more intense I get closer to ... the truth I'm that much more convinced That you and I ... were mean to be No what or ifs involved As long as you

Ram-zet - And innocence lyrics

body on the floor You're so pure and I write Little ... messages in blood On your shining white skin It's so ... nice to here keep it quiet my dear ... Forsaken enemy and friend Cold as ice in the End of your

George Jones - What a friend we have in jesus lyrics

friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bear! ... What a privilage to carry Ev'rything to God in ... prayer! Oh, what peace we often forfeit, Oh, what

B. B. King - Precious lord lyrics

Lord, take my hand Lead me on, help me stand Lord, I'm ... tired, Lord, I'm so weak Lord, You know I am worn Through the storm, through the ... night Lead me on to the light Take my hand, precious Lord, lead me home When my

Dismember - Pagan saviour lyrics

Music by : Autopsy. Lyrics by : Chris Reifert ... [Pagan Saviour is an Autopsy cover tune] Visions from the altar Ripping through your soul Seeing through the

Chipmunk - Saviour lyrics

this picked me I weren't your average pickney So many young boys wanna mc Oh Lord I don't know why you picked me ... me, tryna hush me rush me No hurdles jumped me Just cos I

Michael W. Smith - You need a saviour lyrics

a friend last night, or you thought you did Had a drink, had ... a talk, took a drive Shared the night, ... gave up a part of your soul Now she's gone and you're

Don Moen - Saviour king lyrics

now the weak say I have strength ... By the Spirit of pow'r That raised Christ from ... the dead Let now the poor stand and confess That my portion ... in Him And I'm more then blessed Let now our

Melissa Etheridge - Keep it precious lyrics

brought me to trust you brought me to tears In one ... tender touch the pain disappears I ... have been to the sword seen it come seen it die ... we enter the dark I beseech you to try In prophecy all good things must end So take

Saviour Machine - Saviour machine ii lyrics

into your hands I commend my spirit. Alive to see ... legions of angels awaiting the sacred ... Incarnation. Take me home to clean the bloody robe of ... The covenant sealed between heaven and earth, I will come forth

Alborosie - Precious feat. ranking joe lyrics

pretty gal inna flick flock peeps with a pepsi she ... feel relax dont chill me ?? dan she go a ... di natty natty a puppa albo sent vietnam bring back di ... rub a dub style go pon di myspace and check out my

Jeff Scott Soto - Friend lyrics

daddy's gone, another time 4 healing The ... The days 2gether r just not enough 2 satisfy or compensate 4 seperation there's ... much confusion It's so hard 2 understand & in sorrow a little boy reaching out

Timo Kotipelto - Lord of eternity lyrics

Music & lyrics: Kotipelto] Now that your life has come to an end reveal your sins ... Anubis will bring the scales of justice Is your heart as

Rage - Saviour of the dead lyrics

suffer in my bed Leave me no choice, infernal voice Drag ... me into black Tell me god is dead Take me away to ... the end of my life Saviour of the dead Take me away, I am

Skepta - Lyrics lyrics

off the stage! Move! They don't want to hear you! They don ... t want to hear you! What, is that what you ... think? Is that what you think? Oi blud, calm, calm,

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Lord pretty flacko jodye 2 lyrics

quot;Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2" lyrics ASAP ROCKY ... LYRICS "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2" ... Who the jiggy nigga with the gold

End Of Green - Saviour lyrics

never return, my saviour On every road I walk In every ... way of failure With every heart I ... choke There´s no place I could be Still it´s coming down

Prince - Saviour lyrics

How did I ever come this far without U, baby' ... Never did U ever give me reason 2 doubt U, baby U are my ... destiny and this I truly see I can see ... we're like 2 petals from the same flower, baby We're

Newsboys - Precious love lyrics

a moth drawn to the flame I am drawn to the ... mighty name of Jesus Like a deer that ... pants for water My heart cries out to ... You to fill my life with all of You [Bridge] It's You I

Israel & New Breed - Friend of god lyrics

Choir/Chorus) I am a friend of God I am a friend of God I ... am a friend of God He calls me friend (Lead) ... Who am I that You are mindful of me That You ... when I call Is it true that you are thinking of me How You love me It's amazing (Choir

Canterbury - Saviour lyrics

ve been making waves, waves you can't ignore I've been ... changing tides, I've got the ocean on the line, he needs ... advice from me Clockwork currency changing with the

Live - Saviour for a day lyrics

I talk too soft, they think I'm preaching ... If I talk too slow, they think I care If I ... walk too fast, then I've got purpose here Can't you see, ... see through the prayer? It's got you now, so I will play It's got you now, so I will play,

Black Veil Brides - Saviour lyrics

never meant to be the one Who kept you from the dark But now I know my wounds are sewn ... Because of who you are I will take this ... burden on And become the holy one But remember I am

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Saviour machine lyrics

Joe once had a dream The world held his hand, gave their ... pledge So he told them his scheme for a saviour machine They called it the ... its answer was law Its logic stopped war, gave them food How they adored till it

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - Precious illusions lyrics

. I´ll be happy right? when your healing powers kick in you´ll complete me right? then ... can finally begin I´ll be worthy right? only when you ... the gem I am? but this won´t work now the way it once

Gothminister - Your saviour lyrics

wanna run like hell To the beating drum For this is ... no good place to die You see that Nothing here is motionless 'Cause all your ... fears are out tonight I'm here to be your saviour And take it all Be your saviour Won't let you fall This

Sammie - Friend like you lyrics

Oh (Oh percious) oh precious yeah yeah yea ohhhhhhhhhhhh [Verse 1] As ... I walk into my bedroom I see pictures On my wall, ... a collection of memories The county fair, a movie

Lights - Saviour lyrics

the silence is listening And I'm down on my knees And I ... know that something is missing Because ... the back of my mind is holding things I'm relying in,

Lights - Saviour (acoustic) lyrics

the silence is listening And I'm down on my knees And I ... know that something is missing Because ... the back of my mind is holding things I'm relying in,

Rie Kugimiya - Precious time lyrics

na mainichi mo yuu utsu na hito toki mo Haato no oki kata ... shidai dokidoki dekiru ne kitto Hareta hi ni wa ohi-sama ame ... no hi ni wa mizu oto Rizumu kizande symphony

Händel Georg Friedrich - And the glory of the lord (messiah) lyrics

the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all ... flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. (Isaiah 40 ... 5) Read more: Handel George Frideric - 04. Chorus: And

Jamie Lostein - Saviour lyrics

there were none to find. Or maybe they were everywhere, ... But didn't stop to say hi. Today I saw an angel ... But she was made of stone. I sat and wished she was

Paradox - Saviour lyrics

the pressure of this time hear your ... heartbeat pounding twice Man's emotions ... is growing cold always asked but never told ... See the colours turn to grey our life has led astray Life

Rob Halford - Saviour lyrics

m set to paralyze I'm older so I'm wise I have been ... crucified With words personified Here I am now, I'm ... your saviour There can be only one I'm your master,

Inspiral Carpets - Saviour lyrics

a look inside, tell me what you see There’s someone there, ... that shouldn’t be Times have been and ... gone, we’ve made mistakes We’re ... holding on to something wrong a choice I wouldn’t make

Naomi King - Saviour lyrics

won't let you ruin any more I won't you rule me like ... before I won't you damage anything else in my ... life I won't let you mend the gap you tore My ... whole life you snuffed out all my flames But I'm

Secret Company - Saviour lyrics

s gonna be there In the middle of ... the night for you? Who's gonna be there To halve those ... troubles? Are you looking for a saviour To save you from

The Divine Comedy - Our mutual friend lyrics

Divine Comedy - Our mutual friend Lyrics No ... matter how I try, I just can't get her ... out of my mind And I when I sleep I visualize ... A mutual friend introduced us We talked about the

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Precious memories lyrics

I travel down life's pathway Know not ... what the years may hold As I ponder hopes grow fonder Precious memories flood ... my soul Precious memories how they linger How they ever

Glay - Precious lyrics

miss you ano koro ha tagai ni iji wo hariatte ... I love you mou sukoshi daiji ni dekita hazu na no ... ni donna toki mo tayumanu ai soshite sore ha ... futari no ai omoidasu yo ore ni kureta omae no saisho no

Kat-tun - Precious one lyrics

goes by bokura wa ikutsumo no deai to wakare wo kurikaesu ... Here I am dareka no yasashisa ni amaete nanika wo ... ima sugisatta kisetsu wo kazoe 1(hito)rikiri no yoru

Van Morrison - Precious time lyrics

time is slipping away But you're only king for a day It doesn't matter to which God you ... pray Precious time is slipping away It ... doesn't matter what route you take Sooner or later the

Sneaker Pimps - Precious lyrics

I feel precious Waves of the unborn truth Bathing ... in your presence I despise what ... isn't you Precious, I feel precious Writhing ... in the way Dripping onto slivers Screaming for

At Vance - Saviour lyrics

been playin The games that you play But now that I'm rollin the dice All of the fortune Right in my hands ... Prayin it's me all to win Rollin and fallin

Alan Jackson - Precious memories lyrics

memories, unseen angels, Sent from somewhere to my soul. How ... they linger, ever near me, And the sacred past unfolds. Precious memories how they linger, How they ever flood my soul.

George Jones - Precious memories lyrics

ries, unseen angel Sent from somewhere to my soul How ... they linger ever near me And the sacred past unfolds. Precious father, lovin' mother Fly ... across the lonely years And old home scenes of my childhood

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