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Blue System - Love is not a tragedy lyrics

you feel the groove ? You said Im a liar - an uncertain love But babe, all or nothing All of a sudden - Ill promise ... enough You said Im a dreamer - a dream so kind But baby, I swear you Baby I dare

Glen Campbell - Love is not a game lyrics

is like a warm and tender rain Splashing on the roof beatin' on the window pane She was like a soft and gentle ... Seemin' so sincere pretty as you please. Though the time

Replica - A forest + love is the drug (live) lyrics

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx...

Sade - Is it a crime lyrics

may come, this may come as some surprise but I miss ... you I could see through, all of your lies But I stll miss you He takes her love, but ... doesn't feel like mine He tastes her kiss, her kisses are not wine, they're not mine He takes, but surely she can't give

Freezepop - Pop music is not a crime lyrics

song about dancing what is it that you want from me? ... if i wrote a song about more serious things ... would you take me seriously? it’s just that i really like to dance do

Gloria Estefan - Your love is bad for me lyrics

love is bad for me And yet no other lover makes me ... so insane Feel so much pain You don't belong to me ... Every time I hear your voice Or speak your name I feel the same Just like

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Love is a first lyrics

ve been interpreted and shrunk I've been as ... touchless as a drunk This is as bad as or worse, as bad as ... or worse This is as bad as or worse, as bad as or worse

Monkey Business - Atheism is not a crime lyrics

Sounding oh so fine Laser beams Burning through your mind ... Memories All the joy you find Suddenly ... Bait is on the line Why would ... you live without me and treat me like a fool Now you

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - Love is not enough lyrics

this f***in bitch Took off, ... f***in with some college graduate Punk ass, Abercrombie ... wearin motherf***er Left me ... broken hearted in the chevy It's all

Billy Ray Cyrus - Love is the lesson lyrics

on the highway the traffic's congested The streets ... Feels like I'm stuck in this automobile Trying to get ... of the needle I'm just wanting to find my place In a

Lord Of The Lost - Love is not enough lyrics

love is not enough I need to murder you ... to feel secure the surface of Love is rough The State of Death is honest and pure ... when I kiss you I feel that you´re lying you will be

Brenda Lee - A good love don't come that easy lyrics

better take it easy, If we want our love to last You ... Boy, we're moving much too fast We better hold on, Before ... our love becomes a thing of the past baby A

Pat Benatar - Love is a battlefield lyrics

We are young) (We are young) We are young (Heartache to heartache) Heartache to heartache (We stand) ... We stand (No promises) (No promises) No promises (No demands) No demands

Everything But The Girl - Love is here where i live lyrics

three guardian angles say Each time you smile that way Dangers lies that way No-one ... will believe me For that sort of thing's beneath me ... But I keep repeating three words It won't last, it won't last I've been

Meat Loaf - Love is not real / next time you stab me in t.. lyrics

have been many sightings Of love in truth The skeptic in me ... longs for To see of love some proof Only for you does ... this happen Only for you do I care Love is not real Love is a hoax

Keane - Love is the end lyrics

is the time of our comfort and plenty These are the days ... we've been working for Nothing can touch us and nothing ... can harm us No, nothing goes wrong anymore

Linda Ronstadt - Love is a rose lyrics

is a rose but you better not pick it Only grows when it's ... on the vine Handful of thorns and you'll ... know you've missed it Lose your love when ... you say the word mine I wanna see what's never been seen

Beth Hart - Love is a lie lyrics


John Mayer - Love is a verb lyrics

is a verb It ain't a thing It's not something you ... own It's not something you scream When ... you show me love I don't need your words Yeah love ain't a thing Love is a verb Love ain't a thing Love is a verb Love ain't a

Gormathon - Love is a motherf***er lyrics

in my life, I seek to you Ready ore not, I say I do Living ... in fear, Love you so dear The chain in my heart, Rips ... me apart You beat the retreat Turning around And running

Joe - Love is just a game lyrics

is just a game Oooh ooh ooh ooh yeah yeah ... yeah (telling you)[x4] Baby... You cant keep doing this ... shit... Oh oh, love is just a game... Oh, listen babe...

Nana Mouskouri - Love is a rose lyrics

Love is a rose But you better not pick ... grows when it’s on the vine A handful of thorns And you ... will know you’ll miss If you lose your love When

Love - A house is not a motel lyrics

my house I've got no shackles You can come and look ... if you want to In the halls you'll see the mantles ... Where the light shines dim all around you And the

Pet Shop Boys - Love is a catastrophe lyrics

is a catastrophe Look what it's done to me Brought me ... down here so low Stranded, nowhere to go No ... concentration just rerunning conversation trying to understand how

Camouflage - Love is a shield lyrics

is a shield to hide behind, love is field to grow inside, and ... close my eyes my mind starts spinning around. Love is a baby in your mother's arms,

Cabballero - Love is a shield lyrics

is a shield, to hide behind, love is a field to grow inside, and when I sometimes close my ... eyes my mind starts spinning round. Love is a ... baby in a mother`s arms, love is your breath which makes me warm, and when I sometimes close

Adam Cohen - Love is lyrics

is Romeo and Juliet, Love is whatever you do with it, Love between a man and a man, ... Woman and a woman, Love is doin what you should, doin what you shouldn’t, Otherwise

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - Love is a good thing lyrics

out sister, watch out brother, Watch our ... children while they kill each other With a gun they ... bought at Wal-mart discount stores Welcome to the hallway, metal detectors just

East 17 - Love is more than a feeling lyrics

is more than a feeling love is more than a feeling to me love is more than a feeling love is more than a feeling to me ... More than a feeling more than a name more than emotion

Eskimo Joe - Love is a drug lyrics

is a drug But the drug won't take ... me higher Love is a drug But the drug won't take ... me higher We were cryin' again, Fighting with our backs ... to the wall While our blood's on fire

Everly Brothers - Love is where you find it lyrics

find it Don’t be blind it's All around you everywhere Take ... it, take a chance now For romance now Tell the someone that ... you care Spring love comes upon you When its gone

Girlschool - Love is a lie lyrics

Is a Lie ......................

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Love is like a rainbow lyrics

is like a rainbow Love is like a rainbow When I look ... into your eyes I can see a part of heaven Never felt the way like this before in my life ... Love shines in many colours Love is shining for us Believe me

Stevie Nicks - Love is like a river lyrics

used to call me wicked I used to call ... you friend They say your life is wild Compared ... to what... lifestyle You must have ... many things... to remember Cause nothing else in your life

Eurythmics - Love is a stranger lyrics

is a stranger In an open car To tempt you in And drive ... you far away And I want you And I want you And I ... want you so It's an obsession Love is a danger Of a different kind To

Heath Hunter & The Pleasure Company - Love is a mystery lyrics

is a mistery Love is a longing to me Love is going ... round and round, you see Love is a long goodbye Love is a ... magical sky Love is for you and me Love is a mistery Love

Mr. Bungle - Love is a fist lyrics

'Round my ween Feel my heart beat Off and your head in ... I feel strongly about violence Love is a fist ... There's no effort To what's in Open faced Knuckle sandwich I feel strongly about violence Love is a fist fist love is a fist love is a fist loveisafistloveis..

Rock Goddess - Love is a bitch lyrics

Is a Bitch ......................

Silent Circle - Love is just a word lyrics

Is Just A Word" was written by Breitung, Axel / ... I look into the night stars are shining so bright And I feel what it means to be ... lonely again. I'm touchin' your face

Golden Earring - Love is a loser lyrics

is a loser when lust takes over When lust takes over ... and comes around I'm just a target of fixation Of fascination unbound I forget ... everything I ever learned Between the sheets I'm

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Love is no crime lyrics

you're young When your life has just begun And you feel ... your world is changing Do not be scared, don't be shy Take ... your time If you wanna know what love is Oh, love is no crime Life is to love, all the time As long as the

The Divine Comedy - Love is lighter than air lyrics

summer slowly turned into fall Me and my baby doll never ... went to the beach Somewhere, somewhere, ... somewhere was a place we could run On the sand ... with the sun always just out of reach

Lizzy Borden - Love is a crime lyrics

call she says I know you're there I can ... hear you breathing It's you again I know it's wrong My ... time is gone I can feel your touch Right ... number from the TV screen Said if you're lonely just give

Anastacia - Love is a crime lyrics

Yeah Chicago If love is a crime baby I'd do my time Whether ... it's wrong or right You can sentence me to life If love ... is a crime baby I'd do my time Whether it

Roger Daltrey - Love is lyrics

cold as it seems When truth brings ... you heartache It's hard to believe When love hits ... the wall Love is My faith in you When it could have ... ended And your trust in me We could

O-town - Love should be a crime lyrics

like love and happiness Never seem to stand ... up baby When you put them to the ... test, yeah You say that you're a poet That your ... life’s a work of art But you can't play love

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Love is blind lyrics

people don't see what I see Even when them right ... there Standing next to me And all of my friends think I'm ... crazy for loving you But they ... don't know There's nothing else I can do - And

Cinderella - Love gone bad lyrics

I hear you stalkin' Looking for sympathy ... You just keep on walkin' Actin' like you don't ... know me Ain't nothin' new for you Honey what ... you put me through Seven years ago today There ain't no

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Not a bad thing lyrics

all I want from you is to see you tomorrow And ... every tomorrow, maybe you’ll let me borrow your ... heart And is it too much to ask for every Sunday If I were

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Not a bad thing / pair of wings lyrics

all I want from you is to see you tomorrow And ... every tomorrow, maybe you’ll let me borrow your ... heart And is it too much to ask for every Sunday If I were

Agnes - Love love love lyrics

friends keep saying, that I need patience Fools ... better slow down They keep talking bout good things come ... But I dont wanna wait My heart is aching, Im not mistaken The moment I saw

Kim Richey - Not a love like this lyrics

said you love me I think you meant it at ... the time Time has a way of changing That's the nature of ... the crime I want a love That makes me light up like the

James Durbin - Love me bad lyrics

cigarette fills an empty room Smell of heartbreaks and cheap perfume ... Photos scattered across my wall Maybe someday I’ll take ... them off, but I miss you Yeah, I still miss you Yeah!

Citylights - Not a home lyrics

hey we´re moving I´m ready to write new history ... Let´s plunge in the unknown waters Let´s get over all the ... rocks in our way Bright future's waiting

Beth Hart - Bad love is good enough lyrics

loves like a cigarette, burning on my breath ... tonight. Your love leaves no promises for the ... emptiness inside And I know that I should leave, ... but I know I'm gonna stay, cuz no good man I ever

Brie Larson - Not a freak lyrics

I've known ya' like it's been forever You ... don't see me as your girlfriend, whatever I ... been your friend I'm not obsessive, well, maybe I am ... I keep on writing your name over and over again I don

More Than Life - Love is not enough lyrics

me take away your bad dreams That hold you awake at ... night And kill the pains that fill your heart. Even ... the worst, you still stand strong. The struggles that repeat themselves, You're

Brand Nubian - Love me or leave me alone lyrics

Jamar I got a girl that's bad! (uh-huh) But she don't ... understand my ways (why's that?) Arguin' days after days after days Well I can dig it ... See I done had some fly ones But they try

Dave Edmunds - Bad is bad lyrics

to see my cousin He plays guitar like a chainsaw ... buzzin' In the crowd I see his mom and dad I said, hey ... uncle, man your son is bad Sometimes, sometimes bad is

Huey Lewis - Bad is bad lyrics

uptown to see my cousin Plays guitar, sounds like a chainsaw buzzin' In the crowd, I ... see his mom and dad I said "Hey, hey Uncle, man ... your son is bad" But sometimes,

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