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Sinplus - Desire lyrics

like it It's what you want Too much time without it You need it ... You want it You know nothing feels the same Without desire And dreams are not the

Holly Valance - Desire lyrics

night Party time All around me The room is ... jumping This feeling I can't contain it Got me reeling Our bodies pumping Your ... eyes move Like on my body And the headlights The heat is rising Nothing that I can do Can't stop me

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Desire lyrics

Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo, Lemmy Kilmister) I ... always knew what I wanted to be I knew for ... sure, I knew for sure Always knew it was them or me I wanted

2unlimited - Desire lyrics

closer baby I wanna touch you 'Cause I'm ... filled with desire It's burning in the block, with a fever ... like fire Desire! Ref: OH... There's ... something on your mind When you look across the

Tove Lo - Desire (feat. years & years) lyrics

must be tough I must behave, I must keep fighting Don't give it up I want to keep us ... compromising Open your arms and brain ... To the truth that you're denying Give into the game To the

Koza Mostra - Desire lyrics

Μέλης Eπεξεργασία εικόνας: Hip Hop Creative Διεύθυνση ... φωτογραφίας: Sifu Versus Στίχοι/μουσική:

Jeremy Camp - Nothing else i need lyrics

I think of all I've seen nothing Compares to what you give ... And to drink of what you bring you quench The thirst for ... me to live I am satisfied by what tenderness you've

Life Of Agony - Desire lyrics

everything I've said before, I don't feel that way today ... Forget everything I've felt before, I felt it ... come yesterday I'm comfortable feeling miserable And I never want to

Sailor - Nothing has changed lyrics

lives are like the clock A never- ending ... circle made of time For all I know, we might have lived this life before For nothing´s ... really changed The senses still confide in lust and love

Anna Calvi - Desire lyrics

wanna go to the sun Hold my life like I've never done But it's just the devil in me The ... devil that's calling as I come undone The sky is ... getting dark tonight Darker then the fear that

Anya - Desire lyrics

for the sun Dreaming you'll be mine I just ... wanna live my life, yeah I can touch you now We have to ... lay down I just wanna feel your body, oh ... ram pampam... Oh, oh, oh Desire, desire Oh, oh, oh I'm burning like fire Oh, oh, oh Desire, desire Oh, oh, oh You aren

Demon Hunter - Desire the pain lyrics

is your dying will. Forced to feed – and over ... again. Flies to filth, greed, wealth. And we ... take what they give – every piece that we can hold. Is it

Escape The Fate - Desire lyrics

to my head Well pull the trigger already baby bang bang ... you cant leave me for dead I'm already dying And I'm waiting You cannot kill my desire! desire! Set my love on fire and let Desire! desire!

Joan Jett - Desire lyrics

gone from mean street Each time our eyes meet I want to ... touch you Sudden attraction Such strange reaction ... Then you push me away I want to make you, make you

Blondie - Desire brings me back lyrics

bliss of the wild The dark heat of your body ... Black in the blackness around me The ... fallacy of a dream The bliss of the wild The dark raging tide Deep as the sea Deep

Lisa Chappell - Desire lyrics

don't want to think I just want to feel Escape in ... your arms Splash around in your skin Cause you woke me ... a sleep so deep That now I can't live Not without you

U2 lyricsU2 - Desire lyrics

.. Lover, I'm on the street Gonna go ... where the bright lights And the big city meet With a red guitar...on fire Desire She's a candle burning in my room Yeah I'm like the

Heart - Desire walks on lyrics

at the window, pull back the lace I ... feel the night wind on my face All that I long ... for - All that I crave Am I master, Am I slave? The night's so still I feel that

Brandyn Burnette - Nothing at all lyrics

is more than love, this is devotion Wasn't only you ... cuts me open We've been diving deeper than the oceans ... Guess I'm just a slave to my emotions ... You might be bad for my health But i can do bad by myself (yeah)

Jessie Ware lyricsJessie Ware - Desire lyrics

re my desire And this, I always know You've been admired And do you see me glow? ... Take me as I am Take me as I am Don't want to be left ... alone Take me in your arms Take me in your

Gary Allan - Nothing on but the radio lyrics

sure do hope this is a long night, Cause I've never felt one ... so right Each look into your eyes I fall in, A little more and more, Looks like ... we started us a fire, Wrapped up in flames of desire, With every touch their burning higher, Two shadows dancing

Closterkeller - Nothing is here lyrics

is here Nothing is here I escaped from my desire Indifference was my shield Loneliness spoke to me Turning my ... tears into the river In which I drowned I know nothing is here Nothing is here Nothing is here Here's the end of

Karliene Reynolds - Desire in the darkness - crimson peak/purpuro.. lyrics

believe in monsters I believe in ghosts In haunted ... to darkness But never love Till you possessed my soul And ... woke me up The specters in the hallway Are screaming

Lili Vilit - Desire lyrics

you've become The clock will tick up ( your ) life away ... You will blow like handgranade Just sitting ... day you can hear those voices cause god ain't on your side Still dancing here with

Fleshgrind - Desire for control lyrics

Killings Driven by greed and power A ... troop of desensitized soldiers Built to abolish all ... That challenge this obdurate machine Emotionless murder Audacious and

Poets Of The Fall - Desire lyrics

velocity comes on with a rush Overpowering gives ... the final push What never moves ... Is never still Who has the final word It holds the world in a single pill And all life

Berlin - Desire me lyrics

Love Pain Sex Desire x2 Cash Power Greed I ... like you best when you're on ... your knees I said in sweat Lust Rug Burn I ... keep crawling, but I never never learn I want

Lycaon - Desire lyrics

Get Up, Get Up, Get Up Burning love yarikirenai hodo ... taikutsu na toki ga aru wa anata to itemo ... shaberu gurai nara odotteitai no ima wa garasu no DISUKOTIKKU sou minna datenshi ne

Terri Nunn - Desire me lyrics

Love Pain Sex Desire (x2) Cash Power Greed ... I like you best when you're on ... your knees I said in sweat Lust Rug Burn I ... keep crawling, but I never never learn I want

Heart - Desire lyrics

walks on (Desire) Wants to be held ... Possessed Wants consummation It moves on obsessed ... Bloodstream through pipes (Desire) Singing in the wires Heat

Poisonblack - Nothing else remains lyrics

push aside this feeling no longer I’m able I need ... to poison myself to stay sane and ... stable I’ve lost control of everything ... I’ve kept inside me Slipping on razor’s edge I hope

Seether - Desire for need lyrics

so depressing how you wag your tongue ... And name with words as you please I’m ... second guessing you’re the chosen one Think you can cure my disease?

Kurt Cobain - Desire lyrics

my timing's on time and I'm not to be had in May I'm ... afraid, I'm outta time She never just laugh and ... laid And I'm buying some tests and some rosens ... ham and more I'm not the one to blaze and

Dark Tranquillity - Nothing to no one lyrics

it to begin Spark the flame To firebursting sin Doctrine denied Over and over again ... Keeping death of all things private Expose this failed creation What is done is

Ebony Ark - Desire lyrics

once again There is nothing to stop bleeding Heavier ... than wounds and yearnings Won´t you tell which are ... your desires? In your dreams I have never

Fallen To Flux - Nothing left lyrics

it beyond you just to keep things moving? To start something and to follow it 'til the ... 'Cos what you tend to do Is just give up instead Don ... t dry your eyes until you think we're done here The rest

Graham Nash - Nothing in the world lyrics

s something coming through - for you. I can ... feel it in my heart - the question is ... can you? Leave the love light in your eyes. You must ... believe - it's true. That there's nothing in the world I won't do for

Ben Moody - Nothing left of me lyrics

now, you see your door is darkened For only dead men ... does the devil come no more Don't hasten ... to deny your own desire For these bitter hands ... have seen this blood before Wanna take

Ricky Nelson - Desire lyrics

might be the way you move that ... keeps me up at night Or the outline of your silhouette when you step into ... the light Is it in the things you say or the message in

Capital Sound - Desire lyrics

got to have you baby, I want you by my side Just climb a boat and take me for a ride. I need to have your body, ... your love I really need It's got to be you are that kisses me. Desire - ooh. I

Secret Sphere - Desire lyrics

sweet words, a stream of emotions, Then around everything disappear, Hands are cold, ... tough the breath, In a moment you possess my desire Somewhere I'll meet your

Bonfire - Desire lyrics

many words - you wish to say So many tears - ... all cried out in vain Hold me - love me - the ... a lonely heart You try to hide - your heartache inside

Darin - Desire lyrics

need Tell me what you see in me Give me what I want Give me what I need Give me ... what you've got.. Give me Girl you're sexy Girl you're cool Let me give

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Desire lyrics

m a sure-fire p**** cat I ain't gonna tell you that I'm giving myself away You're a ... real catch that's a fact I am gonna tell you that Baby I want you to stay My fever

Ryan Adams - Desire lyrics

hearts fading, like a flower. And all this waiting, for the power. For some ... answer, to this fire. Sinking slowly. The wateras higher. ... Desire With no secrets. No obsession.

Cradle Of Filth - Desire in violent overture lyrics

came tralling ghost concertos Heartstrings a score of skeletal reaper ... bows Playing torture chamber music ... allegretto Conducting over throes trashed to

Hotel Books - Nothing was the same lyrics

chose to believe every word I was fed and I thought the ... back and racked your brain for a reason to stay, but ... to formulate any such thought in your head. So you left with nothing more than a reason you kept silent and my mind with riots

Darkseed - Desire lyrics

I fall for you Feel the hurts ... world seems To fall apart I stand alone You burn in me ... You beat in me Desire You are my Pulsing heart ... You beat Tears in darkened Stillness Thunder

Penicillin - Desire lyrics

kamishimete namidawo koraeteita Anokoroni mita yumega ... otowo tatete kuzureteiku Uragiriga utsukushiku junsuini mietakara Mou nidoto oikakezu ... kono omoi wasureyou Desire... Tomeronaku

Alela Diane - Desire (piano demo) lyrics

Diane - Desire Lyrics Artist: Alela Diane Album: Alela ... Diane & Wild Divine Genre: Folk Send "Desire" Ringtone to your Cell

Charon - Desire you lyrics


Evereve - Desire lyrics

inside me Stare into the void The blooms of weakness I ... have shattered A broken pride lies in this broken glass ... A crystal shiver I'm starving, starving Dance with me

Evil Masquerade - Desire and pain lyrics

come darkness Let's go it again Let's show them our ... demons Dessire and Pain Once upon a time I ... thought good of mankind But I'm not a fool anymore As

Meg Myers - Desire lyrics

I wanna to touch you I wanna breathe into your well ... See, I gotta to hunt you I gotta to bring you to my hell ... Baby, I wanna f*** you, I wanna feel you in my bones

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - Desire lyrics

Verse (x2):] I am Yours, You are mine Take ... my heart, and my mind Open the eyes of my heart ... Reveal Yourself Lord I want You It's my desire ... [Chorus:] O-o-oh You are my desire [Verse (x2):] Hear this

Hotel Books - Nothing was different lyrics

and my friends, we’re not the type of ... people to ignore the smallest problem hidden in the smallest church ... mouse. We hide our emotions but I found out they’re

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Nothing without you (tery bina) lyrics

ik pal chain na aave Sajna tere bina ... Sanu = I (formal, literally "us") Ik = ... One Pal = Moment Chain = Peace Na = Not Aave = To

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Nothing without you/tery bina [remix] lyrics

ik pal chain na aave Sajna tere bina ... Sanu = I (formal, literally "us") Ik = ... One Pal = Moment Chain = Peace Na = Not Aave = To

Reach The Shore - Nothing to do here lyrics

s time to leave Finally be myself I'll discard ... the rest As free as I was down yesterday No ... All these burdens are just Pieces of shit I was smiling

Lush - Desire lines lyrics

s raining in this room And it's so hot outside this room I don't know no one here I don ... t want to be here In this room We hold parties in ... our sleep We fill ourselves up in our sleep

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