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Bushido lyricsBushido - Universal soldier lyrics

Universal Soldier, Urban-Abteilung. ... Bushido, meine Jungs und ich stürmen ... hab ich ein brennendes "B", damit mach ich dir ... heute Nacht ein Branding, okey? Ich bin wie Al Pacino,

A Guy Called Gerald - Universal spirit lyrics

Page: Universal spirit elevates your soul ... Takes you on a journey Where you want to go ... Flies you to the future Floats you back in time Let the ... voice eternal Fascinate your mind Universal spirit Universal spirit Universal spirit

Nina Hagen - Universal radio (universal dance mix) lyrics

m driving in my car I'm looking for a job And I'm ... talking to myself, talking to myself, Talking to myself, ... talking to myself I'm my own radio, my own radio Miss

Downset - Universal lyrics

a universal, bring it to all bring it to all Universal just like the sun, moon, star ... man, woman and child All relative out loud cosmic found sound, compound blend Part of me harmony, we will transcend Tell me

Nina Hagen - Universal radio lyrics

m driving in my car I'm looking for a job And I'm ... talking to myself, talking to myself, Talking to myself, ... talking to myself I'm my own radio, my own radio Miss

Omd - Universal lyrics

doesn’t matter if you’re black or white Or the God that you choose to pray to ... It doesn’t matter about the clothes you wear Or ... which creator made you We all bleed the same blood

Slut - Universal lyrics

re universal and we're blessed We're grown up well I must confess ... happy and amused We're open-minded while we choose We ... re intellectual confused We're so confused

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Universal daddy lyrics

you want a new connection I’ll be just a step away ... Come on move in my direction Leave your dollshouse at ... the breaking of the day Get this message

Devin Townsend - Universal flame lyrics

Universal flame! Can't stand the shame ... Universal flame! The universe unfolds ... for you tonight Through all the ways you've tried ... to rid your lives of crying, I know The world is

Dub War - Universal jam lyrics

Globally Solidarity Harmony Universal Jam Amalgamation of all man ... Living together in a stolen land Where the People dem ... won't overstand An you know they do not care about you

3-11 Porter - Universal love song lyrics

saw a face full of sadness Captured with the loss of yesterday You said, 'now ... I don't want to be a burden' I just want to ... carry on to make a new life' This is a universal love song I send it out so

2 Fabiola - Universal love lyrics

look at the world, tell me what you see ... must be a better place for you and me We're waiting for so ... long,... ???? Turn these pages, ... it's history Hope, hope, let's pray for peace

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Universal wheels (nature's retaliation) lyrics

the fields are smoke and flame Fire in the sky ... It's a state of emergency Much more than ... the eye Just hide away your tears There are many more ... hidden fears As the universal wheels go round n' round

Devin Townsend - Universal lyrics

Limited Edition album's version track] I know all that I ... know STEP INTO THE UNIVERSAL GROOVE And I owe all that I owe TENDING TO THE UNIVERSAL YOU How am I ever supposed to

Dj - X - Universal corner lyrics

around some universal corner - like a woman Slip around some corner, pick up the ... phone - like a woman She must build a fire ... next to the pay phone Heat is the point, smoke on the receiver Light up to

Jamelia - Universal prayer lyrics

just the same as you I could be the same age too Do ... the same music you do Everyday No matter what ... same stars we see at night No matter what’s up against us

Air - Universal traveler lyrics

know so many places in the world I follow the sun in my ... silver plane Universal traveler If you have a look Outside on the sea ... Everything is white It's so wonderful Universal

Paradise Lost - Universal dream lyrics

In death we trade Until it’s over manipulate the ones who ... and secret Stalking a world in which I'm new Sorely ... deceitful In all that is so abused For the universal

Annie Lennox - Universal child lyrics

many mountains must you face Before you learn to ... climb? I'm gonna give you what it takes My universal ... child I'm gonna try to find a way To keep you safe

Mad Architect - Universal law lyrics

(they are aligned) All is one, with a different name, ... Likes and opposites are all the same! ... all the same) Watch out! Fools come in infinite numbers!

Project: Roenwolfe - Universal mind lyrics

This is my final message My only chance to say goodbye ... There's so much more out there to see Exploding ... and living dreams I want to show you all these things

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Universal mind lyrics

was doing time In the universal mind, I was feeling fine. I ... keys, I was setting people free, I was doing alright ... Then you came along, With a suitcase and a song, Turned my head around. Now I'm so alone, Just looking

Waltari lyricsWaltari - Universal song lyrics

can't reveal my real world to you I can't show how I need ... you Things in my mind make a ... mess of me I am weak and I know it ... well [CHORUS:] But I'm safe behind

Lemur Voice - Universal roots lyrics

ve got the blood under my nails from ... Scratching the peels from my heart The heart that's ... drowning in sorrow For that's all I am right now ... The longing for something that's calling me Something that holds the

Robyn - Universal woman lyrics

VERSE 1] She needs a place to rest her broken soul Longs for a place where love is good ... Her passion for him made her heart bold She ... sacrificed her womanhood Love made her brave but oh so

Ancient Wisdom - Universal annihilation lyrics

feet Mankind shall be destroyed The universe, turned into ... a total void By the power of Satan A black chaos, ... disease Tear the heavens open wide The black chaos,

Pastor Troy - Universal soldier lyrics

Chorus (repeat 4x)] Nigga, I ... always keep my composure Often full of that doja Universal soldier I'm ready for war ... These niggas really got me trippin' with that

Borknagar - Universal lyrics

higher than mind can fly Oceans deeper than sorrow A ... distance of furious dreams Random fields of ... tension Where the sun comes blinding When the moon goes hiding I have seen the

Ceremonial Castings - Universal funeral march lyrics

The Mind Of Time & Being For ... Existence Disintegration Erase The Soul, Cleanse ... The Mind Hope: Abandoned Self: Abandoned The World Marches For A New

Donovan - Universal soldier lyrics

s five foot-two, and he's six feet-four, He ... and with spears. He's all of thirty-one, and he's only ... seventeen, Been a soldier for a thousand years. He'a a

H2o - Universal language lyrics

is the universal language? Could it be hate if it's not love? Could it be money, sex or ... power? I say it's music and none of the above When you ... act that way Can't you see you're using the wrong f***in

Arthemesia - Universal black lyrics

quot;Spectres of our souls,  are exiled in the cosmic sea,  only the serpents ... crawl now  in the face of gaia."  Did you hear ... the unblessed choirs,  which were sung in a monotonous way?  Did you see

Mortifilia - Universal hate lyrics

of breath, wait for painfull process of the ... * Hear black threat, gate of Curse is open ** Box of ... death, reeks of decay, God deserted you * Forget it, to

Liam Gallagher lyricsLiam Gallagher - Universal gleam lyrics

comes my epiphany Been sitting ... all so patiently Give me something I can shout about Oh ... Lord don't let me down I give you universal ... gleam I'll help you fix your broken dreams I'll give you something you can shout about I won't ever let you down

The Byrds - Universal mind decoder lyrics

[Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental]...

Anathema - Universal lyrics

the clouds We flew to heaven Through the eye of ... the storm And into to the light I see you You ... re everywhere I go In everything I do I ... dreamed a thousand years Just to be here

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Universal you lyrics

All God's children They got heart They got swagger ... They got truth Ah-ha-ha Yeah, ... all All God's children They got heart ... They got swagger They got youth Ah-ha-ha Don't you know I've got a pagan heart? I love the earth I'm not a

Epica - Universal death squad lyrics

day We embrace new inventions Find your grace in defeat ... We embrace, new intentions Forced on us by decree We are ... the ones to change the world now Still in control of all

Lisa 'left Eye' Lopes - Universal quest lyrics

s for the open minded Now Now what do you believe? ... Who do you receive? Where do you go next? And through ... what exit do you leave? The questions that I

Middle Of The Road - Universal man lyrics

......... ............ ....... ...... . .......... ......... .......... ........... ......... .......... .......... ............

Noctem - Universal disorder lyrics

constellations i await Hidden in an ... immeasurable iridescence Beyond human understanding observing The continuous ... twirls of the life wheel A new cycle

Samael - Universal soul lyrics

the world built by reason Lay the foundations of a ... different Perception Putting light on a brand ... new horizon Remodeling our own Life's conception Opening

Abiotic - A universal plague lyrics

hands have embraced the oceans before, but the shores ... had never recoiled so desperately. Entrenched in ... several principles of the ancients, but primarily

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Baby universal lyrics

that he has no sense of destination Now he's ... running for the love of speed When the child goes ... bad, it's no cause for celebration Like Jimmy Dean ... he don't talk back to me Failures as fathers, mothers to chaos No baby, no

Miss Caffeina - Ley de gravitación universal lyrics

ves el techo y la pizona adora otra ves el frio y el ... invierno son preciosos sembramos tempestades para recoger dos noches y una habitacion ... la cita ckandestina de año nuevo un baile que no quise

Blur - The universal lyrics

the next century Where the universal’s free You can find it ... Yes, the future’s been sold Every night we’re gone ... And to karaoke songs How we like to sing along ’though the words are wrong It

Small Faces - The universal lyrics

s such a lot of good ways to be bad And so many bad ways ... to be good And they might rent it I ... hate to tell them 'Sorry, but I haven't got the money anymore Just for the day

In The Woods - Child of universal tongue lyrics

s so strange, and yet so simple Written on a piece of ... paper aeons ago And in years to come, I ... will be someone else But still the same ... be present, leaving stains of pride within your mind A

Kroda - Schwarzpfad ii (universal provenances) lyrics

is leaving the abandoned coil Yet, it soaring by ... relentless bird Towards the Expanse of grey ... sky Circle by circle – hover in humming blizzard ... Raising higher over the dark woods, Above the

Scariot - The universal lyrics

speared my malleable young heart With a spear of ... sulphur and his knowledge of the dark There, in a split of a second - it all was gone ... The moon, the stars and the majestic

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Nancy boy lyrics

kind of mood, Lose my clothes, Lose my lube, Cruising ... for a piece of fun, Looking out for number one, Different ... partner every night, So narcotic outta sight, What a gas,

Scar The Martyr - Mind´s eye lyrics

all disciples are denied Gone is all that's sanctified, ... I am the Alpha and the second coming Fundamental discovery, for the need to create ... and control Seek no others, forms or cures before

Om - Annapurna lyrics

flight to freedom gradient raise the called ... And reach supreme the coalesced eye into surrender. ... Centripetal core of soul sojourn the field vibrates to absolution. I climb toward the sun

Aqua - Playmate to jesus lyrics

here Let me take you on a trip Leaving in the name of love Silence and emptiness ... You're among a billion stars Please don't say a ... single word All around the galaxy Silence and

Devin Townsend - Dimension z lyrics

many times must we live through this dimension Only to mourn many lives we have lost To be someone is our only ... directive for the way How many souls must we fall into

Pestilence - Amgod lyrics

of the holy church On the knees and repent Confess for I'm the new hurt ... Also known as the blackest serpent ... I am the universal dogma Repudiate ancient forefathers of believe I am the

Galderia - Far space lyrics

: Somewhere, in the immensity of ... Creation, the eternal realm of unity awaits. One day, when ... Men hear the universal call from the inside of their soul,

Ayreon - Chaos lyrics

Sequencer system online I will now take you ... back to the time before the big bang and the birth of the very first Soul ... called the Universal Migrator. However, system protocols

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