Nobody Can Hurt Me Anymore I’ve Already Went Through The Madness lyrics

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Mandopony - Nothing can hurt me lyrics

that it was worth it All the tears I cried While you were ... never see you again Please remember me the way I was Before ... And if I never wake I pray the Lord my soul to take And

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Nobody can save me lyrics

my demons I'm hanging off the edge Storm clouds gather ... beneath me Waves break above my head ... wide awake now You tell me it's alright Tell me I'm

The Hot Lies - Can't stand the heat lyrics

is a misprint, A misconfused mess. Pull the thread like a ... You're scared, And frayed at the edge again. Just put the ... phone down now, Hang up the reciever while you still can.

Hot Leg - 02 you cant hurt me anymore lyrics

we've gotta do is paper over the cracks Get back to making ... like the beast with two backs I ... you were a girl I still love the female form so let's give it

Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - Hurt me tomorrow lyrics

ain't a good time But when is it ever I know the perfect time And baby that's ... So don't you dare leave me now Throw my heart on the ... ground Cause tonight ain't the night for sorrow But you can

K'naan - Hurt me tomorrow lyrics

ain't a good time But when is it ever I know the perfect time And baby that's ... So don't you dare leave me now Throw my heart on the ... ground Cause tonight ain't the night for sorrow But you can

Aiden - Hurt me lyrics

tonight and she'll bring the cure, And this promise to ... hard and tonight we'll break the curse, And this promise to ... . Oh tonight (tonight). I can see through a lifetime of

Jaden  Smith lyricsJaden Smith - Can't see tomorrow lyrics

probly bounce if you hatin on me if you’re not with the ... I don’t care, I got a camera cuz I’m not saying cheese, ... be knockin on Cuz you know they letting us in Cuz we making

Seether - Nobody praying for me lyrics

a whisper lost upon wind I'm the ember that'll burn you down ... I'm the water that'll drown you I'm ... I'm a fruit decaying on the ground I'm a swallower of

Dark Lunacy - Through the nontime lyrics

black tears Are falling The sleet is turning to snow ... Delight of cold The cry of storm Beaside my soul ... Until the end of times If you want to hurt ...

Ll Cool J - Nobody can freak you lyrics

Uh huh, Uh huh Keep it right there, yeah Verse 1: LL Cool J ... (LeShaun) A lime to a lemon, a lemon to a lime ... C'mon baby, you gotta gimme mine Whatever I do, I'm

Noumena - Through the element lyrics

another place or time the sound will play forevermore The one with magic in name is ... deep down and stuck there to the core Can not see all this ... wanton misery Through the night of shades, through the

Entombed - Through the collonades lyrics

Music: Andersson] The awakening of the gods the ... rising of the souls here I lie tied to my ... bed awaiting the coming of ghouls I close ... as if to die entering again the labyrinths of deep within

Luke James - Hurt me lyrics

Verse 1:] They say that you're no good, They say you've got me twisted, ... we do is bang, bang, bang, They say that we won't last, But ... I believe just different, They're throwin' broken glass,

Coheed And Cambria - The willing well iii: apollo ii: the telling .. lyrics

of all your fears You have come so far to hear That in turn they've showered your name As the laughing stock Now by fire ... hang As my word holds course through vein You will walk to the

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Looking through the eye of a pig lyrics

em I love em, my mouth, hit the fried I'm out on patrol, in ... know, if you'll be makin it home today So many different ... attitudes, that I come across I'm hard to console

Dark Lotus - Hurt myself lyrics

[Violent J:] I jump in the mosh pit, but I'm alone ... brain is hemorrhaging, it's them or me It ain't easy ... tree (I pass out) I wake up the room is padded It would

The Hollies - Running through the night lyrics

ve been runnin' through the night Tryin' to reach and ... But when I reached your home I found out that you had ... gone I found out someone had taken you away Ever

George Jones - Nothing ever hurt me lyrics

toe nails swollen adenoids The Asian flu a time or two and ... inflamed vocal chords I've had a ... in two But nothing's ever hurt me half as bad as losing you.

Cascada - Madness (feat. tris) lyrics

me be the map leads you to the MADNESS, The reason for your ... making perfect sense of this mess, I know that we can make ... it, make it, make it Let me be the map leads you to the madness, The reason for your crazy,

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - Can't cry anymore lyrics

But I suspected we were through And I can't cry anymore ... you get when you Stay together too long And I can't cry anymore Wouldn't it be good if we

U2 lyricsU2 - The troubles lyrics

stepped inside your soul Somebody stepped inside your soul ... Little by little they robbed and stole Till someone else was in control You ... easier To put your finger on the trouble When the trouble is

Holy Knights - The turning to the madness lyrics

ll fly up together, like a white dove for ever ... The wise man prays so that the sun rises every day We ... will pray together, for the same right reasons Freedom will

George Jones - The door lyrics

ve heard the sound of my dear old mama ... crying And the sound of the train that took me off to war ... The awful sound of a thousand ... I wondered if I could take it anymore. There were times when they almost drove me crazy But I

Shinedown - Through the ghost lyrics

of the devil Look who just walked ... into the room The guilt invaded Notion of someone I once knew All the ... perfects moments are wrong All the ... you hide yourself away? I can't see you anymore Did you

Sia lyricsSia - We can hurt together lyrics

those eyes You play a game by the wretched rule but ... you cheat yourself There ain't nothing you can Say ... that would scare me away I've got history too

P. Diddy - Through the pain lyrics

Diddy] Can you feel me? Diddy can you touch me? Can you trust me? Can you love me? I need you Rio... talk to ... I could tell how you doubted me I knew my heart was broken

Dredg - Ode to the sun lyrics

those clouds away Letting the sun shine through In this ... ode to you Let the demons have their place If ... create And disguised within the dark Light will wait My

Jason Reeves - Through the morning light lyrics

it up Don't waste your time, boy The sky's an ocean ... like a sandcastle Every time you close your eyes Cause ... s just shining Like the stars at night, yeah She's

P.diddy - Through the pain lyrics

Diddy:] Can You Feel Me? Can You Touch Me? Can You Trust Me? Can You Love Me? I Need ... ] Could Tell How You looked Me Knew My Heart Was Broken ... Though My Girl Was Next To Me She Didn't See I Do Believe

Nina Gordon - When you don't want me anymore lyrics

not asleep This is not a game that I'm playing here Somewhere in between what's real ... s good to see what I've become When you don't want me anymore Everybody knows how the

Hooverphonic - You hurt me lyrics

hurt me (when Ive got so much more to give) ... must have been blind adoring the blues in everything lies a ... I thought you were telling the truth I caught you with here

Riot ( Usa ) - Through the storm lyrics

if you don`t Destination of the righteous You break the ... spell, towards the light In an empty room you ... sit alone and realize You can`t believe yourself no more I

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The madness of the crowds lyrics

Blind he who follows the path of vows Deaf he who ... words of deception But they who fathom the truth bellow ... Shout! Shout!The madness of the crowds hail insane The madness of the game Guilty the one

Kansas - Can't cry anymore lyrics

years could come and go but we would never ... how we try our hearts remain the same You see how quickly ... long enough no more time no more tears I just can't

The Lumineers - The lumineers - nobody knows (from "pete's dr.. lyrics

seems so easy 'til you try, Then the moment's passed you by, ... Nobody knows how to say goodbye. Nobody knows how to get back home, ... out so long ago, Searched the heavens and the earth below,

Van Morrison - You gotta make it through the world lyrics

let them take you for a clown And they're bound to bring you down ... You got to make it through the world if you can Think they ... your own You got to make it through the world if you can I said

Nas lyricsNas - The message lyrics

thug, no love, you get the slug cb4 gutso Your luck LOW ... niggaz played out, get f***ed then ate out Prostitute turned ... bitch, I got the gauge out 96 ways I made out

Attacker - The madness lyrics

That traps him within Madness is building inside of him ... re dreaming alone You might meet his knives Few people ... with no light His arena of madness Where you stand for your

Aviators - The fear of flight lyrics

Of them making fun of me I don't want to feel their ... again But I'll overcome The worry of disappointing ... everyone I'll fly fearlessly through the wind I'll take to the

Bondoc,gabe - Hurt me again lyrics

You wanna rise and fall like the sun You say you wanna go but ... this empty space (yeah) Somethings in life just cannot be ... things have to be you loving me Oh love You hurt me again

Crossfaith - Madness lyrics

m crawling down to the middle of where you writhe ... I devour what you give me, is that your sin? I'm going ... down to the middle of where you writhe ... never going away Bring the madness, bring the madness

Demonlord - The strongest one lyrics

courage but the deepest fear Embittered but ... He sailed to Troy across the ocean Tested by the Gods ... of pleasure Left his home and son forever and more For

Donnie Klang - The rain lyrics

t lie to me Don't lie to me Don't lie to me You ... were saying one thing but you meant another I should've ... I should've known Just went through the same thing trying

Falling In Reverse - The worst time lyrics

is the worst time you will ever see And down ... your throat, goes the insecurities So watch me, I ... I keep a simple lie, shot through the heart You hurt hurt me This ones not for the

Hawk Nelson - Through the fire feat. mike donehe lyrics

can feel the sun before I see its light I ... can see my breath in the air on a cold night But I can't see Your face or hear Your ... now All I hear is pain, it's the only sound Why does it hurt? Why does it hurt? Won't

Pantokrator - The madness of nebuchadnezzar lyrics

my skin as I wake up in the fields Amongst the beasts I ... hair is grown like eagles feathers My nails like claws of ... birds Behold my howl in the night I was warned, I was

Heavens To Betsy - Nothing can stop me lyrics

you that I'm not perfect Then will you know that you can hurt me? But if you think That ... You best watch out Nothing can stop me I read your words

Helia - The siberian lyrics

m running from your memory deep in the woodsI try to ... hear your voice, it haunts me forever. Forgetting you is ... for the best, to be alone was the only choice left.Keeping the

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Already home lyrics

Jay-Z] Jay-Z, Hova, You either love me or leave me alone ... [Kid Cudi] – [Chorus] Oh they want me to fall (fall), ... Fall from the top (top), They want me to drop (drop) They want me to stop (stop) They want me to go (go), I’m already gone (already) The sh-t

Kerli - Hurt me lyrics

full of rage The human race Hold me while I'm ... what you have found Hurt me See me crawling on the floor ... Go on, if it makes you soar Hurt me See me crawling on the

Mercenary - Through the eyes of the devil lyrics

s go I am disorder, reign the night I'm spreading terror ... Death by my side I face the never Clothed in leather ... You will never Put me in the f***ing corner In despair

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The unforgiven ii lyrics

beside me Tell me what they've done Speak the words I ... To make my demons run The door is locked now But it's ... open if you're true If you can understand the me Then I can understand the you Lay

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - The view from the afternoon lyrics

to set you up For disappointment in evening entertainment ... but Tonight therell be some love Tonight there'll be a ... I want to see all of the things that we've already

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Don't you love me anymore lyrics

you smile When I walked in the door Thought those arms of ... yours would be open wide The way they were before Why do ... you look at me Like I'm some stranger now Why do you pull

Dalmatian - Hurt me lyrics

geoul soge nal bogo Nae jumeogeul deo kkwag jwigo Ijen ... nado silhdago Nae meori soge chueogeul da jiugo ... Pride ain’t the thing, gave up that dream,

Neil Diamond - You don't bring me flowers lyrics

don't bring me flowers You don't sing me ... songs You hardly talk to me anymore When you come through the ... door At the end of the day I remember when You

Impaled Nazarene - The madness behind lyrics

girlfriends yet you worship me I am a ruthless bastard, a ... on four continents There is the burning madness ... have chosen my own path and I can never die Will never die, can never die All those slammed doors, all those running

Lady Sovereign - The battle (shystie,frost p & zuz rock) lyrics

Sovereign. -Shystie! Yo, Medasyn starts. First the ... P] See anybody wanna checks me on dis? Be like most dese ... for mils I'm prayin' In the meanwhile, I stayed me and wait,

Abscess - Through the cracks of death lyrics

woke up in the black of night And went for ... sleep walk outside Out to the place where thr withered ... sighed Acrid winds blowing through my mind I stopped short at

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