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Anachronaeon - The darkness in the corner of my eyes lyrics

is something in my head I see glimpses of it ... it has grown stronger forbidding me to feel at ease It ... faces on every reflecting surface Sometimes it

5th Dimension - Let the sunshine in lyrics

the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in X4 Oh ... everyone sing along Come on! Now everybody ... just sing along And let the sunshine on in Open up your

Sargeist - Let the devil in lyrics

promise to Hell I will live in lust and hate By heart ... devoted to crime Against the coward god I invert the ... cross of hope And dwell in black despair Every moment

Dotan - Let the river in lyrics

coldest night came in in Spring The final frost was laid ... again We dried the roofs, Froze the shoots, ... Killed the flowers, and stole the color ... from the summer. Oh let the river in, Burst the dams and

Army Of Lovers - Let the sunshine in lyrics

the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in ... The sunshine in We starve Look at one another Short of breath Walking

Milk & Sugar - Let the sunschine in lyrics

lovely when it's sunny Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in The sunshine in, the ... sunshine in I've been waiting for a ... when I can mix some hay The day is good I see the weather

Radical Face - Let the river in lyrics

beneath the bed, I know all your tricks ... I've seen you watching I've seen you drifting ... away Seen you falling along I've seen you ... disappear There ain't a cloud in sight Look

Taylor Dayne - In the darkness lyrics

Yeah, at least I went through the motions I was always laughin' What was left of my ... And my smile undisguised Then I met you and I let you Oh ... I let you touch me In the darkness You make me see

Lea Salonga - The journey lyrics

the world is sleeping Half the world's awake Half can hear their hearts beat Half just hear them break I am but a traveler In most every way Ask me what

Girls Under Glass - In the darkness lyrics

the darkness, I keep you warm In the ... coldest winter, I take you in my arms I feel your warm skin and I smell your breath ... Before the dawn is coming up, I love you to death In the darkness, I'm with you

The 69 Eyes - I love the darkness in you lyrics

time I see you there In the pale moonlight Dancing there ... all alone With a grave in your mind She’s in parties ... with the flashlights She’s got ... cemetery eyes I love the darkness in you So dirty So blue I

Bowerbirds - Tuck the darkness in lyrics

the light was rust, and the cold was in our knees, and ... Though I could not know then, we'd have but few times ... like these, with all the good smoke in between

Azaghal - In deathlike silence lyrics

at the edge of the world Born under the darkest ... light Beyond the grace of god Baptized in ... Born to break stones for the lord Oppressed between the

Eyefear - The unseen lyrics

you feel a shift in time Are you prepared for ... what's to come Someone's let the darkness in And devastation ... Ancient stories all tell the same Every generation will

Bambee - Let the sun shine in lyrics

by the window And I'm watching the rain I'm waiting for a ... summer to stay Ohh ohhh ohh Let the sunshine in Let the fun ... begin Let the sunshine in (ooh-whoa-oh) Let the fun

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Let the show begin lyrics

And here we are Locked together Living on this lonely star ... But we can stay here Like the mountains do Like the leaves ... before we do, before we do Let the show begin Let the

Miles Kane - Darkness in our hearts lyrics

all Well it just keeps swirling 'round Inside our crystal ... ball Trick or treat then vanish With my stolen ... goods I find myself all lost inside my neighbourhood There

Avantasia - Let the storm descend upon you lyrics

m smothered by a lucid nothing I can't hear and touch and ... t believe it Been master of the observation Coming up with ... an explanation There was no need Making use of the spirit Oh, we can give you

It Dies Today - The caitiff choir: defeatism lyrics

know I've failed you. Now let the darkness swallow you ... whole. Nothing could ever compensate, For ... ve done to you. Tell me, is there any recollection of a time,

Nightcore - Let the sparks fly (thousand foot krutch) (an.. lyrics

the sparks fly There's no such thing as maybe, ... Burn it like you fading, No more Hesitating Let the sparks fly baby; Drive it ... like your racing, you can call me crazy, I

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The darkness lyrics

caught the darkness It was drinking from your cup I caught the darkness from your little ... contagious? You said, Just drink it up. (ahh) I’ve got no

Fozzy - Let the madness begin lyrics

that he made to himself But the thrill puts his pact on the ... shelf Locked in a prison he built over time ... A life on trial a sad refrain A man's denial of pain sustained He can't control the

Lorna Shore - The astral wake of time lyrics

I drift amongst the stars Lost in the astral ... haunt my dreams Where is the part where close my eyes for ... good I denounce this f***ing life Let me close my eyes

Ra - The voice inside my head lyrics

found a reason to let you in You found a reason to be my ... sin Perfect time, perfect place ... For the light of your disgrace I ... didn't have a warning before the fall You drove me to

Amos Lee - The darkness lyrics

I never asked for nothin' I got nothin' in return ... Turn out that there's something Letters bound and burned ... Well I know you think you knew me Well I thought

Fit For A King - The final thoughts of a dying man lyrics

s look back, back to the moment when I followed sin ... was never enough Forgotten innocence, just a shadow of who ... to be? Why can't I save me? In pursuit of flesh, I was rotting in my own A broken soul,

Rage - Let the night begin lyrics

when I get this feeling for a very subtile thing, then I need a break, a healing ... from the daily bore I'm in. If I didn't have these ... moments I'd be going crazy soon, so I'll pack my

Labrinth - Let the sunshine lyrics

feel a cold flush going through my hair and hey you ... know what i dont even care the time has passed me by its ... gone with the wind its only cus the sun shined

Killus - The darkness of the crypt lyrics

Darkness of the Crypt The Darkness of the Crypt The Darkness of the Crypt. . . . . . . . .

Primordial - Let the sun set on life forever lyrics

cold passion filters through the trees In darkness I showed ... you ecstacy In darkness I took you from this world ... never fall upon your face again From spring I've waited

Black Metal - Let the night reign supreme lyrics

before me and pry forth the form from obscurity the ... of thy grandeur manifest in me draws from me the longing ... and grants the sight to see Hear me

Dead By Sunrise - In the darkness lyrics

want to cut through my skin And pull you within My ... heart burns like the sun As our flesh becomes one ... In the darkness, my heart aches at the sight

Freedom Call - The darkness lyrics

crawling through the shadows of the underworld ... I’m creeping like a creature through the ... dark There’s something moving slowly, down below The ... beast is on the verge to take away my soul

Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - The lost secret of twilight lyrics

the twilight comes, Darkening your horizons, Only fear is ... present in your mind. If you resist... You’ll ... feel the darkness penetrate on you Don’t

Agathodaimon - The darkness inside lyrics

is a wrong one With only binary choices there Seeming ... fair? They say that time does slowly ... heal But memories amplify the pain I feel Forever haunting

Chester Bennington - In the darkness lyrics

want to cut through my skin And pull you within My ... heart burns like the sun As our flesh becomes one ... In the darkness, my heart aches at the sight

Chester Charles Bennington - In the darkness lyrics

want to cut through my skin And pull you within My ... heart burns like the sun As our flesh becomes one ... In the darkness, my heart aches at the sight

Ingrowing - The darkness inverted lyrics

in darkness Waiting for ocassion We are these ... who rape the Sun Hidden in inverted definition Until our ... task is done … The darkness inverted… Deadly possessed

Passion Pit - Let your love grow tall lyrics

I'll wave your loyalty in the freezing Breeze so ... desperately And another one comes down And another ... one comes down And another one comes down I think I

Dew-scented - The fraud lyrics

Music by Bache, Werning – Lyrics by Jensen] ... not to speak. It’s false interaction, feeding lies as ... words won’t disguise the fraud. Let’s face the facts,

Shelby Merry - When the darkness comes lyrics

hand. Separate yourself from the darkness in this world and ... slip into a peaceful land. Hell will ... rise as the sun falls down, So close ... your eyes, I'll wake you when the day sounds. They're never

Skyfire - Let the old world burn lyrics

the darkness As the night appears A time I no ... longer fear I inhale the cold air and feel how it's ... soothing my soul one last time ... world of silence Now lost to the world below Don't utter a

Built By Titan - The darkness lyrics

for heaven under the sky You and I, barely alive ... from angels that fall when they fly Sold us a lie Running from the shadow lost in the ... brave and have no fear Fighting for the fire, wait for the

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Let the lower lights be burning lyrics

beams our Father's mercy from his lighthouse ... evermore But to us he gives the keeping of the lights along the shore Let the lower lights ... be burning, send a gleam across the

Evil Masquerade - The darkness within lyrics

my dreams in the darkness within Have you ever had a vision ... That evoked the spirits of despair They will ... me form it all I might be blind but I know what I feel Hear

Rixton - Let the road lyrics

the road Take you home And the sun catch your eye If you ... don't belong And the world feels too strong And ... you're scared of the darkness to come Oh hold on, oh hold

Bloodbath - Let the stillborn come to me lyrics

the stillborn come to me Their souls shall melt into a ... mass of death Commence the ritual beyond the veil of ... Poison my heart, shred my veins Claws of death Cold

Foxygen - In the darkness lyrics

maybe late at night there's an elegant land in the darkness Oh maybe in the mind it's a ... hell of a time in the darkness Maybe in space there's an ... t be surprised So without further ado we'd like to introduce

Sean Ryan - In the darkness lyrics

A lost world slowly turning, absorbing light Cold ties ... that crash, Like tides in a sea of lies Our hope ... Where people stare, subtracting time To still feel good,

Barathrum - The darkness has landed lyrics

has landed a moon on the sky dark coven gathered for ... his shoulders bell and dirk in his hands high priest of the ... ritual cuts the silence by chant a chamber

Candlemass - Darkness in paradise lyrics

m standing here in silence This graceful place ... of peace Watching the shadows come closer The ... birds they sing no longer The winds they blow no more With

Conquest - In the darkness lyrics

[Instrumental] ....... . .............. . .... ............ .. ............................ ... . .................... .. . .................

Dominia - The darkness of bright life lyrics

'bout hate and love Am I talking to stupid worms? I have ... found a magnificent trove There is no sleep, we're dead by ... dawn I see the pain day after day The

In This Moment - Into the darkness lyrics

disgust me) I am pure (I'm letting you go now) Please don't ... go (You'll burn in hell) I will float to ... mortality (There is no God) God is inside ... of me (No wonder your father left you) You should have

The Maine - In darkness & in light score lyrics

we do in this life has a consequence ... of some sort, Whether it's going for a walk or going to war. The end result is ... uncertain, so we must be sure of our

Meat Loaf - Let's be in love lyrics

you leave Make me believe there's still something left And ... or break This could go either way Let's be in love Let's ... be in love Let's go upstairs till we've both

Mystic Prophecy - In the darkness lyrics

my breath will fly away Now the devils are beside me And ... feel the madness in me I can feel the strange inside Dreadful shadows in my mind Now my blood flows on the

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