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Nu Breed Land Of The Lost Nu Breed lyrics

Browse for Nu Breed Land Of The Lost Nu Breed song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Nu Breed Land Of The Lost Nu Breed lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Nu Breed Land Of The Lost Nu Breed.

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Gormathon - Land of the lost lyrics

the stellar lights Path thru the dark Of rotten limbs and piles of bones Of hundreds ripped apart By our heart of choice Into the devils jaws Fearless thru eternity For a greater cause Time, we need time To seal the challenge of our call Time, we need time In the land o

A Canorous Quintet - Land of the lost lyrics

the winds Across tne raging seas To reach the kings in the land of the lost A turbulent sea winds of cold Reaching the harbour, they are safe Entering the gates, castle of splendor History of 3,000 years has passed Walls endless as he no longer sees

Everclear - Land of the lost lyrics

Will and Holly On a routine expedition They met the greatest earthquake ever known They were high up on the rapids When it struck their tiny raft And plunged them down a thousand feet below There they go To the land of the lost To the land of the

Orden Ogan - Land of the dead lyrics

we were eager and partners in crime Now we are lonesome and wasting our time Imprison our minds in the land of the dead Bemoaning the life that we all could have led The suit we wear is grey Matches our identity Oh god, it Is the sickness that I crave E

Accept lyricsAccept - Land of the free lyrics

are the days... The days and the times taken for granted So many faces but still we're alone Living the life, so many souls can only dream of Here we are well, but still we want more The spin of the wheel The luck of the draw The bounty we hold in our hands... in our hands

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Land of the giants lyrics

this a dream or a fantasy come true voices in the night, they are calling me and you Long way to nowhere, in the hot desert sand from far away, I can see the promised land Someone whispers in the darkness of the night Shadows on the wall, a flame that's shinin

Bush lyricsBush - Land of the living lyrics

found myself in another world i found myself alive and well i am the vapor i am the gas you be the angel of everything this is the land of the living this is the land of reprisal this is the land of the living the living th

Insania (swe) - The land of the wintersun lyrics

long time ago in the night Many men dressed in white Ready to fight for their land and to be free Driven by hatred and fear And love to a land in despair, which they had to bear Oh their hearts were full of hope and dreams But they had to stand the pain To have a chance to

Hell - Land of the living dead lyrics

see them all around me, you must see them too Choose your path with care or you become a victim of the fools Mind your step watch where you tread, or you'll be pulled inside They'll suck out your humanity 'til they bleed you dry We're all living in

Daze - Land of the living lyrics

2x Huoh.. ouh ouh... Womba-di-eh-oh... CHORUS: Wombada-eh-ah-eh-oh. All the people they sing Wombada-eh-ah-eh-oh. Wombadi... Wombadi... Wombada-eh-ah-eh-oh. It's a magical thing, Wombada-eh-ah-eh-oh. Wombadi... Wombadi... The dark force came to d

Edguy - Land of the miracle lyrics

by the fire and the sorrow of the day, I come knocking at your door to dry the tears away. The eventide is calling me to take a look into your eyes. Pull me on and make me mesmerized Riding on the wings of light, dreaming dreams and holding tight; leaving all

Cattle Decapitation - Land of the severed meatus lyrics

the count In all his grimoire testimony Generations of genocide Severed sex glands to his delight Meatuses litter the ground Every step--hundreds of genitals Placed here for the kingdom of sodomy Fanfare of depraved in despair Blinding stench of carnage Dismembered, discard

Pennywise - Land of the free lyrics

of the free and we're united, make our destiny, we take control, yeah, never divided, we got the power and we'll never be, divided we fall, oh yeah, land of the free, free to conspire, control destiny, oh yeah, you're gonna see, no use resistin', you're livin' in the land

Blaze Bayley - Land of the blind lyrics

so hard just to live and forget and forgive And to live by their rules And to try to fit in I would do anything Like a poor blinded fool "You must do what they say and not question the way "That was chosen for you" I thought that was the way that li

Riot ( Usa ) - Land of the rising sun lyrics

wings of eagles we soar Headed across the Asian seas A distant thunder roaring Closing in our destiny We touch down in Narita The masses were a sight to see Headed toward the city Tokyo rose, she waits for me Shine on, the gift of love is through ou

Free Ties - Land of the dream lyrics

of the Dream Through my mind and back, through the dark place and to the end. First voices and sounds 've spoken to me and they created in my mind Land of the Dream, land without fear, land without tears, land of the dream I will fight to the end, to the end of

Roo Panes - Land of the living lyrics

they go That we shall cherish and that I wrestle Don't want to be like the dust that settles This empire of nothing I find that I'm king of all these empty homes That are ruled by my own flaws But you can't be an old fire If you are burning with a new flame So remember that, yo

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Land of the dead lyrics

on, sail through the night Your time has finally come To reach for the stars, reach for the sun Dream on, dream of a better life One day you'll see the light Just open your eyes, don't give up the fight Never surrender Shake the thunder from the skies Keep your dreams alive S

Mystic Prophecy - The land of the dead lyrics

m fearing in this moment When the Sun goes down In the darkness of the night I hear the voice of darkness The want me to go back To their graven world Where the night and death will reign I can see them in the sky They scream to me my destiny In the land of

Plain White T's - Land of the living lyrics

won't leave you behind But that isn't to say that it's not on their minds Maybe it would be wise for you to be in the room next time (To join the land of the living) And what if you fall? Ain't it the falling that's the best part? They won't leave you be

Chamillionaire - Land of the slowed (feat. chalie boy, tum tum.. lyrics

Intro: Chamillionaire] They try'na say something bout'cha boy singing, but they ain't never goin understand We been parking lot pimpin since 98', knahtalkinbout? I call it Texas talk That Big Moe That Trae, that Z-Ro That Charlie [Hook: Charlie Boy]

Milk Inc. - Land of the living. lyrics

running round in circles Meeting people I see everyday. There’s no one left to talk to Cos I already know each word they’ll say. In the land of the living There’s a key In the land of the living To open me In the land of the living

Harry Belafonte - Land of the sea and sun lyrics

nights I sit here With memories by the score Thinking of the nights I spent With the girl I still adore So I'm going back to see her Before my days are done Going back to see her in the land of the sea and sun Once I had an ocean 'bout this Bajin girl I put my thoughts in motion

Catamenia - Land of the autumn winds lyrics

the whisper of north land frozen, soulless spirit sleeps heathen people in the winter prays mark of gathering. Autumn winds be gone will-o-the wisp, blaze of the night. Mystic land of the autumn winds shall meet the fate rivers no longer revive and the trees die away

Crimson Cult - Land of the crimson night lyrics

you did belong to god Children you have prayed to god Now forsaken, now you’re breaking laws that we’ve been through Dance on fire, on hot wire, will you still be true In the land of the crimson night Where blood is alive and it’s alright, alright Land

Doyle - Land of the dead lyrics

of dead are marching on your streets they are out for souls armies from hell have risen up to take you home crush crush crush all of you down this is the land of the dead tonight your cities will fall this is the land of the dead the death of

Colin Hay - Land of the midnight sun lyrics

a bad case of mumbles, I'm tripping and I stumble My face is stuck in yesterday's news I stand up and wonder as the night's raining thunder No one's saying just who lit the fuse Meanwhile we're swirlin' through space and time a-twirlin' With so m

Magic Kingdom - Land of the fire lyrics

t ever touch the fire If you don't want to get burned Don't ever trust the lion One day you're gonna die You are what you do Try to take your chance But something's always calling you Hidden in the dark Someone spying on you Don't ever look behind Ooh

Midnight Scream - Land of the shadows lyrics

now is coming call of land of the shadows Distant earth, earth of missing souls Hand of time, destroy our world on dust Pagan gods disclose today Be greeted princess of darkness Give delight to freedom Be damned day of your fall Touch of her lips takes your life You

Damh The Bard - Land of the ever young lyrics

thought that I'd never see, All the wonder and mystery, All around me, around me, Then I met the Spirit of the Stag, And I climbed upon his back, When her found me, he found me. And Now, I can never return, To the way I once had been, For I have been to the

Gamma Ray - Land of the free lyrics

in the desert of the void Beyond the wall We're the last survivors We're the ones who'll never fall Men inside the circle leave the night! Darkness all around us Not a single beam of light All we have is our faith Waiting for the fight The

Messenger - Land of the brave lyrics

sad they stand at the shoreline To weave a last goodbye Soon he will enter the halls of immortals On his own ship he'll sail with the flame Aah - he will sail with the flame Aah - he will live again We're not afraid Of what we have done We're

Circles Of Mind - Land of the free (gamma ray cover) lyrics

in the desert of the void Beyond the wall We're the last survivors We're the ones who'll never fall Men inside the circle leave the night! Darkness all around us Not a single beam of light All we have is our faith Waiting for the fight The time has come to break th

Matthew Perryman Jones - Land of the living lyrics

the land of the living Black bleeds orange into blue I am coming to life, Light is breaking through I can hear the bells in the city Across the ancient shore I am ready to fight Let down the scarlet cord It's time to shed this masquerade [Chorus:] You cannot lo

Amaseffer - Land of the dead lyrics

eye of Ra will see no more The sun the lights his kingdom's shores A kingdom that became a grave Is now the liberty of every Hebrew slave When neither side will dawn a smile None of the fallen souls rejoin the Nile And all shall perish Across this land Forsaken and condemn

The Misfits - Land of the dead lyrics

fortress in the sky What's left of life it holds We live on borrowed time Along a glowing moonlit pier Their armies still advance From the murky depths they rise From their rotting bones Their souls they scream For the flesh they need Tonight...

Sear Bliss - Land of the phantoms lyrics

sweeps through the forest It sweeps through valleys and mountains It stops and casts its eyes over the peak And looks inquiringly when it trances me down I don't speak and nor do the wind It's just standing and looking at the landscape Solitude takes my thoughts I feel

Skyclad - Land of the rising slum lyrics

me a politician who's a man we can trust And if I ever meet him then I think I'll have him stuffed Look out of the window - see not one happy face The only splash of colour's the graffiti 'round the place. It's hard to even crawl With your back up against the wall. I fi

Heaven Shall Burn - Land of the upright ones lyrics

dawn of a new age is near, We'll put an end to all the chaos and fear Under angry skies we march, Against this downfall, Against this unjust regime No masters, no leaders, This is the end of treason There's nothing they will carry on Black-hearted are their promi

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The eye of the lost lyrics

Days, They Sailed Across The Ocean, They're Called "The Children Of The Sea", They Are The Damned, Hunted By The Humans From The Palace Of The King. Circle Of Fools, You're Living In A Mystery, With Your Spirits Lost And

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The eyes of the lost lyrics

days They sailed across the ocean They're called the children of the sea They are the damned Hunted by the humans From the palace of the king Circle of fools You're living in a mystery With your spirits lost and gone Unholy light, the dark side of

Domine - The ship of the lost souls lyrics

faith is gone, all hopes are lost Now all your dreams lie broken on the ground Now no more fears, you've cried out all your tears and the days pass before your eyes [chorus] You are the one who decided to go You are the one who decided to sail Forever on the

A Dream Of Poe - The loss of the lost lyrics

down I'm you. But sorrow's in Everything I knew. "Take the line Sever the wine Under a twisted fever mind To see the loss of mankind" "There's a ghost It's my gentle host With a twisted fever mind It's the loss of mankind" Shi

Necronomicon - The valley of the lost souls lyrics

sounds in the night flowers are flying in the wind The black stone ageless, a monument stands in the valley Symbol of power, a symbol of forgotten past Venus dominates in the darkness of the sky The virgin is wandering in the valley of the lost souls Lo

Ashes You Leave - The song of the lost lyrics

was I supposed to know That a wounded soul would heal so slow You needed love but love is dead Ready to paint the world in red Why did you ever let me see The death in life and the death in me The tears shall forever fall Why do I find it so hard to breathe And

Dominia - The shadow of the lost prophet lyrics

is the ancient word of Truth He is the child who was sworn In the Battle of Light and Darkness To defend the immortal dawn He forgives the chosen one's knowledge And changes the future of the damned In the chasm of Despair He kisses the feet of Queens He ble

Black Star Riders - Kingdom of the lost lyrics

here and listen to me boys For the story that I tell How I crossed the sea from Erin's shore A man condemned to sail To a land of milk and honey And whiskey by the pail They promised me a future there A life that would not fail For it's a rock

No Bragging Rights - The concrete flower lyrics

fight... In a world that's given up, if hope is really lost, why show the love I was denied? Why fight... If hate rules everything, if nothing is worth saving, then what's the point? Why fight the way I feel inside? Please don’t make me a liar, Why should it even matt

Katana - In the land of the sun lyrics

can see a church in which a boy lies asleep I can see his dreams about a world without sheep He ventures far away to a place he's never been to before The story will begin as the dreamer sets his foot on a distant shore On this journey, I am lost I don

Blaakyum - March of the eastern man lyrics

the land of the lost horizon Lost in time and nobody's there See the men they march ahead, Lost in time, never to be found, no oh.. See them fight, and the way they die See the men, no longer march Lost in flesh, lost for ever, oh! No

Demonic Resurrection - The demonstealer lyrics

the cold mystic frost, A creature unknown to man. Is born into the world With inhuman powers in his hands. The Demonstealer will conquer the earth He is the choosen one,given rebirth. Leader of satans army,master of all With his coming, humanity will fall. U

Ancient Rites - Land of frost and despair lyrics

of frost and misery No hope for the future Only the darkest goal Only the darkest dreams Darkest desires fill my soul Land of Frost and Misery Blasphemous games No place for the weak Only the Cold No love Darkest desires Burn my soul No place for a weak God Only Black is r

Lil' O - The real nigga rules lyrics

talking] See this right here is for boys that really want Something out of life, you know I'm saying Boys that' s really trying to get something and Get somewhere, you feel me You gotta ask yourself, why am I not having paper Why am I not rich and, am I l

Hymny - Namíbije - namibia, land of the brave lyrics

land of the brave Freedom's fight we have won Glory to their bravery Whose blood waters our freedom We give our love and loyalty Together in unity Contrasting beautiful Namibia Namibia our country Beloved land of savannahs,

Sally Oldfield - Songs of the quendi iv land of the sun lyrics

is a land I can see It's where I long to be! Where the rivers run swiftly And carry your soul to the farthest star. There is a land that I know Where I've lived long ago Oh! strong comes the voice of the wild-hearted lover Who is calling to me! H

Ancient Wisdom - In the land of the crimson moon lyrics

Frostclodded Wastelands Where The Sun Has Blackened Rivers Once So Rippeling Now Frozen To Ice The Snow Reflects The Light Of The Immortal Moon And The Cold Northern Winds Will Forever Here Exist In The Land Of The Crimson Moon For As Long As The Sky

Black Abyss - Land of darkness lyrics

she stands by the lake Snowwhite her skin and so empty her eyes Her hair is flowing in the wind Noone remembers her name Her soul is fading to gray Her life is wasted away No pride inside a clash of hopeless life There on the outside with nothing in he

Dave Edmunds - In the land of the few lyrics

me again what you told me before There were so many things I'm not really sure See what I mean or forget all I know Were you trying to tell me I'll have to go Oh oh do I have to go Do I have to go I can laugh, I can cry And they'll never as

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