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No Turning Back By Tim Rogers And The Fellas lyrics

Browse for No Turning Back By Tim Rogers And The Fellas song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed No Turning Back By Tim Rogers And The Fellas lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to No Turning Back By Tim Rogers And The Fellas.

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Magnitude 9 - No turning back lyrics

along the wasteland, this barren stretch of earth ... We plan the battle of our lives. We`ll ... march `til nightfall and scout a place to lie Our ... enemy will not expect an attack, behind their lines Send out the call to

Park Jung Min - No turning back lyrics

wo tsuki ga terashite Hosoi nodomoto ni wa shinku no ... hanabira wo kobosu Konoyo de anata dake ga motsu ... hikari wa Toraetanoni kegare mo shinai There

John Deacon - No turning back lyrics

time to fuss, no time to fret No time to think, no time to worry Waiting is for ... dreamers, give me time to catch my breath Seeing ... is believing, give me time to take a rest Cast alone

Satan ( Uk ) - No turning back lyrics

telling me I'm crazy, but I'm not a fool, I don't live by the ... book, I don't want no rules. Trying to make it ... through all the rough times, All the way to the top,

Kenziner - No turning back lyrics

s the first day When I'm in ... of my life Finally it's time To leave the past far ... behind No pain, no gain The stakes are higher than ever No need to believe You'll know

Sarah Blasko - No turning back lyrics

was involved, Willing or not, A city on fire, is out ... of control, I put in down to the match. In my hand, on my ... will, my own right mind, knocked down in the sand. But there's no turning back, There's

For King & Country - No turning back lyrics

Til I got an invitation Into the courts of the King I’m ... on You gave me my freedom Now I'm free indeed [Chorus:] ... I'm marching out of the doubt into trust Out of the

Frosttide - No turning back lyrics

men fall down one by one This journey has just ... begun This is the trail of mine This might be the end of our lives Darkness and fear on this path There's no

Israel & New Breed - No turning back lyrics

gave up Thought I'd had enough Got right to the end You ... me out of it Got lost in the dark Got tossed in the storm ... You spoke to the wind And brought me out of it

Innerwish - No turning back lyrics

earth is shaking, clouds in the sky We feel the savage ... done Mankind is trembling, the fear of death A hostile ... inside your sins Rulers of the earth Your punishment will

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - No turning back! lyrics


Myrath - No turning back lyrics

the failures I had, all the things that I regret. Dirty ... deeds that I have to forget No turning back. Now my ... choices I have made Standing tall, I will not be afraid

Silent Voices - No turning back lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found ... Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found ... Not

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - No turning back lyrics

re heading off to Europe for another f***ing tour Jacko in ... Scottland, can't understand a f***ing word No money in ... our pockets playing for the English punx Drinking at the

H & Claire - No turning back lyrics

I can't believe it You're standing here in front of me Like ... to this feeling in my soul And my heart's desire Can't ... pretend I'm not about to lose control I'm

Neurotech - No turning back lyrics

turning back Turn around from this ... cycle Turn around from the things you can't explain ... Turn around from the fear inside you What fear ? ... Fear does not matter to me If you want

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - No turning back lyrics

really speaking my mind Now the heat's leaking out I'd like ... to scream and shout I want to leave it ... all behind There's no one else to turn the wheel

Lucid Dreaming - No turning back lyrics

We have no choice The cauldron must be brought To ... wrought Gurgi: Arawn must not find us or all will be lost ... Marching all in silence and quiet at all cost Flewddur

Kelis - No turning back lyrics

You can search around the world For different people ... for a thing called love And you'll return with stories on ... how they perceive you It just wasn't

Tim Mcgraw - Watch the wind blow by lyrics

creek goes ripplin' by I been barefootin' all day ... with my baby Brown leaves have started ... fallin' Leadin' the way I like it best just like ... this Doin' nothin' all the way So let's lay down in the

Electric Wizard - The sun has turned to black lyrics

torn from its path by meteoric pass, Showered by ... funeral pyres, Crash into the sea. The sun has turned to ... black, No turning back, They hide amongst the stars and

Diviner - The shadow and the dark lyrics

lies, no traitors No promises of fear No fake ... masqueraders No great dictators You'll rot ... For all your crimes Against the children of creation There

Kavana - The time is right lyrics

time is right I think the time is right, I know by now you ... We'll make this sacrifice and two by one we'll take it ... We're all alone again. there's no-one here, there's no

Cage - The antidote lyrics

I was still alive, I bested the creature I somehow survived ... I shook off the cobwebs became clear of mind ... The weapon arcane I quickly would ... on Halloween Its brain was there it stunk the air as I freed

Manilla Road - The fountain lyrics

m drawn, like a moth to the light, in the mist As my ... ship rolls over the sea I've quested so long and ... dream I've never looked back on the things that I missed And still, in my heart, I believe

Orange Goblin - The abyss lyrics

to cruel forgotten seas And all that lies between, only ... your God can judge me? There is a place for me, wherever ... that may be? But I can't see the woods, for all the dying

Innergate - The killer lyrics

alone you say your prayers to the sky Underneath the twilight ... you hide. Running from the pain misbelieving again, and ... mind to cold to feel. On the highway of death you burn

Persephone - The man who swallowed my soul lyrics

touched me gently But his hands were cold. His voice was ... I started feeling dizzy, And he watched me sway. He ... me with eyes black as coal, The man who swallowed my soul. The morning air And the sunlight

Carcer City - The escapist lyrics

walk the path laid out before me, ... Desperate hand fail to hold onto all the ... moments of the past. Its a fate that comes ... my chances in this life, No second thoughts, No turning back. Blindfolded I walk the path

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Rock god (original by selena gomez and the sc.. lyrics

man walked into the club and he said, „Hey girl, can‘t ... you walk and not stray?“ Father I’m torn and I’m selling my ... soul. To the rythm, the beat and the bass ‘Cuz I can’t

Mamas And The Papas, The - No salt on her tail lyrics

mind - Yes, on my mind, but not in my arms. Time passes by ... And I watch her fly - Yes, I ... watch her fly, And time passes by. Though it's ... free 'Cause that would be the best philosophy. Then she

Christine And The Queens - No harm is done (feat. tunji ige) lyrics

s a blur The pulsing is so loud, surely we ... something to fight for Oh, mother I walk like a boy, mad at ... whoever Would step on the game that he's just drew

Rhodes - Turning back around lyrics

s water on the ground, I'm buying my story ... I don't know how shallow it is Can you ... tell? Can you tell just by looking at me?! Well I need ... to get across, But my hands are tied by my side Can you

Dungeon - The power within lyrics

me Where I can believe Seek the truth my own master, my own ... is free Seeking gold and the treasure external Fight ... within for the chance to grow See the real

Authority Zero - No way home lyrics

s no way home! Yeah, yeah! They're taking on this mission, ... patience far too cynical these days Each time I give an ... inch, you run away with the mile I'll keep running in

Tim Mcgraw - Home lyrics

s got her apron on Standing in the kitchen Cooking up ... frame That's always sitting by the phone Daffodils are ... popping up Out behind the clothesline Underneath that tree I

Toto lyricsToto - The turning point lyrics

went down to the highway That runs between ... love and pride And I tried to get sideways ... Across the great divide But my mind's ... eye's on the key ring Crying in misery

Bat For Lashes - Horse and i lyrics

woken in the night, by a mystic golden light. My ... dressed in a coat of armor. They called a horse out of the ... woodland. "Take her there, through the desert shores.

Chiodos - Rogers and hollands feeling lyrics

is no trace of a healing. your ... feeling. it keeps me warm to know you're not content. a quick ... consume our last moments together, a lesson learned that will

Crystal Lake - Light up the tunnel lyrics

is no turning back And there's no escape I can barely ... breathe and I'm washed away All is lost, ... swallowed whole By what I've made Easy to let ... myself go with the flow This is my story so I

Sleeping With Sirens - The left side of everywhere lyrics

is no doubt tonight, I'm falling, I ... I would give anything, try and be a man. I'm falling, I'm ... what I thought was clear. (No, there is no turning back

Lee Rocker - Sometimes you win lyrics

I took off and there ain’t no turning back 400 miles and the sky ... was turning black If the road keeps on movin and the ... start to fall I can make it back by midnight if the engine

Pendragon - The walls of babylon lyrics

light that shattered through the night Explodes into ... sharp morning Melts away the past But fails to melt the ... heart But fails to melt the coldest heart So you think

Neil Sedaka - Turning back the hands of time lyrics

back the hands of time To see the house I lived ... in, To see the streets I walked on, And there's the children when they ... were oh so small, Step back with me. If I can only

Chris Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - No chains on me lyrics

is the dream, a dream for the world to see You A dream for ... the world to know You, to love Your name ... shout, lift up a cry to shake the ground Shout and the walls

Secret Sphere - The rising of love lyrics

forward right to dusk The answer lies in the back of ... gone with a kiss Alone in the dream again Those broken ... promises of a come back... Won't you can grab me,

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - No chains on me lyrics

is the dream, a dream for the world to see You A dream for ... the world to know You, to love Your name ... shout, lift up a cry to shake the ground Shout and the walls

All Good Things - No man left behind lyrics

say You can’t hold us down Another day The revolution is ... getting closer Stand up take a side Now you know ... promise you we won’t give up the fight We’re rising up Until

Beneath The Massacre - The wasteland lyrics

deep in the blood of our peers, it's ... already too late, there is no turning back Oblivious to our ... our extinction Knee deep in the blood of our peers, it's

Cloudscape - The last breath lyrics

toward the distant light Thoughts from ... a different time appear Becoming heavier by ... each minute Deeper into the darkness below The ocean ... will give The ocean will take Water is

Dappy - No regrets lyrics

This is my King's Speech, I'm nowhere near the end If I s-s-s ... Senn I messed my life up and yeah I've been down I'm a ... changed man now, CHRIS BROWN You know I

Manafest - No plan b lyrics

drop in with my face to the wind Spin 180 for the win ... find my feet it's like I lost the beat Mid air and there's no ... plan B's Hit the streets, Look before I

Enigma - The die is cast lyrics

What are you doing here? There´s no turning back (2x) The ... die is cast There´s no turning back (2x) The die is cast ... playing with your life The die is

Hurts lyricsHurts - The rope lyrics

your heartbeat hurts no more Until your feet lift ... off the floor Until they get the best of you You must keep on ... climbing through The rope is long There's no turning back But the rope is strong

Sacred Warrior - Turning back lyrics

to an end Your love has no meaning now `cause I`ve gone ... astray Lost alone in time, I now see what I have done What I ... ve attained and what I`ve left behind There was a time when I used to

Dragonland - The returning lyrics

we go into the glorious light And there is no turning back for us, forever ... more Together we rise, we will become ... strong again And we'll be forever true or die

Raven - Tyrant of the airways lyrics

Paid for a showdown Tracking the steel Come through the air ... This decoration The length he has taken To what ... to his score In this game they call war The race has

Rise To Remain - The serpent lyrics

Persuasion will determine the outcome The victim will have ... bloodied hands And a snake will make them so ... to hell on earth Instigated by the lies created From the

Art By Numbers - The man in the box lyrics

ignorance, such a shame that we ... can't enjoy. Tune our minds back into the stream and together ... my dear, you are mistaken. There is nothing here to find a

Deep Switch - The dark angel lyrics

the burning eyes in the whirlwind sky Flashing ... clouds unfold the thrill of steel - when the ... wings that were held on high Turning fiery wheels within wheels -

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