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No Not One This World Is Not My Home Guy Penrod'a=0 lyrics

Browse for No Not One This World Is Not My Home Guy Penrod'a=0 song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed No Not One This World Is Not My Home Guy Penrod'a=0 lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to No Not One This World Is Not My Home Guy Penrod'a=0.

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Onward To Olympas - This world is not my home lyrics

m Breathless I can't speak at all When I think of myself exactly like eveyone else In our lives we get told who we are This world is full of judgement Whoa if only you had known If you had known That this wolrd is not your home Is not your home

Dark Princess - Not of this world lyrics

give up…don't wanna win This useless war… I’m not gonna walk on broken glass Anymore… From the bottom of my heart I let you go Staying free forever, I’m out of range… Don’t you feel the change? It’s all over… Not of this world, I roam alone And s

Danzig - Not of this world lyrics

of this world And nothing bites like I do Nothing screams out loud In this empty night Nothing can keep me from you And you think that you know The reason I'm alive Truth is you only Know the lies Not of this world And nothing can hold it back I

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - This house is not for sale lyrics

four walls have got a story to tell (Oh-oh, oh-oh...!) The door is off the hinges, there's no wishing them well (Oh-oh, oh-oh...!) Outside the sky is coal black, the streets are on fire The picture windows cracked, and there's no where to run I

Clan Of Xymox - This world lyrics

say "trust on us" They say " our time will come" And " your dreams will come alive" One day, we will find No way to cross this line It's where our worlds collide This world is not made for you and I It's build on

Newsong - This world is ours to love lyrics

you hear the cry of humanity Desperate and in need, a fractured creation Innocence for sale on every street Poverty and unbelief The love is growing colder Let it not be said of us We've done each other wrong By giving up home and doing nothing at all This world is

Madina Lake - Not for this world lyrics

woke up to a dream passing by. It was the middle of the night. Was I awake? Was I asleep? What was I doing outside? I saw a man walk from the trees He came and sat next to me He said, "Boy, if you don't follow your dreams, You'll be dead someday. Just l

The Rembrandts - This house is not a home lyrics

they say a man, ain't supposed to cry Then why do I have tears in my eyes? If I were half as strong, as the steely sun Then I could mend what I have undone NO THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME NO THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME NO THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME, WITHOUT YOU And wh

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - This world is magic lyrics

can make you fly This world is magic Rainbows in the sky This world is magic to me Dreams can make you fly This world is magic We need peace on earth The second birth of paradise This world is magic This world is magic to me This world is magic What is t

Lord Of The Lost - Not from this world lyrics

night was black as coal Helpless like a child With hands enchained and cold I was looking up in fright You are not from this world You are born in the flames And you're not from this world Oh, please, tell... tell me your name In a blaze of

Edge Of Sanity - Not of this world lyrics

1.] Come follow me, yeah into the night Let me show you something, oh the greatest fright The ultimate of horrors, that man can't explain A f***ing living nightmare, you'll ask yourself if you are sane Is this the outer limits, is this the twilight zone

Kids In Glass Houses - Not in this world lyrics

don’t wanna see I want an ocean And all of the madness So give me your worst Show me the fruit Show me the passion Show me the serpent And give me your worst Cause I’ve got another day to… Can you feel it? Are we dreaming While we’re sleepin

Petra - Not of this world lyrics

Peter 2:11, John 15:18-19, John 16:33, Matthew 16:18, John 14:3 Words & Music by Bob Hartman We are Pilgrims in a strange land We are so far from our homeland With each passing day it seems so clear This world will never want us here We're not welc

Prajna - This world (is broken) lyrics

about this world is broken Something that yells to me The greed of humankind And so we keep our ways of living There's no way out of it the game has just begun But you have always known, our lives matter at all That we can prove to be the reason standing for a change To

The Rabble - This world is dead ft mark unseen lyrics

WORLD IS DEAD There's a dark moon rising overhead And as it does it blacks out all the sun Can you see the horror as you realise we've got nowhere left to run WO OH WO OH THIS WORLD IS DEAD Violence and anger break out - suicide is at an all time high There's

Human Abstract - This world is a tomb lyrics

for my solace of mind, Digging in the sand until there's blood on my hands. Careless to the state I'm in. I've so long been alone. I've so long been alone. I can't go on. Rain down,rain down and cleanse my soul. Flow like a river. Forging in

Galadriel - This world is war lyrics

panic and hundreds of bodies mutilated down the bloody street (the young man with strange face has to pull on the coatee with the semtex fill can (you) hear the abject laments, can (you) hear the screaming of lost mothers over the ashes of their sons? With lunacy in minds the

Nightrage - This world is coming to an end lyrics

Just accept and follow The truth lies within your hands This transcript is misleading Offer yourself now a dying man An underground sense of fear With blind control...

Fukpig - This world is weakening lyrics

end of the world is upon us Rain down apocalypse Screaming at the sky For the death of everything If the final judgement is coming We all deserve to burn Screaming at the sky For the death of everything Screaming at the sky For the death of ev

Flume - This song is not about a girl lyrics

heart is broken, time to retire Head won't listen to the words I decide on Meet this, this is from a point of arrival Preach it from another human devour Cocaine heart is broken, time to retire I don't know purple, though tropical Head won't listen to the words I de

Oar - Not for me lyrics

is the only thing certain When your staring down your son And your days will not be forgotten If you live them as they come When nobody wants to be just your best friend Without competition WIth nothing to hide Watching your back doubles up your vision I make no decisio

Landmvrks - World of pain lyrics

t let me down Will I be there for you? The worst is yet to come It's not gonna be easy but we are stronger than you thought Oh, this world is not true, I won't try to go back home I’m going nowhere, my doubt becomes (your) fear Tell them I sold my soul Don’t let me down toda

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - Home lyrics

world is not what it was meant to be All this pain, all this suffering There's a better place Waiting for me In Heaven Every tear will be wiped away Every sorrow and sin erased We'll dance on seas of amazing grace In Heaven In Heaven I'm goin' home

Cascada - The world is in my hands lyrics

world is in my hands I'm ready to go my way Tomorrow is not today So take the change Singing oh oh oh The sky is not the end I'm ready to make a change To give me one more dance Is not too late The world is in my hands The sky is not t

Ben Cocks - One sweet world lyrics

put my hands up for the cause But I must look like the walls Cos nobody seems to see Nobody seems to need me there So must I only dream of days where they will see another way Well they can think of other things to blame So how am I the only one to see

Disciple - Not rock stars lyrics

of the Most High I am just a man with as many problems As anyone who has lived And I have faced temptations Some I pass and some I fail I know what it's like to be on the mountain And in the deep abyss And I know what it's like To be rescued from the stronghold of hell When

Garbage - The world is not enough lyrics

know how to hurt I know how to heal I know what to show And what to conceal I know when to talk And I know when to touch No one ever died from wanting too much The world is not enough But it is such a perfect place to start, my love And if you're strong

Blackmore's Night - World of stone lyrics

to me all of my arrows Bring to me my crossbow too I fear we might need them both Before the night is through Once a world of glittering hope This world is not the world we knew The only light left to shine Is between me and you *On our own In a Wo

Elvis Costello - The name of this thing is not love lyrics

s a part of this feeling that I just cannot kill But the name of this thing is not love And I can't take a potion, and I won't take a pill So it tortures me still But the name of this thing is not love Then you start entertaining such a terrible thought Life is so very short And

Tove Lo - Not made for this world lyrics

Verse 1] So you fought off a thousand gangsters Ready for the war And you hang with the stones round the world on tour And you bought me a million diamonds But lost them by the shore Is it bad to believe you [?] in the water [Pre-Chorus (Extended)

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - The world is in my arms lyrics

was I, a gypsy, looking for a world to roam in, Now the world is in my arms. No more endless searching for a place to feel at home in, For the world is in my arms. Mexican hill flower the sky, Sappoco see here in your eye When I see you smile, I see the sunset of Geneva, Wh

Plunklock - World is mine lyrics

sekaida iro wo nakushite ku Kyashana ude wo nobashi tsutsuke teru 「Itai yo」「kowai yo」 naki sakebu koe ni boku wa kitsui teru kara Anti World yowane Why? Rusty World dare ka What? Kimochi fuke tene ka Bad morning close your eyes. Get away Ge

Alpha Tyger - This world will burn lyrics

there anything worth fighting for at all? If there's no heartbeat don't call it life! But you spend a lifetime to dig your own grave And I guess you can't wait to jump inside You wanna get cheated, you want to get fooled You wanna get mistreated, you want to

Deicide - Not of this earth lyrics

Of This Earth, Unknown and forgotten by time, evil in nature with power of flight, Not Of This Earth Lurking the shadows for flesh, sent from the heavens descending with death, Snatching the weak from this world, gone from the night and to ne

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Not one of us lyrics

s only water In a stranger's tear Looks are deceptive But distinctions are clear A foreign body And a foreign mind Never welcome In the land of the blind You may look like we do Talk like we do But you know how it is You're not one of us Not o

Icewind - No other way lyrics

world is not what it used to be There is no more time for us to see What was destroyed was for us to keep The trouble we’re in now Is way too deep I can’t imagine What will be left for us (Run) Run till the night Outlast the light As our wo

Powerworld - Your world is not mine lyrics

the voice, follow the leaning of your heart, Hold onto yourself. I feel the power, I trust in myself, I don't pay attention to the words you say. Will of iron will lead me to my destination, It's time to strike out in a new direction. I realized to pave the

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - I'm not from this world lyrics

for this song has not yet appeared. Check out this page on the release date of the song. We have a lot of other great lyrics that you like

Nate Ruess - What this world is coming to (ft. beck) lyrics

sucked the life out of the room when that someone said goodbye much too soon I’d hate for you to love me cause you saw me out with someone who you read about in the news But I guess that’s what this world is coming to I watched as your wrists began to bruise threading

God Is Not With Us Today - No time for it lyrics

you’ve got is nothing And your always downing something Say that I’m the bad machine What I am is so unclean The devil on your shoulder cannot see the things that I have seen Wipe the mist out from your eyes See the truth if you’d only try Your always fee

Rachael Lampa - No other one lyrics

to me beauty, let your voice lead the way And in your words I’ll find the things I couldn't say Oh, how I’ve longed to write a love song just for you But on my own, I’ve found it’s just another thing I couldn’t do Whisper the reason when the sun just hides away And how do the sea

Gary Numan - This house is cold lyrics

And I say 'me' Boys with their ambition The sparkle dies down I could believe in such things Boys with their ambitions Sparkle dies down I could believe in such things This house is cold This house is mine This house is yours Like friends of mine Ooh, I could boys li

One More Time - No romance lyrics

me, help me, tell me what is wrong Is this feeling common or am I the only one Help me, help me, whenever I go out To dance and to enjoy myself they think I need a guy First this boy turned up, didn't say a word He just sat and stared, oh did he get on my nerves Then a fel

Grace Jones - My jamaican guy lyrics

a toke from the smoke, Never standing by the door, Just stretching out pan de floor, That way him don't fall over, No way him gwan fall out pan me, That way him won't fall over, No way him gwan fall out pan me. 'Cause he's layed back, not la

Danielle Peck - This is not goodbye lyrics

and her little guy Barefoot on the driveway in the morning light His Daddy says “I’ll see ya, son” “We’ll be together when summer comes” [Chorus] This is not goodbye I’ll be back in a little while Lift up your head, look me in the eye It’s ok

Aim For The Sunrise - No kings, no chains lyrics

every home they broke, for all the faces I've worn. For our search for hope, and every light that is born. They tore down the sky, and fed us with nails. We saw truth in their lies, but their ambitions will fail. We can't suffer from loss without conquering the rain.

Got7 - My home lyrics

kkeojin bange oeropge deureogal ttae sinbareul beoseul ttae machim bel sori nal bureuneun moksori gatae seuseuro modeun ge mujanghaeje sarangeul meokneun geot gatae like honey deo pogeunhi nal gamssajwo I want it Baby what you know, I love you girl, you make me feel like

Runrig - This is not a love song lyrics

could tell you about the moon that's rolling 'cross the sky I could show you all the stars but it's much too late at night I'm driving home on the silver run the last to move on through and this is not a love song no matter what I do words are few but

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - This is not a feminist song (feat. saturday n.. lyrics

world, it needs an anthem For all of womankind The song to fight, the song to right The wrongs of all of time So we put pen to paper And wrote all through the night A gorgeous ode to feminism Well within our sights But this is pretty nuanced stuff And pu

Current 93 - I have a special plan for this world lyrics

everyone you have ever loved is finally gone when everything you have ever wanted is finally done with when all of your nightmares are for a time obscured as by a shining brainless beacon or a blinding eclipse of the many terrible shapes of this world when yo

Elizabeth - This is not lyrics

m going to tennessee I live in a house made of corn and just eat the popcorn Fall in love with the farmer who lives as a Poker Player and I'm the fire No. This is not so ..... I go to Neverland I live with Peter Bro and I only drink cocoa Fall in lov

Jethro Tull - This is not love lyrics

howled. Rains spit down. All these nights playing precious games. Cheap hotel in some seaboard town closed down for the winter and whispered names. Puppy-dog waves on a big moon sea snap our heels half-heartedly and how come you know better than me that this is not love. No

Kristin Chenoweth - One less bell to answer / a house is not a ho.. lyrics

Rhodes One less bell to answer One less egg to fry One less man to pick up after I should be happy But all I do is cry Will Schuester I cry no more laughter April Rhodes Oh I should be happy Will Schuester Oh why did she go April Rhodes

Kutless - I do not belong lyrics

look around and I feel like, thing's changed and I don't know why And everyday that passes by I feel so far away I can see in the distance, You have the rest of me I put my trust in you, as I look beyond today It's all becoming clear. I do not belong in

Miss May I - My hardship lyrics

one knows No one knows me No one knows No one knows me Everything I've seen And everything I've done But into devastation Known as I, the creator This evolution In dire of something greater I am a soul in for death, in for death I am a new will,

Shawn Mcdonald - Home lyrics

ve seen enough to say that I know That this old world is not my home From lustful eyes and tainted lies, pride to hide the way that I The way that I feel inside Yeah, I am ready to go home Yeah, I am ready to go home I'm packing my bags and I'm hi

Hatebreed - Not one truth lyrics

as we rot, Showered with shadows of dreams devoured. Our souls descend into endless seas of sin. There's no turning back. No repenting, no remorse. Hate stricken creation. I realize in this world. [chorus x2] There is not one truth cast into stone. Only lies cas

4lyn - World's gone crazy lyrics

now and then I pick a paper and a pen And let you look into my deep inner self Call it a mental disorder Give me a tape recorder I let you know that I'm perfectly well But every now and then I ask where the f*** I've been And pump my fist

Bea Miller - This is not an apology lyrics

like it loud, you turn it down You wanna talk, but what about? I wanna dance, you cut me off Who falls asleep at ten o clock? Ain't got no sympathy Don't wipe your tears on me I hate to be so mean But I just have to say This is not an apology I'm just a

Blue System - Love is not a tragedy lyrics

you feel the groove ? You said Im a liar - an uncertain love But babe, all or nothing All of a sudden - Ill promise enough You said Im a dreamer - a dream so kind But baby, I swear you Baby I dare you Loves killing time Love is not a traged

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