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Charlie Daniels - No place to go lyrics

t it good to be alive and be in Tennessee ... He been laughed at and lied to Oh, ya know, it keeps goin' ... down When a man hits the bottom One thing I know, yes I know

Enuff Z' Nuff - No place to go lyrics

Place To Go I always spend my money, Sum ... keep a rolled-up twenty For God of Heaven though. I haven't ... day, nice and sunny And I've got no place to go. I was the

Meat Loaf - All revved up with no place to go lyrics

was nothing but a lonely boy ... something new And you were nothing but a lonely girl But ... I felt the fever grow Do ya know what it's like All revved ... up with no place to go Do ya know what it's like

Gabriella Cilmi - Got no place to go lyrics

can take a minute to light Wonderland aint built ... can burn a bridge in a day Now one of us is walking away ... Don't believe the stories your told Not everything

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - All fired up, no place to go lyrics

little fool over you babe Got me dazed and confused Got ... the blues Come and see me, got a line I'm throwing to you ... re the mountain that I want to climb I won't stop 'til I

Chuck Berry - No particular place to go lyrics

along in my automobile My baby beside me at ... the wheel I stole a kiss at the turn of a ... and playin' the radio With no particular place to go. ... Ridin' along in my automobile I'm anxious to tell

Mark Lanegan - No place to fall lyrics

I had no place to fall and I needed to Could I ... count on you to lay me down? I'll never ... tell you, no lies I don't believe it's ... wise You got pretty eyes, won't you spin

Silent Planet - No place to breathe lyrics

blocks until they turned to throwing stones a monolith ... of dominance we set atop your plinth of bones. ... our indifference gave way to a prison. Classes at war,

Korn - No place to hide lyrics

I see your faces and I do not understand why Each time I ... rape me, inside I have no place to run and hide I have have no place to hide which I like

Ash - No place to hide lyrics

the end it all comes down to dust Language will vanish ... Your life will unravel into your dreams Now a storm, it ... runs through the cities And now it is the time to be

Eyes Of Azrael - No place to hide lyrics

what we are living here, no place to hide, to be alone. We ... hell is happening? There´s no place to escape, to be alone. ... us, In this world, in this place where we live in. We

Paradox - No place to survive lyrics

on the run Trying to escape But I have begun ... on myself Alone am I and I got No place to survive I ... deny destiny's help Told them of my latitude Goin'

Alison Krauss - No place to hide lyrics

I was a child I used to love to watch the rain I'd stand ... my brain I never thought to worry If the river rose too ... washed out with the tide But now I am a man And I need a place to hide [Chorus:] But

Goodnight Nurse - No way to escape lyrics

need to break out I need to get away Before I breakdown ... controlled And this is not my home This is not my home ... Lights out No place to go Lights out There's no

Gym Class Heroes - No place to run lyrics

place to Run Gym Class Heroes ... Sometimes, seems it’s harder to lift into regret But there’s ... nowhere to run girl But there’s nowhere ... don’t look back Cuz there’s nowhere to run girl Cuz there’s

High And Mighty Color - A place to go lyrics

wo shikaketeta you na Totsuzen no koi doko to naku ... nai shigusa ga Mukashi no kimi no mama datta ... ureshiku natte iru SHATSU no sode mekuri agete Kimi to

Balance Of Power (uk) - No place like home lyrics

bindings fall So very close to ending So silent forever ... more No angels no stairway no welcome no sanctuary So evil ... so empty no place no stay This is not my heaven

Mamas And The Papas, The - No dough lyrics

dough, no place to go. Art deco on the late night ... show. We'll climb into bed, do like we said, and lie ... And you'll give your love to me; Then I'll give it back to you. Pass the chips; you

American Hifi - No ordinary life lyrics

stop, nobody knows That's the way that it goes You tell me I'm wrong, you ... alone down broken roads, no place to go I still see you every ... light What's it all about now? This was no ordinary life

Caliban - Nowhere to run, no place to hide lyrics

the wounds You left on my tortured skin... I won't forget ... with all my heart, There is no time to pray, No time to cry ... with all my hate, There's nowhere to run, No place to

Eve - No, no, no (damian & stephen marley) lyrics

Answer Machine Noise] [Stephen Marley] Yo, ... Yeah we telling, ya know how in the club Hook this ... up together Give me a call when ... [Damien Marley (Eve)] Now this one is elementary We going to end it for the century

B. J. Thomas - No love at all lyrics

have tried and failed , to get along, and you know that ... with a grain of salt. Oh now believe that a little bit of ... love is better than no love, Even a bad love is

The Saints - No, your product lyrics

of a future time There's no opinion that ain't my own No ... years is a long, long time To be in this prison when there ... ain't no crime So go on, jailer, won't you bring

Willie Nelson - No love at all lyrics

and that's wrong don't you know that's wrong A happy little ... fools half tired and failed To get along and you know that's ... And neither one of them try to love and understand And take

Raised Fist - To make up my mind lyrics

m needing this time to make up my mind Every time ... when we're lonely together I think of the options ... I've got You have disturbed me for a ... long time right now How much is it for me to

Laura Marano - No place like home lyrics

s nothing wrong with spending ... summer in another city I've seen the ... come back down Back down Now I found myself where I ... or in a dream? A dream No matter where I go There's no

Little Brother - Hiding place lyrics

you gonna hide? Rapper Where you gonna hide? Dilla Dog, Jay Dee ... Where you gonna hide? Elzhi Where you gonna hide? Phonte Another ... I'm a hell of a problem, nobody has the answer Pooh be

Blu Cantrell - No place like home lyrics

while traveling (yea) But nothing can compare to what I ... have come to know and love That's what made ... I am So I'm showing love, to home [HOOK:] There is no place, quite like home I'll never

Halloween (usa) - No place lyrics

another town, but that's another story And who knows what ... may have planned for me But tonight, I'm standing here, ... we'll come home... There's no place, when I'm far away I

Mika lyricsMika - No place in heaven lyrics

a heaven let me in I don’t know where to go if I should die ... me For every love I had to hide And every tear I ever ... begging you please There’s no place in heaven For someone

Marianas Trench - No place like home lyrics

s no yellow bricks to follow back and run from ... Believe me There's no place like home There's no place ... it My old friend It's time to say goodbye again No need to

Slaughterhouse - Place to be feat b.o.b lyrics

my zipper where her lipstick go Like an embryo in a hooker, ... y'all bosses, we call the GOAT then We ball fo' sho' and, ... B.o.B The only thing I hate to see is hate In the place to

Beth Hart - No place like home lyrics


The Dead Weather - No hassle night lyrics

m looking for a place to go Where the sun goes down And ... stays down I'm looking for a place to go Where I can lay low ... My darlin' she's a drifter Nothing out there seems to fit

Dawn Of Destiny - Place in heaven lyrics

a girl stands all alone No one to hold her tight left to ... on her own All the time the snow came down No way to go, no ... road to take A few miles later she

Emphatic - Place to fall lyrics

holdin' up the world too much for too long Given ... else would break? Maybe ya gotta stop for a minute before ... hit the wall If you need a place to fall when it all comes

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Ego a go go lyrics

were you when you stole my pride Did you ever get ... died Hide away in your ivory tower And cover me in your golden shower Did I make you ... break it slow Break it so I got no place to go Ego a go go now you've gone solo Living

Little Dragon - Place to belong lyrics

is cold and me i’ll miss this place I’m in a sentimental state ... running late trams forget to stop And everything’s in boxes ... pact up stamp to go but who knows So I’m running away

Place Vendome - Hold your love lyrics

Del Vecchio] I'm on knees to pray to survive I found the ... letter you left before to go I got no words to say, I'm ... the dark I'd take you to our magic place To hear you

Screaming Trees - Straight out to any place lyrics

through my dreams Oh I want to take a train today Take it ... straight to any place And keep on riding, keep on ... yeah Oh I'm burning baby got no place to go And just a

Danzig - Let yourself go lyrics

baby, I'm gonna teach you what love's all ... about tonight Trust me honey, ... everything's gonna be alright Just do like I ... do, there ain't nothing to it Listen to me baby,

Ballard Frankie - Place to lay your head lyrics

girl i bet you sure know how to break a heart I ain ... t got no knock you down pick up lines ... i bet you and me could have a good time (Chorus) So come

Joe Bonamassa - No love on the street lyrics

Fever burning bright, paranoia night Five alarm alert ... so deep 'Cause there ain't no love, Ain't no love on the ... deeply She's listening to her heart beat She walks into the kitchen Dishes in the

Atc - No place like home lyrics

wondering, why you´re up to thinking of you wish you ... been ... Chorus: travelling to space like years away been to other worlds, seen the unknown heading back to earth I´m

Johnny Depp lyricsJohnny Depp - No place like london lyrics

From the dardanelles, To the mountains of peru, But ... there's no place like london! (Sweeney) No ... there's no place like london... (Anthony) ... Mr. Todd? (Sweeney) You are

4 Non Blondes - No place like home lyrics

then I get lost I don't know which way to go I guess I ... the street Walkin' talkin' to my own beat In a fog, in a ... 1-2-3 Don't rock teh boat now, just let it slide Groovy

Andy Death Company - No place for us to be lyrics


Kreayshawn - Go hard ( lyrics

Hey, bitch! What's up? You know I'd really like to do that ... really, really, really wanna go hard? Go in the crib Steal ... parking lot Scream at the top of our lungs like la la la

Mad Caddies - No se´ lyrics

up in a world that i don't know the end is coming soon i ... all the signals that i do not have a home i said my month ... in up in armour but i do not have a way things are

Sara Evans - No place that far lyrics

My whole world, would all be gone, But not for long, If I ... had to run, if I had to crawl If I had to swim a ... hundred rivers, just to climb a thousand walls,

All Time Low - Don't you go lyrics

back now, and raise a toast, to the young ones, growing old ... the show, it's the weekend, no place to go, you're the ... (wo-ho) Don't shut me down now Just hear me out now Don

Kj-52 - Cry no more lyrics

boy stepped out his house on to the sidewalk Looked down the ... his block and then he just stopped And tied the shoes on ... week outside was real hot He told his dad where he would be now and what not Said he would go down by trees near the bus stop The clock read quarter to

No Angels - Autumn breeze lyrics

Vany) So hard to trust that you can live and ... made a promise that I wonder no more I dream myself to all ... the good things in life my ... a change more messin' around now I got my feet heppin' on the

Josef J7 Lord Aka Sam B - No room in hell lyrics

Yo, Sam. We back bitches! Good Grip with that hood shit ... grind, ain't with the game no shoot and chop Ain't no soft ... mouth when is gold, Can't hang low where the

The Maine - While listening to rock a roll lyrics

something That you don't know Well the bars are all ... closed We got no place to go But we're all a little drunk ... roll Is anybody listenin', no Where did that old feeling, go Don't stop listening to rock

Anouk - No time to waste lyrics

ve got time to think about The things you ... think about when You've got time to spare Wonder why we ... wonder when or where it might go wrong I wonder why I went

Coroner - No need to be human lyrics

hard ride I’m on my way To a place called home But now I’m here Lost between ... Watching grey, mute faces Go on and destroy their lives ... Why do you do this... stop it now ’Cos in fact you're

The Pigeon Detectives - No state to drive lyrics

we go up to the park When no one is around And you’re ... clothes that don’t belong to you. You were startled by ... the dark But no one makes a sound You want

Roxette lyricsRoxette - It takes you no time to get here lyrics

When you see the mailbox to the left you've made it all ... right, No way to go wrong All you do is blow ... that horn It takes you no time to get here Just drive

The Defiled - No place like home lyrics

day when it all changed nothing will be the same leave ... the blame we've been lied to for years all trust has ... disappeared and we're not listening to what you've got

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