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Head East - Elijah lyrics

are people looking for A new and promise land Found him with fire and rain Crossing desert sand We were ... right, the moonlit night Never stop for

Alela Diane - Elijah lyrics

met Madeline in the south of France Where she grew with ... the fig and broke bread with the moon Dark ... eyes of the evening brought her a son A blessing and

Laura Jansen - Elijah lyrics

my love, it's a long way down to the bottom when you ... But I can't live my life born in sin and holding it in ... cause if we're all going down then I am going down in

Anne Murray - Elijah lyrics

Jordan is waiting for me to cross through My heart is aging I ... can tell So Lord, I'm begging For one last ... favor from You Here's my heart take it ... where You will This life has shown me

For Today - Elijah (the forerunner) lyrics

the way for the Lord to enter in We must become a people who value righteousness ... again Now, we can only stand back and hope to ... see Him move or we can be the willing hands of a mighty, living God Make

Disciple - God of elijah lyrics

on the show down How long will you waver between two opinions If the Lord is God ... then follow Him But if Baal is god then ... follow him There are 450 prophets of Baal and just one of

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Poor elijah lyrics

Elijah, living on the bayou way. Poor Elijah, he had to ... take over raising fourteen kids When his daddy got caught stealing chickens from a neighbor one day. Work on

Black Oak Arkansas - Uncle elijah lyrics

Oh Uncle Lijiah, Uncle Lijiah, ... He's still alive. Oh, Uncle Lijiah, Uncle Lijiah, ... in life When he gambled to gain And he carried a knife ... the devil, yes he cussed him good; He swore he'd lick 'em,

Don Benjamin - Doin it well (ft elijah blake) lyrics

Intro) Takin' the time on it Puttin' it down on it ... Spin it around on it, for me (Verse) Hey, luv, can ... I holler at ya for a second? No you tired being

Rick Ross - Presidential (feat. elijah blake) lyrics

Money! Get Money! Girl I think you're ... presidential [Verse 1] You know the crib on the water now The Maybach stay watered down Project niggas giving orders now The gold

Disneymania - He lives in you by elijah kelley lyrics

Night And the spirit of life Calling Oh, oh, iyo ... Mamela [Listen] Oh, oh, iyo And a voice With the fear ... of a child Answers Oh, oh, iyo Oh, mamela Oh, oh,

Lake Street Dive - Ellijah lyrics

has brains and long legs and wears jeans at his ... hip and nary a girl in the world has been missed by his ... grip He’s long curly hair, that when wet, ... goes as far as his chin and his

Brooks Elkie - Eliyahu lyrics

Elkie Brooks Last update on: August 13, 2015 Translations: Original Add ... translation Eliyahu Hanavi Eliyahu ... Hagiladi Bim he ra ya vo Elenu Bim he ra ya vo Elenu

Foxygen - 666 lyrics

is fun Two is you Three is me Four is a whore Five is Elijah Six is the ... Heaven Eight feels great One is fun Two is you Three ... is me Four is a whore Five is Elijah Six is the

Hairspray - Come so far (got so far to go) lyrics

LATIFAH Hey old friend, let’s look back On ... the crazy clothes we wore Ain’t it fun to look back ... And to see it’s all been done before ZAC EFRON All those nights together Are a

Babes In Toyland - Oh yeah! lyrics

speak but do not see The seer for the forest ... trees Souled an enemy comes through dafeel Compete ... with me you're obsolete Oh yeah, inliar or what? You

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Enemy lyrics

Intro:] Every January 16th, it's ... "The Dreamer, The Dreamer." And all of you say, &quot ... have a dream; The Dreamer." And what did he dream?It

Logic lyricsLogic - The high life lyrics

feat. Elijah Blake) [Logic:] Seem like my whole life ... parties with legends like "what the f*** I'm doing here ... " Waiting for someone to say "what the f*** you doing here?" Until I

Babes In Toyland - 22 lyrics

tunes into agasaya Aura like amberella ... Ama is my govinda All in time (all in ... interstellar Hidden in logorrhoea She is an amatia ... All in mine Fama turns into agasaya Elijah electra I

Jason Castro - I believe lyrics

In 6 days and a rest. God is good. I do confess. ... I believe. I believe in the Word of God. Yeah, Yeah! I ... me believe. I believe Noah. Built an ark of wood.

The Game - Truth rap lyrics

T beats We feedin the underground with this Yay Area tycoon ... shit For my nigga JT Fig', y'all know ... where it come from Never forget it, that Bay Area shit

Ill Angelic - Run the blade ft. caz flame lyrics

though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil ... Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no man

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - When i get to heaven lyrics

Verse One:] Listen to the preacherman But are you ... talkin' to me I can't hear you with a mouth full of pig's ... feet If I should need the swine flesh Your

Immortal Technique - The point of no return lyrics

.. It's that real this time around Immortal Technique... Revolutionary Vol. 2 It's on now motherf***er.. Lock and load! ... [Verse 1] This is the point of no return, I could never go

Jedi Mind Tricks - Onetwothree (1995) lyrics

Chorus x2: sample] "One two three Let me you, if you ready for me, lord" ... [Verse 1] It's the infinite connect Respect what you see as

Jedi Mind Tricks - The deer hunter lyrics

Kamachi] Yeah yeah Uh yo yo, yo yo yo, Jedi Mind yo yo Yo, my words sojourn, spread em ... like a slow germ, infected Disease is collected and quarantined from

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Congregation lyrics

Verse 1: Black Thought] I'm on that homicide, suicide, ... drama like Islamabad Under God, going overboard like the ... 2012 back in 95 I made it out alive, now finally I've

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Right about now lyrics

Intro] Yeah, this that new Kweli ... I'ma give it to you before the bootleggers get hold of ... it You know what I'm sayin'? I figure I ... put it out first, make some money wit' it Why not, right? Okay, 1-2 [Verse] Yo I'm Brooklyn like the '90s Brownsville and Bushel keep it

Damian Marley - It was written lyrics

And it was written up in the book of life 'cause the man ... shall endure forever more (2x) Well did you know ... the pen is stronger then the knife and they

Montell Jordan - I say yes lyrics

God is speaking to someone Right now I don't know ... where you are, who you are God has a message for you You ... see, oh, thank you Lord See, whatever it is

Public Enemy - Party for your right to fight lyrics

equality And we're out to get it I know some of you ... right in '66 With a pro-Black radical mix Then at ... the hour of twelve Some force cut the power And emerged

Ruff Ryders - Pina colada lyrics

-Come on -Vaya -A vailar Chorus ... Where're my niggers with the hot whips? -Ahh Where're my ... mad cheddar. Sheik: (Ayo Pun, I got you baby) We play

Algiers - In parallax lyrics

He's my spirit and my conscience He's my Master and ... He won't be here when they think No It's been five months now ... And still no sign of peace People wear the signs

Brand Nubian - Brand nubian rock the set lyrics

Sadat X] Yeah, check it out, I'ma flow on this one ... Yeah I'ma run with this for the ninety-two season Yo ... check it out I'ma give you somethin cat, this is what you need You need a coach

Brother Ali - Lookin' at me sideways lyrics

Verse 1:] Now baby you gon' get a crook in your neck looking at me sideways I play ... high stakes made crook in a crime wave Must be something on my face Yelling

Divina Enema - Wooden ladle lyrics

When he had so spoken, I beheld the Angel, ... stretched out his arms, embracing the ... flame of fire, and he was consumed, and arose as Elijah. ... Note. This Angel, who is now became a Devil, is my

Flame - Show out (feat. lecrae) lyrics

see the lights cameras looking like we bought to go ... hammer One thing that's for sure I am not the one to rock the show They show up they ... show out [repeats] Hey beat check

Godley And Creme - Joey's camel lyrics

Mother I'm lying on a white hot blanket wishing you were ... here we're a thousand miles from Cairo and it's taken us a ... year to get this far Dear Mother I've grown a beard in the

Brian Mcknight - Me & you lyrics

Verse 1] In the garden spoke to His Father for the last time ... (Yeah) And Satan tried to trick Him Said He didnt have ... to die Jesus said Father not My will but Your will be done The Messiah Jehovah He knew

Meat Loaf - Living on the outside lyrics

ve got steel on my fingers, granite on my ... breath A bottle in one ear and a spike in my chest ... A nickel in my boot and my finger in a damn I ... hang out with a bunch of losers I call my friends, and we

N.o.r.e. - Love ya moms lyrics

Chorus] I love you momma, I love you momma [Verse 1] ... Wish I could holla at you physically Listen ma ... me shitting, came far from chopping crack in the kitchen

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Wake up lyrics

Chorus] (One) gun go off, showin' everything is lost (Two ... hold between me and you, these the rules, c'mon ... (Three) yo, we gotta stand together to take cream'n (Four)

Saviour Machine - The promise lyrics

have traced the movements of the tribes Led in chains from the burning ruins Of their ... beloved city into captivity ... After two-thousand years of exile and

2pac lyrics2pac - Keep ya head up lyrics

somethin for my godson Elijah and a little boy named kerim ... [Verse One:] Some say the blacker the berry, ... flesh then the deeper the roots I give a holler to my

Tupac Shakur lyricsTupac Shakur - Keep your head up lyrics

Intro] Little something for my godson Elijah And a ... little girl named Corin [Verse 1] Some say the ... flesh, then the deeper the roots I give a holla to my

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