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And One - The end of your life lyrics

was the light of my youth my only real life ... twenty orbits later then i met her at dawn again nothing left in common we ... would be happy to be into the water into the sea i

Dreamaker - The end of your suicide lyrics

You´re crying and dying alone Deciding... to live or not ... A hell you like to hide The show will be the end of your ... suicide Another path you´ll find To escape

Melissa Etheridge - The beating of your heart lyrics

I could do it all again The beating of your heart Should ... hurt no one And love can only make you stronger ... Closing my eyes I see the window Across the wire I

N-dubz - No one knows lyrics

Nana niiiii One day it's gonna be over I can ... see the end of the tunnel it's gettin' closer I ... and feeling like I was older Seeing things I shouldn't have

Air Supply - The end of the line lyrics

understanding I believe someone is sending, love to us and ... everyone Who cares to take a gamble ... sometimes Think of me I've given all I can, ... hand to you So never say no That's the end of the line

Arthemis - The end of the world lyrics

the Seas and the mountains I'm searching for ... doom Castels and villages The ground gushes blood Men run ... to fight this war Down in the Abyss something burns, nooo..

Galadriel - The end of eternity lyrics

the name of God you chosed the night Did you really thought ... ? Do you fear you will not see the light ? I know it's the end of your clear mind You see

Jethro Tull - Down at the end of your road lyrics

am your neighbor. I seem most respectable, But ... have befallen you down at the end of your road. And I ... live down the end of your road. I'm working on

After All - End of your world lyrics

no return and no concern No reason to conceal it Throw ... it in the air And let it blow away ... Contain yourself today Let the shadows run Be the better

Dreariness - In the deep of your eyes lyrics

in the deep of your eyes I see a sad goodbye? Will ... thousands of my prays defeat one of my ... plough through a glimmer of hope This cold and new day

Evergrey - End of your days lyrics

ve tried it all It's gone too far And the worst of all ... Is the promise that I can't keep I have emptied ... source I have learned all there is to know To stand by

Melissa Manchester - No one can love you more than me lyrics

times but understood from the start Time alone won't ... decide our fate And now you're leaving, it's much ... a second chance? 'Cause no one can love you more than me No

Kenny Loggins - The rest of your life lyrics

free, Solitary life, The only life for me, Midnight ... caf', Dinner alone, Independent heart, Is all I've ever known, Oh I believe, I had no ... one to lose, And nobody fooled but me Fire in the storm, Rainbow in the night,

Brian Mcknight - The rest of my life lyrics

s 3 in the morning I can't be dreaming I' m wide awake ... you sleeping and I realise there's no place that I'd rather ... my heart starts to race at the touch of your skin there ain

Arthemis - The axe is coming lyrics

strikes your soul And no one can feel the wonder of your ... bombs adrenalize your world Then nothing'll turn off the ... flame inside of you You want to get higher

Matt Redman - The promise of your cross lyrics

And written on my soul The promise of Your cross I have ... no other claim I have no other plea The promise of Your ... cross The hope for every heart Where

Nekrogoblikon - The end of infinity lyrics

men get ready to implode on the count of ten one two ten ... pulled together from every direction as we ... penetrate reality there’s no protection death to the

Bob Catley - The end of the story lyrics

think I saw a light at the end of the road I didn't ... this far I think I heard the sound of a forgotten song ... me feel like we belong Then I see that it’s fine For

Snow White's Poison Bite - The end of you and me lyrics

I'm just your son you left alone And I'm just a no one you ... don't wanna know Send me a postcare here's my ... s February 25th you should know And Christmas in December no gift will show Can you

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

isle stands forever, alone in the sea Of rock and of ... sand and grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - ... Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. 'Tis the

Heir Apparent - The fifth season lyrics

looked unto the Old One, in the Sacred Halls I found him there amidst his grief, and ... crumbling walls The tears that lined his face ... Told the tale he tried to hide Of

Maverick Hunter - The end of all light lyrics

out of darkness cast into the light Betrayed by my own ... and blood I’ve waited in the dark for all these centuries ... Now the darkness will be set free

Agharti - End of your domination lyrics

the depths of silence You will rise again ... I'll try to save Hear me now, I'll tell you One more ... time, I'm done with you (You) can't ... me anymore This will be the end of you Go away, I'm done

Crown Of Glory - The end of the line lyrics

is crying out for mercy Seems no one’s gonna hear her ... to understand? This is the only ground for living No other planet we can go to (or is there anyone you know?) Realize nobody can eat money Why did it

Dreamtale - The end of our days [bonus track] lyrics

is nowhere to run, we are waiting ... for someone. Who could lead us away from ... this pain. All of the plants that we made, are ... as if in a play. When the stars align the right way,

A Dream Of Poe - The loss of the lost lyrics

I knew. "Take the line Sever the wine Under a ... twisted fever mind To see the loss of mankind" "There's a ghost It's my gentle

Conditions - The end of progression lyrics

they're saying That the end is coming I'm saying that They don't know nothing It's ... here (It's been right here) The whole time (The whole time)

Stefanie Heinzmann - No one (can ever change my mind) lyrics

why you treat me so bad all the time you're making me cry ... and you must be out of your mind Uhh No you don ... but guess what: It's just not my style Uhh (Chorus)

Intemperia - No way out lyrics

You’ll start to cry So you can show them How hard beats ... your lonely chest Hell is open to ... everyone But there's no way out Of your darkness ... Hear now the clock is ticking Letting run

Nivara - No one can stop us lyrics

mon everybody can we dance on this music we know spend long time waiting but

Ritual Steel - No one can bring us down lyrics

on the left liars on the right Metal out of control ... Masters of corruption hate and grudge ... Are losing their souls Traitors all around ... exploiting the metal sound For honor and

Snow White's Poison Bite - The end of prom night lyrics

s the end It's the end of prom night It's the end It ... s the end It's the end You're not gonna be the ... pick her up in a fancy car The capitan of the football team

Anachronaeon - The light at the end of the tunnel lyrics

passes out in bed Words from the letter haunts the thoughts ... Suddenly he feels a blow to the back of his skull Darkness ... I may look like someone you know but believe me it's

Marvin Gaye - The end of our road lyrics

away from you as fast as I can You're too much for me, ... woman More than my heart can stand Like a kid behind the ... d surely tear it all apart The road has got to end somewhere

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - The end of understanding lyrics

say, "Okay." But there must be an end to ... understandin' And the end of mine can't be too far away ... make mistakes everyday But there must be an end to

Metal Church - The end of the age lyrics

wind, it's crying out the tune Of a prophet's only ... hope to tell the world He wrote down it on ... parchment, but alas no one believes Of the vision only

Donovan - The quest lyrics

veil the sun? Why darken the water? €œThy will be done†... if you think you ought to. No-one can see you when you're ... on your own. No-one can be you. Take your time don't

Dreamscape - The end of light lyrics

[Instrumental] [II. THE GIFT] Can you feel it ... you to cry and to laugh... Can you hear it speaking from ... values and your sins! You know it's there, a piece of the

Negative - No one can save me tonight lyrics

all night, I need a change these neon lights down on my face ... are calling from my past Not even you could raise me ... keep me away from all desire no one can save me tonight Now I've had enough, I've had enough, I've had enough need a

Roxy Music - End of the line lyrics

I'll walk out in the rain Called you time and ... time again I got no reply You've gone Reached the point of no return The more ... I see the more I stand alone I see the end of the line

Sirenia - The end of it all lyrics

see you wander, so lost and alone You falter on, down the ... darkest of roads Let us wait for a way now, you’re too far from home No longer caring for wherever

Sirenia - The end of it all (edit) lyrics

see you wander So lost and alone You falter on the Darkest of roads Let us wait for a ... way now You’re too far from home No longer careful wherever I

Sleater-kinney - The end of you lyrics

me your tightest ship, make the oars run swift and fast Send ... out your strongest crew, make their hearts and minds steadfast ... Bless me with Athena there's no meaner, she's the best When

Bella Morte - The end of the end lyrics

And I don't want to face it alone Time All this time that I ... ve wasted All the years that I've had now are gone (They are gone) Fall again ... (fall again) to the end of the end Time All these hours

Golden Resurrection - End of the world (gary moore cover) lyrics

is only tomorrow Nothing but sorrow waiting for ... we're passing through The threat from the east Growing ... are failing And talks with the west have turned sour The

Greeley Estates - The end of all we know lyrics

this the end of all we know Will we be left with nothing to call our own Now it ... s up to us to defend All that we know is truth, ... all that we know is right Is this the end of all that we know Will we be

Gary Moore - End of the world lyrics

is only tomorrow Nothing but sorrow waiting for ... we're passing through. The threat from the east Growing ... are failing And talks with the west have turned sour. The

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - The end of the line lyrics

the siren's flash is gone And we're left to carry on ... All the memories are too few When ... alive for me Please stay now, you left me here alone - it

Rough Silk - The end of infinity lyrics

brave vikings of Valhalla went out ridin´on the wind and Eric, the one-eyed ... chief of the posse, asked his horse for a ... peppermint "Who the underworld do you think you

Bob Catley - The end of summer (galadriel's theme) lyrics

searched the earth to find you I’ll ... break the chains that bind you Wash ... your angel face As the eyes dry and whither The ... lingers on But I still see your light now your gone

The Boomtown Rats - The end of the world lyrics

it strikes you as seeming a little absurd I'm here ... to announce the end of the world It'll happen sometime ... between now and high noon It doesn't give you much

Kat-tun - Hell no lyrics

hikaru xxxx xxxx gold chain No name 44 juudan verse 1 ... Hell no Can't believe wakachiaezu ... tabi always so confused Hell no Black or white shirokuro ... tameni kizutsukeau battle for the truth (Why) Nikushimi no

I See Stars - The end of the world party lyrics

me the dawn of the dead Welcome to the end of ... might be your last This is the night we all leave it behind ... Goodbye for the last time You can tell

Iron Fire - The end of it all lyrics

down the Earth No chance for rebirth Everyone ... his own grave like all the others Don't turn your back on ... your brothers Now it's too late to change our

Lemuria - The end of a reign lyrics

Morning is breaking Before the rooster crows Rising unrest ... sets in South of Toulouse On the plains of ... have fled in dismay Afar the riders appear Raising clouds

Necronomicon - The end of times lyrics

lies are falling in the kingdom of the cross For ... what they're saying the end of times is at the door As the ... that will never come We walk the earth and take back what is

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The end of the affair lyrics

as the snow is falling… Dark December ... nights are calling Memories of early warning signs Like a ... whisper in the mind I put my brave face ... on Robbed of the love I owned It’s the end of the affair We are not who we

Bruce Hornsby - The end of the innocence lyrics

when the days were long And rolled ... sky Didn't have a care in the world With mommy and daddy ... ' fails And we've been poisoned by these fairy tales The

Galneryus - The garden of the goddess lyrics

agony of human race, never leave like ... a shadow The end of life, now we can feel the time Throw the stone to lake of tears Can ... you hear the sound of sadness Remember now, the

Gloria Gaynor - No one can love you more lyrics

far from home How would I know I would go Down the road ... Destiny told me that you were the one Stars fill the sky now I ... ve finally found you No one can love you more No one can

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